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4h, 7m ago hito on Adaro & B-Front Feat. Dawnfire - Touch A Star lyrics [Hardstyle]
The melody is taken from David's Song by Vladimir Cosma. It's remake of Nomansland by 2-Sidez (B-Front and Dawnfire (ex-Pulse)). source:
1d, 14h ago Geeviz on DJ Buzz Fuzz - Sweat (I Wanna C Ya) lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
I still wonder what the text is after 4:08 .. I cannot understand that part.. link:
1d, 17h ago Qz on Ran-D & Alpha² - The New Shit lyrics [Hardstyle]
@Whitestyler: That makes much more sense, fixed it.
2w, 2d ago wilco375 on Thyron & Avi8 ft. Elyn - United (Official Be 24-7 FEARTHEGEAR Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thanks to Elyn who sent the lyric to me!
2w, 5d ago wilco375 on E-Force - Salute (Q-BASE 2018 Hangar OST) lyrics [Hardstyle]
They pretty clearly pronounce rave-olution instead of revolution, which must be a wordplay on rave and revolution.
2w, 6d ago wilco375 on Deetox & Sound Rush ft. Elyn - Inferno lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thanks for the clarification, have updated this one too!
2w, 6d ago wilco375 on MYST & Sound Rush & Elyn - Echo lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thanks for the clarification! I've updated the lyrics.
2w, 6d ago elynvocals on Deetox & Sound Rush ft. Elyn - Inferno lyrics [Hardstyle]
A few small corrections: "For steps of shadows are soundless One glance with fright His bride below (..slips into the Inferno)"
2w, 6d ago elynvocals on MYST & Sound Rush & Elyn - Echo lyrics [Hardstyle]
Almost correct! :) "What turns up as he speaks" = Returns the words he speaks "It's sound that resonates" = It's sound that lives in her Fun fact: this sentence is a direct translation of t...
3w ago Whitestyler on Ran-D & Alpha² - The New Shit lyrics [Hardstyle]
Hey, shouldnt be tacky instead of "thacky"?
3w, 6d ago Esox on Buzz Fuzz - Summertime (Alright Y'all) lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
I would have said "And everybody arrives"...?
1M ago 2turbo on Radical Redemption feat. Tha Watcher - Heresy lyrics [Hardstyle]
I believe it says "renounce heresy," not "we knows heresy."
1M ago UriahKurai on Sub Zero Project - The Game Changer (Qlimax 2018 Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
What about the Japanese lyrics? Did no one understand them or know how to type in that language? The only reason I looked for the lyrics for this anthem was because I wanted to know what the Japane...
1M, 1w ago Evgeny on Angerfist & Radical Redemption - Repercussion lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
this lyric seems to be sampled from somewhere because almost the same lyrics have a track by Igneon System called "Ruthless".
1M, 3w ago Prudii on Frontliner - On The Rise lyrics [Hardstyle]
Lyric source apparently is "O Cool Electric Blue" by Brant Huddleston.
2M, 1w ago aslak1 on Chelsea Grin - Sonnet Of The Wretched lyrics [Metal]
capital letters in title maybe?
2M, 3w ago wwary259 on Audiofreq feat. Teddy - Caged lyrics [DnB]
Genre: DnB
3M ago Payne on RVAGE - Stuck In A Dream (Official Outlands Anthem 2018) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Seems to be the same source like "Noisecontrollers - Down Down" -> "Dhruva Aliman - Bottom Of The Sea"
3M ago jxanwed on La Nina - Silence (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
the voice is different from the original, does anyone know where it comes from or is it the artist's own?:?
3M, 3w ago NuclearDuckie on Sei2ure - Vibrator lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
"toasting" should be "thrusting"
3M, 4w ago SteTN on Slim Hustla - Slick Manoeuvres lyrics [Dance/House]
4M ago djhandedout on 45 Grave - Procession lyrics [Punk]
Hello, if you're planning to add more lyrics to our site in the future, please take the following things in considiration: 1. When it comes to Track/Artist/Release textfield, every first letter ...
4M ago DirkJan on System 3 - Like A Shot (Arena Mix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The lyrics is from the 'Arena mix' and not from the original. Fixed the title.
4M ago Demian on Frequencerz - Rich MF lyrics [Hardstyle]
Vocal source: Ice-T - Check Your Game
4M ago FabianOliver on JDX feat. Sarah Maria - Live The Moment lyrics [Hardstyle]
Old but gold!
4M ago Titanium on System 3 - Like A Shot (Arena Mix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
still not fixed ?
4M ago Core on AniMe - In The End lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Changing the genre was the least of my worries when looking at this.
4M ago setap on AniMe - In The End lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Please change the genre from DnB to Hardcore/Gabber - I have no idea why it has chosen DnB since I've mentioned Hardcore/Gabber
4M, 1w ago Pain on D-Block & S-te-Fan and Villain - We Don't Stop (Lights Out) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Quick question: you listed 'Evelyn' in the source field. Who/what is that? I'm guessing the female vocalist?
4M, 2w ago pifts on Nosferatu & Endymion - Another Way Up lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
> Is this DJ brining the funk for y'all Bringing :)
4M, 2w ago _reGOREgitate on Too Small - Cold Bustin' lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
There's also "peace"(?) several times at the beginning of pattern, "put that record back on!" a couple of times and in the very end "Oh, man — that's fucked. I'd better call the paramedics, man!"
4M, 2w ago _reGOREgitate on Neophyte - Ballz In Yer Mouth lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Pabst Blue Ribbon? That's a beer brand.
4M, 4w ago eddie on Scott Brown - Sonic Boomstick lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
On the vinyl it has the following lines at the end of the track. [embed][/embed] What if I said it's not just her twin, but her “evil” twin? -This Friday you say?...
5M ago eddie on DJ Neo - Play (Blutonium Boys Extended Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
The "oooh" is sampled from Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit
5M ago hito on Sub Sonik - Drums Of War lyrics [Hardstyle]
Voice and sound samples come from "Call of Duty: WW2 - Nazi Zombies" Following trailer includes it: Thanks for lyrics :)
5M, 1w ago ChokingHazard on Rebelion & Sub Sonik feat. LXCPR - Bring It On lyrics [Hardstyle]
The track of the source is called 'As the rush comes', not 'Bring it on'.
5M, 2w ago Whizkit on Black Sun Empire ft. Foreign Beggars - Dawn Of A Dark Day lyrics [DnB]
Banishing BSE !! Feel the flow of spitting dem DnB vibes Massive!!:woo:
5M, 2w ago AshleyApollodor on Crystal Skies feat. Ashley Apollodor - Our Journey lyrics [Dubstep]
Now we've begun The final way to run Away from all the fear Against all that's near <3
5M, 3w ago igormyotis on Phuture Noize - World Of Distortion lyrics [Hardstyle]
Igor, that's me ;)
5M, 4w ago Hinoshy on Gunz For Hire Ft. Nikki Milou - We Will Be Immortal lyrics [Hardstyle]
It's OK !
5M, 4w ago HardstyleLJ on Gunz For Hire Ft. Nikki Milou - We Will Be Immortal lyrics [Hardstyle]
Moved it back to pending as it has been released now. Please check again if it fits with the released version and we will approve it.
6M ago Paultheone on Phuture Noize - We Are The Future lyrics [Hardstyle]
In these days of thunder In these years of rain We are the future We kill the vain
6M ago Cauterite on Bratkilla - One With The Shadows lyrics [Dubstep]
the title is most likely a reference to shadow banking
6M ago Pain on AniMe & Deetox - Smash (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Don't forget to add the sources next time my man! :)
6M, 1w ago Payne on MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm very sorry that you're not aware of the fact that there's no 'not' in some of our site rules and you seem to ignore them completely - Undesired activities: Deliberately trying to insult or ...
6M, 1w ago C-Visual on MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm very sorry that you're not aware of the fact that 'and' is not logically equivalent to 'or', so that might have misled you a little bit and I don't also see any point to bitch about my approach...
6M, 2w ago Core on Gancher & Ruin - Masks Off lyrics [DnB]
I don't hear a real word there in the begin, I say approve it but leave the dots so people can comment in case they hear a word there. Sounds like "I'd" or "Ild" but I don't think any of those are ...
6M, 2w ago baksabali on Dj Promo - Counter Attack lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Where is this part in the movie Ride? Minutes:Seconds? My, my, my, my, my, don't we all look fine tonight? Oh yeah, we've come to worship alright But I've got a little special something for yo...
6M, 3w ago wilco375 on MYST - From The Ashes lyrics [Hardstyle]
Added it to the sources 👍🏻
6M, 3w ago hito on MYST - From The Ashes lyrics [Hardstyle]
Diva vocals come from "Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation". Kutski taught us it in KTRA podcast :)
6M, 3w ago HardstyleLJ on Da Tweekaz & Sephyx - This Is Special lyrics [Hardstyle]
wilco, please join the chat real quick.
6M, 3w ago Core on Hardwell & Jewelz & Sparks - Safari lyrics [Dance/House]
Hi! Don't use x in the artist field instead of &, it messes up the artist search. Also don't forget to add the release and preferably the cover of the release. It would also be great if you coul...
6M, 3w ago wilco375 on Audiotricz & Villain - World Is Mine lyrics [Hardstyle]
Isn't it "I'm gonna keep on shining 'till the day I die" instead of "I'm gonna keep pushing until the day I die"? That's at least what I hear ;)
7M, 1w ago Titanium on Unexist ft. Satronica - Burn it All Down lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
"But all cops are bastards" :fist: :dance:
7M, 2w ago justanotheruser on Wild Motherfuckers - Ruby Rain lyrics [Hardstyle]
Source seems to come from 2 Brothers Of Hardstyle Ft Simona Ottaviani ‎– Ruby Rain (this was released in May '13).
7M, 2w ago Kossagubben on Vazard & Delete - Explosions lyrics [Hardstyle]
Could somebody of authority change the genre from "hardtrance" to hardstyle. Arigatou gozaimasu //Kossagubben
7M, 2w ago Kossagubben on Vazard - Musicbox 2.0 lyrics [Hardstyle]
you are* not "you have"
7M, 3w ago aslak1 on W4cko - Protect The Innocent lyrics [Hardstyle]
capital t
8M ago hito on Warface & Frequencerz - Menace lyrics [Hardstyle]
Female vocal comes from the song named "All Together" in "Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol3". You can hear sample at (appeared in "demosound")
8M ago hito on Phuture Noize - Fire lyrics [Hardstyle]
This vocal probably comes from "Holly Drummond - Fire" in her vocal sample pack "Echoes". Comments to this Youtube video help me, thanks Blocki ;)
8M, 1w ago Payne on MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thanks for correcting this mistake made by a very lazy and stupid person. For further comments this could be supportive: [url=
8M, 1w ago C-Visual on MYST - Before You Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
Whoever submitted this and added source is either very lazy or stupid, by the way, what does it even mean that 'time is viable'? It's called the accent and I don't know how you guys could get idea ...
8M, 1w ago soifertis on t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said (PESS Remix) lyrics [DnB]
Hello! Can anyone give a link to download the original EP? All links I have found are down... :cry:
8M, 2w ago djhandedout on Gunz For Hire Ft. Nikki Milou - We Will Be Immortal lyrics [Hardstyle]
This track is still unreleased, which kind of lyrics we do not allow. Leave a comment to this lyric or add it again once it has released, we'll look at it then again for an approval. Cheers.
9M ago Titanium on Alcoolik Row - Tubthumping (I Am Hardcore) lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
heuu it miss some sentences no ? something like I take a whisky drink I take a vodka drink ? no ?
9M, 1w ago CVR on Tatanka - Arabika lyrics [Hardstyle]
I heard this melody somewhere but I don't remember which music. Anyone knows
9M, 1w ago igormyotis on Headhunterz - The Path Of The Hunter lyrics [Hardstyle]
I forgot the first line... Across the spring sky, As far as the eye can see Is it mist, or clouds? Fragrant in the air Come now, come now Let's go and see them!
9M, 1w ago igormyotis on Headhunterz - The Path Of The Hunter lyrics [Hardstyle]
Yayoi no sora wa Miwatasu kagiri Kasumi ka kumoka Nioi zo izuru izaya izaya mini yukan! As far as the eye can see Is it mist, or clouds? Fragrant in the air Come now, come now Let's go ...
9M, 1w ago igormyotis on Headhunterz - The Path Of The Hunter lyrics [Hardstyle]
Best track of the album <3
9M, 2w ago Shadow_Dweller on Above & Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston - Good For Me lyrics [Trance]
to for feel...typos
9M, 2w ago TheEnlightened on Headhunterz - Eye Of The Storm (Interlude) lyrics [Other]
clear skies not blue skies
9M, 3w ago Shyro on Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot lyrics [Hip Hop/Rap]
Why does the release info say Fresh Edge?
10M, 1w ago Rez on Unresolved - Diablo lyrics [Hardstyle]
Great song, but personally I think the kick could've been harder.
10M, 1w ago Rez on D-Attack - Most Wanted (Extended Cut) lyrics [Hardstyle]
10M, 1w ago ertz on Baba Nation - Jesus Words lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
And Jesus said: Get down on your knees and Pray for forgiveness. Satan has CORRUPTED your Mind with his evil temptations!
10M, 1w ago Pain on Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Flowing River lyrics [Frenchcore]
Only sources of vocal samples are allowed in the source-field. Moved 'Yiruma - River Flows In You' to the notes instead. :)
10M, 3w ago djhandedout on Hallucinator feat. Isacco Pattini - Resist lyrics [DnB]
thanks! :)
10M, 3w ago svetjan4 on Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer - Party Don't Stop lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
sorry, next time will do better
10M, 3w ago VTraxx on Lady Faith ft. Szen - Take You Away lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm gonna tryin' = I'm gonna keep on tryin'
10M, 3w ago VTraxx on Audiotricz ft. Forester - Lovefool lyrics [Hardstyle]
and stay who we are = Let's stay who we are You said we will never break = You said we would never break
10M, 3w ago Core on Stonebank feat. EMEL - Ripped To Pieces lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
Make sure that you have artist names in the artist field and not in the song title like you added it. It would also be nice if you can add the first/original release of the track instead of those m...
10M, 3w ago Core on Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer - Party Don't Stop lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
Ok so when you add lyrics make sure you do it properly, mark with repititons correct, use the correct lyrics. This one was even sampled vocals so you could find it easily. I had to redo the whole t...
10M, 4w ago duyfken on A-Lusion ft. M'key - All Around Us lyrics [Hardstyle]
wilco375, please remember you don't need to put "Single", "Radio Edit" or any other descriptors in the release field for your lyric submissions. Just put the release title/name as provided b...
11M ago wilco375 on Cyber - Movement (Extended Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
The first two lines both repeat so it should be Looking back I don't regret anything that I did See my life compared to many is more than a gift [2x] Also I think it is "it's more than a g...
11M ago ginjo12 on Ran-D & Phuture Noize - Suicidal Superstar lyrics [Hardstyle]
Cruising with the ghouls Aint got nothin' to lose yeah I'm in too deep, yeah
11M ago Pain on Ophidian - Pegasus lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Edited notes as to properly credit you for your work. Thanks for the info! :)
11M ago williamfdevault on Ophidian - Pegasus lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Actually, they are from my own reading of my poem "The philosophy of dreams". And I am both the voice and the author. Ophidian did well.
11M ago Reaper_Gunships on Deetox & Delete - Unstoppable lyrics [Hardstyle]
"A lot of defeats"
11M ago SteTN on Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202 lyrics [Techno]
Thanks @blueberry :dance:
11M, 1w ago BlueBerry on Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202 lyrics [Techno]
Done, I edited the lyric using this source.
11M, 1w ago wilco375 on Solstice & Anklebreaker feat. Oscar - Way Of Life lyrics [Hardstyle]
Yeah that definitely seems more logical. I edited it.
11M, 1w ago Schme420 on Solstice & Anklebreaker feat. Oscar - Way Of Life lyrics [Hardstyle]
'Faded to disappear' should be 'fated to disappear'
11M, 1w ago igormyotis on Zatox ft. Nikkita - Nasty lyrics [Hardstyle]
Where's the source?
11M, 1w ago Core on Current Value - Deadly Toys lyrics [DnB]
Maybe "apertures"?
11M, 1w ago Core on Magnetude feat. Julia Marks - Hunger lyrics [DnB]
I added some of Payne's suggestions and fixed the rest of the errors in the lyric, you can approve it now.
11M, 1w ago Soul_Volcano on Destructive Tendencies & Partyraiser - Fuck The Fame & Fortune lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
I believe the missing lyrics are "Can't be dangled in our face" It really sounds like it when I listen closely. Also the line "It connects and we remain" there is no 'will' from what I hear.