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The Outside Agency - Pass The Buck lyrics

In the year 1987
NASA launched the last of America's deep space probes
The one-man exploration vessel
A lone astronaut, Captain William "Buck" Rogers

Your name is Buck, right?

And you came here to fuck, right?

Buck Rogers


That's not music to my ears

Distinguished colleagues, you have heard the evidence
I challenge you to find this man guilty
He is an innocent pawn in a great war

Your name is Buck, right?
And you came here to f-
Hold the phone

You are now
You are now in the 25th century

Anybody got an aspirin?
I'm definitely gonna need that aspirin


Eat lead, sucker

Bidi-, bidi-

What do you say?


Reach for the sky (-ky [3x])

What do you think you're doing?
Buck- [2x]

There's something fishy going-going on here

That's clipping
It's illegal
Let me show you how you should have done it

Bidi- [2x]

Wilma's looking real foxy

Get it on (-on [?x])


Buck- [6x]

My name is Buck
And I'm here to-

Bidi-bidi- [?x]

Just when you thought it was safe in the 25th century

They're not dead
They're not alive of course, but they're not dead either
It's as if their spirit, the energy force, if you will, is drained from them

Cover: The Outside Agency - Pass The Buck
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From various episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)
The "here to fuck" parts are from Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

Various sources transcribe the character Twiki's robotic noises as "biddi"/"bidi"/"beedy" or simply "[chirping]"; I tried to keep it concise.
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