Request: Limelght feat. Alina Renae - Intoxicated

concept below probably contains errors :) :

We're coasting on a high through midnight sky
We're so [...]
Just you and I
Intoxicated, [...]
It's no (divide?), was just alive

You and I would cruise the world
In all the memories we [...]
But it was worth
All those tears of joy we bleed
By making love upon the stage
We're stars, it seems

Salvation's in your eyes
You gave me sight
We're so damn fine
So, I was right

Intoxicated, limelight can't deny
You blur the lines to constant high

You and I, we play the game
In all those moments we chose eachother
We made mistakes
All those years of joy we bleed
By making love beneath the stars above the sea
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  • Intoxicated

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