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About LeifKristus My Name Is LeifKristus, I listen to Electronic Music (Mostly Hardstyle and Hardcore), i listened to boring depressing rock/metal until 2010 when i first discovered Deadmau5 and started with electronic music, it was until then i was so uncertain of what music i liked, listened to so much random music (much from game and movies). Now it's all about the EDM, it's the best, it kicks the most ass and it's the most fun genre, specially if you are training or something like that.
I check this site for so much vocals and lyrics, hardstyle and hardcore uses so awesome samples from movies and documentaries, But nowadays it's not that much sampled vocals, it's getting more popular with pop lyrics, but i like them too, but i would like the HDM scene to get back to their roots with many sampled vocals and dark melodies and harder kicks, but whatever, i like all kind of hard dance music, everything is good for a reason.
Many people are nowadays complaining so damn much for producers not making the same style tracks all the time, so many complaining about the hardstyle and hardcore djs are producing music with dubstep and house elements, please, they can make whatever they want, those comments are very discouraging for many artists, but i think they won't mind, because they want feedback. Whatever, let's just wrap this up and say that i am very Proud to be a Hard Bass Junkie, The scene is awesome and i hope it will be here for atleast forever. :one: