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# Artist Track Genre Added
1 Cybernators (Ruffex Remix By Ectomorph & Myrmidon) Ridiculous Lyrics Hardcore/Early No
2 Fresh Til' Death feat. Milky In Too Deep Dance/House No
3 Ecstatic ft. MERYLL The Waking Call Hardstyle No
4 Ezenia ft. Azurah Galaxy Hardstyle No
5 Technikore & Firelite & JTS Close To Me Hardcore/UK No
6 Headhunterz Broken Heart Hardstyle No
7 E-Force feat. Carola Move On Hardstyle No
8 Walk:r ft. Roxi Yung Blue Soul DnB No
9 Lights Out Dark It Out DnB No
10 Audio Glass House DnB No
11 Clashtone Flicker DnB No
12 Anderex Break Ya Neck (Original Mix) Hardstyle No
13 Ophidian Thunder Rocket Hardcore/Gabber No
14 Nosferatu & Spitnoise Braindead Lunatic Hardcore/Gabber No
15 Limewax ft. MC Swift Shallow Minds DnB No
16 Access One & Tha Watcher Relentless (Official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2020 Anthem) Hardcore/Gabber No
17 The Outside Agency Brainwaves Hardcore/Early No
18 Frequencerz 12FU Hardstyle No
19 AniMe Robots Domination Hardcore/Gabber No
20 AniMe Rock This Place Hardcore/Gabber No
21 AniMe Another Galaxy Hardcore/Gabber No
22 DJ Mad Dog & AniMe Come Get Some Hardcore/Gabber No
23 SRB X Mess Booster (2019 Remash) Terror/Speedcore No
24 Khaoz Engine Bloodflow Hardcore/UK No
25 Kodex & Star Driver feat. Kate Miles Made In Abyss Other No
26 Anderex Cyka Blyat Hardstyle No
27 Warface/Sefa Robot Gangbang Frenchcore No
28 Angerfist Solid Stigma Hardcore/Gabber No
29 Miss K8 & Nolz Elevate Hardcore/Gabber No
30 DJ Brisk ? Don't know Hardcore/UK No
31 Riya ft. Alibi Hurt Heals DnB No
32 Estasia Take You Away Hardcore/Gabber No
33 Estasia Through Your Speakers Hardcore/Gabber No
34 Estasia The Fire Hardcore/Gabber No
35 Estasia Mad As F#ck Hardcore/Gabber No
36 Estasia Gangsters Hardcore/Gabber No
37 Estasia ft. Starrlight Last Night Hardcore/Gabber No
38 Estasia Way We Live Hardcore/Gabber No
39 Estasia & Nstinct ft. Starrlight Damage Hardcore/Gabber No
40 Rotterdam Terror Corps Kill Another One (Estasia Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
41 Estasia No Brakes Hardcore/Gabber No
42 Phuture Noize Monster Hardstyle No
43 State of Mind & Black Sun Empire Part of Me DnB No
44 Hardcore Masterz Vienna Fuck The Police Hardcore/Gabber No
45 Prolix & Malux Who Knows (feat. She Koro) DnB No
46 Prolix & Black Sun Empire Savages (feat. Virus Syndicate) DnB No
47 Nuklear & State of Mind Shellshock Ricochet DnB No
48 Dr. Peacock Trip Around the World Frenchcore No
49 Charlotte de Witte Heart Of Mine Techno No
50 Liquid Blasted Back In USSR Frenchcore No
51 Russian Jump Up Mafia Hooly DnB No
52 MC Rage with Digital Boy & DJ Bike How You Diein' Hardcore/Gabber No
53 Burial Claustro Other No
54 DJ Buzz Fuzz Milennium Hardcore/Early No
55 Eluveitie Inis Mona Metal No
56 N.phect & Diz:play feat. MC Mankind Fantasy DnB No
57 Da Predator Dubplate Style Hardcore/Early No
58 Rave Creator Immortal Hardcore/Early No
59 MAMAMOO Egotistic Pop No
60 DRS, GLXY Rain Dance DnB No
61 Klangwerk Fireman Other No
62 The Clamps & Opsen Interaction DnB No
63 DJ TECHNORCH Feat. Aural Vampire マイナズマ13 DnB No
64 @tak The Alien Dance/House No
65 ClashTone Ninja Scroll (feat. Jimmy Danger) DnB No
66 Billain Kingston Drone DnB No
67 F.U.K.T Taking Over DnB No
68 Bobina feat. Denise Rivera Siente Trance No
69 The Clamps & Snotrocket Friends In The Hood Dance/House No
70 Mizo, Chaser Double Rush DnB No
71 Ars Dada & Dr Roman Nevah Crossover Hardcore/Gabber No
72 Cixx Voodoo Hardcore/Early No
73 Forbidden Society & Receptor Stress DnB No
74 Sefa Follow Frenchcore No
75 Rob Gee Big Mac Daddy Hardcore/Early No
76 Rob Gee Son Of Rob Gee Hardcore/Early No
77 Athmos Close Hardcore/Early No
78 Tripped & Matt Green So Fucking Cool Hardcore/Gabber No
79 Switch Technique & Lucy Furr Ostara DnB No
80 Lunatics Insanity Other No
81 Hellfish Raggabitch (Evil Eyes Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
82 Aerodynamic Enjoy The Ride (Numa! Club Mix) Trance No
83 Defunk Feat. Jam Jarr The Chosen Hip Hop/Rap No
84 Tobax & Anatomix Feat. MC Kryptomedic Decibel Savage DnB No
85 Machine Code Feat. Coppa Counterbalance DnB No
86 Gydra Feat. Coppa Psycho DnB No
87 Forbidden Society Circle Pit DnB No
88 Technical Itch Feat. Robyn Chaos No Longer Human DnB No
89 Snyde & xOM & Circular Discharge Hyperbole DnB No
90 DRS Feat. S.P.Y. & Kemo Renegade DnB No
91 Paimon & Place 2b Plane DnB No
92 Telekinesis Feat. Nuklear Look Out DnB No
93 Synergy The Moment DnB No
94 State of Mind Writhe DnB No
95 Fourward Feat. Virus Syndicate Bring Back The Rukus DnB No
96 Fourward Over DnB No
97 Mizo Feat. Coppa Sink DnB No
98 DR Feat. Coppa Promised Land DnB No
99 State Of Mind, Mindscape & Jade Grape Juice DnB No
100 Hypoxia Feat. MC Mota Days of Rage DnB No
101 Hypoxia Feat. MC Seko Soundsystem Heavyweight DnB No
102 Receptor Feat. MC Swift Crossover DnB No
103 Machine Code Feat. Coppa Submerged DnB No
104 DRS Feat. Skeptical No Answers DnB No
105 Telekinesis Feat. Coppa Fight Club DnB No
106 Mefjus Feat. Zoe Klinck Blame You DnB No
107 Machine Code Feat. Coppa Sound Dictator DnB No
108 Eye2eye Set Me Free Hardcore/UK No
109 Plike emma No
110 The Anunnaki, Gancher & Ruin Goodbye Motherfucker Hardcore/Gabber No
111 Spitnoise Just Like That Hardcore/Gabber No
112 Enemy Contact ft. MC Livid Madness Hardstyle No
113 The Satan Strangers DnB No
114 JTS feat. In Measures Can't Let You Go Hardcore/UK No
115 The Satan Fake Spirit Hardcore/Gabber No
116 dj-datavirus627 Take Me Home_ Country Roads Speedcore John Denver Terror/Speedcore No
117 Lenny Dee & Nuke Back To The Core Hardcore/Gabber No
118 Dr Phunk & LePrince Di Dacta Hardstyle No
119 Nitrogen Bad Bwoy Hardcore/Early No
120 BSA Dogma DnB No
121 Dalora Shining Hardstyle No
122 Defekt, Olly P Together We Rise Hardcore/UK No
123 Hallucinator & Coppa Ways of Destruction DnB No
124 Dillytek Lose Myself Hardstyle No
125 D.P.R featuring Georgia Lewis Hit The Floor Hardcore/Early No
126 Sephyx Lights Hardstyle No
127 Foreign Beggars Pisstake Pictures Hip Hop/Rap No
128 Zomboy & 12th Planet ft. Jay Fresh Dead Presidents Dubstep No
129 Kit Hype Bulletproof Hardstyle No
130 Inverze & Airtunes Riddle Hardstyle No
131 Promo feat. Ophidian & Myrean Born To Break Hardcore/Gabber No
132 Coone & Wildstylez Here I Come Hardstyle No
133 Lucio De Rimanez Yoji DnB No
134 Mark with a K, Saltzer, MC Chucky Kingz of the booty Hardstyle No
135 Solstice ft. Elizsabeth Free Me Hardstyle No
136 Howler Scientist Hardcore/Gabber No
137 Noize Punishment Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
138 Satanicpornocultshop Pinky Other/Uncategorized No
139 Atmos Umbau Psychedelic/Goa No
140 Zardonic Nexus Polaris DnB No
141 Hippie Sabotage Angels on My Side Ambient/Chillout No
142 Coman Dante Trust DnB No
143 Ars Dada Dog God Breakcore/IDM No
144 Coda Ft. Inja Sky DnB No
145 Redeyes Keep On (feat. GLXY & Tyler Daley) DnB No
146 East Kingdom Long Live The King DnB No
147 Honora Come Along (Lignum Remix Edit) Hands Up! No
148 Nominal Everyday Anyone Dance/House No
149 Drokz & Mithridate Haters Gonna Hate Terror/Speedcore No
150 DJ Cirillo Wake Up Brooklyn Hardcore/Early No
151 Dr Mathlovsky Cyanide Smile Hardcore/Gabber No
152 Malone & Bass Daddy 2000 Hardcore/Gabber No
153 LSB The Hurting DnB No
154 Tabu Junfer Pop No
155 My Inner Burning Nothing In Between Rock No
156 Schematic & Hungry T Ft. Grimm Lay You Down DnB No
157 Paralizer Battle for the mind Hardcore/Early No
158 Tony Anthem & Doctor I Love It DnB No
159 D3Z All For God DnB No
160 Drainbamage Apex Predator DnB No
161 Circulato Riptide DnB No
162 Rusty K All That We Lost DnB No
163 BSA Vox DnB No
164 Delta 9 Pray Terror/Speedcore No
165 Psyko Punkz Hiphop Mashup (as Mr. Psyko) Hip Hop/Rap No
166 Psyko Punkz Bootje Varen Hip Hop/Rap No
167 The Hard Way Total Fucking Nihilism (The Outside Agency 2018 Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
168 Malaky See Through DnB No
169 The Sickest Squad & Radium feat. Kraken Bomb By Bomb Frenchcore No
170 Multiprogramm Salmons Song DnB No
171 Exilium Heart Of Glass Hardstyle No
172 BoneTown BIB Hip Hop/Rap No
173 BoneTown feat. YuKes Callin' it Quits Hip Hop/Rap No
174 Snyde & Krieg To The Grave DnB No
175 Changing Faces & Malaky Day For Night DnB No
176 Forbidden Society The Witch King DnB No
177 Void Stalker Nemesis Weapon DnB No
178 Raw Harmony & GSB My Night Hardstyle No
179 Coone & Wildstylez Burn it down Hardstyle No
180 Arch Origin feat. Anna-Eva Escapism DnB No
181 Submorphics ft. T.R.A.C Higher Ground DnB No
182 Noize Suppressor ft. The Mystery MC party animal Hardcore/Gabber No
183 Logistics x Ownglow Flutterbyes (ft. Prism) DnB No
184 Ogonek & Max Shade Flow Hardcore/Gabber No
185 Detest We don't give a fuck Hardcore/Gabber No
186 Audio Ruffneck DnB No
187 Deepack & Adaro When The Time Right Hardstyle No
188 Brainpain Killing Us (Experimental Chemistry Remix) DnB No
189 Ultravibes Right In Your Face Hardcore/UK No
190 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Don't Like Mondays Hardcore/Early No
191 DJ Youri Vs New Breed Is Ya With Me Hardcore/Early No
192 The Clarstone feat. Lola Torres Fandango Dance/House No
193 Submorphics Long Been Gone DnB No
194 Chris Forward & Mace V (feat. Eva Kade) Next Day Trance No
195 Cobra & Tieum Impconscious Metal No
196 Morten Berg & Ramp Take You Out Hardstyle No
197 Impact Addiction Hardcore/UK No
198 Makoto ft. Deeizm Release The Bird DnB No
199 Underhill Civil Lies Dubstep No
200 Feder feat. Alex Aiono Lordly Dance/House No
201 Tatlum No Man Hardcore/Gabber No
202 Grr Feat. Yvette Lera & Licks Gut Hardcore/Gabber No
203 Vagabond Feat. Wotsee & Tais Love Can Be Real Hardcore/UK No
204 Circular D & Acid Imagination Mathboy Hardcore/Gabber No
205 Smile Dream of Heaven Hardcore/Early No
206 Edlan ft. Emy Perez Shadow DnB No
207 Gore Tech Optical Hybrid DnB No
208 The Upbeats Say Go DnB No
209 [KRTM] George 'n Jimmy.GIF Terror/Speedcore No
210 BSA Pull Me In DnB No
211 Psylocke Pump It! Hardcore/Early No
212 Rave Creator Me - The Master Hardcore/Early No
213 Omar Santana Oh Bad Boy Hardcore/Early No
214 Enzyme X Syskwahor Hardcore/Gabber No
215 Suicide Rage Sicking bitch Terror/Speedcore No
216 Frank-E & Mars-L Bust The Beat Hardcore/Early No
217 Khaoz Engine & Devious Sin The Killer Hardcore/Gabber No
218 Nukem Demolition Hardcore/Gabber No
219 Zardonic Restless Slumber (2013 Mix) DnB No
220 Vandera Is It Real DnB No
221 Spective Lazy Days DnB No
222 The Acolyte feat Amy My Heart (4beat mix) Hardcore/UK No
223 Zardonic Against All Odds DnB No
224 Zardonic Crush It DnB No
225 Zardonic Vigilante Dance/House No
226 Zardonic Highway 666 DnB No
227 Zardonic Raise Hell DnB No
228 Zardonic Antihero (Epilogue) DnB No
229 Zardonic Pure Power Dance/House No
230 Zardonic The Time Is Now DnB No
231 Schinkel Watch It Hardstyle No
232 Nightrage Stare Into Infinity Metal No
233 Brainpain Bullet Holes DnB No
234 NEOH Dubworld Dubstep No
235 DJ Weirdo & Mt-Ness Metrodrome (Weird-O-Hardcore Mix) Hardcore/Early No
236 Gabba Front Berlin The Fallen Angel Hardcore/Early No
237 Al Twisted & Sadistic Rectify Hardcore/Gabber No
238 DJ Skull Vomit feat. Baseck, Otto von Schirach & Surachai Swamp Bitch Hardcore/Gabber No
239 Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady Other/Uncategorized No
240 Forbidden Society & Aneta Galisova The Turn DnB No
241 The DJ Producer Out Of Control (Negative A Revision) Hardcore/Gabber No
242 Junglefever & stivs Murdah murdah Breakcore/IDM No
243 Ruby My Dear Dreaming Tree Breakcore/IDM No
244 Paralizer Smoke up my ass Hardcore/Early No
245 Digital Boy With Asia The Mountain Of King No
246 Black Knight Kick Up The Volume (Play It Loud) Hardcore/Gabber No
247 SA†AN Mutant Wars Breakcore/IDM No
248 Authentic Dynamite Hardstyle No
249 Asura El Hai Ambient/Chillout No
250 Lem-X More Drumming Hardcore/Gabber No
251 Igneon System feat. Gonzo Dropkilla Hardcore/Gabber No
252 Kasparov Only once Hardcore/Gabber No
253 Waverider, Devin Wild Chasing Dreams Hardstyle No
254 Wormskull Nosebleed DnB No
255 Switch Technique Ghost Assassin Hardcore/Gabber No
256 Mr. Sinister Heart Of Darkness Hardcore/Gabber No
257 Tatlum Trick Hardcore/Gabber No
258 Warface Voice of Addiciton Hardstyle No
259 JDM Feat. Marie Louise Love Everlasting Hardcore/UK No
260 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Exlxaxl (UNEXIST REMIX) Hardcore/Gabber No
261 Mc Rage Chains Hardcore/Gabber No
262 The Hard Way Panzerchokolade Hardcore/Gabber No
263 Akira Custom Grind Hardcore/Gabber No
264 Instigator We are family Other No
265 Head First Why Not ? No
266 The DJ Producer Ease Up Selector Hardcore/Gabber No
267 Detroit Grand Pubahs Schizophrenic Investigator Other No
268 The Hard Way Total Fucking Nihilism Hardcore/Gabber No
269 Chain Reaction / Gunz For Hire Chain Reaction – Bassleader (Bolivia Edit) Hardstyle No
270 Richie Gee Back To The Jungle Hardcore/Gabber No
271 Throttler feat. Lowbss No Harm VIP DnB No
272 astrix the old monster Psychedelic/Goa No
273 Hallucinator Fuck The System DnB No
274 DJ Flubbel ft. Jordan Riley Helpless Hardstyle No
275 Imperials Ravage Frenchcore No
276 Painbringer Words Of '95 Hardcore/Early No
277 Marshall Masters & The Ultimate MC ft Nasty Django Hustler For Life (Live @ Club X Hardcore/Early No
278 Bass Tikal & Mex-E The Music DnB No
279 Cyclopede Bad Motherfucker Hardcore/Early No
280 Goth von core/Thomas Ponder 47 chromosomes Terror/Speedcore No
281 The Prophet Mayhem M.F. Hardcore/Early No
282 Winne Geef 8 (Headhunterz Remix) No
283 Dj Buzz Fuzz Howareyaaah Hardcore/Early No
284 DJ Youri vs New Breed Is Ya With Me? Hardcore/Early No
285 Ground Force Naked Hardstyle No
286 Lenny Dee & The Dark Raver To Da Rhythm Hardcore/Early No
287 Hardliners Pikke Poeli Mellow Hardcore/Early No
288 Dj Dano Feat. The Chosen Few What´s Happening ?! Hardcore/Early No
289 Members Of Megarave Maniac Hardcore/Early No
290 DJ Buzz Fuzz Trippin' Hardcore/Early No
291 The Shaftmen Shaftman Hardcore/Early No
292 Head First Poor Boy Other No
293 Lucio De Rimanez Rotation DnB No
294 The Prophet Catch Me In Your Dream Hardcore/Early No
295 YMB Follow The Pink Lines On The Road Hardcore/Gabber No
296 Reactor & Raoul Meet Impulse Factory Rock My World Hardcore/Early No
297 Tube-Tech Kiss In The Storm (Sven Wittekind Remix) Hardtechno/Schranz No
298 The Speed Freak Jesus Was A Mutant, Pt 2 (Pyromaniac Remix) Frenchcore No
299 Bang! & Kinetic Lost in Space (The System Radio Edit) Trance No
300 Omar Santana Bone Bastik Hardcore/Early No
301 Bit Reactors Can't Control Frenchcore No
302 Promo Promo Style Hardcore/Gabber No
303 The Sect Stranger VIP DnB No
304 Srezcat & Kobaryo Speed Complex Dance/House No
305 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Hysterical Drumbeats (original mix) Hardcore/Early No
306 Bartoch & Madhouse Brothers Pum Da Fuck Now Hardcore/Gabber No
307 The Vizitor & Aggressive Gekkigheid Terror/Speedcore No
308 DJ Zany Rock The Beatz Hardstyle No
309 M1dy Innocent Terror/Speedcore No
310 Jim Noizer Dedicated Hardstyle No
311 Bass-D & King Matthew Jump Up Hardcore/Gabber No
312 D&V I Am Creator Hardstyle No
313 SRB vs Stinger Turn Up The Booster Terror/Speedcore No
314 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Aim-Os (DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Mix) Hardcore/Gabber No
315 Igneon System Ruthless Hardcore/Gabber No
316 Dj Mic & Dj Bass Fight For Generations Hardcore/Gabber No
317 DJ Smurf Dj plague is a kernt Terror/Speedcore No
318 Dj Gius Scrubs Hardstyle No
319 SRB & The Vizitor Lik Me Reet Terror/Speedcore No
320 DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob The Way That We Rock! Hardcore/Early No
321 DJ Rob & MC Joe Beat Is Flow (Hardcore Extended) Hardcore/Early No
322 Zero Tolerance Big Rhythm Hardcore/Early No
323 Scooter This Is A Monstertune Hardtrance No
324 DJ Dano (50% of the Dreamteam) Jam On Hardcore/Early No
325 Lido Money No
326 Rene Ablaze Let Me Go Trance No
327 Freestyle Project Hey Mr DJ Other No
328 B 747 Underground Flight (DJ D Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
329 Odesza My Friends Never Die Other No
330 The Renegade ft. Cycless Perfect Hardstyle No
331 I:Gor feat. DJ Feel-X Gunz Up Hardcore/Gabber No
332 The Speed Freak Zombie From Outer Space Frenchcore No
333 Doctor P and Adam F The Pit (Feat. Method Man) Dubstep No
334 Twine Say Something Dubstep No
335 Current Value Cybernetics VIP DnB No
336 Micromakine The Illusion DnB No
337 Lem-X More Drumming Hardcore/Gabber No
338 Andy The Core feat. X-Mind Start The Plague Hardcore/Gabber No
339 Sei2ure Get Down Hardcore/Gabber No
340 Deformer Repossessor DnB No
341 Carlprit ft. Jaicko Only Gets Better Dance/House No
342 Black Sun Empire & Pythius Desert Sand DnB No
343 The Speed Freak Much Higher (420 Version) Frenchcore No
344 DJ Promo Beat Ya Brain Hardcore/Gabber No
345 Anatomy Mountains Ambient/Chillout No
346 Sonic Animation E-Ville Other No
347 T.S.R. (SOLAR FIELDS + CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS) Extas Ambient/Chillout No
348 C-Netik Loophole Hardcore/Gabber No
349 Proto Bytez & Recharge Future Hardstyle No
350 Truth feat. Flowdan Madman Dubstep No
351 DJ Skinhead Extreme Terror (Original New York Speedcore Remix) Terror/Speedcore No
352 TRN18 It's Time To Change Something DnB No
353 Partyraiser ft. Mouth of madness Look when you shoot Hardcore/Gabber No
354 The Punisher Destroy Hardcore/Gabber No
355 The Lot Six Autobrats Rock No
356 Lancinhouse meets Stunned Guys Cold's Gettin' Bigger Hardcore/Early No
357 Hardstylistix P.I.M.P. (Stylez Meets Tonteufel Remix) Hardstyle No
358 Skoza & Restorer New World Disorder Frenchcore No
359 Omar Santana Rebel In His Own Mind Hardcore/Early No
360 Omar Santana Omar, Rip It Up Hardcore/Early No
361 DJ Paul & Lenny Dee I Like Hardcore Hardcore/Early No
362 DJ Radium Radium Is A Terrorist Frenchcore No
363 Re-Style feat. Korsakoff Rebellion Hardcore/Gabber No
364 Loffciamcore Hejterdisskor Terror/Speedcore No
365 Dr. Mindfuck Beine Hardcore/Early No
366 State of mind & Percieve Mr. Cover up DnB No
367 Lenny Dee & DJ Narotic Pump Ure Fist! (Tieum Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
368 Skyrosphere Send me an Angel (Original Edit) Hardtrance No
369 Nicole Key Fly (Original Cut) Dance/House No
370 Skye Venice Freak (Anyma Remix) Hands Up! No
371 Prolix ft. MC Coppa On Like That DnB No
372 Chosen Few The Break Hardcore/Early No
373 Current Value ft. The Panacea Make It Last DnB No
374 Noisekick Noisekick op dreef Terror/Speedcore No
375 Joey Riot vs Cypher ft Lisa Abbott Across The Sky Hardcore/UK No
376 Omar Santana Step The Fuc Back (Oh Fuc He's Back Mix) Hardcore/Early No
377 KJ Sawka New Life DnB No
378 Dione vs RTC Survivors Hardcore/Gabber No
379 MacheeeN Boi & The Teknoist Scarecrow DnB No
380 Outforce & Age-O Ft Gemma Macleod Be True (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK No
381 Dark Raver & DJ Vince Intelligent Hardcore II Hardcore/Early No
382 ANiMAL MUSiC Monsters DnB No
383 Attic & Stylzz God's Rock 'n Roll Hardcore/Early No
384 Daytona Love Is In Need Lost In Tokyo Mix Hardcore/Early No
385 Cixx Feat. The Vinyl Junk Dizzy Hardcore/Early No
386 E-Rick & Tactic Meet Her At The Thunderdome Dj Mix Hardcore/Early No
387 Kool Killers Back Watcher Hardcore/Early No
388 DJ Arjuna Totally Lost Hardcore/Early No
389 Tschabos FFMBD Hardcore/Early No
390 Tschabos Ischgibbdir Hardcore/Early No
391 Vena Cava feat. Jordan Virelli Handsonic DnB No
392 Partyraiser & Darkcontroller Speakah Killers Hardcore/Gabber No
393 P*light ft. mow*2 OVERDRIVERS Techno No
394 DJ Waxweazle Hardcore Power (DJ Waxweazle ft Mc Da Mouth Of Madness Remix) Hardcore/Early No
395 Buzz Fuzz Jealousy (DJ Promo Remix) Hardcore/Early No
396 Darrien Kelly / Unknown MC The People Want More Hardcore/Early No
397 Buzz Fuzz, Da Vinci, Beasty Boy Slammin' Suckerbeats Hardcore/Early No
398 Paranoizer Armed & Dangerous Terror/Speedcore No
399 Darrien Kelly / Attic & Stylzz Check Out The Style Hardcore/Early No
400 Darrien Kelly And DJ Attic & Stylzz Beaten Like A Bitch Hardcore/Early No
401 MC Rage Rave Machine (Darkraver / Vince remix) Hardcore/Early No
402 Re-Style & Predator Lockdown Hardcore/Gabber No
403 Luke Vibert I Love Acid Other No
404 Fragz Party Banger Hardtechno/Schranz No
405 The Hard Way Pentagram Of Coke Hardcore/Gabber No
406 Dj'Tekina feat丿Lシユカ May and December Dubstep No
407 FIREATTACK ft ELISA Is This The End Hardstyle No
408 Tikki Tembo ft. Diamondancer Return To Me (Original Mix) Dance/House No
409 Mutt feat. Kevin King Thinking DnB No
410 Animal Tag Featuring Nosa Hoody Hardcore/Gabber No
411 CCC & Erik Ray Don't Be A Fool Hands Up! No
412 ear Terror Dj Team Like this Hardcore/Early No
413 Hellfish Back To The Fold Hardcore/Gabber No
414 Dutch Verg Bestial Hardcore/Early No
415 Dutch Verg Bliss Hardcore/Early No
416 State Of Emergency Space Invaders Hardcore/Gabber No
417 Ellis Dee Rock To The Max (Storm & Herman's 2002 Hardcore Mix) Hardcore/UK No
418 F.Noize Lord of The Underground Hardcore/Gabber No
419 DJ Lancinhouse Meets the Stunned Guys Fuckin' Sweat Hardcore/Early No
420 Wasted Mind Can't get enough Hardcore/Gabber No
421 Dj Paul Elstak feat. MC Ruffian Down With Offensive Hardcore/Gabber No
422 DJ Sim Going Nord Hardcore/Early No
423 They Live Long Something Big Hardcore/Early No
424 DJ Sim 24K Solid Bass Hardcore/Early No
425 Stinger Straight Outta Roffa Hardcore/Gabber No
426 Drokz Irritation level dangerous Terror/Speedcore No
427 Dj Piccolo Supa Nacht Dance/House No
428 Atmozfears A Million Questions No
429 Micropoint Get stupid Frenchcore No
430 Lords Of The Underworld Fucking Them Beats Hardcore/Early No
431 Daytona Love Is In Need (Slammin' Mix) Hardcore/Early No
432 Tschabos Wir Woll'n Die Tschabos Hardcore/Early No
433 Tschabos Chikkas Hardcore/Early No
434 Exodus Bust Da Beat Hardcore/Early No
435 Tiny Tot La Bambolina (bass-d & king matthew remix) Hardcore/Early No
436 The Cenobites Filled with fear Hardcore/Gabber No
437 Zyklon Musicbox Terror/Speedcore No
438 Bartoch Eastcost Ravers Hardcore/Gabber No
439 Kai Tracid Be The Change (Kai Tracid & Andrew Benett Rework) Other No
440 Neophyte & Tieum Vulgar Display of Power Hardcore/Gabber No
441 Moka DJ Hei Dieghieto Hardcore/Early No
442 Andy Pickford Miracle Mile (Gavin G Remix) DnB No
443 Cough Drop Generation Unstable No
444 The Statik Electronic Feeling DnB No
445 rotterdam terror corps. Representing Hardcore (The Darkraver & Dj Vince Remix) No
446 The Punisher Bang Bastard Hardcore/Gabber No
447 Nick Skitz You Got The Love (Basslouder Remix Edit) Hands Up! No
448 Addicted Craze feat.Kevin Kelly Drinks Up To The Sky (Radio Edit) Hands Up! No
449 Javi Boss Faka Hardcore/Gabber No
450 Bong-Ra Catholic High School Girls in Trouble Breakcore/IDM No
451 Enduser Black Light (ft. Sol Thomas) Breakcore/IDM No
452 Paul Elstak ft Firestone Get off my back Hardcore/Gabber No
453 Darkraver/Vince Intelligent Hardcore Hardcore/Early No
454 Bluezone Too Beautiful (Cixx's Happy Hardcore Version) Dance/House No
455 DJ Anger Pussy Dynamo (Hardstyle Mix) Hardstyle No
456 Beatstream & Radiate Rollin' Stonah Hardcore/Gabber No
457 Madface Many Lies DnB No
458 Danny Firestone Crosses (Leviathan RMX) Hardcore/Gabber No
459 Bratkilla I Love (Cough) Other No
460 Skyweep, Fullcasual & Kooka Resolution For Love DnB No
461 Kill Paris Falling In Love Again (Feat. Marty Rod & Alma ) Other No
462 Azrael ( ft Furries in a Blender Naughty boy Hardcore/UK No
463 Neophyte & Nosferatu Rubberduck Hardcore/Gabber No
464 Wasted Mind Can't get enough Hardcore/Gabber No
465 Catscan Lord Of Darkness Hardcore/Gabber No
466 Weirdo & Phil Omanski One Tribes Jam (Org Ragga Mix) Hardcore/Early No
467 Technohead Banana-na-na Hardcore/Early No
468 Doctor Doom Skull's Crackin' Hardcore/Early No
469 Massive New Krew Pulse Hardstyle No
470 I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] Farrda Dubstep No
471 Dougal & Gammer feat MC Whizzkid & Jenna All My Life Hardcore/UK No
472 distatix disappear Hardstyle No
473 Square Dimensione Baddest Mothafucker (Buzzy's Anthem Mix) Hardcore/Early No
474 Rotterdam Terror Corps Hardcore Slam Hardcore/Early No
475 Durky Bass feat. Elsa Live At Night Hardstyle No
476 DJ Gollum Feat. DJ Cap Good Stuff Hands Up! No
477 Junkie Kut The 36th Hour Of Power Terror/Speedcore No
478 DJ Sirio, System 3 Frenchcore Flava Frenchcore No
479 Sigurt Colorful ( Indivision feat. Jett remix ) DnB No
480 DJ Gollum Feat. DJ Cap Good Stuff (Original Mix) Hands Up! No
481 Igneon System, X&trick Fallen Underground Soldier Hardcore/Gabber No
482 Luca Sanchez Featuring Adina Flying Love (Original Mix) Dance/House No
483 Tugie Speaker Rocker Hardcore/Gabber No
484 Sacerdos Vigilia Cortex Driller Hardcore/Gabber No
485 Arzest Deadly game Hardcore/Gabber No
486 Paul Kalkbrenner Gebrunn Gebrunn Techno No
487 Erick Decks & David Puentez feat. Lauren Neko In My Mouth (Nicky Romero remix) Dance/House No
489 [KRTM] Dirty Toys Hardcore/Gabber No
490 [KRTM] Las Vegas Horror Clubs Hardcore/Gabber No
491 [KRTM] Tanjas First Anal Hardcore/Gabber No
492 Angels Entity Daylight Hardcore/Gabber No
493 DJ Macho Bom Bom Ravestorm Hardcore/Gabber No
494 Tensor & Re-Direction From the bottom Hardcore/Gabber No
495 Tensor & Re-Direction Feat Snowflake Waiting Hardcore/Gabber No
496 Evil Activities & The Viper We got fire Hardcore/Gabber No
497 Francesco Zeta ft. Sincera Lady Dirty Play (Original Mix) Hardstyle No
498 Dj Aligator Project Feat. Blue Ice Keep Me Hanging On Dance/House No
499 Alien T I Am Not Perfect Hardcore/Gabber No
500 DJ Obsession F'kin' Original Hardcore Sound Hardcore/Gabber No
501 Decibel, Flowdan Skanks Other No
502 The Vizitor (Drokz Remix) Dj Cursus Terror/Speedcore No
503 Humanity Force Life is A Bitch Hardcore/Gabber No
504 Detonatorz Stereophonic Sound Hardstyle No
505 Wasted Mind Become A Master Hardcore/Gabber No
506 Porphyria Day Of Reckoning Hardcore/Gabber No
507 The Wishmaster disease Hardcore/Gabber No
508 DJ Laugh Feat.Chiyoko Summer RAVE Other No
509 Goldberg Variations Whoopi Of DnB No
510 Dr Phunk feat. MC DL How we Roll Jumpstyle No
511 Wasted Mind Shut Up Hardcore/Gabber No
512 Marco Van Bassken feat Richard Oliver Holding Out (DJ THT Remix) Hands Up! No
513 Radium Future Dope Frenchcore No
514 Dream warlord vip Other No
515 State of Mind Division Ten DnB No
516 komarovski comming for yall Hardcore/Gabber No
517 State of Mind Barricade DnB No
518 Proverbz Everybody Is Me Other No
519 Rob Da Rhythm Shock Horror Hardcore/Gabber No
520 Wolf Eyes Stabbed In The Face Other No
521 Octane & DLR Clarity (ft. Kemo) DnB No
522 Zalkin Invasion Hardstyle No
523 Primax feat Mc G Angel Tunnel Biznizz (G1 and Twizted Remix) Hardstyle No
524 Goldberg Variations Shining Sleeve Of Wizard Hardcore/Gabber No
525 Danitribe The Lost Tribe (Noizehead Rmx) Hardcore/Gabber No
526 Chrono and Imperium Bass The Rager (Final) Hardcore/Gabber No
527 Skeets Vs. Archelix Feat. Ashley Lawson Come Closer Hardcore/UK No
528 The Bianca Story Dancing People Are Never Wrong Other No
529 Hard Essence Invaders Blood Hardcore/Gabber No
530 Dj Weirdo & Dj Sim Pump That Stupid Bass (Credibility remix) Hardcore/UK No
531 Teddy Killerz & N-Phonix Scary DnB No
532 Roughsketch Dollz Hardcore/Gabber No
533 Roughsketch Face Hardcore/Gabber No
534 Roughsketch Breaking The Rules Hardcore/Gabber No
535 Skittles Tip-i-cal-ly Other No
536 MC Renegade Way of Life Hardstyle No
537 Sean Apollo & The Acolyte Clonecore Hardcore/UK No
538 Stereotype Kill or Die Hardcore/Gabber No
539 Tomy Or Zox feat. InGrid You Are My Desire Other No
540 Lars Palmas Hope For Revolution (Sun-X-Boyz Remix) Hardstyle No
541 Palmas N Raven Black Edition Anthem (Sun-X-Boyz Remix) Hardstyle No
542 Contiez ft. Treyy G Trumspta (Djuro Remix) Other No
543 DRS Bun Ya (ft. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Chimpo, Skittles, Konny K DnB No
544 Omar Santana Mad Creator (H2O Mix) Hardcore/Early No
545 Sergi Domene feat. Infinity DJs & Chalux Animals Dance/House No
546 Al Storm feat Ali Heartache (Summertime Mix) Hardcore/UK No
547 Triple Y feat. Marian Experience (Vocal Edition) Dance/House No
548 Atlantis Hypnotism Hardstyle No
549 Igorrr Brutal Swing Other No
550 Igorrr Phasme Obèse Other No
551 Igorrr Putrefiunt Other No
552 CLSM feat Noodlez Fat Controller DnB No
553 Tensor & Re-Direction Live Again Hardcore/Gabber No
554 Tali vs Ed Rush Dark Days Dubstep No
555 Antonio & Cristiano ragga jump Jumpstyle No
556 plasmaboys ft Vortex Pimp Clap Hardstyle No
557 2 Brothers Of Hardstyle Techno Bastard Hardstyle No
558 Trim Notice Now (Gage remix) Dubstep No
559 The Emofukkerz Abduction Hardstyle No
560 Omar Santana Bone Bastic Hardcore/Gabber No
561 Stantekk Rabbi Jacob (Wan Bushi Rave Remix) Breakcore/IDM No
562 Partyraiser Ft. Corecell That Bitch Mary Anne (Remastered 2012) Hardcore/Gabber No
563 Underhill Rivers Of Hades Dubstep No
564 Dustrict True Ignorance Breakcore/IDM No
565 Drop Atomik Ft. Zaeda Remodulate Hardstyle No
566 Jajox Be reborne Hardstyle No
567 Wasteland Dr. Psycho Hardcore/Gabber No
568 Dr Rude & Fosforic Infected Jumpstyle No
569 RoughSketch No More Loop Dubstep No
570 Oh My! V's OG'Z Run This Town (Dream remix) Dubstep No
571 Speakerstyle Planet Edelweiss Dance/House No
572 AL Storm & Euphony Eternal Faith Hardcore/UK No
573 m1dy Bonus Track Hardcore/Gabber No
574 Minamotoya feat. 野宮あゆみ Blue Sky (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK No
575 Aj Busta Dj Dangers(Toxicatorz Remix) Hardstyle No
576 Legion Of The Lost Ft Fotho Every Day Fight Hardcore/Gabber No
577 Crystal Clear feat. Stapleton MC Levels DnB No
578 Micropoint Cumshot Frenchcore No
579 Round Wave Crusher Noizy tears Terror/Speedcore No
580 Ophidian & Tapage The Machine Hardcore/Gabber No
581 goreshit Satori De Pon! Other No
582 Audiofreak Flohzirkus Frenchcore No
583 Basher Scripture (feat. Xtrah & Tactical Thinking) DnB No
584 Sabrepulse Purple Haze Hardcore/UK No
585 Grendel Wheels in Motion (Frau Untz Remix) Dance/House No
586 Komarovski Before a shot Hardcore/Gabber No
587 Karen Ramirez Lies Trance No
588 NoizeNation Destroy All Life Hardtrance No
589 Exilis Rebirth Other No
590 Teka B Move That Butt Jumpstyle No
591 Current Value featuring Snow Hunting Down DnB No
592 Noizenecio Never Again Hardcore/Gabber No
593 Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T The Sign Hands Up! No
594 Philippe Rochard feat. Lady Tom Close Your Eyes Hardstyle No
595 Virus Syndicate Talk to Frank Dubstep No
596 Rasmus Hedegaard Baby I'm on fire Other No
597 R. Gee & TeCay Out of the Sahara (Yanny & Analyzer Remix) Hardtrance No
598 Darktek Les Ptits Lutins Hardtechno/Schranz No
599 Hypercore ObamArmageddon Terror/Speedcore No
600 Anderson T I Dare U feat. Ellie (Original Mix) Hardstyle No
601 Pzyco Beat Project Nine Crimes (Original Mix) Hardcore/Gabber No
602 Accelarator Full Throttle Hardcore/Gabber No
603 Radium Neuroleptik Hardcore/Gabber No
604 Penelope Take A Chance Dance/House No
605 Soulblaster Back off Hardcore/Gabber No
606 Angerfist S-Type Benz Hardcore/Gabber No
607 Rockwell & Stapleton Patrol The Block DnB No
608 Massive New Krew feat. MC.Gangstah Colosseum Hardstyle No
609 Ivan Carsten Lifever Hardstyle No
610 The Braindrillerz ACR Frenchcore No
611 Armageddon Project Like Serpents Tears Hardcore/Gabber No
612 Pulserz Quiet World Hardstyle No
613 Radium Me vs Myself (Deathmatch Mix) Frenchcore No
614 C.M.C. Kill nazis Hardcore/Gabber No
615 Donkey Rollers Hoodoo Voodoo Hardstyle No
616 Rotterdam Terror Corps Terror Feelings Hardcore/Early No
617 Noize Suppressor Feat. Shamma Noise Suppressa Hardcore/Gabber No
618 Jahba Bush Is Pussycloth Breakcore/IDM No
619 Flux Pavillion, Skism & Foreign Beggars Jump Back Dubstep No
620 DLF Free Hardstyle No
621 D-Root Interaction (Lunarave Remix) Psychedelic/Goa No
622 Roughsketch samurai terrorist Hardcore/Gabber No
623 Skream Tweedle Dee, Tweedle DUMB! (Feat. Trim) Dubstep No
624 Marco Van Bassken If You Leave Hands Up! No
625 Arion 7 Nightmares Dubstep No
626 Melotronics Cyber Lovers (Cube Remix) DnB No
627 Roughsketch Voice Of Truth Hardcore/Gabber No
628 Tatanka Mess Up Hardstyle No
629 D.E.Velopment aka Devilman Dirty Bastard Dubstep No
630 Violet Vision I'm Inside Psychedelic/Goa No
631 state of emergency addiction Hardcore/Gabber No
632 X-Pander What's Up Hardstyle No
633 Harry Potar Le Ponk (French lyrics) DnB No
634 Harry Potar Soft Core Frenchcore No
635 The Bosebreaker I Hate French Friez Terror/Speedcore No
636 Intensive Care Hardcore Avenue Hardcore/Gabber No
637 goreshit Pirupi! Fuck!! Breakcore/IDM No
638 Dj NightHunter & DKaito Feat. Alex The Greatest Story Never Told Hardstyle No
639 Nico & Tetta Born In Florida Hardcore/Gabber No
640 FFF Tek Back Na Talk Breakcore/IDM No
641 DeeJane Kim Bonnie & Clyde Hardstyle No
642 Brennan Heart Just As Cheesy (Knock Out 2011 Edit) Hardstyle No
643 Stan SB Been Going DnB No
644 Triax & Nexes Divine breed Hardcore/Gabber No
645 The Leathernecks Dogshit Terror/Speedcore No
646 Infidus Hyperspeed Techno No
647 Mr. X & Mr. Y Global Players Other No
648 Avex Techno Radio FM (Radio Version) Hardstyle No
649 FFF Run for cover Breakcore/IDM No
650 AirJ & T-Psy Area 13 (Gancher & Ruin Remix) DnB No
651 DJ Paul Elstak Boom Boom (Whoo) Hardcore/Early No
652 DSC Runaway Step Other No
653 Igneon System vs. Homeboy Like A Criminal Hardcore/Gabber No
654 Tantra Passion In The Sky Other No
655 Lenny Dee vs. Satronica Freedom Hardcore/Gabber No
656 Psyko Punkz Tony Heb Jij Je Masker Op (Sterretje Dit) Hardstyle No
657 Morten Berg & Ramp Gag Track Hardstyle No
658 Techdiff Eat Drink Fuck Breakcore/IDM No
659 Chuckie We Can't Hear Anybody Out There Dance/House No
660 Angry Tolerance ft Mary B and MC Ruud Predator Hardcore/Gabber No
661 M.C.Sar vs. DJ Dee Pump Up The Jam - Rap '98 Dance/House No
662 Warp Brothers Blast The Speakers (Advanced 7" Mix) Other No
663 Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe Wanderland Other No
664 Format:B Gospel (Original mix) Other No
665 Subsonik & Drifta feat. Kaytee Turn The Page DnB No
666 Borgore rub a dubstep Dubstep No
667 Exaile What's Really Good Psychedelic/Goa No
668 DJ Bike Vs. The Destroyer Gabber Fight (Destroyer Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
669 Ruffneck & Miss Twilight The Cursed Hardcore/Gabber No
670 DJ Sharpnel Ktn Gtr Terror/Speedcore No
671 Laurent Wery Feat. Swift K.I.D. (Original Mix) Hey Hey Hey Other No
672 The Destroyer Streetfuckers Terror/Speedcore No
673 DJ Devil The Devil Inside Me Other No
674 Don Diablo Useless(Original Mix) Other No
675 Ill Logic & Raf Turnaround Other No
676 Acitivator presents Jim Noize Dedicated (medley inspiration) Other No
677 Enduser Fuck Up The System Breakcore/IDM No
678 Soraya Vanity (Cc.K meets Blunatix Remix) Other No
679 Javi Boss Mr. Black Hardcore/Gabber No
680 Ebe Company Electronic Kisses (2005 Original) Other No
681 Another Night Another Rave Otto Von Schirach Other No
682 Dozer Only Me Hardstyle No
683 Dozer My Vision Hardstyle No
684 Manglor Fuck The Law Other No
685 Sequent Industry Feat JD Jupiter With You Other No
686 D.O.M. vs The Destroyer Our Game (Original mix) Other No
687 TC & MC Jakes Swerve DnB No
688 ziki vs intersys feat ella lost in tokyo Psychedelic/Goa No
689 Tieum & Ophidian De La Rue Hardcore/Gabber No
690 Csabi The Chain Other No
691 Shah Commandments (10 Gebote) Other No
692 Satronica Shivered Hardcore/Gabber No
693 Satronica Blood On Fire Hardcore/Gabber No
694 Dj Starscream Diss-Spirit Other No
695 Nitrogenetics My enemy Hardcore/Gabber No
696 The Destroyer Delete The Pain Terror/Speedcore No
697 DJ Smurf Exposure king Other No
698 Satan The Left Hand Path Other No
699 DJ Sharpnel Lolit Speed Terror/Speedcore No
700 Damien K Pump Up Other No
701 Jappo your mom Hardcore/Early No
702 Ron Van Den Beuken Far Away Other No
703 Inferno Bros. Slaves to the Rave (Neophyte Remix) Hardcore/Early No
704 Megaband The Fans Other No
705 Evol Intent Smoke And Mirrors (feat Aaron Bedrad Of Bane) DnB No
706 Void Energize (Eskimo Remix Part 1) Psychedelic/Goa No
707 Mt Eden Dubstep & Khadafi Dub Water Other No
708 BLG Song For The Lonely Other No
709 Faithless Scandalous Other No
710 Highlander Ruffneck (Bass-D and King Matthew Remix) Other No
711 Cally & Juice Ctrl Alt Del Other No
712 Accelarator & Radiate Pumping Beats Hardcore/Gabber No
713 m.c.hughier babe unarmed and dangerous Other No
714 Noize Suppressor Movin' quickly Hardcore/Gabber No
715 Promo Hunger Hardcore/Gabber No
716 Satronica The Gift of Fire Hardcore/Gabber No
717 [Distatix] Disappear Other No
718 [Distatix] Maquinas Other No
719 Sweetmad Monday Other No
720 [Distatix] Nightmare Other No
721 Kode 9 & The Spaceape Victims Other No
722 Prolific This Is for My Hustlas (feat. Cojaxx and Planetary) (SPKTRM Remix) DnB No
723 Angry Tolerance Ft Mary B & Mc Ruud Revolt Your Mind (Nitrogenetics Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
724 Mental Miracle After The Storm (Schwarzende Remix) Hardstyle No
725 Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows Typhoon Dubstep No
726 Gasmask 71 Angel's bloodbath Other No
727 Felguk Feat. Sporty O 2nite Other No
728 D&S Pussy on the Floor (Frahm and Becks Porno Remix) Other No
729 The Streets In The Middle (Nero Remix) Dubstep No
730 Joint Forces Feat. Jah Mason Here Comes The Morning Other No
731 Marshall Masters Ft. The Ultimate MC Hustler For Life Hardcore/Early No
732 Androgyn Network Dead Sally Frenchcore No
733 DJ Isaac & The Viper The Real Shit [Mad-E-Fact Mix] Other No
734 DT6 Blood Bath Hardcore/Gabber No
735 Reflect vs. Human Resource Ft. MC Raw Megarave Motherfuckers Hardcore/Gabber No
736 DJ D Samara Hardcore/Gabber No
737 Andy Wolf Killer Hardstyle No
738 Fedde Le Grand feat. Feel Alive Other No
739 Surf Giants Who's Sorry Now Other No
740 Unexist Reknocked Hardcore/Gabber No
741 Centaspike Unstable magic Other No
742 Enzyme X Clonewave Hardcore/Gabber No
743 The Machine Immortality Hardstyle No
744 DJ Partyraiser & Corecell Nasty Horror Hardcore/Gabber No
745 Freezerroom Weapon of Choice Other No
746 Dani Wolf For Victory Hardstyle No
747 Art of Fighters Vulcano Action Hardcore/Gabber No
748 Noisia Soul Purge (ft. Foreign Beggars) DnB No
749 Will Bailey & Tommy LeRaunch Ragaridge Jack (Level 13 Reese Remix) Other No
750 Nitrogenetics Wreckingball Hardcore/Gabber No
751 Demoniak & Orpheuz Stars @ Night Other No
752 SchlachthofBronx Too High Other No
753 Conkarah & Drifta Run Away DnB No
754 The Beat Controller Flowing With The Hardcore Hardcore/Gabber No
755 Lenny Dee, Randy & The Sickest Squad Dominating Frenchcore No
756 Threnody Realise Other No
757 Kush Arora Right Now Other No
758 Let's Go To War Push Up Ya Lighter Other No
759 Zomby Spliff Dub (Sush Knight Remix) Other No
760 Rusko Hammertime Dubstep No
761 Passenger Of Shit Cockspew (Sadcore Remix) Terror/Speedcore No
762 Jimmy S Noige Usteem Terror/Speedcore No
763 Future Cut Borderline Other No
764 Joker & Ginz - Re-up with Tempa T Next Hype Other No
765 16 Bit Champion Sound Other No
766 Chase and Status Eastern Jam (Trill Bass Remix) Dubstep No
767 Pradera and Sasha F To Da Max Hardstyle No
768 DJ Cultist Deceandeance Other No
769 Javi Boss & DJ Juanma Print The Melody Hardcore/Gabber No
770 Karpe-DM Feat. Part 2 Return Of The Flatcap Hardstyle No
771 Painstalker Painstalker Hardcore/Gabber No
772 visionary serious things DnB No
773 Concord Dawn ft. Scribe Get Ready DnB No
774 Placid K Compagneros (Endymion Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
775 Beat Commanders Breathing In Other No
776 Al Twisted, Rob da Rhythm & Lost Origin ft MC Mike Redman Darkside Other No
777 Drokz Shotta Terror/Speedcore No
778 State of Emergency Vanity Hardcore/Gabber No
779 DJ Fam Straight To The Bass (Andy Wolf Remix) Other No
780 Murderation feat. David Boomah Babylon boy DnB No
781 Sean Biddle feat. Krukid Direct Connection (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) Other No
782 DJ D-Tox Chemical Afterglow Frenchcore No
783 The Speedfreak 4000 Orgasms Terror/Speedcore No
784 Remo-Con G-Sigh Other No
785 Na-Goyah & S'Aphira Obscurus (Dark) Hardcore/Gabber No
786 The Speed Freak Da Gangsta Terror/Speedcore No
787 Gif Phobia Choose Da Hardcore Generation Hardcore/Gabber No
788 Endocrine Adrenochrome (Adreno Mix) Other No
789 Ophidian Formshift Hardcore/Gabber No
790 Mindkillerz Bass Bitch (The Mentalists Remix) Other No
791 Jade feat. Rymetyme Venom Other No
792 Steve Aoki (feat. SpankrockAManda) Rockstars Other No
793 Bong-Ra Murder You Other No
794 Nosferatu System_5601 Hardcore/Gabber No
795 Max B. Grant & DJanny Arancia Meccanica Hardstyle No
796 The Bug Skeng Other No
797 Viro Vodka No
798 Kanakk Attakk Kanakk Attakk (Weichei's Style2Jump Mix) Other No
799 DJ Sharpnel Li Koto Ni Kidui Chatta Terror/Speedcore No
800 Shock One Shock Resistance Other No
801 Enzyme X Kegadoru Hardcore/Gabber No
802 Dj Sharpnel The Others Terror/Speedcore No
803 Kasparov Manga Hardcore/Gabber No
804 Tat & Zat Skeleton Hardstyle No
805 DJ Fresh vs. Deekline & Wizard feat. Ivory & Spyda Steam (Rock Out) Other No
806 Noize Suppressor Top A Top Hardcore/Gabber No
807 Noize Suppressor Mr. Enemy (Dj Bike Remix ) Hardcore/Gabber No
808 Caspa & Dynamite MC Rat-a-tat-tat Dubstep No
809 Brancaccio and Aisher Freak Around (Koma & Bones Remix) Other No
810 Technical Itch & Kemal The Calling (Evol Intent & Ewun Remix) DnB No
811 Ruffneck and Mindustries Xenophobia Hardcore/Gabber No
812 Hardstyle Mafia Boom & Blast Hardstyle No
813 The Qemists - Got One Life feat. MC Navigator Got One Life Other No
814 Rexanthony Capturing Matrix (1995 Voice Version) Other No