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19:03 NoX: You know the Holy Grail?
19:03 NoX: It's actually a misspell by a priest in the 13th centurys. Originally it was a Holy Grill
19:04 NoX wonders how many of his quotes will survive his death.
19:05 atomicoz: i wouldn't be surprised if i one day see you on the "quotes of the day" widget i use
19:06 NoX: Legendary Nox of the internetz (2009) : "The grill isn't just an apparatus, it's a thing of beauty"


:grill3: Life's a bitch, and then you grill :grill3:
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# Artist Track Genre Year
1 A-Lusion Feat. MC Villain Getting Wild Hardstyle 2006
2 Ambassador Inc. The Downside Hardstyle 2011
3 Aron Setha Dancin' Hardstyle 2010
4 Black Identity Blckr Thn Blck (The Prop.. Hardstyle 2007
5 Da Bootleggers Bitches & Ho's Jumpstyle 2005
6 David Vendetta feat. Lu.. Make Boys Cry (Radio Edit) Dance/House 2010
7 DJ Vortex Fuck Hardstyle 2008
8 DYAD10 Sugar (Sweet Thing) (Nic.. Dance/House 2006
9 Flawless ft. Zoe Van West Hold You In My Heart Hardcore/UK 2012
10 Ganar & M-Soul feat. Al.. Who Do You Think You Are Hardcore/UK 2011
11 Headhunterz vs. Abject End Of My Existence Hardstyle 2007
12 Johan Badh & Walle Lämna Allt Dance/House 2009
13 Masters Of Ceremony Bottoms Up Hardcore/Gabber 2007
14 Nitrogenetics True Rebel Hardcore/Gabber 2006
15 Noisecontrollers Creatures Hardstyle 2007
16 Nosferatu & Endymion Drunk With A Gun Hardcore/Gabber 2003
17 Picco vs. Jens O. The Jump Anthem (Radio E.. Jumpstyle 2007
18 Project Jupiter Drill Sergeant Hardstyle 2003
19 Psycraft feat. Efrat Da.. Frozen Psychedelic/Goa 2008
20 Rotterdam Terror Corps The Legacy Hardcore/Gabber 2005
21 Showtek The Puta Story Other 2007
22 Showtek feat. MC DV8 Shout Out Hardstyle 2007
23 Swedish House Mafia vs .. Antidote Dance/House 2011
24 T-Junction & Osiris Adrenaline Shotz Hardcore/Gabber 2007
25 Tale & Dutch Love Life (Original Mix) Dance/House 2011
26 The Prophet Elites Hardstyle 2010
27 The Qemists The Perfect High DnB 2009
28 Viperized Getting Closer Hardstyle 2012
29 Wasted Penguinz Din Mamma 2010 Hardstyle 2010
30 Wizeguy ft. Kimiko Never Free (Original Mix) Hardstyle 2011
31 Zany & DV8 Nothing Else Matters Hardstyle 2007