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Act of Rage - Confronting Reality lyrics

I'm the joker, I'm the smoker, I'm the joker [?x]

Bad boy come again [?x]
Bad boy

I'm the joker, I'm the smoker of the riddler
Let the fiddler play


Given the right circumstances, you know
Like a in the heat of the moment kind of thing
We can be seen if we want to be seen
Which, by the way, accounts for a great many of your legends
The vast majority of humans just can't process that kind of information
They can believe in all kinds of stuff, you know?
Gods, for example
Angels and demons and dinosaurs and the big bang theory and e=mc2, man
But that's only because it's not right in front of them
They're not looking directly into the boiling core of the raw universe
So, you know, confronted with that kind of reality
A lot of brains just turn to mush

Bad boy [?x]

Bad boy come again [2x]

Cover: Act of Rage - Confronting Reality
  • Confronting Reality

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  • 2014

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