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1w, 4d ago Frequencerz - Brave The Storm request [Hardstyle]
line that starts with Eyes should be: Our desire takes us higher doesn't add up with the following line tho
1w, 4d ago Unresolved - Whispers request [Hardstyle]
highly speculative: I feel like a ghost here I feel like a traitor [...] (You never broke down)
3w, 5d ago Angerfist - The Promqueen’s Finest Drug request [Hardcore/Gabber]
Intro: (sources: CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley & Richard Nixon) Forty years ago today, this country started a war The enemy: Illegal drugs And the war is still going on We must ...
3w, 6d ago Angerfist - Bare Knuckle Fist request [Hardcore/Gabber]
Can't make it all out, maybe someone else understands more: Yeah, ah Time do this Gonna go with the hardcore sounds straight Fire, droppin' bombs ...
1M ago English Muffin - Dum Dum lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
Are you referring to another mix? According to the 1st line in the video at around 0:52 this is correct
2M, 1w ago MYST - Where I Shine request [Hardstyle]
'Searching for their destiny' 3rd line source: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Hot when the flames lit Gloc where the bane sits Shock when the pain quits B-b-b bang this ...
2M, 2w ago Nolz & Act of Rage - Alpha Rebel lyrics [Hardstyle]
not quite sure if it really is 'warning sign', thought about 'wrong sign' but the distortion in the vocals makes it difficult to understand.
2M, 3w ago Sub Zero Project ft. Bryant Powell - All Night lyrics [Hardstyle]
doubt several words, but really hard to understand: take the lock , take the key -> maybe sthg like turn the lock to/through the key leave you close -> mabye 'leave your clothes' in your purest ...
2M, 4w ago Brennan Heart Feat. Max P - About Time Again lyrics [Hip Hop/Rap]
Classic ;P
3M, 1w ago Frequencerz - Sons Of Anarchy lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm not quite sure about the line 'we see the light'. Sounds more like 'we feel (alive)' to me, but I can't really make it out.
4M, 3w ago Snow White - F.E.A.R. (Original Version) track [Hardstyle]
Is 'Snow White' some alias? Doesn't seem to have any proper release at 1st glance.
4M, 3w ago Gancher & Ruin - Insider request [DnB]
Taken from 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare'. Can't make it all out Our world is just beginning One day [...] We will break them We will eradicate the authority of the Earth This place is...
5M, 3w ago Final Impaact - He Is Dead request [Hardstyle]
Source is Dragon Ball Z So are you finally beginning to understand? This is how you were able to help your father earlier today It's very rare to have such power at your age But to use it y...
5M, 3w ago MYST - I'm Falling request [Hardstyle]
I can't make out much else but: It's like I've been cut wide open + Not if you catch me
5M, 3w ago Malua & Alee - Let's fly request [Hardstyle]
All bullshit aside and let's fly [2x] Find your freedom in life There's no pressure tonight We all [...] This life is so precious at night We shine reckless We can touch the sky Hands up, ...
6M, 4w ago Degos & Re-Done & Digital Punk & MC Diesel - Flames Rising lyrics [Hardstyle]
'Hot like the plague'?
7M, 2w ago Pastback - Maximum Power track [Hardstyle]
Hey, not quite sure if I can approve this, since it looks like a previous self-release? I can't find any hint to other releases.
8M ago Aerodynamic - Enjoy The Ride (Numa! Club Mix) request [Trance]
some of the parts might be: Fly away from here Leave all the cares behind 'Cause the night has shown Let it go, dance till the morning light
8M ago Main Concern, Mind Dimension, Malice - Waiting 4 request [Hardstyle]
The lyrics in the preview are from 'Linkin Park - All For Nothing' Since I don't have access to the full version I can't add it properly tho. Main part (starting 1:30): So what you're waiting ...
11M, 2w ago RVAGE - Stuck In A Dream (Official Outlands Anthem 2018) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Seems to be the same source like "Noisecontrollers - Down Down" -> "Dhruva Aliman - Bottom Of The Sea"
11M, 2w ago Joop - The Future (Simon Dilosa Remix) track [Hardtrance]
Hey, this track was released on 'The Soul Of Hard Trance - Episode 1'. Any hints for it being released for free?
1y, 1M ago 2 Sonic feat. Destiny - Straight To The Light (Tweezers Bootleg Mix) track [Hands Up!]
Hey, I can't find any release by Tweezers at a music store. Is it an alias?
1y, 2M ago N-Trance feat. Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Wavepuntcher Bootleg) track [Dance/House]
Hey, I can't find any information about this song being released for free by Wavepuntcher. Do you remember the source by chance?
1y, 2M ago MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm very sorry that you're not aware of the fact that there's no 'not' in some of our site rules and you seem to ignore them completely - Undesired activities: Deliberately trying to insult or ...
1y, 4M ago MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thanks for correcting this mistake made by a very lazy and stupid person. For further comments this could be supportive: [url=
1y, 8M ago Current Value - Deadly Toys lyrics [DnB]
1y, 8M ago Magnetude feat. Julia Marks - Hunger lyrics [DnB]
maybe 'self-perfection is the gateway'. 2nd line probably "stop analysing, just try to fight me"
2y, 2M ago Bass Modulators - Mantra lyrics [Hardstyle]
'She is the most auspicious one and the one who bestows auspiciousness upon all of the world. She is pure and holy. She protects those who surrender to her and is also called the Mother of the thre...
2y, 3M ago Wavolizer & The Outside Agency - The Antagonist lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Source is the 'Daredevil' series
2y, 3M ago Avi8 - Wonderland lyrics [Hardstyle]
You are right this site is mainly about lyrics and as mentioned before your submissions weren't complete and had some mistakes. I'm not quite sure why you're completely ignoring this fact. Neverth...
2y, 4M ago Andy The Core - Icemen lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
- think of yourself - missing part might be 'Or they ran me off...'
2y, 7M ago Drainbamage - Curb Crawler lyrics [DnB]
Han-d's source is much older. fixing the others
2y, 8M ago Phuture Noize - Fire lyrics [Hardstyle]
might be the source:
2y, 9M ago Firedropz - Into Nature track [Hardstyle]
Facebook comment: This is Into Nature, our first track for FREE !
2y, 9M ago Evocativ Feat Modual - Never In Time request [DnB]
wouldn't add the (I heard it all before [?x]) etc parts. Besides that it looks correct 'Your soul is so cold' sounds like 'Your soul also cold' but could be just me :paranoid:
2y, 10M ago Dolphin & The Teknoist - War Track lyrics [Breakcore/IDM]
S01E04 Those babies grew up to be zombies
2y, 10M ago Ghost In The Machine - The Day After Yesterday lyrics [Techno]
google output 'Do you believe you can confine me'
2y, 10M ago Mystery - Crime Time lyrics [Hardstyle]
Hey, source is actually the videogame Godfather II, not the movie :)
3y, 2M ago D-Verze - Darkening Contrasts lyrics [Hardstyle]
maybe 'Our lives are shaped'?
3y, 2M ago Genox - Future Memories lyrics [Hardstyle]
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future?
3y, 3M ago Moonset - We Are Stars (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
still not sure about the line 'And let's have some fun'. someone might doublecheck
3y, 4M ago Scooter - Our Happy Hardcore lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
could be 'stay at the dance floor' and 'can you see all those people'
3y, 4M ago James Egbert Feat. Nina Sung - Exit Wounds (Cappa Regime Remix) track [Dance/House]
Hey, when submitting free tracks please don't forget to put the remix artists in [ ]-brackets and add artist links.
3y, 5M ago The Relic & Razor Edge - The Shadow lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The prodigal son
3y, 5M ago The Relic & Dep Affect - Designation lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
After being in stasis
3y, 5M ago The Relic - The Machines lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The survivors fled underground
3y, 5M ago Francesco Zeta feat Sincera Lady - Dirty Play request [Jumpstyle]
When I put the vinyls on the table and press play I feel the music [...] me And I know it's all okay I turn the speakers on and hear the sexy melody It is fucking better than sex, sex A honey ...
3y, 5M ago Crossfiyah - You Can't Hide lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
it's Outlast: Found the last part in there.
3y, 5M ago Robyn Chaos & Audio Feat. Dylan - Rapture lyrics [DnB]
partly correct: This pain is never ending @Evgeny: Please add the full lyrics next time
3y, 6M ago Onesimk & Phoenix - David's D lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Hey, I noticed that there's one line missing. maybe u are able to make it out
3y, 6M ago DJIPE - Twisted lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
that's it
3y, 6M ago Counterfeit - Dick & Retard lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
one month to go for record. approved one last week that was pending longer
3y, 6M ago DJIPE - Twisted lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
one missing line could be 'I don't give a shit about you'
3y, 6M ago Joyryde - Speed Trap track [Dance/House]
Hey, track infos like track or artist are not needed a 2nd time, so please don't re-add it ;)
3y, 6M ago Firelite - Walk Away track [Hardstyle]
Please don't forget adding the artist links when submitting free tracks.
3y, 7M ago Darktek - L'Enculeur D'Arbre lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
source could be Harold & Kumar
4y, 2M ago Fragz - Abduction Theories lyrics [DnB]
missing word might be four or fourth
4y, 4M ago System Shock - Different lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
We were condemned into exile
4y, 4M ago Tiësto & KSHMR feat. Vassy - Secrets lyrics [Dance/House]
Was the version i had before the 1st edit. Might be correct but not sure if it makes sense
4y, 5M ago Vandor & Vivendi feat. Jonny Rose - We Are Love (Omegatypez Remix) request [Hardstyle]
I [...] and I rode the seven seas She turned away, she turned her back on me How can you find a feeling you can't see? How can you die for a cause you don't believe? We are the love, we are t...
4y, 5M ago Mysterio - What Music Does lyrics [Trance]
Not too sure 'bout 'spirits along' and 'all about cheers my mood'. Anyone?
4y, 6M ago Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony lyrics [Trance]
Can I have an evidence? 'Cause the vocalist Diana Tsantekidou said the lyrics should be like this before
4y, 6M ago Kronos & Drone - Level 2 lyrics [Hardstyle]
What is it to transcend? is a quote from 'Assassin's Creed'. 'It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum I'm all out of gum' Quote from Duke Nukem. Was used in movies before but I guess they t...
4y, 7M ago Moridin - Realm Of Terror lyrics [Hardstyle]
4y, 7M ago Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel - No Way Out lyrics [Dance/House]
yeah it's highly likely something else. can't make it out tho
4y, 7M ago Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel - No Way Out lyrics [Dance/House]
questionable line 'Why dying means from the love to your toe' maybe: [...] from the love to your soul
4y, 7M ago Franklin - Colours (Whiney Remix) lyrics [DnB]
Please adjust these lyrics to fit our rules. Else I have to delete it.
4y, 7M ago Andy The Core - The Cutter lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
would be great to hear more opinions if it's actually 'you's' or 'use'
4y, 8M ago Micromakine & Antichristus - Time To Play lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
One source might be a pretty unknown horror game called 'Haunted Hallway'. At least it got the quotes 'You will die slowly' and 'Beware, they want to kill you' in it
4y, 8M ago Niveau Zero - My Dog (DJ Hidden Remix) lyrics [DnB]
that part shortened ofc ^^
4y, 8M ago Niveau Zero - My Dog (DJ Hidden Remix) lyrics [DnB]
again should be "get 'em" last part is from Snatch "D'ya like dags?" "Dags?" "Yeah, dags" "D'ya like dags?" "Dags?" "Yeah, dags" "Dags, d'ya like dags?" "Oh, dogs; sure, I like dags
4y, 9M ago Warface & MC Nolz - Art Of War lyrics [Hardstyle]
probably 'An intense atmosphere'
4y, 10M ago Wasted Penguinz - What!!! lyrics [Hardstyle]
Possibly the wrong source. Pontuz published this track earlier than Merk & Kremont. Couldn't find another track using these vocals.
4y, 10M ago Wasted Penguinz - What!!! lyrics [Hardstyle]
wasn't this released under the name 'Wasted Penguiz'
4y, 10M ago Andy The Core - Drop Zone lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
maybe "drop into the black hole" and "To the blast, go!"
4y, 11M ago Untergang - Fallin' (High Rankin Remix) lyrics [DnB]
possibly "You never gonna win though, baby"
4y, 11M ago We're still here filling your lyric needs! news
I'm really glad to be a part of this website for more than six years now. Welcome BlueBerry and Cauterite. We are unstoppable.
5y, 2M ago DJ Sim - Take This lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
1st one sounds like 'pull or push' 2nd 'Oh, not too bad'
5y, 4M ago Endymion - Let The Bass Fuck Up This Place lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
1st missing word should be faster
5y, 5M ago Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (Hippie Sabotage Remix) lyrics [Funk/Soul]
lyrics for this one sound partly wrong, but I can't make out the correct ones
5y, 5M ago Sasha F & The Strangerz feat. Tawar - Suffocate lyrics [Hardstyle]
advance = evanesce
5y, 8M ago Showtek Ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson - Booyah lyrics [Dance/House]
still not sure about the line "Gots to get out of the club"
5y, 10M ago Sad Update news
RIP. :(
6y ago Architects - Cracks In The Earth lyrics [Rock]
missing "scream lyrics"
6y ago Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight lyrics [Rock]
no one changed it?
6y, 2M ago Alphaverb - R (Rise Again) lyrics [Hardstyle]
still not sure with the " Rise again (you will then -?-) or we'll come around" line. I understand: "You are then, all will come around", but this doesn't seem to make much sense.
6y, 6M ago 6 Years of Lololyrics news
I love atom.
6y, 10M ago DJ Marc La Cruz - Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
o.o :O
6y, 12M ago DJ Stephanie - Black High Heels lyrics [Hardstyle]
Nah, still understand "you all believe" and it'd make more sense too.
7y, 1M ago Rating for lyrics news
hah nice improvent but unfortunately it is rarely used :/
7y, 4M ago Solitary Experiments - Wasteland lyrics [Other]
please add the full lyrics next time, otherwise it won't get approved
7y, 4M ago Opening up to all genres next month [April Fools Joke] news
if this'll work how imagined, we definitely need more mods 4 deleting the c&p flood :D
7y, 7M ago Dj Fucker - Fuck Me, Товарищ Колобок lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
the song is on youtube, but without the artist
7y, 7M ago Dj Fucker - Fuck Me, Товарищ Колобок lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
Actually I can't find any release with this and I can't find references for DJ Aceton being the artist. Hopefully someone else can help me out.
7y, 8M ago Frontliner Ft. Ellie - Lose The Style lyrics [Hardstyle]
Please make sure to check the lyrics again, when the songs get single releases and also edit the release then :)
7y, 9M ago The Blaster - I Will My Skills lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
lyrics were wrong too
7y, 9M ago Bad Robot - Black Whip lyrics [DnB]
Be sure to add the full lyrics next time and avoid 'copy & paste' or your following lyrics will be disapproved.
7y, 9M ago The Hitmen - Young & Free (Club Mix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
btw it's possible that still some lyrics especially of older (mod)members are left, which have a bad quality (missing or false lyric parts or #cats, wrong releases, ugly layout -> too many punctuat...
7y, 10M ago Lololyrics Sponsors Baco's & Beukshit, Dec 17th news
Hell yeah. Dat lolo. too far away :(
7y, 11M ago David Posor - Lass Mich Fliegen (RobKay Remix Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
Please add the full lyrics next time.
8y ago Magvay & Novskyy feat. Lize - Graf Cox (Turnbeats Horny Hands Up Remix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
this remix wasn't released on "Magvay & Novskyy feat. Lize – Graf Cox (Sexy Girl)"
8y ago Manhattan Project - Dark Symphonies lyrics [Hardstyle]
it is allowed. "Music by upcoming producers are welcome as long as a (legal) link to the track is provided."
8y ago Trooper - Jet Plane (Accuface Vocal Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
add it :) sounds rlly like this
8y ago Trooper - Jet Plane (Accuface Vocal Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
right - one, zero. but temperature?
8y ago Trooper - Jet Plane (Accuface Vocal Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
last missing word of the first sentence sounds like 'future'
8y ago Absurd - I'm Here To Chill (Original Absurd Mix) lyrics [Dance/House]
I don't understand it all, but does 'My will top fill 'cos I'm here to chill' make any sense? Also I don't think it's 'I don't drive money' And Titan.99 - number repetitions that can be e...
8y, 1M ago Brainkicker vs. Noisecontrollers - Always Black lyrics [Hardstyle]
it's from the movie
8y, 1M ago Tatanka - Eternal lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Eternal [D39]
8y, 1M ago Goldkind - Diversify lyrics [Hardstyle]
video: full lyrics There was a time when I thought I'd never be free I'd never be myself Realised Time went by There was a time when...
8y, 1M ago Karpe-DM - Rise Of The Arena lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Rise Of The Arena [MON004]
8y, 1M ago Goldkind - Diversify lyrics [Hardstyle]
it's released for about 3 months now :D Plans Against Us [TD-033] needs update and new video.
8y, 1M ago DJ D - What's That Spell lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Released: State Of The Art E.P. [HM2785]
8y, 1M ago Kodex - Insomnia (The Machine Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
isn't this 'It was night yet again' and 'the seed for insomnia'?
8y, 1M ago Twilight Forces ft MC Tha Watcher - My Sound lyrics [Hardstyle]
nah Pain, impossible 4 normal users
8y, 2M ago DJ Thera - Live Hard Now lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Live Hard Now [THER-056]
8y, 3M ago D-Mind - Red Death lyrics [Hardstyle]
thx, forgot the 2nd 'and', but there's no more 'the'
8y, 3M ago Xotox - Eisenkiller lyrics [Other]
I don't think so. In the source it is 'ja' too and the way he stresses the word, 'sehr' wouldn't make much sense in that case. Also most people say 'Du bist ja krank' to tell someone that he's craz...
8y, 3M ago Isaac - Hardstyle Dictionary lyrics [Hardstyle]
released as a free track
8y, 3M ago Da Tekno Warriors - The Sound Of Hardbass lyrics [Hardstyle]
random use of capital and small initial letters =D
8y, 3M ago Alphaverb - Realization Of A Nightmare (Intractable One Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
typos dream catcher = dreamcatcher We're you... = Were and the first line of the notes could be deleted
8y, 3M ago Alphaverb - Realization Of A Dream lyrics [Hardstyle]
typos untill = until elsewere = elsewhere listened to the lyrics at half the speed and it is 'Were you aware of that?'
8y, 3M ago Amazed - Golden Child lyrics [Hardstyle]
Haven't found an official preview of this track, but I will try to add the previews next time :)
8y, 4M ago Goldkind - Diversify lyrics [Hardstyle]
it's still released: [TD-033]
8y, 4M ago Greenville Massive - What A Wonderful Place lyrics [Ambient/Chillout]
lol, Hitout you are sick :)
8y, 6M ago Burn Soldier - Hunt of the Splitterz request [Other]
The splitters Last night a demon escaped from the dark This was (so wanted to pass?) from darkness to the light But nobody can get out from here No redemption, no escape Tonight the army of ...
8y, 6M ago Ivan Carsten - Evolution Beat lyrics [Hardstyle]
btw second last line: runnnig :)
8y, 6M ago Ivan Carsten - Evolution Beat lyrics [Hardstyle]
The missing word sounds like 'streams'
8y, 6M ago NitrouZ & Toneshifterz - The Faithless lyrics [Hardstyle]
Pepole = People To me the 'they're' in the 1st line just sounds like 'are'
8y, 6M ago Goldkind - Diversify lyrics [Hardstyle]
Source: Nordlicht - Within Each Of Us
8y, 6M ago Bangbros - Yeah Yeah Yeah lyrics [Hands Up!]
Title: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Rock It Remix) Cat: [0175812ERK] youtube: vG4kyESC620 Lyrics start with: Rock it Break it [2x] And now everybody put your hands up in the atmosphere Bre...
8y, 6M ago Signatures, BBCodes & Sharing news
8y, 7M ago Happy 2011! Top100 is in news
Special combo: CTRL + C -> CTRL + V A new news article! Thought this was dead yo =P Happy new year to y'all! fixed -Payne
8y, 8M ago Basshunter - Russia Privjet lyrics [Hands Up!]
thx, fixed it :)
8y, 8M ago Nitrouz - City Bitch lyrics [Hardstyle]
Release: City Bitch [DMW-D013] + Youtube: UhNZ04PcXRw
8y, 9M ago Gravity - Truth Within' lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Truth Within' [AVIO105]
8y, 9M ago Degos & Re-Done - Busted lyrics [Hardstyle]
both previews are already released: Cause Chaos [MYTH019]
8y, 10M ago d'Stylerz - The Dreams lyrics [Hardstyle]
this is 'd'Stylerz - The Dreams'
8y, 10M ago Zucker & Scheller - Metro lyrics [Hardstyle]
Epic fail :O
8y, 10M ago Dj eM - Statik (Karpe-DM Black Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Statik [PHD012]
8y, 11M ago Nachtmahr - BoomBoomBoom lyrics [Other]
source is the movie 'Showgirls'
8y, 11M ago Bioweapon vs Toneshifterz - Worlds Collide lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Beat Conductor / Worlds Collide / Futurenoize [SSL016]
8y, 11M ago Bad Habitz - Unknown Origin lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: [BHR 003] In the full lyrics is another 'Listen to me, please' as last sentence.
8y, 11M ago Distatix - Regenerate request [Other]
maybe someone could help I'm not sure if the written lyrics are correct and I also can't understand one part ________________________________________ I saw that waste Nothing is real I want...
8y, 11M ago Robin Clark & Sam Punk - Save Us lyrics [Hardstyle]
In the 'Internet Movie Database' is written 'about'.
8y, 11M ago Geck-o Vs Thera - Trespassing lyrics [Hardstyle]
Welcome to [..], this place is perfectly safe = Welcome to Megaton, the bomb is perfectly safe
8y, 11M ago Tommyknocker - Demolition (Evil Activities & Lenny Dee Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
line 11 before "One sheet from the label it says that he is" is said "And ehh..." "The numer is 666 ehh... 776 ... F-U" = the word numer is missing a b :)
9y ago DJ Mikesh - Rausch lyrics [Hardstyle]
01. reinpfeifst = reinziehst 02. the word 'gestern' is not in the lyrics
9y ago Bangbros - Bangerland lyrics [Hands Up!]
Second Part: Bang Bang Bangerland, Bang Bang Bangerland (Bang Bang Bangerland, Bang Bang Bangerland) [4x] Kuhglocke So Leute alles frisch und frostig Haut mal rein den Kolben und dan...
9y ago Bangbros - Bangerland lyrics [Hands Up!]
Kuhglocke Aggro Berlin, Sido, Bushido, B-Tight, Breathless, Eko Fresh, Emimemme, Fatman Scoop, Puff Daddy, Snoop Doggy Dog, AZ, Nelly, Usher, Akon, Azad, Kool Savas, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, ...
9y ago Bangbros - Bangerland lyrics [Hands Up!]
bad copy & paste this track needs a complete rework
9y, 1M ago Schiller - Ruhe lyrics [Ambient/Chillout]
hochste Gluck = höchste Glück Because of the manner of speaking in this song, it would be better to write the last word of line one "Kommt" at the beginning of the second line
9y, 1M ago A-Drive - Beautiful Day lyrics [Hardstyle]
Sure that "I just can't [..] once you're away" is right? I found a poem in which is said: If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so ma...
9y, 2M ago Zeds Dead - Illuminati Song lyrics [Dance/House]
The quote 'Zed's dead' in their lyrics is from Pulp Fiction
9y, 2M ago Boozed Panderz Vs The Scientist - Anger lyrics [Hardstyle]
at 4:17 someone is saying: "Er hat sie alle abgeschlachtet" -> My payback Er hat sie alle abgeschlachtet My payback
9y, 3M ago Ophidian - Lost In The Forest (Furyan Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The lyrics are from the movie Freddy vs. Jason
9y, 6M ago Three years o' lolo news
Happy B-day! *eats "all" the lolo cheese"
9y, 8M ago ScreamerClauz - Jack Frost: The Mutant Killer Snowman lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
Source is the movie 'Jack Frost' (1996)
10y, 1M ago FabrikC - Machtpolitik lyrics [Other]
10y, 1M ago [X]-RX - Tanz Schlampe lyrics [Other]
Thx, edited
10y, 2M ago Unknown Artist - Schranz Slippy lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
Artist is Felix Krocher
10y, 2M ago Topmodelz - Take On Me lyrics [Hands Up!]
"an" before "day" makes no sense. (grammar) Found the right version - instead of "another" it has to be "isn't my"
10y, 2M ago DJ Phybis - Gott Schranzte lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
DJ Phybis created this live as an intro. The following track in this video is "Felix Krocher - Born Slippy"
10y, 2M ago Aquagen - Ihr Seid So Leise! lyrics [Hardtrance]
I think so: (my englisch isn't the best) At the first day god created the world At the second day god created the humans At the third day god created the music At the fourth day god created t...
10y, 3M ago Unknown Artist - Schranz Slippy lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
sorry - I have no believable proof ^^
10y, 8M ago Global Deejays - The Sound Of San Francisco lyrics [Dance/House]
Editet, now it is 2004 instead of 2005. ;-)
11y ago Braincrushers - Little Asses lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
thx edited ^^
11y, 6M ago Unknown - Jumpstyle Remix lyrics [Jumpstyle]
The original was a hit in Germany and it is a track for children ^^ Artist: Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil - Title: Schnappi Nobody knows the real name of the girl who sang this song :-D