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# Artist Track
1 Rotterdam Terror Corps Hardcore Slam
2 The Masochist No Newstyle?
3 Square Dimensione Baddest Mothafucker (Buzzy's Anthem Mix)
4 The Masochist Funky Dope
5 50% Of The Dreamteam Let's Get Back To Tha Old School
6 Technohead Banana-na-na
7 Cixx The Mixer
8 Catscan Lord Of Darkness
9 Tony Salmonelli Once Again (Buzz Fuzz Mix)
10 Bluezone Too Beautiful (Cixx's Happy Hardcore Versi..
11 G-Town Madness meets Attic & Stylzz Bring The Pain
12 G-Town Madness meets Attic & Stylzz The Legacy Continues
13 Darkraver/Vince Intelligent Hardcore
14 Weirdo & DJ Sim The Kamikaze
15 DJ Sim Take This
16 James Daltan The Candle
17 James Daltan meets DJ X-Ess The Damned
18 English Muffin The Honky
19 rotterdam terror corps. Representing Hardcore (The Darkraver & Dj ..
20 Moka DJ Hei Dieghieto
21 Waxweazle Assfucked
22 Tiny Tot La Bambolina (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)
23 Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk The Tough Guys
24 Cixx To Da Bass (Dome mix)
25 Tschabos Chikkas
26 Tschabos Gib Mir Die Bass
27 Tschabos Wir Woll'n Die Tschabos
28 Psylocke No Man
29 Daytona Love Is In Need (Slammin' Mix)
30 Lords Of The Underworld Fucking Them Beats
31 Unexist Conspiracy
32 Control DC Ritmo Dell' Diavolo
33 The Prophet Dominatin'
34 DJ Sim New Skool Generation
35 DJ Sim No More Shit
36 DJ Isaac Who Likes To Party
37 DJ Sim 24K Solid Bass
38 They Live Long Something Big
39 DJ Sim Going Nord
40 The Speed Freak No More Cheese
41 DJ Lancinhouse meets The Stunned Guys Fuckin' Sweat
42 Dutch Verg Bliss
43 Dutch Verg Bestial
44 The Force Creators & Lady Dana Hardcore Planet
45 No Gravity All The People (B.S.E. Remix)
46 The Prophet I Can't Stand It
47 Pino D'Ambini Up & Down - Ballz (Original Mix)
48 Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo Muthafuckin Drum Machine
49 The Dark Raver Tunnel
50 MC Rage Rave Machine (Darkraver / Vince remix)
51 D.J. Charly Lownoise & D.J. Mental Theo Verrotted
52 Darrien Kelly And DJ Attic & Stylzz Beaten Like A Bitch
53 Darrien Kelly / Attic & Stylzz Check Out The Style
54 The Vinyl Junk Freaked Out On Acid
55 Buzz Fuzz, Da Vinci, Beasty Boy Slammin' Suckerbeats
56 Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC The People Want More
57 Buzz Fuzz Jealousy (DJ Promo Remix)
58 DJ Waxweazle Hardcore Power (DJ Waxweazle ft Mc Da Mout..
59 Tschabos Ischgibbdir
60 Tschabos FFMBD
61 Jappo & Lancinhouse Sacrifice
62 Jappo & Lancinhouse Feel With Power
63 Armageddon Project Church Of Pentagram
64 Arjuna Totally Lost
65 DJ Buzz Fuzz Sweat (I Wanna C Ya)
66 Kool Killers Back Watcher
67 Square Dimensione The House Of Pain
68 E-Rick & Tactic Meet Her At The Thunderdome Dj Mix
69 Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk Dizzy
70 DJ Gizmo & DJ Vince To Da Break Of Dawn
71 T-Wisted Millennium
72 Daytona Love Is In Need Lost In Tokyo Mix
73 Attic & Stylzz God's Rock 'n Roll
74 DJ Arjuna & Beyonder Shoot That Motherfuck (Raising Hell Mix)
75 Kool Killers Whistling Whistling (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Un..
76 DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob State Of Emergency
77 Dark Raver & DJ Vince Intelligent Hardcore II
78 The Viper Voodoo Magic
79 DJ Buzz Fuzz Don't U Cry
80 Omar Santana Step The Fuc Back (Oh Fuc He's Back Mix)
81 DJ Buzz Fuzz Dreamteam = Back
82 Chosen Few Kold Dayz
83 MC Drokz & DJ Tails We Can Play It Pretty Hard
84 DJ Paul & Lenny Dee I Like Hardcore
85 DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys Cold's Getting Bigger
86 DJ Skinhead Extreme Terror (Original New York Speedcor..
87 DJ Promo Beat Ya Brain
88 The Prophet Spirits Of Soul
89 DJ Dano (50% of the Dreamteam) Jam On
90 Dune The Spice
91 Scooter This Is A Monstertune
92 DJ Promo & DJ Delirium Bass Power
93 Zero Tolerance Big Rhythm
94 DJ Rob & MC Joe Beat Is Flow (Hardcore Extended)
95 DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob The Way That We Rock!
96 DJ Waxweazle Brainscan
97 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Aim-Os (Lancinhouse & Jappo Mix)
98 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Hysterical Drumbeats (original mix)
99 Masters Of Rave Are You With Me (Energie Hallen Mix)
100 DJ Waxweazle vs. Guitar Rob Our Nightmare
101 DJ Waxweazle I Like This World
102 Forze DJ Team Step The Fuck Off
103 Reactor & Raoul Meet Impulse Factory Rock My World
104 The Prophet Catch Me In Your Dream
105 Head First Poor Boy
106 Dj Buzz Fuzz The Lighthousekeeper
107 DJ Buzz Fuzz Power Punch
108 The Shaftmen Shaftman
109 The Headbanger Sweet Dreams 2001
110 DJ Delirium It's Time To Let Go !
111 DJ Buzz Fuzz Trippin'
112 Members Of Megarave Maniac
113 Hardliners Pikke Poeli Mellow
114 Lenny Dee & Dark Raver Toda Rhythm
115 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Trash Fucker
116 DJ Youri vs New Breed Is Ya With Me?
117 Dj Buzz Fuzz Howareyaaah
118 The Prophet Mayhem M.F.
119 Cyclopede Bad Motherfucker
120 The Prophet Housetime!
121 Marshall Masters & The Ultimate MC ft Nasty Django Hustler For Life (Live @ Club X
122 Sven Väth Dein Schweiss
123 The Prophet IC The Future
124 Smash? Korreckte Atmosphaere
125 Thunderball Its Your Dj
126 Micropoint Ping Machine
127 Detroit Grand Pubahs Schizophrenic Investigator
128 Bob Sinclar For You
129 Scooter Our Happy Hardcore
130 Head First Why Not ?
131 Mc Rage Chains
132 Mindcrimers Throat
133 DJ Inyoung & DJ Diehard Gibberish
134 El Bruto Mindstab
135 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Exlxaxl (UNEXIST REMIX)
136 Hardsequencer Feels So Good
137 Black Knight Kick Up The Volume (Play It Loud)
138 DJ Weirdo & Mt-Ness Metrodrome (Weird-O-Hardcore Mix)
139 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Start To Move
140 Elektrochemie L.K. Schall (T. Schumacher Mix)
141 Wassermann W.I.R. (Sven Väth Mix)
142 Omar Santana Oh Bad Boy
143 Rave Creator Me - The Master
144 Psylocke Pump It
145 Rob Gee Son Of Rob Gee
146 Rob Gee Big Mac Daddy
147 Cixx Voodoo
148 DJ Waxweazle Legs ('96 Hardcore Remix)
149 Klangwerk Fireman
150 DJ Zany Fuckin' Problems
151 Rave Creator Immortal
152 Da Predator Dubplate Style
153 DJ Buzz Fuzz Milennium
154 E-Rick & Tactic Da Baddest Mothafuck
155 DJ Buzz Fuzz Psychomaniack
156 Doop Yesss!
157 50% Of The Dreamteam & 66.6% Natas Born 2 Fuck Your Wife
158 3 Steps Ahead Fever
159 DJ Waxweazle Oldstyle
160 Technohead Happy Birthday (Timitico Party Blast)
161 Bass-D & King Matthew Ft. Dogpound The New Dance
162 English Muffin Dum Dum
163 T.O.P.D.R.O.P. Achtung (SpeedCity rmx by Charly Lownoise..
164 Brian Acardy Methodz Of Madness
165 DJ Isaac Hardcore From The Underland
166 DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys We Are The Dynacore
167 DJ Sim Loud As Fuck (Original Mix)
168 DJ Weirdo & Phil Omanski One Tribes Jam (Original 1998 Promo Remix)
169 DJ Sim Straight Of The Dancefloor
170 DJ Sim Time To Hit The Record
171 DJ Sim You're A Nut
172 DJ Sim The Sound Of Now
173 Brothers In Crime Dance
174 Chosen Few The Break
175 Dj Buzz Fuzz Bellz Of Eternity
176 The Reactor Vae Victis (Quick Trip Remix)
177 Omar Santana Hype The Funk
178 DJ Arjuna No Enemies
179 DJ Arjuna Boom MC
180 DJ Arjuna You Are Ready To Start
181 DJ Arjuna Whut'Cha Want
182 Waweazle I'm The Voice Of Rave
183 D-Devils Odin's Odyssey (Orig. Retro Mix)
184 Promo & Da Vinci Psycho Style