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Name: Payne
Location: Schland
Favs: mainly Hardstyle, Hardcore and D&B, also some Dubstep, Electro House, Deep House, Industrial, Speedcore, Trance and Hardtechno


This is the story of a man who falls from a 50-storey apartment block. As he falls, he repeats over and over to reassure himself: "So far so good, so far so good, so far so good." But it's not the fall that's important - it's the landing.
La Haine


Quotes of tha holy lolo chat:

about marketing
x12:45 aslak1: why is house music always marketed with asses
x12:47 HardstyleHenk: Porn = money. Stupid house tracks = no money
x12:48 aslak1: ass
x13:05 Payne: why do they show 70% bitches in hardstyle music videos when there are only 5% present
x13:06 djhandedout: 12:47 HardstyleHenk: Porn = money. Stupid hardstyle tracks = no money
x13:07 Payne: :pacman:
x13:07 aslak1: because i love all bitches. tu, tu, tu-tu, tutu tutu tu-tu
x13:07 Payne: and why do they only show guys with angerfist masks in hardcore videos?
x13:08 BlueBerry: xD
x13:08 djhandedout: 12:47 HardstyleHenk: Angerfist = money. Stupid hardcore tracks = no money
x13:08 Payne: k got it now xD
x13:09 djhandedout: thanks henk

Preda insight
x21:34 Predaking: hm.. too much transformers

about EA?
x21:11 DaHunger: it's like you are from EA, you should release each stats as dlc which requires the previous month
x21:12 Salva: if I was EA, you'd be paying me
x21:13 DaHunger: if you were EA I would show you my money and flush it down the toilet
x21:14 Salva: lol
x21:15 Salva: if I was EA i wouldn't care, cuz other millions of ppl would pay me
x21:16 DaHunger: if you were EA I'd throw a bucket at you
x21:16 DaHunger: and demand money for it
x21:18 Salva: if i was a bucket, i would throw myself away from you
x21:18 DaHunger: and I'd help you

Some feedback
x17:31 uw0tm8: savages? More like a bunch of ignorants that are completely ahead of themselves.
x17:32 uw0tm8: I just registered a few mins ago and already got a headache from how often I had to facepalm while reading through this chat.
x17:32 uw0tm8: feel free to delete my account, i shouldn't have registered here to begin with

what describes you the best
x08:18 Core: /takes svetjan's pants
x11:29 djhandedout: :o since when have you been working for payne?
x12:22 Core: We’re all slaves to Payne

x14:58 Titanium: Core: We’re all slaves to Payne the rave

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