Request: Sean Biddle feat. Krukid - Direct Connection (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
Move to the music,
I move to seduce,
and the groove is in use,
if you fuse if you're tuned
and the mess is affecting
ya neck to ya chest
to ya head and ya legs,
got a direct connection.[x?]

Move to the music I'm gonna be ahead
Move to the music got a feeling in your head

If you move to the music
I'm gonna be ahead

[..]skimpy in itty bitty clothes
And a summergirl action
And then they wanna close
But they're doing then I'm joining
Come get into the flow
Like passing a joint
Call it a rotation
Little less standing
Little more shaking
Get in formation
Movin' your feet
If you [..]
To the groove with the beat
Speakers bombing 'side vibrate
In a [..]-ray in a [..]-lay
In a [..] flow some let the [..]
It's got every motion, thebody dissolving
Decide it
You don't wanna open your eye-lids, it's over
Can it be hopeless to fight it
That it's used to [..]
And then the mood is melt
And every room and wall
Musical forces are slowly filling the soulless
What a hard event [..]
Synchronise with the ... of the song
You would feel what is wrong with the song
I got no words [..]
What is there, we sing along
Your arms and ears and move along
Appearing in the form of heaven
With the lights, dancing as I glare along the wall
Suspending your soul in the air,
You're gonna fall, but you don't-uh.
You never fly, you never land
Never drop, and never rise.
You just can't
You just dance, you just dance to the house
House [x?]

Move to the music
A mood is seducing
A groove is [..] if you fuse, if you tune
Then the mass is effecting and acting
You taste it
So your head and your legs got a direct connection[x?]

If you move to the music
I'm gonna be ahead

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Pain 10 years, 11 months ago
'Your head and your legs got a direct connection'
Va fan, intrige!
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