Request: Coone & Wildstylez - Here I Come
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WarStile 11 months ago
I’m not sure about the lyrics, it might be in dutch language, just wanna say it’s not “drop”, it’s “climax”😁
Kor 11 months ago
Can anyone correct this, or add the missing parts?
(Lyrics from beginning until the first drop)

They´re down
Every city, every town, everybody
Show me a light
They´re down
Could i ever wear my crown?
Hey ...
me taking life before
put up our fire
on a ...
Got me no fear of
im wrong
Click clack
that is all, i´m good
make sure he knows that
here i come

Here i come, come, come
Here i come [2x]
Here i, here i, here i
here i come[3x]

make sure he knows that
here i come
here i come[4x]
here i come
here i, here i, here i,

Here i come

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