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Jag är en svensk, living in the U.S. of A. i speak English and enough Russkiy to say "your mother" and all of the swearwords :]


Alright, here's my dilly-o:


Hardstyle: 2396 songs
Gabber: 872 songs
Trance: 3155 songs
Other Electronic: 1568 songs

my sitez:

Flavorit Deejayz

Hardstyle: A-lusion, Abyss & Judge, Acid Bunny, Activator, Act vs. Mani, Activator, Alphaverb, Alpha², Atmozfears, B-front, Bassdealer, Bass Modulators, Brennan Heart, Chain Reaction, Chiren, Coone, Da Revolutionists, Dark Oscillators, Deepack, DHHD, Donkey Rollers, Frontliner, Geck-O, Generation Zero, Gostosa, Grandmaster Q, Hardstyle Mafia, Hardstyle Masterz, Hard'Onez, Hardstyle Syndicate, Headhunterz, Kat, Kold Konexion, Max B Grant, Noisecontrollers, The Pitcher, The Prophet, Showtek, Tatanka, Zany, Zatox

Gabber: Accelerator, Amnesys, Angerfist(ness), Art of Fighters, Beatstream, Bioweapon, Bodylotion, Catscan, Day-Mar, D-Drive, Despairful Tomorrow, DJ D, DJ Dione, DJ Obscurity, Endymion, Evil Activities, G-Town Madness, Hellsystem, Kasparov, Mad Dog, Masters of Ceremony, Na-Goyah, Neophyte, Noise Supressor, Nosferatu, Ophidian, Outrage, Paul Elstak, Promo, Ruffneck, T-Junction, Tha Playah, Tommyknocker, Unexist, The Viper, Virus Factory, Weapon-X

Hardcore/UK: Breeze, Chwyhynny, D-lyte, Darren Styles, Darwin, E-vade, Entity, Eufeion, Hixxy, Joey Riot, Mikk, Orbit1, Stormtrooper, Sunrise, UFO, Unknown

US Hardcore:: Michael Mansion, MrJakk, The Nice Guys, No Left Turn, Reese, Timid, Tony Benino