Request: Tha Playah - Stand Up
Stand the fuck up


This shit
Fucking dope
Clean fucking dope
Keep going, you asshole (asshole)
Stand the fuck up

Keep going, you asshole


(Keep wrecking up the music?)
When you hear shit like oh

It's hard for me sometimes to get into things
That are happening today
It's hard because I already lived something so spectacular and exquisite
It's hard for me to now adjust my mind to the new things that come
'Cause they just still don't live up to that sound

I hear a lot of people's shit
And there's a lot of dope shit out there
But a lot of motherfuckers not being original

When you hear shit like
Stand the fuck up [7x]

I'm not big on the quality of the mix
Though the mix is kinda shitty
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