Request: DJ Youri vs New Breed - Is Ya With Me?
Warning, the following program contains..
medical conditions
if you suffer of any of the above
consult ... before listening

# own comment: I can't quite understand parts of this abovetext
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  • Megarave Records ‎– MRV029 // DJ Youri vs. New Breed ‎– Under Dogz

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cicciopaci2012 2 weeks, 6 days ago
First part is taken from Sway & King Tech - Warning
The rest is from Pure Elegance - Keep Ya Movin, there are no lyrics for this one so I can't do much

The following programme contains world premieres, dope MCs (one, two), incredible DJs, phat classics and material which may not be suitable for people with the following medical condition:

Shiny-suit syndrome
Lame-hooks disease
Acute playa-hating disorder

If you suffer from any of the above, please consult a physician before listening

Titanium 3 weeks ago
wtf is that?! can we remove this and do the request again and better?
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