Request: Riya ft. Alibi - Hurt Heals
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Nathmelo 4 years, 3 months ago
Well, anyway, thanks a lot <3
sunecz 4 years, 3 months ago
Hello, I think the first (repeated) verse is something like this:

If it hurts it heals
Time to let go other one me to remeber
What I made it mean
Still I'm greatful
'Cause it's made me stronger
And I'm not scared to say goodbye
To the phase I've said we'd feel alone
See every [...] we must damned
And I see that solid [...]

I don't know those two words since they seem to be differently prononouced the first and the second time they are sung. (Or maybe it's the accent)

I hear the first word like 'soul', but then I hear 'T' in it the second time, so I am not sure at all. The second word I hear it like 'boat', but then, the second time, I also hear 'was', 'what', or even 'world'.

Hopefully someone can fill in those words and/or correct me if I made a mistake.

Hope it helps a little!
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