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Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo - Muthaf**kin Drum Machine lyrics

Yo, Gizmo, where's the drum machine man?
Where the fuck your drum machine, man?
(I don't know, man)
I mean I've been f**king looking for it
But where the fuck is the goddamn drum machine?
Yo, we need the f**king goddamn drum machine
(I don't know, man)
This is your f**king house, where is the f**king drum machine?
Oh, well, get this nigga some sticks

Give me some hi-hat

Go- [?x]
Damn-damn drum machine

Go- [?x]
Da- [?x]
Drum machine


Goddamn tempo [3x]

Goddamn drum machine

Cover: Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo - Muthaf**kin Drum Machine
  • Muthafuckin Drum Machine

  • Year
  • 1996

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Geeviz 4 years, 4 months ago
I thought the end has more lyrics... as Yo .. I found the MF drummachine, man... [..]
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