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About Cauterite Some artists I like:

 • Drum & Bass / Breakcore / Crossbreed:
2methyl, Aeph, B1per, Beterror, Big-Head, Bong-Ra, Brainpain, Brainwash, Bratkilla, Broken Note, Bryan Fury, C.A.2K, C-Netik, Circular Discharge, Coman Dante, Computerartist, Cooh, Counterstrike, Cri8, CruK, Current Value, DaVIP, Dean Rodell, Diverge, DJ Hidden, Dolphin, Donny, Enduser, Evol Intent, Experimental Chemistry (RIP), Forbidden Society, Future Primitive, Gancher, Gein, Gorebug, Gore Tech, Helix, Homeboy, Hostage, I:Gor, Kamel Camellia, Katharsys, Krieg, Kroks, Limewax, Lucy Furr (Miss Hysteria), Malicious, Miii, Nagato, Nais, Nanotek, Neonlight, Paimon & Place 2B, Peter Kurten, Pythius, Receptor, Rusty K, Sa†an, Scheme Boy, Sinister Souls, Snyde, SPL, SPKTRM, Spor, Strobcore, Switch Technique, Synthakt, Syrinx, Task Horizon, The Clamps, The Panacea, The Sect, The Teknoist, Throttler, Triamer, TRN18, Unuramenura, Zardonic, Zombie.

Hardcore / Gabber:
Advanced Dealers, Angerfist, Amnesys, Armageddon Project, Art Of Fighters, Crucifier (Crypsis), D-Passion, Deathmachine, Delta 9, Detest, DJ D, DJIPE, Embrionyc, Endymion, Evil Activities, Hellfish, Hellsystem, Igneon System, Kasparov, Mad Dog, Meccano Twins, Miosa, Nosferatu, Negative A, Nitrogenetics, Predator, Tommyknocker, s'Aphira, Na-Goyah, Ophidian, Sarin Assault, Tha Playah, The Viper, Tugie, Tymon, Unexist.

Some music I made:

Discordant Perception (2011):
- YouTube
- MediaFire

(my remix of) Angerfist - The Steel Finger (2009):
- Newgrounds
- YouTube
- MediaFire

Artificial Repercussion (2011):
- Newgrounds
- YouTube

I haven't given up — I still plan on finishing more songs. Eventually…

new YouTube channel (no music yet)

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# Artist Track
1 Frazzbass & DJ D-Tox Let The Game Begin
2 Phuq Chemical & Spatial Displacement Inna Non-E..
3 DJ D-Tox Chemical Afterglow
4 Angerfist Foolz Of War
5 Angerfist feat. D-Spirit Smoke Yo Momma
6 Placid K Compagneros (Endymion Remix)
7 Kid Morbid Regrets
8 Prolific This Is for My Hustlas (feat. Cojaxx and P..
9 Javi Boss Realtime
10 Sean Apollo & The Acolyte Clonecore
11 Teddy Killerz & N-Phonix Scary
12 Goldberg Variations Shining Sleeve Of Wizard
13 MacheeeN Boi & The Teknoist Scarecrow
14 Absurd & C.A.2K Transformation
15 Gancher, Ruin & C.A.2K Pain Of Soul
16 KJ Sawka New Life
17 Current Value ft. The Panacea Make It Last
18 Gancher & Ruin The Seer
19 TRN18 It's Time To Change Something
20 Micromakine The Illusion
21 Current Value Cybernetics VIP
22 Tatlum Trick
23 Forbidden Society Burn VIP
24 Brainpain Killing Us (Experimental Chemistry Remix)
25 Detest Ultra Deth
26 Noize Suppressor The Return Of Bike's Drum (The Outside Age..
27 Innovative Become
28 Xaturate The Other Side
29 Void Stalker Nemesis Weapon
30 Forbidden Society The Witch King
31 Snyde & Krieg To The Grave
32 Multiprogramm Salmons Song
33 The Hard Way Total Fucking Nihilism (The Outside Agency..
34 BSA Vox
35 Rusty K All That We Lost
36 Circulato Riptide
37 Drainbamage Apex Predator
38 D3Z All For God
39 Luxxer Soul Vessel
40 East Kingdom Long Live The King
41 The Outside Agency & Deathmachine Today's Tomorrow
42 Coman Dante Trust
43 Zardonic Nexus Polaris
44 Noize Punishment Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix)
45 Throttler Human Value
46 Howler Scientist
47 Howler Love War
48 The Outside Agency Pass The Buck
49 BSA Dogma
50 DJIPE No More Voices