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David Redfield - WLFTM lyrics

This is what I love and I can't stop lovin'
Making beautiful music that rides your spine like [..] on the free-way

Take a hit of this in
Lean back and wait for it to rush over you
This is freedom
This is love
This is how we live

And that's how you know what's real
And that's how you know it lives inside of you
Music, the beat
Even our body responds to the rhythm of that kick drum
Forget about everything
All of your worries, pain and responsibility
Right now, in this moment, it's the music
Can you feel it?

'Cause we live for the music
We live for the music [7x]

Let's get this party started

Let that rhythm sink into your bones
Run in your veins, pulsate in your blood
(Pulsate in your blood)
Make it happen tonight right here, right now
Taking you back to the original
Everybody put your hands up
Let's go

'Cause we live for the music
We live for the music [7x]

'Cause we live for the music

Cover: David Redfield - WLFTM

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  • 2014

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