Request: Void - Energize (Eskimo Remix Part 1)
Released in 2007
Source/Sample: Ying Yang Twins - Sex Therapy 102 (Skit)
Run DMC - Tougher Than Leather

Get on! (on [?x])

Power [?x] (Energize)
The power

Increase volume to maximum level

Get on [2x]
Get [????] all together

U-unconceivable, unbelievable
Grammar like a hammer information receivable
Sent by the Lord, here and abroad
With words-words-they could retort


What we're talking about, is three simple questions
And I'm gonna pose question number one right now
First question: How do you like power-power?

I see we're making progress right now, I like the way one went down
Now, I need you to sit back and let me know and think about this one:
What kind of sex, do you like?

Hehehehe, I can't lie, I like it rough
But you got's to ease me into it
See, I want you to touch me, tease me, blow on me, tickle me, play with my (hmmm)
You know, caress me
Fuck all the talking honey, lick me, spank that ass (Ass [?x])

Pump up the power


Get [?x]
Get on (on [?x])
Get (?????) [?x]
On [?x]

Spank that ass

You see house-to maximum


I'm just so impressed with you guys today
Progress is really being made
Now we get ready to switch gears on the third question

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Pain 8 years, 8 months ago
"[..] calls you to the maximum level" = "Increase volume to maximum level"

"Get up your mood" might be "Get up and move"

"[..] the power" = "Pump up the power"

"[..] to maximum" "You see house/ how's- to maximum" ??? Not sure

Last line something about 'dance floor'
Thanks for the help!
Va fan, intrige!
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