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Favs: mainly Hardstyle and some Hardcore, DnB, Dubstep, Electro House, Deep House, Industrial, Speedcore and Trance.

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Quotes of tha holy lolo chat:

x21:34 Predaking: hm.. too much transformers

x00:18 Titanium: u know I know only paul elstak

x21:11 DaHunger: it's like you are from EA, you should release each stats as dlc which requires the previous month
x21:12 Salva: if I was EA, you'd be paying me
x21:13 DaHunger: if you were EA I would show you my money and flush it down the toilet
x21:14 Salva: lol
x21:15 Salva: if I was EA i wouldn't care, cuz other millions of ppl would pay me
x21:16 DaHunger: if you were EA I'd throw a bucket at you
x21:16 DaHunger: and demand money for it
x21:18 Salva: if i was a bucket, i would throw myself away from you
x21:18 DaHunger: and I'd help you

x17:31 uw0tm8: savages? More like a bunch of ignorants that are completely ahead of themselves.
x17:32 uw0tm8: I just registered a few mins ago and already got a headache from how often I had to facepalm while reading through this chat.
x17:32 uw0tm8: feel free to delete my account, i shouldn't have registered here to begin with

x08:18 Core: /takes svetjan's pants
x11:29 djhandedout: :o since when have you been working for payne?
x12:22 Core: We’re all slaves to Payne
x14:58 Titanium: Core: We’re all slaves to Payne the rave

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# Artist Track Genre Year
1 A.N.C. Fallen Angels Return Terror/Speedcore 2001
2 Act of Rage Confronting Reality Hardstyle 2014
3 Akov Blind (Sun Mix) DnB 2019
4 Aqualords Moon Revolution (Steve S.. Hardtrance 2000
5 Bass Modulators Mantra Hardstyle 2017
6 Basshunter Russia Privjet Hands Up! 2008
7 Centhron Bitch Of Dreams Other 2009
8 Centhron Fast Blast Other 2009
9 DJ Ezteq A Word Unsaid Hardstyle 2011
10 DJ Ezteq Follow Quickly (Attack M.. Hardstyle 2011
11 DJ Marc La Cruz Krieg Gegen Die Maschine.. Hardtrance 2000
12 DJ Waxweazle Legs ('96 Hardcore Remix) Hardcore/Early 1996
13 DJ Zany Fuckin' Problems Hardcore/Early 1997
14 Ghost Rider Speed Of Soul Psychedelic/Goa 2015
15 Go Mental Died In Your Arms Tonigh.. Hardcore/UK 1997
16 Killshot Beastmode Hardstyle 2017
17 Kodex Run The Flow Hardstyle 2010
18 Malukah Reignite Acoustic 2012
19 Nolz & Crypsis Fck The Average Hardstyle 2018
20 Nolz & Noize Suppressor Trickster Hardcore/Gabber 2018
21 Phaxe The Getaway Trance 2010
22 Public Enemies You're All Going To Die Hardstyle 2016
23 Ruffneck I Am Death (Red 1 Corint.. Hardcore/Gabber 2016
24 Sven Väth Dein Schweiss Techno 1999
25 Synergy Moon Presence DnB 2018
26 Technical Itch The Cleansing Fire DnB 2011
27 The R3belz Somewhere Out There Hardstyle 2018
28 Transcend & Greg Peaks Distant Shores Hardcore/UK 2012
29 Tripped Serial Wanker Terror/Speedcore 2011
30 Whiteout & Kate Miles Love Again Trance 2018
31 Zero-2 & S3RL Through The Years Hardcore/UK 2011
32 Zombie Cats Fear & Circles DnB 2016
33 [distatix] Medication Other 2008
34 [X]-RX Push It! Other 2010