Request: Will Bailey & Tommy LeRaunch - Ragaridge Jack (Level 13 Reese Remix)

Up high [??x]

Rock Hard, keep groovin' the ground
Just turn the music up we wanna get down
You thought we had enough, well look at us now
Came to the club 'cause we gotta get down
Killer groove, yeah back in your systems
Turn the key baby, start the ignition
In the heat, yeah this beat is on fire
Dance to the rhythm let you body perspire

Turn it up and let the drums through
I came here just to dance with you
You got the moves, and that's a fact
I'm mixing these words inside the track

We in the crowd, yea, starting to get loud
hop up to the mic or just enjoy the sound
Put your hands in a fist and shake your wrists
We ain't gonna stop 'till we get enough of this

Go [??x]
Up High

Watch this, and put your arms up high

Up high [??x]

(Put your hands in a fist and shake your wrists) [3x]
(Put your hands in a fist and shake your wrists) [chopped up]

Go [??x]
Up High
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  • Ragaridge Jack [VIB013]

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Badwave 13 years, 10 months ago
well, i know that for that middle verse with the "watch this", the second half of that verse is just the first half reversed. doubt that helps much :p
Pain 13 years, 10 months ago
Edited in what our good friend eddie_hardstyle found out already.
The break part is still missing a load of lyrics so help is more than welcome. :)
Va fan, intrige!
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