Request: Steve Aoki (feat. SpankrockAManda) - Rockstars
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Imil 12 years, 3 months ago
First verse: "
Yeah baby, I shoot from the hip
I give you filth, ‘cause that’s my gift
My lips on the tip, don’t come too quick
(…), ‘cause you in the shit
Baby talks crazy, can’t make me a lady
My man says he hates me
My momma tries to save me
Everyone bragging about the shit they gave me
Trying to take the credit, they think they made me
I write shit rhymes in (…)
And all I say is sex, sex, sex
Pay me, pay me, pay me, pay me
She’s alright, but I’m the best
Damn right, that’s right, I’m always right
I sleep all day and I fuck all night
Powder my nose, check the mirror for the (…)
Check the (…) in my pocket, ‘cause my jeans so tight"

Then I got bored of repeating it over and over D:
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