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1 Submitted 4000 free tracks You can't teach an old dog how to fish, but you can feed it for a lifetime.
2 Submitted 3750 free tracks Your wall of freetracks is getting too high even for me to climb D:
3 Submitted 3500 free tracks Your freetracks engine has more horsepower than my Mustang, keep it up!
4 Fanboy cookie! For being Pain's trusted fanboy!
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11 Submitted 2000 free tracks Romours say DaHunger forces artists to release tracks for free (so he can add more..)
12 Submitted 1750 free tracks 1750 lolo freetracks, better put this on your resume!
13 Submitted 1500 free tracks V8 supercharged free track submitter
14 Submitted 1250 free tracks It came to me, my own, my love... my... preciousssss. ~ Lord of the (Cookie) Rings
15 Submitted 1000 free tracks 1 keyboard, 1000 tracks. A true MacGyver moment.
16 Submitted 750 free tracks Free tracks for lolo members is what rum is like for pirates... Arrr!
17 Submitted 500 free tracks 500 tracks and he calls himself DaHunger? I'd call him da feeder
18 Medic I wonder if this will cure da hunger
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20 Submitted 100 free tracks For being the first to reach 100 submitted free tracks *hi5*