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So what you're waiting for?
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Scott1sh 1 year, 6 months ago
Take a shot time basically means take a pop at me or fight me in other words
Payne 1 year, 6 months ago
The lyrics in the preview are from 'Linkin Park - All For Nothing'

Since I don't have access to the full version I can't add it properly tho.
Main part (starting 1:30):
So what you're waiting for?
Anticipating more
While you debate what it can take to instigate a war
Yeah, I've been hated more than time I wasn't hated for
There's nothing they can fucking say
They didn't say before
You could never see it
Your battle's not mine
Wanna skate and play it safe
But this is take a shot time
You waiting for a purpose?
I already got mine
While you tell me
Step to it like one, two
So what you're waiting for?

I'm not quite sure why it should be 'shot' instead of 'short' time
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