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Neophyte - Ballz In Yer Mouth lyrics

You want my balls in your mouth... [3x]

Come along children, now we gonna have a little music, like old times

You want my balls in your mouth... [2x]

You know what y'all?
I made a lot of records in this 10-year career
I swear to god every record I ever made was blood, sweat and motherfucking tears
*Bitches, you think I'm sexy*
Now listen close, yea I'm talking about bitches and hoes
And 'cause of that lot of people think that I can't stand women
*I fuck you right bitch*
But that's bullshit, cuz' I hate anybody in this world, to say the fucking way I'm living
No, I ain't gonna be all political, saving the whales, telling you to go see a goddamn shrink
I'm in a trailer park, Pabst Blue Ribbon and fucking top shelf mixed drinks
You want me to get political?
Monica Lewinsky is a fucking hoe and bill Clinton is a goddamn pimp

Next time somebody comes up to you and wanna argue, fight, scream and shout
Just look the motherfucker dead in the eyes, and simply tell them
You want my balls in your mouth

You want my balls in your mouth... [2x]
Cover: Neophyte - Ballz In Yer Mouth
  • Drugs Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2001

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_reGOREgitate 11 months ago
Pabst Blue Ribbon? That's a beer brand.
Thanks for the help!
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