Request: Dj NightHunter & DKaito Feat. Alex - The Greatest Story Never Told
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  • Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Volume 2 CD1

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Salva 4 years, 8 months ago
Here's what djhandedout and Pain made so far:

In the back of my mind
Sing the [..] of time
Don't be afraid of your little change
The truth must be said if you call my name

In the dark you can find
[..] will [..] your lie
You'll never be every [..]
The truth must be said if you call my name

The greatest story never told
Leave you [..] alone
The greatest story never told
The new day has come

Let it shine
Hear the sky of your precious life
That all of time
[..] on the first day of your night

The greatest story
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