Request: Virus Syndicate - Talk to Frank
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hurrdurr 6 years, 11 months ago
sorry about repetition i wrote it in notepad a week ago :\
hurrdurr 6 years, 11 months ago
You know that feeling when you wake up in
a basement with a massive gaping hole in your chest?
no? well ive had better mornings..

Turns out ive been used to smuggle cocaine into the country
which does rather prompt the question
whats the big deal with coke? coke coke cok
so i talked to this dealer, and he said; he said he said
Its all about the profit

He took two tabs on tick, but came back for a Q ball laterrrr
frank is hooked on flake, and its on that he spends his paperrrrr

i can grab 5 keys for about 5 g's then split it in 8s and 10s

thats how i make my friends then i get rid of it all and do the same again
cuz its profit thats the topic its the topic of the week
so i drop it on the beat like the topic of the week

its friday night and im ready for the mad shit
1 gram coke 1 gram magic
time for me to get wasted
have a sip of this yo taste it
Saturday night and im at it again
more drink more drugs more chronic again
its time for me to get wasted
have a sip of this yo taste it

i only ever step on the toes of my foes
ask your hoes what i put in their nose
ive had the midas touch since age 12
i can turn powder into gold
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