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# Artist Track Genre Added
1 The Melodyst Mort E Vita Hardcore/Gabber No
2 Dj Pavo Elektronic ( NC Oldskool Mashup ) Hardstyle No
3 Tripped & Matt Green So Fucking Cool Hardcore/Gabber No
4 Partyraiser and Furyan We Just Don't Stop Hardcore/Gabber No
5 Switch Technique & Lucy Furr Ostara DnB No
6 Bass Modulators Warrior Hardstyle No
7 Highlander Hardcore Paradise Hardcore/Early No
8 Lunatics Insanity Other No
9 Hellfish Raggabitch (Evil Eyes Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
10 Aerodynamic Enjoy The Ride (Numa! Club Mix) Trance No
11 The DJ Producer, Dolphin & Hellfish Tribe Of XTRM Hardcore/Gabber No
12 Defunk The Chosen (Ft. Jam Jarr) Hip Hop/Rap No
13 Tobax & Anatomix Decibel Savage (ft. MC Kryptomedic) DnB No
14 Machine Code Counterbalance (feat. Coppa) DnB No
15 Gydra Psycho (feat. MC Coppa) DnB No
16 Forbidden Society Circle Pit DnB No
17 Absurd Mars Philarmonic DnB No
18 Technical Itch No Longer Human (feat. Robyn Chaos) DnB No
19 Snyde & xOM & Circular Discharge Hyperbole DnB No
20 DRS Renegade ( feat. S.P.Y. & Kemo) DnB No
21 Paimon & Place 2b Plane DnB No
22 Telekinesis Look Out (feat. Nuklear) DnB No
23 Synergy Moon Presence DnB No
24 Synergy The Moment DnB No
25 State of Mind Writhe DnB No
26 Fourward Bring Back The Rukus (feat. Virus Syndicate) DnB No
27 Fourward Over DnB No
28 Mizo Sink (feat. MC Coppa) DnB No
29 DR Promised Land (feat. Coppa) DnB No
30 State Of Mind & Mindscape Grape Juice (feat. Jade) DnB No
31 Hypoxia Days of Rage (feat. MC Mota) DnB No
32 Hypoxia Soundsystem Heavyweight (feat. MC Seko) DnB No
33 Receptor Crossover (feat. MC Swift) DnB No
34 Machine Code Submerged (feat. Coppa) DnB No
35 DRS No Answers (feat. Skeptical) DnB No
36 Telekinesis Fight Club (feat. MC Coppa) DnB No
37 Forbidden Society Hurtlocker (feat. MC Coppa) DnB No
38 Mefjus Blame You (feat. Zoe Klinck) DnB No
39 Machine Code Sound Dictator feat. Coppa DnB No
40 Zombie Cats Fear & Circles DnB No
41 Eye2eye Set Me Free Hardcore/UK No
42 Plike emma No
43 The Anunnaki, Gancher & Ruin Goodbye Motherfucker Hardcore/Gabber No
44 D-Fence & Angernoizer Breek de tent af Hardcore/Gabber Pending
45 Spitnoise Just Like That Hardcore/Gabber No
46 Radium Oh My Core Frenchcore Pending
47 XIO feat. Zoe VanWest So in Love Hardcore/UK No
48 Phuture Noize Run Away Hardstyle No
49 Neroz Pinsir Hardstyle No
50 Shockspears feat. Weldon Shine Hardstyle No
51 Deadly Guns & F.Noize Undefeated Hardcore/Gabber No
52 Envine feat. brock london The New Generation Hardstyle Yes
53 Enemy Contact ft. MC Livid Madness Hardstyle No
54 The Satan Strangers DnB No
55 Phuture Noize United States of Amnesia Hardstyle No
56 Phuture Noize We Are The Future Hardstyle Yes
57 Keltek Dark Sun Hardstyle No
58 JTS feat. In Measures Can't Let You Go Hardcore/UK No
59 The DJ Producer Take Over The World Hardcore/Gabber No
60 Rob & Tim B Get Set Hardcore/Early No
61 Mindtrust The Key To Your Heart (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) Hardcore/Early No
62 The Satan Fake Spirit Hardcore/Gabber No
63 dj-datavirus627 Take Me Home_ Country Roads Speedcore John Denver Terror/Speedcore No
64 Kreislaufstörung Verdammt Terror/Speedcore Yes
65 Hixxy & Re-Con Superhuman Hardcore/UK No
66 Lenny Dee & Nuke Back To The Core Hardcore/Gabber No
67 Aruna While We're Young DnB Yes
68 Credibility Always Peace (Placid K Remix) Hardcore/Early Yes
69 Phuture Noize Black Mirror Society Hardstyle Yes
70 Tripped Ft. Drokz Stay Awake Terror/Speedcore Yes
71 Dr Phunk & LePrince Di Dacta Hardstyle No
72 Nitrogen Bad Bwoy Hardcore/Early No
73 BSA Dogma DnB No
74 Frequencerz & Digital Punk & Jonjo Fate Of The Fearless Hardstyle Yes
75 JNXD Undefeated Hardstyle Yes
76 Dalora Shining Hardstyle No
77 Myst From The Ashes Hardstyle Yes
78 Defekt, Olly P Together We Rise Hardcore/UK No
79 Wasted Penguinz Euphoria Hardstyle Yes
80 Proto X Kick Back Hardcore/Gabber Yes
81 BCee Black Sky DnB Yes
82 Scale Greatness Hardstyle No
83 Frequencerz Brave The Storm Hardstyle No
84 Hallucinator & Coppa Ways of Destruction DnB No
85 Dillytek Lose Myself Hardstyle No
86 D.P.R featuring Georgia Lewis Hit The Floor Hardcore/Early No
87 Wav3motion & Anklebreaker The Power Of Dreams Hardstyle No
88 Sephyx Lights Hardstyle No
89 Foreign Beggars Pisstake Pictures Hip Hop/Rap No
90 Zomboy & 12th Planet ft. Jay Fresh Dead Presidents Dubstep No
91 Kit Hype Bulletproof Hardstyle No
92 Inverze & Airtunes Riddle Hardstyle No
93 Galactixx Out Of The Dark Hardstyle Yes
94 Raw Harmony Coma Hardstyle Yes
95 Apexx AK-47 Hardstyle Yes
96 Promo feat. Ophidian & Myrean Born To Break Hardcore/Gabber No
97 Envine & Clockartz We Are One Hardstyle Yes
98 Angerfist ft. Syco Bassline Abuser Hardcore/Gabber Yes
99 Coone & Wildstylez Here I Come Hardstyle No
100 Max Enforcer & Andy SVGE ft. Heavynn Deep'r Hardstyle Yes
101 Frontliner Tell Me Hardstyle Yes
102 Bodyshock Blood for Blood Hardcore/Gabber Yes
103 Gunz For Hire Armed & Dangerous Hardstyle Yes
104 Bass D 1000 miles Hardstyle Yes
105 Lucio De Rimanez Yoji DnB No
106 Mark with a K, Saltzer, MC Chucky Kingz of the booty Hardstyle No
107 Regain and I Gor Reptilians Hardcore/Gabber Yes
108 Krowdexx & Physika The Sky is Falling Hardstyle Yes
109 The Outside Agency Pass The Buck Hardcore/Gabber Yes
110 DKay & Rawful I'll Be There 4 U (Concord Dawn Remix) DnB No
111 High Voltage Death of You Hardstyle Yes
112 Solstice & Anklebreaker ft Oscar Way of life Hardstyle Yes
113 MYST The Wolves Descend Hardstyle Yes
114 Jack Of Sound & N-Vitral Who You're Fucking With Hardstyle Yes
115 Devin Wild Just Me Hardstyle Yes
116 D-Passion Something for the bitches Hardcore/Gabber No
117 Solstice ft. Elizsabeth Free Me Hardstyle No
118 Jack of Sound This Song Created Us Hardstyle Yes
119 Steve Angello Break Me Down Dance/House No
120 Howler Love War Hardcore/Gabber No
121 Howler Scientist Hardcore/Gabber No
122 Throttler Human Value DnB Yes
123 Bratkilla Idealist DnB Yes
124 W&W & Ummet Ozcan The Code Hard Driver & Substance one Remix Hardstyle Yes
125 Noize Punishment Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
126 Satanicpornocultshop Pinky Other/Uncategorized No
127 Atmos Umbau Psychedelic/Goa No
128 Zardonic Nexus Polaris DnB No
129 Hippie Sabotage Angels on My Side Ambient/Chillout No
130 Coman Dante Trust DnB No
131 Ars Dada Dog God Breakcore/IDM No
132 The Outside Agency & Deathmachine Today's Tomorrow Hardcore/Gabber Yes
133 Coda Ft. Inja Sky DnB No
134 Redeyes Keep On (feat. GLXY & Tyler Daley) DnB No
135 Headhunterz Destiny Hardstyle Yes
136 East Kingdom Long Live The King DnB No
137 Bass-D & King Matthew It's magic Hardcore/Early Yes
138 The BeatKrusher Hedde Drugs Op Hardcore/Gabber No
139 Honora Come Along (Lignum Remix Edit) Hands Up! No
140 Nominal Everyday Anyone Dance/House No
141 Drokz & Mithridate Haters Gonna Hate Terror/Speedcore No
142 DJ Cirillo Wake Up Brooklyn Hardcore/Early No
143 Dr Mathlovsky Cyanide Smile Hardcore/Gabber No
144 Malone & Bass Daddy 2000 Hardcore/Gabber No
145 Luxxer Soul Vessel Hardcore/Gabber Yes
146 Prefix & Density Wasting Hardstyle Yes
147 LSB The Hurting DnB No
148 Tabu Junfer Pop No
149 My Inner Burning Nothing In Between Rock No
150 Pola & Bryson ft. Loz Contreras Diamonds Fall DnB Yes
151 Schematic & Hungry T Ft. Grimm Lay You Down DnB No
152 Paralizer Battle for the mind Hardcore/Early No
153 Forbidden Society & Katharsys One Hundred Thousand DnB Yes
154 Tony Anthem & Doctor I Love It DnB No
155 Bass Modulators Mantra Hardstyle Yes
156 Darren Styles & Re-Con Quiver Hardcore/UK Yes
157 D3Z All For God DnB No
158 Drainbamage Apex Predator DnB No
159 Circulato Riptide DnB No
160 Rusty K All That We Lost DnB No
161 BSA Vox DnB No
162 Delta 9 Pray Terror/Speedcore No
163 Psyko Punkz Hiphop Mashup (as Mr. Psyko) Hip Hop/Rap No
164 Netsky Tomorrow's Another Day (VIP Mix) DnB Yes
165 Psyko Punkz Bootje Varen Hip Hop/Rap No
166 The Hard Way Total Fucking Nihilism (The Outside Agency 2018 Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
167 Malaky See Through DnB No
168 Grafix Devotion DnB Yes
169 The Sickest Squad & Radium feat. Kraken Bomb By Bomb Frenchcore No
170 Phandelic Defeat The Shadow Hardstyle Yes
171 Refuzion Follow Me Hardstyle Yes
172 Multiprogramm Salmons Song DnB No
173 Exilium Heart Of Glass Hardstyle No
174 BoneTown BIB Hip Hop/Rap No
175 BoneTown feat. YuKes Callin' it Quits Hip Hop/Rap No
176 Snyde & Krieg To The Grave DnB No
177 Changing Faces & Malaky Day For Night DnB No
178 Forbidden Society The Witch King DnB No
179 Toneshifterz Rise Up Hardstyle Yes
180 Void Stalker Nemesis Weapon DnB No
181 Xaturate The Other Side Hardcore/Gabber Yes
182 Omar Santana Audio Warfare Hardcore/Gabber No
183 Raw Harmony & GSB My Night Hardstyle No
184 Innovative Become Hardcore/Gabber Yes
185 Cymatics Signal Other Yes
186 Noize Suppressor The Return Of Bike's Drum (The Outside Agency Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
187 Ophidian Love Is Digital Hardcore/Gabber Yes
188 Coone & Wildstylez Burn it down Hardstyle No
189 Detest Ultra Deth Hardcore/Gabber Yes
190 Arch Origin feat. Anna-Eva Escapism DnB No
191 Dualistic & Subsequent Feat. Ella Sunrise DnB Yes
192 Wasted Mind Come on Hardcore/Gabber Yes
193 Submorphics ft. T.R.A.C Higher Ground DnB No
194 dyprax down to earth Hardcore/Gabber Yes
195 Noize Suppressor ft. The Mystery MC party animal Hardcore/Gabber No
196 Logistics x Ownglow Flutterbyes (ft. Prism) DnB No
197 Ogonek & Max Shade Flow Hardcore/Gabber No
198 DRS feat Patife & Vangeliez I Will DnB Yes
199 DRS ft. Calibre This Ain't Love DnB Yes
200 Detest We don't give a fuck Hardcore/Gabber No
201 Audio Ruffneck DnB No
202 Nosferatu Dr. Shitkickaz Hardcore/Gabber Yes
203 Deepack & Adaro When The Time Right Hardstyle No
204 Brainpain Killing Us (Experimental Chemistry Remix) DnB No
205 Ultravibes Right In Your Face Hardcore/UK No
206 Moleman Ft Pipistrelle Only Human DnB Yes
207 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Don't Like Mondays Hardcore/Early No
208 DJ Youri Vs New Breed Is Ya With Me Hardcore/Early No
209 Forbidden Society Burn VIP DnB Yes
210 Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Death Before Life Hardcore/Gabber Yes
211 The Clarstone feat. Lola Torres Fandango Dance/House No
212 Destructive Tendencies & Angerfist Fortress of Solitude Hardcore/Gabber Yes
213 Stormerz ft. Maze Where To Go Hardstyle Yes
214 Submorphics Long Been Gone DnB No
215 Mutated Forms Affectionate DnB Yes
216 Phuture Noize Fire Hardstyle Yes
217 Chris Forward & Mace V (feat. Eva Kade) Next Day Trance No
218 Warface & D-Sturb ft. Kim Leyers Focus Hardstyle Yes
219 Hardphonix The Forsaken Hardstyle Yes
220 Lenzman feat. DRS Grateful DnB Yes
221 Promo feat. Gemini This underground sound Hardcore/Early Yes
222 Mynax Prepare For Glory Hardstyle Yes
223 Hardphonix feat. Kriss The Resurrection Hardstyle Yes
224 Meltdown The Next Level Hardcore/Gabber Yes
225 Public Enemies You're All Going To Die Hardstyle Yes
226 Ruffneck I Am Death (Red 1 Corinthians 15:26) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
227 Ghost Rider Speed Of Soul (Original Mix) Psychedelic/Goa Yes
228 Evocativ Feat Modual Never In Time DnB Yes
229 Greg Peaks, Transcend Distant Shores - Original Mix Hardcore/UK Yes
230 Swarms Pandora Dubstep Yes
231 Cobra & Tieum Impconscious Metal No
232 Omar Santana Noise Dive Hardcore/Early Yes
233 Nightfall Deadliest Sound Hardstyle Yes
234 Morten Berg & Ramp Take You Out Hardstyle No
235 Jasmine Thompson Adore (Alexvnder Remix) DnB Yes
236 Impact Addiction Hardcore/UK No
237 Makoto ft. Deeizm Release The Bird DnB No
238 Caliban Mein Schwarzes Herz Yes
239 Underhill Civil Lies Dubstep No
240 Children of Zeus Still Standing (Lenzman Remix) DnB Yes
241 Feder feat. Alex Aiono Lordly Dance/House No
242 D-Sturb Indicator (Official Indicator 2016 Anthem) Hardstyle Yes
243 Tatlum No Man Hardcore/Gabber No
244 Grr Feat. Yvette Lera & Licks Gut Hardcore/Gabber No
245 Deako Run 2 You Hardstyle Yes
246 Cruel Regime Worship The Devil Hardcore/Gabber Yes
247 Tatlum Solaris Breakcore/IDM Yes
248 Vagabond Feat. Wotsee & Tais Love Can Be Real Hardcore/UK No
249 D-Sturb & Blackout Going Forward Hardstyle Yes
250 D-Sturb Ready To Roll Hardstyle Yes
251 Zero 2 & S3RL Through The Years Yes
252 Holly Drummond Stronger (Alexvnder Remix) DnB Yes
253 Alexvnder Limbo II: Purgatory DnB Yes
254 Horizen High & Alexvnder Devotion DnB Yes
255 Sinister Souls feat. Mike Redman My Soul Is Sinister DnB Yes
256 Dypression Always and Forever Hardstyle Yes
257 Circular D & Acid Imagination Mathboy Hardcore/Gabber No
258 Jebroer Me Gabber Hardstyle Yes
259 Digital Mindz Feat. MC Heretik Resonant Part 3 Hardstyle Yes
260 Smile Dream of Heaven Hardcore/Early No
261 The Pitcher Symphony Hardstyle Yes
262 Crypsis Revelation Hardstyle Yes
263 Coone & Fequencerz Breaking Mad Hardstyle Yes
264 Crasherz The Demo Track (Nu Style Mix) Hardstyle Yes
265 Edlan ft. Emy Perez Shadow DnB No
266 Lady Tom Darkness Of Mind Hardstyle Yes
267 DJ Dano Fuckem All Hardcore/Early Yes
268 Kursez No Other Way Hardstyle Yes
269 Soulful Nature Going Nowhere DnB Yes
270 The Beast Project & Kyuzo Act Panic Hardcore/Gabber Yes
271 Beta Structure The Beast Hardstyle Yes
272 Enzyme X Waffle Stomp Hardcore/Gabber Yes
273 DJ Y.O.Z. feat. JB Feel It Hardstyle Yes
274 Gore Tech Optical Hybrid DnB No
275 SentineL What is i am Hardstyle Yes
276 MYST The Ultimate Destination Hardstyle Yes
277 Event Horizon Darkness & Pain Hardstyle Yes
278 The Upbeats Say Go DnB No
279 Hardlogik & eRRe Away Hardcore/Gabber Yes
280 Hallucinator Control Hardcore/Gabber Yes
281 Brennan Heart Leaving Us Behind Hardstyle Yes
282 Coone & Dirtcaps Sniper Hardstyle Yes
283 [KRTM] George 'n Jimmy.GIF Terror/Speedcore No
284 Chaotic Spirit & C-Visual Fireflies Hardstyle Yes
285 Dark Pact Lady Of The Mist Hardstyle Yes
286 LTN Somebody I Could Be Trance Yes
287 Hypnose Time Other/Uncategorized Yes
288 E-Force Crucifix Hardstyle Yes
289 Thorax Pitbull Hardcore/Gabber Yes
290 Man Machine Step Into Time Ambient/Chillout Yes
291 Coone Faye Hardstyle Yes
292 BSA Pull Me In DnB No
293 Radical Redemption MMIX Hardstyle Yes
294 Psylocke Pump It! Hardcore/Early No
295 Rave Creator Me - The Master Hardcore/Early No
296 Omar Santana Oh Bad Boy Hardcore/Early No
297 Enzyme X Syskwahor Hardcore/Gabber No
298 Proto Bytez Back Down Hardstyle Yes
299 Brennan Heart Fire In The Sky Hardstyle Yes
300 Baba nation Keep you on the run Hardcore/Early Yes
301 Brennan Heart Feat Jonathan Mendelsohn Be Here Now Hardstyle Yes
302 Legion of the Lost More Unlike Hardcore/Gabber Yes
303 Suicide Rage Sicking bitch Terror/Speedcore No
304 Hybrid Minds Touch (feat. Tiffani Juno) DnB Yes
305 Frank-E & Mars-L Bust The Beat Hardcore/Early No
306 Ed Cox Demons feat. Coral Shankland Breakcore/IDM Yes
307 D-Mind In the Rain (feat. Scala) Hardstyle Yes
308 Rob Da Rhythm Gather Round Ya Speakerz Hardcore/Gabber Yes
309 Ferocious Everybody Reach For The Top Hardcore/Early Yes
310 Khaoz Engine & Devious Sin The Killer Hardcore/Gabber No
311 Yade, B.B.B., Caroline Forever - Yade VIP Mix Hardcore/UK Yes
312 Act of Rage & MC Nolz Raging Reckless Hardstyle Yes
313 Wassermann W.I.R. (Sven Väth Mix) Techno Yes
314 Elektrochemie L.K. Schall (T. Schumacher Mix) Techno Yes
315 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Bring the Noise Hardcore/Early Yes
316 Hard Driver Never Stop Me Hardstyle Yes
317 Pola & Bryson Whisper To Me (feat. Sammie Bella) DnB Yes
318 Dub FX Senorita DnB Yes
319 DRS feat. S.P.Y & Jenna G Star Voyager DnB Yes
320 Nukem Demolition Hardcore/Gabber No
321 Al Pack Secrets DnB Yes
322 Lenzman Got My Mind Made Up DnB Yes
323 A Sides & Makoto feat. Robert Manos Jupiter DnB Yes
324 June Miller feat. Hannah Lux We Are Not Human DnB Yes
325 Zardonic Restless Slumber (2013 Mix) DnB No
326 X-Pander Chase Me Hardstyle Yes
327 Dj E-Rick & Tactic Start To Move Hardcore/Early No
328 Vandera Is It Real DnB No
329 Actraiser Soul Priestess (feat. Oscar Michael) DnB Yes
330 Spective Lazy Days DnB No
331 The Acolyte feat Amy My Heart (4beat mix) Hardcore/UK No
332 L.A.O.S While I Got You DnB Yes
333 Chris Decay feat. Ella Superstar (DJ Gollum & Empyre One Remix Edit) Hands Up! Yes
334 Zardonic Against All Odds DnB No
335 Zardonic Crush It DnB No
336 Zardonic Vigilante Dance/House No
337 Zardonic Highway 666 DnB No
338 Zardonic Raise Hell DnB No
339 Zardonic Antihero (Epilogue) DnB No
340 Zardonic Pure Power Dance/House No
341 Zardonic The Time Is Now DnB No
342 Blackwatch & D-Charged Darkest Knight Hardstyle Yes
343 Schinkel Watch It Hardstyle No
344 Nightrage Stare Into Infinity Metal No
345 Regain & Blackwatch feat. Renegade Go Harder Hardstyle Yes
346 Promo Probably Need Mo Hardcore/Gabber No
347 Alix Perez feat. Sabre & Sam Wills The End of Us DnB Yes
348 BSA Other Places DnB Yes
349 Brainpain Bullet Holes DnB No
350 Mind Dimension Fear Me Hardstyle Yes
351 Highlight Tribe Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) Psychedelic/Goa Yes
352 AniMe Your Dreams Hardcore/Gabber Yes
353 NEOH Dubworld Dubstep No
354 DJ Weirdo & Mt-Ness Metrodrome (Weird-O-Hardcore Mix) Hardcore/Early No
355 Miss K8 & MC Nolz Raiders of Rampage (Official Masters of Hardcore 2016 Anthem) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
356 Gabba Front Berlin The Fallen Angel Hardcore/Early No
357 Hypnose ft Bright Lights Waiting On You Hardstyle Yes
358 Francesco Zeta feat Sincera Lady Dirty Play Jumpstyle No
359 Al Twisted & Sadistic Rectify Hardcore/Gabber No
360 Wasted Mind Rayo De Sol Hardcore/Gabber Yes
361 DJ Skull Vomit feat. Baseck, Otto von Schirach & Surachai Swamp Bitch Hardcore/Gabber No
362 Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady Other/Uncategorized No
363 Forbidden Society & Aneta Galisova The Turn DnB No
364 The DJ Producer Out Of Control (Negative A Revision) Hardcore/Gabber No
365 Junglefever & stivs Murdah murdah Breakcore/IDM No
366 Ruby My Dear Dreaming Tree Breakcore/IDM No
367 DJ Hidden Anamnesia DnB Yes
368 Paralizer Smoke up my ass Hardcore/Early No
369 Digital Boy With Asia The Mountain Of King No
370 Digital Boy vs Outblast Be 4 Real Hardcore/Gabber No
371 Crisis Era ft. Jessica Surrender Hardstyle Yes
372 Phrantic Glowing In the Dark Hardstyle Yes
373 Black Knight Kick Up The Volume (Play It Loud) Hardcore/Gabber No
374 SA†AN Mutant Wars Breakcore/IDM No
375 Authentic Dynamite Hardstyle No
376 Asura El Hai Ambient/Chillout No
377 Lem-X More Drumming Hardcore/Gabber No
378 Phuture Noize Time Move On Hardstyle Yes
379 Phuture Noize ft. MC DL Phuture Propaganda (Part 2) Hardstyle Yes
380 Phuture Noize Freedom Hardstyle Yes
381 Igneon System feat. Gonzo Dropkilla Hardcore/Gabber No
382 The Fuze Starcatching Hardcore/Gabber Yes
383 Kasparov Only once Hardcore/Gabber No
384 Hatebusters my hell Hardcore/Gabber Yes
385 Hallucinator Near Death Experience Hardcore/Gabber Yes
386 Frequencerz & Titan Getting off Hardstyle Yes
387 D-Tune & System:Overload Do It Hardcore/Gabber Yes
388 Angerfist & Radical Redemption Repercussion Hardcore/Gabber Yes
389 Waverider, Devin Wild Chasing Dreams Hardstyle No
390 Wormskull Nosebleed DnB No
391 Soltice Lights Hardstyle Yes
392 Switch Technique Ghost Assassin Hardcore/Gabber No
393 Hardsequencer Feels So Good Hardcore/Early No
394 Kasparov & System Shock Innocent Hardcore/Gabber No
395 Mr. Sinister Heart Of Darkness Hardcore/Gabber No
396 Tatlum Trick Hardcore/Gabber No
397 Warface Voice of Addiciton Hardstyle No
398 Hellfish Heart Attack Frenchcore Yes
399 JDM Feat. Marie Louise Love Everlasting Hardcore/UK No
400 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Exlxaxl (UNEXIST REMIX) Hardcore/Gabber No
401 El Bruto Mindstab Hardcore/Early Yes
402 DJ Inyoung & DJ Diehard Gibberish Hardcore/Gabber Yes
403 Mindcrimers Throat Hardcore/Early Yes
404 Mindcrimers Madman Hardcore/Early Yes
405 Mc Rage Chains Hardcore/Gabber No
406 The Hard Way Panzerchokolade Hardcore/Gabber No
407 Akira Custom Grind Hardcore/Gabber No
408 Sonic Species The First And The Last Psychedelic/Goa Yes
409 Instigator We are family Other No
410 DJ Cyber Imagine Other/Uncategorized Yes
411 Cyber ILY Other/Uncategorized Yes
412 Head First Why Not ? No
413 Stardriver Eyes on You Hardstyle Yes
414 Tripped Serial Wanker Terror/Speedcore Yes
415 The DJ Producer Ease Up Selector Hardcore/Gabber No
416 Venemy Hive Mind DnB Yes
417 Da Tweekaz Wodka Hardstyle Yes
418 Scooter Our Happy Hardcore Hardtrance Yes
419 Bob Sinclar For You Dance/House Yes
420 Detroit Grand Pubahs Schizophrenic Investigator Other No
421 Painbringer The invader Hardcore/Early Yes
422 Micropoint Ping Machine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
423 The Hard Way Total Fucking Nihilism Hardcore/Gabber No
424 Chain Reaction / Gunz For Hire Chain Reaction – Bassleader (Bolivia Edit) Hardstyle No
425 Max Enforcer & Coone Love x Hate Hardstyle Yes
426 Richie Gee Back To The Jungle Hardcore/Gabber No
427 Throttler feat. Lowbss No Harm VIP DnB No
428 astrix the old monster Psychedelic/Goa No
429 The Vision Close my eyes Hardstyle Yes
430 Rammstein Weißes Fleisch Metal Yes
431 Hallucinator Fuck The System DnB No
432 DJ Flubbel ft. Jordan Riley Helpless Hardstyle No
433 The Viper x Alee & GLDY LX De Wereld Op Z'n Kop Hardstyle Yes
434 Tha Playah & Promo Feat. Snowflake Down Below Hardcore/Gabber Yes
435 Thunderball Its Your Dj Techno Yes
436 Geck-e feat. J.I. Unison Dance/House Yes
437 Unexist & The Void Blaze It Up Hardcore/Gabber Yes
438 Heatwavez Can't Stop Us Now Hardstyle Yes
439 Imperials Ravage Frenchcore No
440 Painbringer Words Of '95 Hardcore/Early No
441 Decipher & Shinra Feat.MC Syco No Holding Back (Defqon.1 Australia 2015 Black OST) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
442 Robert Babicz Centurion Other No
443 Smash? Korreckte Atmosphaere Hardcore/Early Yes
444 The Prophet IC The Future Hardcore/Early Yes
445 Sven Väth Dein Schweiss Dance/House Yes
446 Marshall Masters & The Ultimate MC ft Nasty Django Hustler For Life (Live @ Club X Hardcore/Early No
447 Phuture Noize Hope Hardstyle Yes
448 Korsakoff & Tekno Warriors One Hardstyle Yes
449 The Prophet Housetime! Hardcore/Early Yes
450 Bass Tikal & Mex-E The Music DnB No
451 Cyclopede Bad Motherfucker Hardcore/Early No
452 Goth von core/Thomas Ponder 47 chromosomes Terror/Speedcore No
453 DJIPE Twisted Hardcore/Gabber Yes
454 The Prophet Mayhem M.F. Hardcore/Early No
455 Pat B Wall Of Death Hardcore/Gabber Yes
456 Acti Truckter (Midnight Version) Dance/House Yes
457 Winne Geef 8 (Headhunterz Remix) No
458 SNBRN California (Chris Lake & Matroda Remix) Dance/House Yes
459 Promo Een En Al Blijheid Hardcore/Gabber Yes
460 Dj Buzz Fuzz Howareyaaah Hardcore/Early No
461 Teyo & Deeperz Ready for Madness Hardstyle Yes
462 M.D. & A. Braindead Hardcore/Early Yes
463 Predator Filled With Power Hardcore/Early Yes
464 DJ Youri vs New Breed Is Ya With Me? Hardcore/Early No
465 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Trash Fucker Hardcore/Early No
466 Groover Boogey Jumpstyle Yes
467 Ground Force Naked Hardstyle No
468 Activator Italian Hardstyle Hardstyle Yes
469 Lenny Dee & The Dark Raver To Da Rhythm Hardcore/Early No
470 Wildstylez Feat. Bright Lights Every Step I Take Hardstyle Yes
471 Hardliners Pikke Poeli Mellow Hardcore/Early No
472 Paul Elstak ft Firestone This is our territory Hardcore/Gabber Yes
473 Dj Dano Feat. The Chosen Few What´s Happening ?! Hardcore/Early No
474 Members Of Megarave Maniac Hardcore/Early No
475 DJ Buzz Fuzz Trippin' Hardcore/Early No
476 DJ Delirium It's Time To Let Go ! Hardcore/Early No
477 The Headbanger Sweet Dreams 2001 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
478 The Shaftmen Shaftman Hardcore/Early No
479 DJ Buzz Fuzz Power Punch Hardcore/Early No
480 Audiotricz United As One (Wish Outdoor Anthem 2015) Hardstyle Yes
481 Dj Buzz Fuzz The Lighthousekeeper Hardcore/Early Yes
482 Head First Poor Boy Other No
483 Coppa & Mindscape We Set Fire DnB Yes
484 Lucio De Rimanez Rotation DnB No
485 eRRe & C-Netik Syke DnB Yes
486 The Prophet Catch Me In Your Dream Hardcore/Early No
487 C-Netik The Hungriest Hardcore/Gabber Yes
488 YMB Follow The Pink Lines On The Road Hardcore/Gabber No
489 Bartoch Animal Music Hardcore/Gabber Yes
490 Reactor & Raoul Meet Impulse Factory Rock My World Hardcore/Early No
491 Forze DJ Team Step The Fuck Off Hardcore/Early No
492 DJ Waxweazle I Like This World Hardcore/Early Yes
493 DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob Our Nightmare Hardcore/Early Yes
494 Wildstylez ft E-Life & Noah Jacobs One Hardstyle Yes
495 Tube-Tech Kiss In The Storm (Sven Wittekind Remix) Hardtechno/Schranz No
496 Frontliner & Dillytek feat. 360 No guts, no glory Hardstyle Yes
497 masters Of Rave Are You With Me (Energie Hallen Mix) Hardcore/Early Yes
498 The Speed Freak Jesus Was A Mutant, Pt 2 (Pyromaniac Remix) Frenchcore No
499 Demi Kanon Supersonic Hardstyle Yes
500 Bang! & Kinetic Lost in Space (The System Radio Edit) Trance No
501 Omar Santana Phat Beats Hardcore/Early Yes
502 Omar Santana Bone Bastik Hardcore/Early No
503 Bit Reactors Can't Control Frenchcore No
504 Hybrid Minds That Way DnB Yes
505 Cyber Together Hardstyle Yes
506 Re-Style Brainstorm Hardcore/Gabber Yes
507 Dr. Peacock & Death By Design Eat This Frenchcore Yes
508 DJ Paul Elstak & The Unfamous Show Me What You Got Hardcore/Gabber Yes
509 Promo Promo Style Hardcore/Gabber No
510 The Sect Stranger VIP DnB No
511 Srezcat & Kobaryo Speed Complex Dance/House No
512 Crossfiyah Enemy Hardcore/Gabber Yes
513 DJ Paul Elstak Fokking Hard Hardcore/Gabber Yes
514 Triax & Predator The Enemy List Hardcore/Gabber Yes
515 DJ E-Rick & Tactic Hysterical Drumbeats (original mix) Hardcore/Early No
516 Revolucien feat ArZo Around this Town Dance/House Yes
517 Wasted Penguinz Bitterness Hardstyle Yes
518 Bartoch & Madhouse Brothers Pum Da Fuck Now Hardcore/Gabber No
519 Death by Design Insanity Frenchcore Yes
520 The Vizitor & Aggressive Gekkigheid Terror/Speedcore No
521 DJ Zany Rock The Beatz Hardstyle No
522 M1dy Innocent Terror/Speedcore No
523 Jim Noizer Dedicated Hardstyle No
524 Jack Of Sound 911 Hardstyle Yes
525 Bass-D & King Matthew Jump Up Hardcore/Gabber No
526 Bodyshock Communicate Hardcore/Gabber Yes
527 D&V I Am Creator Hardstyle No
528 SRB vs Stinger Turn Up The Booster Terror/Speedcore No
529 Drokz We Are About Something Terror/Speedcore Yes
530 DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Aim-Os (DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse Mix) Hardcore/Gabber No
531 Igneon System Ruthless Hardcore/Gabber No
532 Dj Mic & Dj Bass Fight For Generations Hardcore/Gabber No
533 Angelika Better than ever Ambient/Chillout Yes
534 DJ Smurf Dj plague is a kernt Terror/Speedcore No
535 DJ Waxweazle Brainscan Hardcore/Early Yes
536 Exilium The Start Hardstyle Yes
537 Dj Gius Scrubs Hardstyle No
538 SRB & The Vizitor Kut Track Terror/Speedcore Yes
539 The Hellacopters Alright Already Now Rock Yes
540 Neurocore Souvenirs Du Futur Terror/Speedcore Yes
541 SRB & The Vizitor Lik Me Reet Terror/Speedcore No
542 DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob The Way That We Rock! Hardcore/Early No
543 DJ Rob & MC Joe Beat Is Flow (Hardcore Extended) Hardcore/Early No
544 Zero Tolerance Big Rhythm Hardcore/Early No
545 The Prophet & The Darkraver Jumpp Upp Hardstyle Yes
546 da Tweekaz The Hanging Tree (REVERZE 2015 bootleg) Hardstyle Yes
547 Unresolved EDM [GBD102] Hardstyle Yes
548 DJ Promo & DJ Delirium Bass Power Hardcore/Early No
549 DJ Skull Vomit & Akira feat. Lofty 305 Fuck Wit It Hardcore/Gabber Yes
550 StereoType Blackout Hardcore/Gabber Yes
551 Scooter This Is A Monstertune Hardtrance No
552 Dune The Spice Hardcore/Early Yes
553 Hallucinator feat. Isacco Pattini Resist DnB Yes
554 DJ Dano (50% of the Dreamteam) Jam On Hardcore/Early No
555 Lido Money No
556 The Hellacopters Paul Stanley Rock Yes
557 The Prophet Spirits Of Soul Hardcore/Early Yes
558 Controller Test Hardstyle Yes
559 Devin Wild Falling Away Hardstyle Yes
560 Rene Ablaze Let Me Go Trance No
561 The Hellacopters Lonely Rock Yes
562 Vandor & Vivendi feat. Jonny Rose We Are Love (Omegatypez Remix) Hardstyle Yes
563 George Acosta feat. Shadow Warrior Dance With The Sun Trance Yes
564 Ophidian & Minckz The Void (Fade) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
565 LNY TNZ And Ruthless ft The Kemis Fired Up Hardstyle Yes
566 Rude Awakening Rise! Hardcore/Gabber Yes
567 Radium Schizophone Frenchcore Yes
568 Freestyle Project Hey Mr DJ Other No
569 B 747 Underground Flight (DJ D Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
570 Odesza My Friends Never Die Other No
571 Nagada Wake Up Together Hands Up! Yes
572 Waverider & Szen Inside Hardstyle Yes
573 The Renegade ft. Cycless Perfect Hardstyle No
574 Type-Zero Pure (Original Mix) Hardtrance Yes
575 Authentic Just A Dream Hardstyle Yes
576 Teyo & Deeperz I Can´t Find You Hardstyle Yes
577 Skyrosphere Surface of the Planet Hardtrance Yes
578 I:Gor feat. DJ Feel-X Gunz Up Hardcore/Gabber No
579 Distortion & Dione Before Dawn Hardcore/Gabber Yes
580 Cyber A Million Stars Hardstyle Yes
581 The Speed Freak Zombie From Outer Space Frenchcore No
582 Doctor P and Adam F The Pit (Feat. Method Man) Dubstep No
583 Twine Say Something Dubstep No
584 Daishi Dance & Mitomi Tokoto & Sarah Howells Don't Leave Without Me (Mitomi Tokoto 2012 Remix) Dance/House Yes
585 Andy the Core The Cutter Hardcore/Gabber Yes
586 Current Value Cybernetics VIP DnB No
587 Angerfist & Tieum & MC Nolz Slice Em Up Hardcore/Gabber Yes
588 Angerfist Messing With The Wrong Man Hardcore/Gabber Yes
589 Micromakine The Illusion DnB No
590 Electro Sun vs Bizzare Contact vs Phanatic Out Of Your Love Psychedelic/Goa Yes
591 A-Lusion ft Paolo Francisco Energize Hardstyle Yes
592 Matt Green Joyless Crew Hardcore/Gabber No
593 Brisk & Vagabond Into The Sunlight Hardcore/UK Yes
594 Lem-X More Drumming Hardcore/Gabber No
595 bit reactors let it die Frenchcore Yes
596 Destructive Tendencies & Hardbouncer Destiny Hardcore/Gabber Yes
597 Andy The Core feat. X-Mind Start The Plague Hardcore/Gabber No
598 Sei2ure Get Down Hardcore/Gabber No
599 F.Noize vs Onesimk I Give It To You Bitch Hardcore/Gabber No
600 Deformer Repossessor DnB No
601 Joey Riot vs It-Man Switch It Back Hardcore/Gabber Yes
602 The Unfamous Blow Your Brains Hardcore/Gabber Yes
603 The Unfamous First Blood Hardcore/Gabber Yes
604 The Unfamous Takedown Hardcore/Gabber Yes
605 The Unfamous Drugs Problem Hardcore/Gabber Yes
606 Will K & Marcus Santoro & Daniel Gregorio feat. Mitch Thompson Open Your Eyes (Wasted Penguinz Remix) Hardstyle Yes
607 neilio and popr3b3l see you on the other side Hardstyle Yes
608 Destructive Tendencies Our Core Hardcore/Gabber Yes
609 Dirty Bastards Real Bastards Hardcore/Gabber Yes
610 Destructive Tendencies I'll Let You Have Your Day Hardcore/Gabber Yes
611 Angerfist Feat. Unexist & Satronica Bloodshed Hardcore/Gabber Yes
612 Phuture Noize Somebody Hardstyle Yes
613 Carlprit ft. Jaicko Only Gets Better Dance/House No
614 Black Sun Empire & Pythius Desert Sand DnB No
615 Tieum & Axl Spider Hardcore/Gabber Yes
616 Rob Da Rhythm & Joey Riot Godzilla commin Hardcore/Gabber Yes
617 The Speed Freak Much Higher (420 Version) Frenchcore No
618 The Melodyst Reject Hardcore/Gabber Yes
619 Koala Australia (Vocal Radio Edit) Trance Yes
620 DJ Promo Beat Ya Brain Hardcore/Gabber No
621 Yellow Claw And Diplo And LNY TNZ Techno (Coone Remix) Hardstyle Yes
622 Anatomy Mountains Ambient/Chillout No
623 Sonic Animation E-Ville Other No
624 Decipher & Shinra My World Hardcore/Gabber Yes
625 Rude Awakening Riding Dirty Hardcore/Gabber Yes
626 Laurent Wolf feat. Eric Carter Kill The Beast Dance/House Yes
627 T.S.R. (SOLAR FIELDS + CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS) Extas Ambient/Chillout No
628 C-Netik Loophole Hardcore/Gabber No
629 Proto Bytez & Recharge Future Hardstyle No
630 Truth feat. Flowdan Madman Dubstep No
631 DJ Skinhead Extreme Terror (Original New York Speedcore Remix) Terror/Speedcore No
632 TRN18 It's Time To Change Something DnB No
633 Dabin Bloodless Dance/House Yes
634 SRB Lucky Punk Terror/Speedcore Yes
635 Vorti & Zed Body Movin' Hardstyle Yes
636 Partyraiser ft. Mouth of madness Look when you shoot Hardcore/Gabber No
637 LSB feat. Sian Sanderson Overthinking DnB Yes
638 The Punisher Destroy Hardcore/Gabber No
639 High Voltage & Malúa ft. Sharine Back and Forth Hardstyle Yes
640 The Lot Six Autobrats Rock No
641 Core Infection vs. The Vinylraider Mindless Creature Terror/Speedcore Yes
642 Lancinhouse meets Stunned Guys Cold's Gettin' Bigger Hardcore/Early No
643 Hardstylistix P.I.M.P. (Stylez Meets Tonteufel Remix) Hardstyle No
644 Skoza & Restorer New World Disorder Frenchcore No
645 Omar Santana Rebel In His Own Mind Hardcore/Early No
646 Omar Santana Omar, Rip It Up Hardcore/Early No
647 Omar Santana Rebel To The Cause Hardcore/Early Yes
648 DJ Paul & Lenny Dee I Like Hardcore Hardcore/Early No
649 DJ Radium Radium Is A Terrorist Frenchcore No
650 Re-Style feat. Korsakoff Rebellion Hardcore/Gabber No
651 Allen & Envy feat. Jess Morgan The Heart That Never Sleeps (Original Mix) Trance Yes
652 MC Drokz & DJ Tails We Can Play It Pretty Hard Hardcore/Early Yes
653 Loffciamcore Hejterdisskor Terror/Speedcore No
654 Dr. Mindfuck Beine Hardcore/Early No
655 State of mind & Percieve Mr. Cover up DnB No
656 Lenny Dee & DJ Narotic Pump Ure Fist! (Tieum Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
657 Skyrosphere Send me an Angel (Original Edit) Hardtrance No
658 Mysterio What Music Does Trance Yes
659 Nicole Key Fly (Original Cut) Dance/House No
660 Skye Venice Freak (Anyma Remix) Hands Up! No
661 MaLu Project Heartbeat (HandsUp Radio Mix) Hands Up! Yes
662 Gancher & Ruin The Seer DnB Yes
663 Joeysuki & Kill The Buzz Life Is Calling (Wasted Penguinz Remix) Hardstyle Yes
664 Prolix ft. MC Coppa On Like That DnB No
665 3 Steps Ahead Hakkûh Hardcore/Early Yes
666 Chosen Few The Break Hardcore/Early No
667 Current Value ft. The Panacea Make It Last DnB No
668 Noisekick Noisekick op dreef Terror/Speedcore No
669 Joey Riot vs Cypher ft Lisa Abbott Across The Sky Hardcore/UK No
670 DJ Buzz Fuzz Dreamteam = Back Hardcore/Gabber No
671 Technikal ft Nathalie Drifting Away Hardtrance Yes
672 Omar Santana Step The Fuc Back (Oh Fuc He's Back Mix) Hardcore/Early No
673 Symphonix Hit and Run Psychedelic/Goa Yes
674 KJ Sawka New Life DnB No
675 Dione Take it away Hardcore/Gabber Yes
676 Dione & Darkcontroller Fucking with my head Hardcore/Gabber Yes
677 Dione Locked and Load Hardcore/Gabber Yes
678 Dione vs RTC Survivors Hardcore/Gabber No
679 Gancher, Ruin & C.A.2K Pain Of Soul DnB Yes
680 Absurd & C.A.2K Transformation DnB Yes
681 MacheeeN Boi & The Teknoist Scarecrow DnB No
682 Partyraiser From The Westcoast Hardcore/Gabber Yes
683 Outforce & Age-O Ft Gemma Macleod Be True (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK No
684 Alchemist Project feat. Anna Turska Nina Dance/House Yes
685 DJ Buzz Fuzz Don't U Cry Hardcore/Early Yes
686 The Viper Voodoo Magic Hardcore/Early Yes
687 Dark Raver & DJ Vince Intelligent Hardcore II Hardcore/Early No
688 DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob State Of Emergency Hardcore/Early Yes
689 ANiMAL MUSiC Monsters DnB No
690 The bird and the bee Love letter to japan Yes
691 EVVY Collide Dance/House Yes
692 Kool Killers Whistling Whistling (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Unresistable Remix) Hardcore/Early Yes
693 DJ Arjuna & Beyonder Shoot That Motherfuck (Raising Hell Mix) Hardcore/Early Yes
694 Attic & Stylzz God's Rock 'n Roll Hardcore/Early No
695 Daytona Love Is In Need Lost In Tokyo Mix Hardcore/Early No
696 T-Wisted Millennium Hardcore/Early Yes
697 DJ Gizmo & DJ Vince To Da Break Of Dawn Hardcore/Early Yes
698 Cixx Feat. The Vinyl Junk Dizzy Hardcore/Early No
699 Placid K Good Luck Hardcore/Early No
700 E-Rick & Tactic Meet Her At The Thunderdome Dj Mix Hardcore/Early No
701 Square Dimensione The House Of Pain Hardcore/Early Yes
702 Kool Killers Back Watcher Hardcore/Early No
703 Buzz Fuzz Sweat Hardcore/Early Yes
704 DJ Arjuna Totally Lost Hardcore/Early No
705 The Punisher Noche En El Infierno Hardcore/Gabber Yes
706 Sinister Souls Horns Up! DnB Yes
707 Armageddon Project Church Of Pentagram Hardcore/Gabber Yes
708 Jappo / Lancinhouse Feel with power Hardcore/Early No
709 Jappo / Lancinhouse Sacrifice Hardcore/Early No
710 Tschabos FFMBD Hardcore/Early No
711 Tschabos Ischgibbdir Hardcore/Early No
712 Vena Cava feat. Jordan Virelli Handsonic DnB No
713 Partyraiser & Darkcontroller Speakah Killers Hardcore/Gabber No
714 Darkcontroller & DJane RVT C.a.r.r.i.e. Hardcore/Gabber Yes
715 The Stunned Guys (Mad Dog & Tommyknocker Mashup) Atmorico Hardcore/Gabber Yes
716 P*light ft. mow*2 OVERDRIVERS Techno No
717 DJ Waxweazle Hardcore Power (DJ Waxweazle ft Mc Da Mouth Of Madness Remix) Hardcore/Early No
718 Buzz Fuzz Jealousy (DJ Promo Remix) Hardcore/Early No
719 Darrien Kelly / Unknown MC The People Want More Hardcore/Early No
720 Buzz Fuzz, Da Vinci, Beasty Boy Slammin' Suckerbeats Hardcore/Early No
721 Dillytek Feeling Hardstyle Yes
722 Paranoizer Armed & Dangerous Terror/Speedcore No
723 Meth vs Weed Unrest Hardcore/Gabber Yes
724 The Vinyl Junk Freaked Out On Acid Hardcore/Gabber Yes
725 Darrien Kelly / Attic & Stylzz Check Out The Style Hardcore/Early No
726 Darrien Kelly And DJ Attic & Stylzz Beaten Like A Bitch Hardcore/Early No
727 Phuture Noize & Deepack Eversince Hardstyle Yes
728 SRB It's Terror After All Terror/Speedcore Yes
729 Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Verrotted Hardcore/Early Yes
730 MC Rage Rave Machine (Darkraver / Vince remix) Hardcore/Early No
731 Darkraver / Vince Tunnel Hardcore/Early Yes
732 Lenny Dee / Gizmo Muthafucking Drum Machine Hardcore/Early Yes
733 Wasted Mind & Lowroller Bastard Hardcore/Gabber Yes
734 Donkey Rollers So You Wanna Be Hardcore Hardstyle Yes
735 Re-Style & Predator Lockdown Hardcore/Gabber No
736 Audiotricz ft. Miss Palmer Never Leaving Hardstyle Yes
737 Luke Vibert I Love Acid Other No
738 Tom Misch & Carmody We used to know Ambient/Chillout Yes
739 Fragz Party Banger Hardtechno/Schranz No
740 Dr Rude & Recype Coming 2 Kill U Hardcore/Gabber Yes
741 Radical Redemption Prostitute Hardstyle Yes
742 The Hard Way Pentagram Of Coke Hardcore/Gabber No
743 Dj'Tekina feat丿Lシユカ May and December Dubstep No
744 Dataklysm Graveyard Tour Hardcore/Gabber Yes
745 Pronobozo I Was There (feat. Zoe Holman, Les Stroud & Juan Barbosa Techno Yes
746 FIREATTACK ft ELISA Is This The End Hardstyle No
747 S3RL What We Do Hardcore/UK Yes
748 Riot Squad Anxiety Hardcore/Gabber Yes
749 Pino 'D Ambini Up & Down - Ballz (Original Mix) Hardcore/Early Yes
750 The Prophet I Can't Stand It Hardcore/Early Yes
751 Vextor vs F. Noize Farina's Therapy (Dedicated) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
752 No Gravity All The People (BSE Remix) Hardcore/Early Yes
753 Tikki Tembo ft. Diamondancer Return To Me (Original Mix) Dance/House No
754 Force Creators / Lady Dana Hardcore Planet Hardcore/Early Yes
755 Mutt feat. Kevin King Thinking DnB No
756 Alex Burn & Tom Parr Pure Feelings Hardtrance Yes
757 Animal Tag Featuring Nosa Hoody Hardcore/Gabber No
758 The Speed Freak Silence Hardcore/Early Yes
759 System 3 & DJ Dano At Night Hardcore/Gabber Yes
760 Wesley Verstegen Silence (Ron van den Beuken Remix) Trance Yes
761 Delta 9 Mark Of the Beast Hardcore/Gabber Yes
762 Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind, Codebreaker Long Time Dead (Original mix) DnB Yes
763 Lunaticz Space Bound Hardstyle Yes
764 CCC & Erik Ray Don't Be A Fool Hands Up! No
765 David Redfield WLFTM Dance/House Yes
766 ear Terror Dj Team Like this Hardcore/Early No
767 The Outside Agency The Sunrise Hardcore/Gabber Yes
768 Hellfish Back To The Fold Hardcore/Gabber No
769 Dutch Verg Bestial Hardcore/Early No
770 Dutch Verg Bliss Hardcore/Early No
771 Fourfingerz Hate Attack Hardstyle Yes
772 Chosen Few & Miss Mokum Demons & Angels Hardcore/Gabber Yes
773 State Of Emergency Space Invaders Hardcore/Gabber No
774 Ran-D & Endymion Antidote Hardstyle Yes
775 Antisocial Forever Young Hardcore/Early Yes
776 Gancher & Ruin Helltrap Hardcore/Gabber Yes
777 Dj Alligator Blow my whistle Bitch Dance/House Yes
778 Talla 2xlc & Sarah Russell Build These Walls Trance Yes
779 Niels van Gogh feat. Princess Superstar Miami Dance/House Yes
780 Stadiumx & Taylr Renee Howl At The Moon Dance/House Yes
781 Ellis Dee Rock To The Max (Storm & Herman's 2002 Hardcore Mix) Hardcore/UK No
782 C-Netik & Fragz Deadites Hardcore/Gabber Yes
783 Dain-Ja feat. Vicky Fee Feel So High Hardcore/UK Yes
784 Chrono & Lano Really Late Frenchcore Yes
785 Neophyte & Scott Brown ft. Alee Only Way Out Hardcore/Gabber Yes
786 Andy The Core Virus D Hardcore/Gabber Yes
787 F.Noize Lord of The Underground Hardcore/Gabber No
788 DJ Lancinhouse Meets the Stunned Guys Fuckin' Sweat Hardcore/Early No
789 Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak Rotterdamn Hardcore/Gabber Yes
790 Wasted Mind Can't get enough Hardcore/Gabber No
791 Dj Paul Elstak feat. MC Ruffian Down With Offensive Hardcore/Gabber No
792 Rammstein Zwitter Metal Yes
793 The Speed Freak No More Cheese Hardcore/Early Yes
794 Drokz & Partyraiser Who's The Hardest Hardcore/Gabber Yes
795 DJ Sim Going Nord Hardcore/Early No
796 They Live Long Something Big Hardcore/Early No
797 DJ Sim 24K Solid Bass Hardcore/Early No
798 Sesto Sento P.L.U.R. Psychedelic/Goa Yes
799 DJ Isaac Who Likes to Party Hardcore/Early Yes
800 DJ Sim No More Shit Hardcore/Early Yes
801 DJ Sim The New Skool (Newskool) Generation Hardcore/Gabber No
802 X-Cess! Explode the Dancefloor (Megastylez Official Video) Hands Up! Yes
803 Stinger Straight Outta Roffa Hardcore/Gabber No
804 Embrionyc & Cubid Nomad Houses Of God Hardcore/Gabber Yes
805 Drokz Irritation level dangerous Terror/Speedcore No
806 Dj Piccolo Supa Nacht Dance/House No
807 The Prophet Dominatin' Hardcore/Early Yes
808 Atmozfears A Million Questions No
809 Micropoint Get stupid Frenchcore No
810 Control DC Ritmo Dell Diavolo Hardtrance Yes
811 Unexist Conspiracy Hardcore/Gabber No
812 Lords Of The Underworld Fucking Them Beats Hardcore/Early No
813 Daytona Love Is In Need (Slammin' Mix) Hardcore/Early No
814 Psylocke No Man Hardcore/Early Yes
815 Tschabos Wir Woll'n Die Tschabos Hardcore/Early No
816 Tschabos Gib Mir Die Bass Hardcore/Early Yes
817 Tschabos Chikkas Hardcore/Early No
818 Exodus Bust Da Beat Hardcore/Early No
819 Sinister Souls Black Book Hardcore/Gabber Yes
820 SRB ft. Danny Firestone Mirror Mirror Terror/Speedcore Yes
821 Malukah Reignite Other/Uncategorized Yes
822 Cixx To Da Bass (Dome mix) Hardcore/Early No
823 Cixx, The Vinyl Junk The Tough Guys Hardcore/Early Yes
824 Tiny Tot La Bambolina (bass-d & king matthew remix) Hardcore/Early No
825 Waxweazle Assfucked Hardcore/Gabber Yes
826 The Cenobites Filled with fear Hardcore/Gabber No
827 Rotterdam Terror Corps feat. Dione On fire Hardcore/Gabber Yes
828 Zyklon Musicbox Terror/Speedcore No
829 Tensor & Re-Direciton Someone Hardcore/Gabber Yes
830 Lunatic & Miss Hysteria The Grand Design Hardcore/Gabber Yes
831 Bartoch Eastcost Ravers Hardcore/Gabber No
832 DJ Smurf The Incredible Shitting Dog Other Yes
833 Timesplitter Dreams Hardstyle Yes
834 Drokz The Internet Terror/Speedcore Yes
835 Kai Tracid Be The Change (Kai Tracid & Andrew Benett Rework) Other No
836 SRB Canada Terror/Speedcore Yes
837 Mindestruction Drug Disaster Hardcore/Gabber Yes
838 DE-Grees dizzy Hands Up! Yes
839 Lowroller vs N3AR Crucify Hardcore/Gabber Yes
840 Miss K8 Hallucin8 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
841 SRB vs RTC Dirty bastards Terror/Speedcore Yes
842 Art of Fighters & Endymion feat. Murda Rocket Hardcore/Gabber Yes
843 Rob & Chris Die Ganze Nacht (Pimp! Code Remix) Dance/House Yes
844 Bartoch & Cyane El Chupacabra Hardcore/Gabber Yes
845 Unexist Dream Of Death Hardcore/Gabber Yes
846 Neophyte & Tieum Vulgar Display of Power Hardcore/Gabber No
847 Moka DJ Hei Dieghieto Hardcore/Early No
848 Andy Pickford Miracle Mile (Gavin G Remix) DnB No
849 Crossfiyah Vs. Decipher & Shinra Enigma Hardcore/Gabber Yes
850 Cough Drop Generation Unstable No
851 The Statik Electronic Feeling DnB No
852 rotterdam terror corps. Representing Hardcore (The Darkraver & Dj Vince Remix) No
853 Gancher & Ruin & Triamer Larum Hardcore/Gabber Yes
854 Flux Pavilion Mountains And Molehills (feat. Turin Brakes) DnB Yes
855 DJ Friction Long gone memories DnB Yes
856 Proto Bytez Falling Hardstyle Yes
857 detest every second Hardcore/Gabber Yes
858 Partyraiser Ft. Corecell That Bitch Mary Anne (Remastered 2012) Hardcore/Gabber No
859 Netsky Without You DnB Yes
860 The Punisher Bang Bastard Hardcore/Gabber No
861 Nick Skitz You Got The Love (Basslouder Remix Edit) Hands Up! No
862 In Extremo Rasend Herz Metal Yes
863 English Muffin Dum Dum Hardcore/Early No
864 Addicted Craze feat.Kevin Kelly Drinks Up To The Sky (Radio Edit) Hands Up! No
865 Javi Boss Faka Hardcore/Gabber No
866 Butterfly Effectz In Your Life Hardstyle Yes
867 Bong-Ra Catholic High School Girls in Trouble Breakcore/IDM No
868 Enduser Black Light (ft. Sol Thomas) Breakcore/IDM No
869 Adrenalize & Omegatypez Infinite Galaxy Hardstyle Yes
870 D-Block & S-Te-Fan Build This City Hardstyle Yes
871 Kay Cee Millennium Stringz Trance Yes
872 Paul Elstak ft. Blaka Pim & Ben Skeer Hakke klootzak! Hardcore/Gabber Yes
873 Paul Elstak ft Firestone Get off my back Hardcore/Gabber No
874 James Daltan / X-Ess The Damned Hardcore/Early Yes
875 James Daltan The Candle Hardcore/Early Yes
876 DJ Sim Take This Hardcore/Early Yes
877 Weirdo & DJ Sim The Kamikaze Hardcore/Early No
878 Darkraver/Vince Intelligent Hardcore Hardcore/Early No
879 G-Town Madness/Attic & Stylzz The Legacy Continues Hardcore/Gabber No
880 G-Town Madness/Attic & Stylzz Bring The Pain Hardcore/Gabber No
881 Bluezone Too Beautiful (Cixx's Happy Hardcore Version) Dance/House No
882 Tony Salmonelli Once Again (Buzz Fuzz Mix) Hardcore/Early Yes
883 DJ Anger Pussy Dynamo (Hardstyle Mix) Hardstyle No
884 Atmozfears & Energyzed Together We Are Hardstyle Yes
885 Hoodzie feat. Hyperforce Wherever You Go Hardcore/UK Yes
886 Francesco Zeta Shut up Hardstyle Yes
887 Partyraiser From The Westcoast Hardcore/Gabber Yes
888 Rammstein Keine Lust Metal Yes
889 Beatstream & Radiate Rollin' Stonah Hardcore/Gabber No
890 Madface Many Lies DnB No
891 Bong-Ra Monolith Breakcore/IDM Yes
892 Venetian Snares Welfare Wednesday Breakcore/IDM Yes
893 Dj Paul Elstak Ft. MC Ruffian Chase your dreams (intro) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
894 Danny Firestone Crosses (Leviathan RMX) Hardcore/Gabber No
895 Delirium Don't give a fuck Hardcore/Early No
896 Miradey Sayonara (CC.K Remix) Hands Up! Yes
897 Rude Awakening Uncommon Hardcore/Gabber Yes
898 The Vision Ft.Goliath Grippin` The Grain Yes
899 Titan & MC Chief Clap You Hardstyle Yes
900 Audiofreq ft. Teddy Chase Hardstyle Yes
901 Bratkilla I Love (Cough) Other No
902 Skyweep, Fullcasual & Kooka Resolution For Love DnB No
903 Coone feat Chris Madin Our fairytale Hardstyle Yes
904 Mikey Motion & Chuff Natural Born Killerz Hardcore/Gabber Yes
905 v8 watts No
906 Partyraiser Like an animal Hardcore/Gabber Yes
907 Shockwave Not This Time Hardstyle Yes
908 Crossfiyah The Devil Made Me Do It Hardcore/Gabber Yes
909 Kill Paris Falling In Love Again (Feat. Marty Rod & Alma ) Other No
910 Azrael ( ft Furries in a Blender Naughty boy Hardcore/UK No
911 halliday heartbroken Other Yes
912 Negative A Roots Boots & Prostitutes Hardcore/Gabber Yes
913 Neophyte & Nosferatu Rubberduck Hardcore/Gabber No
914 Wasted Mind Can't get enough Hardcore/Gabber No
915 Catscan Lord Of Darkness Hardcore/Gabber No
916 Weirdo & Phil Omanski One Tribes Jam (Org Ragga Mix) Hardcore/Early No
917 Cixx The Mixer Hardcore/Early No
918 Technohead Banana-na-na Hardcore/Early No
919 Buzz Fuzz Let's Get Back To The Old School Hardcore/Gabber Yes
920 The Opposites Laatste Keer Hip Hop/Rap Yes
921 Doctor Doom Skull's Crackin' Hardcore/Early No
922 Titan My Angel Hardstyle Yes
923 Massive New Krew Pulse Hardstyle No
924 Zardonic & Voicians Bring Back The Glory DnB Yes
925 Wasted Mind Reason Hardcore/Gabber Yes
926 I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] Farrda Dubstep No
927 Dougal & Gammer feat MC Whizzkid & Jenna All My Life Hardcore/UK No
928 Special D. Discoland Hands Up! Yes
929 distatix disappear Hardstyle No
930 The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 Manhunt 0 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
931 Audiofreq ft. MC Shureshock Speekaz Kikk Hardstyle Yes
932 Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War Runaway Frenchcore Yes
933 The Masochist Funky Dope Hardcore/Early No
934 Square Dimensione Baddest Mothafucker (Buzzy's Anthem Mix) Hardcore/Early No
935 The Masochist No Newstyle? Hardcore/Early Yes
936 Rotterdam Terror Corps Hardcore Slam Hardcore/Early No
937 The Pitcher & Slim Shore ft. Sam Lemay Forever Young (WISH Outdoor Anthem 2013 Hardstyle Yes
938 Concept Art We've got the world Hardstyle Yes
939 Bass Modulators The same frequence (official frequence anthem 2013) Hardstyle Yes
940 Hard Driver Came to this Hardstyle Yes
941 Hard Driver Join me in prayer Hardstyle Yes
942 Headhunterz feat. Tatu Colors Hardstyle Yes
943 ED E.T & D.T.R GOOD TIME Hardstyle Yes
944 Triax vs Predator – Forgery Forgery Hardcore/Gabber Yes
945 Phuture Noize Firepower Hardstyle Yes
946 Meccano Twins Strike Hardcore/Gabber Yes
947 warface & sasha f bring it to them raw Hardstyle Yes
948 Paris Blohm ft. Angel Taylor Presence Dance/House Yes
949 b front e high voltage - the 4th kind the 4th kind Hardstyle Yes
950 Durky Bass feat. Elsa Live At Night Hardstyle No
951 Shadow Feat. Marie Louise Spirit Of Yesterday Hardcore/UK Yes
952 Neilio ft. Ohwin WINMY Hardstyle Yes
953 DJ Gollum Feat. DJ Cap Good Stuff Hands Up! No
954 The DJ Producer Uncertain Sound Hardcore/Gabber Yes
955 Junkie Kut The 36th Hour Of Power Terror/Speedcore No
956 DJ Sirio, System 3 Frenchcore Flava Frenchcore No
957 Dark Moon Zeitreise Hardtrance Yes
958 Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Girls Hardcore/Early Yes
959 Deathmachine Descent Hardcore/Gabber Yes
960 Sonic Species Generation X Psychedelic/Goa Yes
961 Enzyme X Loyalty Hardcore/Gabber Yes
962 Enzyme X Russian Roulette Hardcore/Gabber Yes
963 Desolation La Haine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
964 Davoodi Let it All Out Jumpstyle Yes
965 Sigurt Colorful ( Indivision feat. Jett remix ) DnB No
966 Javi Boss All The Time Hardcore/Gabber Yes
967 DJ Gollum Feat. DJ Cap Good Stuff (Original Mix) Hands Up! No
968 Igneon System, X&trick Fallen Underground Soldier Hardcore/Gabber No
969 Luca Sanchez Featuring Adina Flying Love (Original Mix) Dance/House No
970 Van Dutch & Silver Nikan feat. Dee Dee It's My Life Hardstyle Yes
971 Tugie Speaker Rocker Hardcore/Gabber No
972 Delta 9 & Fiend Drag Me To Hell Hardcore/Gabber Yes
973 Sacerdos Vigilia Cortex Driller Hardcore/Gabber No
974 Rotterdam Terror Corps Feesten tot ik sterf Hardcore/Gabber Yes
975 Arzest Deadly game Hardcore/Gabber No
976 Psyclopz Take Me Away Hardstyle Yes
977 T-Junction The 4th Kind Hardcore/Gabber Yes
978 Activator Winter Song Hardstyle Yes
979 Paul Kalkbrenner Gebrunn Gebrunn Techno No
980 AniMe Hands up (feat. Tha Suspect) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
981 Daniele Mondello And Express Viviana We Are Back Hardstyle Yes
982 Blutonium Boy Feat Eric Bazilian Dancing For The Love (Vocal Club Mix) Hardstyle Yes
983 Hard Driver And Substance One Breaking Free (Sunrise Festival Anthem) Hardstyle Yes
984 Erick Decks & David Puentez feat. Lauren Neko In My Mouth (Nicky Romero remix) Dance/House No
986 [KRTM] Dirty Toys Hardcore/Gabber No
987 [KRTM] Weltmeister (Formula 98 Tribute) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
988 [KRTM] Las Vegas Horror Clubs Hardcore/Gabber No
989 [KRTM] Tanjas First Anal Hardcore/Gabber No
990 The Pitcher Who I Wanna Be Hardstyle Yes
991 F. Noize feat Glenx Superman 2012 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
992 Living Entity Life Is A Story Hardstyle Yes
993 Ran-D I Need U Hardstyle Yes
994 Angels Entity Daylight Hardcore/Gabber No
995 DJ Macho Core Suey Hardcore/Gabber Yes
996 DJ Macho Bom Bom Ravestorm Hardcore/Gabber No
997 Pulsedriver Neptuna (Galaxy Pt. II) Trance Yes
998 Stormtrooper Work That Hardcore/Gabber Yes
999 Tensor & Re-Direction From the bottom Hardcore/Gabber No
1000 Re-Style Mastermind Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1001 Tensor & Re-Direction Feat Snowflake Waiting Hardcore/Gabber No
1002 Khaoz Engine The Cursed Beast Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1003 Khaoz Engine Perpetua Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1004 Khaoz Engine Dogshit Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1005 Khaoz Engine The Destruction Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1006 KRTM & Khaoz Engine Skanque Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1007 Evil Activities & The Viper We got fire Hardcore/Gabber No
1008 KnightVision Who Is It? - Nosferatu Remix Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1009 Toneshifterz Project Afterlife (Reborn Anthem 2013) Hardstyle Yes
1010 Express Viviana Feat Natt Fly With Your Soul Hardstyle Yes
1011 Francesco Zeta ft. Sincera Lady Dirty Play (Original Mix) Hardstyle No
1012 Dj Aligator Project Feat. Blue Ice Keep Me Hanging On Dance/House No
1013 Dalora Where I Belong Hardstyle Yes
1014 The Beatcaster U Want It Hardstyle Yes
1015 D-Block & S-Te-Fan Twisted Mind Fantasy Hardstyle Yes
1016 Alan Musical Infection Hardstyle Yes
1017 Vecino The Future Hardstyle Yes
1018 Pulserz From Nowhere Hardstyle Yes
1019 Trackloaders Empire Of Oppression Hardstyle Yes
1020 Deepack C In U Hardstyle Yes
1021 Atom Believe Hardstyle Yes
1022 Mindwalker invisible Tears Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1023 The Quick Brown Fox In for more Terror/Speedcore No
1024 Slim Shore & Focuz Follow Me Hardstyle Yes
1025 Alien T I Am Not Perfect Hardcore/Gabber No
1026 DJ Obsession F'kin' Original Hardcore Sound Hardcore/Gabber No
1027 Decibel, Flowdan Skanks Other No
1028 The Vizitor (Drokz Remix) Dj Cursus Terror/Speedcore No
1029 Rotterdam Terror Corps & SRB feat. Mannenkoor Terrorspore We Keep Coming Terror/Speedcore No
1030 Humanity Force Life is A Bitch Hardcore/Gabber No
1031 Dr. Rude Burn In Hell Jumpstyle Yes
1032 NCT You DnB Yes
1033 Detonatorz Stereophonic Sound Hardstyle No
1034 Wasted Mind Become A Master Hardcore/Gabber No
1035 Porphyria Day Of Reckoning Hardcore/Gabber No
1036 The Wishmaster disease Hardcore/Gabber No
1037 Promo & D-Passion Process Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1038 DJ Laugh Feat.Chiyoko Summer RAVE Other No
1039 Goldberg Variations Whoopi Of DnB No
1040 Sinister Souls Skullsplitter DnB Yes
1041 Lowroller vs. Lenny Dee Hurricane Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1042 Tieum & Partyraiser Equipment fail Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1043 Limewax & Thrasher The Expensive Squat Party Anthem DnB Yes
1044 Age Pee Hymn Hands Up! Yes
1045 Young London Broken (Culture Code Remix) Dubstep Yes
1046 Dr Phunk feat. MC DL How we Roll Jumpstyle No
1047 Coone Colors of life Hardstyle Yes
1048 Orca Sad Movies Psychedelic/Goa Yes
1049 scathatch time Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1050 SweClubberz The Impressionist Hardstyle Yes
1051 Re-Style feat MC Tha Watcher How We Play Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1052 Wasted Mind Shut Up Hardcore/Gabber No
1053 DJ Mutante vs. DJ Plague Fuck It All Terror/Speedcore Yes
1054 Popr3b3l Can't Bring Me Down Hardstyle Yes
1055 sirio so good! Frenchcore Yes
1056 Darrien Kelly and the Stunned Guys Main Motherfuckers Hardcore/Early Yes
1057 The Empire Destitute Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1058 L.A.R.5 feat. Jai Matt All The Girls (Empyre One remix) Hands Up! Yes
1059 Magnetic Man Fire (Feat. Ms. Dynamite) Dubstep Yes
1060 Machine Code 93 Million Miles DnB Yes
1061 Decipher & Shinra Stereotypes Hardcore/UK Yes
1062 Marco Van Bassken feat Richard Oliver Holding Out (DJ THT Remix) Hands Up! No
1063 Humanity Force Life Hardcore/UK Yes
1064 D-Block & S-te-Fan, the Pitcher & DV8 Save Our Dreams Hardstyle Yes
1065 Radium Future Dope Frenchcore No
1066 Famiglias Mondellos Forever Mix Hardstyle Yes
1067 SAVOY & Heather Bright So Bad [Dubstep] Dubstep Yes
1068 Hungry Beats ft. Mathef The War Machine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1069 Audiofreq Dance 2 Music Hardstyle Yes
1070 Dream warlord vip Other No
1071 State of Mind Division Ten DnB No
1072 komarovski comming for yall Hardcore/Gabber No
1073 Angerfist Street fighter Breakcore/IDM Yes
1074 Kromestar Noiz Dubstep Yes
1075 State of Mind Barricade DnB No
1076 Zaitek Psychedelic Wasteland Hardstyle Yes
1077 Main Suspect ft. Krystal Human Kind Hardstyle Yes
1078 Omegatypez Beyond My Power Hardstyle Yes
1079 Radium Back Again for Bang (Trance Generators Mix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1080 Tatanka Don't Give Up Hardstyle Yes
1081 Proverbz Everybody Is Me Other No
1082 Promo feat. Minckz Born out of resistance Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1083 Rob Da Rhythm Shock Horror Hardcore/Gabber No
1084 Fireattack Nineteen Sixty-One Hardstyle Yes
1085 DJ Ocram Who The F... Is Chuck Norris? Hardtechno/Schranz Yes
1086 Wolf Eyes Stabbed In The Face Other No
1087 Octane & DLR Clarity (ft. Kemo) DnB No
1088 Zalkin Invasion Hardstyle No
1089 Primax feat Mc G Angel Tunnel Biznizz (G1 and Twizted Remix) Hardstyle No
1090 D-Passion Taking Back Our Rights Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1091 Goldberg Variations Shining Sleeve Of Wizard Hardcore/Gabber No
1092 Zatox & The R3belz Good & Evil Hardstyle Yes
1093 Javi Boss End Of War Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1094 Impact And Orbit1 Feat Lisa Abbott I Still Believe Hardcore/UK Yes
1095 DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap HandzUp Isn´t Dead (8 Years Technobase Hymn) (Extended Mix) Hands Up! Yes
1096 Detest Not Far Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1097 Neophyte & Tha Playah ft. Alee Timebomb Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1098 Hellsystem Devil Face Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1099 Steve Aoki, Dan Sena & Miss Palmer Omega (feat. Dan Sena & Miss Palmer) Dance/House Yes
1100 Drokz This Ain't No Disco Terror/Speedcore Yes
1101 Fracture 4 Wallflower Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1102 Fracture 4 Departure Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1103 Danitribe The Lost Tribe (Noizehead Rmx) Hardcore/Gabber No
1104 Chrono and Imperium Bass The Rager (Final) Hardcore/Gabber No
1105 Crypsis You Know Hardstyle Yes
1106 Skeets Vs. Archelix Feat. Ashley Lawson Come Closer Hardcore/UK No
1107 Ian K ft. Zoe VanWest For You (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1108 DJ Xistence Freedom Hardtrance Yes
1109 The Melodyst Keep on Flying (NeoX Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1110 Mediks ft. Astronaut Blown Away DnB Yes
1111 Endymion & The Viper Ft. FERAL is KINKY Raging In The Dancehall Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1112 Endymion & Neophyte ft. Alee I will remain Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1113 Endymion Progress Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1114 Endymion Ft. Eva Blom Save Me Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1115 The Bianca Story Dancing People Are Never Wrong Other No
1116 Hard Essence Invaders Blood Hardcore/Gabber No
1117 Dain-Ja ft. Mel Here Beside Me Hardcore/UK Yes
1118 Dj Weirdo & Dj Sim Pump That Stupid Bass (Credibility remix) Hardcore/UK No
1119 Lady Crush Ft. Sector One In My Mind Hardstyle Yes
1120 Teddy Killerz & N-Phonix Scary DnB No
1121 Dain-Ja ft. Mel Torn Open Hardcore/UK Yes
1122 Roughsketch Dollz Hardcore/Gabber No
1123 Adaro and Digital Punk Natural Born Killers Hardstyle Yes
1124 Roughsketch Face Hardcore/Gabber No
1125 Roughsketch Breaking The Rules Hardcore/Gabber No
1126 Massive Knew Krew vs Hommarju Sepia Hardtrance Yes
1127 Tuneboy Feat. Ruffian Switch Off Your Mind Hardstyle Yes
1128 Skittles Tip-i-cal-ly Other No
1129 Cat Like Thief As Leaves Fall Hardcore/UK Yes
1130 Neophyte & Tha Playah ft. MC Alee Tijdbom Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1131 MC Renegade Way of Life Hardstyle No
1132 UK Maniax Rhythm Of My Discosound Hands Up! Yes
1133 G4bby Feat. Bazz Boyz & Danny Gee Missing The Times Hands Up! Yes
1134 Refluxed Beating Of A Heart Hardstyle Yes
1135 Flawless ft. Zoe Van West Hold You In My Heart Hardcore/UK Yes
1136 Hard Driver The Place Of Mystery Hardstyle Yes
1137 Sean Apollo & The Acolyte Clonecore Hardcore/UK No
1138 Stereotype Kill or Die Hardcore/Gabber No
1139 Drokz & Day-Mar Our Song Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1140 Noize Suppressor Chainsaw Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1141 Dj Stephanie Groovin to the Beat Hardstyle Yes
1142 Wasted Mind Crypt Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1143 Tomy Or Zox feat. InGrid You Are My Desire Other No
1144 Neophyte & Promo feat. Minckz TD is YOU Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1145 Lars Palmas Hope For Revolution (Sun-X-Boyz Remix) Hardstyle No
1146 Palmas N Raven Black Edition Anthem (Sun-X-Boyz Remix) Hardstyle No
1147 Contiez ft. Treyy G Trumspta (Djuro Remix) Other No
1148 Tomcat The Original Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1149 Calyx & Teebe feat Kemo Pure Gold DnB Yes
1150 Cat Like Thief ft. Alicia Dossett All The Time Hardcore/UK Yes
1151 Ivan Carsten [Feat. Ellie] Believe (Original Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1152 Ran-D Dimensions Hardstyle Yes
1153 Tatanka Bang Beat Hardstyle Yes
1154 Black Sun Empire feat. Foreign Beggars Dawn of a Dark Day DnB Yes
1155 Sam Digitone & Bridson My Special Raver Girl Hardcore/UK Yes
1156 Mindscape & Audio Truth Hurts (ft. Stapleton MC) DnB Yes
1157 DRS Bun Ya (ft. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Chimpo, Skittles, Konny K DnB No
1158 DRS Autonomic (ft. dBridge) Other Yes
1159 Viperized Getting Closer Hardstyle Yes
1160 Komarovski Defined By death Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1161 Outforce Used To Know (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1162 Mystery Infected (Hardstyle Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1163 Xamidium iheartmydreamworld Hardcore/UK Yes
1164 Ganar & M-Soul feat. Allison Who Do You Think You Are Hardcore/UK Yes
1165 Sy & Technikore Where Were You Hardcore/UK Yes
1166 Prankster Just Music Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1167 Omar Santana Mad Creator (H2O Mix) Hardcore/Early No
1168 Megastylez Get Your Hands Up Hands Up! Yes
1169 Sergi Domene feat. Infinity DJs & Chalux Animals Dance/House No
1170 Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah feat Mc Rage Victorious Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1171 psyko punkz stream of blood Hardstyle Yes
1172 Angeldust Sky High Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1173 Negative A M.M.I.D.O.Y. Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1174 Al Storm feat Ali Heartache (Summertime Mix) Hardcore/UK No
1175 Triple Y feat. Marian Experience (Vocal Edition) Dance/House No
1176 The Anarchist do what I can't do Hardstyle Yes
1177 Rob & Chris 150 Beatz Hardstyle Yes
1178 Atlantis Hypnotism Hardstyle No
1179 Ramirez Un Minuto para Evacuar (D.A.S. Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1180 Ran-D & Zatox Hectic Hardstyle Yes
1181 Thorax Crazy Bitch Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1182 Edvika Sometimes Trance Yes
1183 Igorrr Brutal Swing Other No
1184 Igorrr Dieu Est-il Un être Other Yes
1185 Igorrr Phasme Obèse Other No
1186 Igorrr Putrefiunt Other No
1187 Darren Styles Satellite Hardcore/UK Yes
1188 Dougal & Gammer How To Save a Life Hardcore/UK Yes
1189 Alien T The Circus: Hardcore Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1190 Alien T My Mind Is Prepared Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1191 Alien T feat. MC D Make A Difference Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1192 Dougal & Gammer feat. Hannah Faulkner Knight In Shining Armour Hardcore/UK Yes
1193 Counterstrike & Paul McLaney Masterpiece DnB Yes
1194 Black Sun Empire Killing the Light feat. Inne Eysermans DnB Yes
1195 Buzz Fuzz Christmas Can Be A Bitch Sometimes Hardcore/Early Yes
1196 Love Child All Out Of Love Hardcore/Early Yes
1197 Zatox feat. The Eretik and Kendra Bitch Slap Hardstyle Yes
1198 Empyre One Moonlight Shadow 2k12 (DJ THT RMX) Hands Up! Yes
1199 Monkey Busterz Stay Hardstyle Yes
1200 Chris Unknown & Re-Con & Dj Sy Art Of Fighting (Quosh vs Twista) Hardcore/UK Yes
1201 Bang vs. Al Storm Flowers Need The Rain (Al Storm Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1202 Sugababes About You Now (Breeze & Unknown Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1203 CLSM feat Noodlez Fat Controller DnB No
1204 Daniele Mondello Express Viviana Ft. Helen Supersound Hardstyle Yes
1205 Daniele Mondello & Express Viviana Ft. Helen Love Is Around To Me Hardstyle Yes
1206 Deepack Feat. MC Lan Statement Of Noise Hardstyle Yes
1207 The Viper Get Lit Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1208 Skeets vs Hyperactive Enemyz feat. S3rl Live 4 The Rave Hardcore/UK Yes
1209 Tensor & Re-Direction Live Again Hardcore/Gabber No
1210 G-Town Madness Locked Down Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1211 Vitalic Stamina Dance/House Yes
1212 Code Black Brighter Day Hardstyle Yes
1213 Psyko Punkz Fate or Fortune Hardstyle Yes
1214 Tali vs Ed Rush Dark Days Dubstep No
1215 Bass Modulators Leave The World Hardstyle Yes
1216 Al Storm ft Taya So Much Stronger (Original mix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1217 Basslovers United Was Wollen Wir Trinken (Ti-mo) Hands Up! Yes
1218 Cc.K meets Scoon & Delore Not Gonna Save The World (Cck Mix) Hands Up! Yes
1219 Antonio & Cristiano ragga jump Jumpstyle No
1220 Defekt & Marzi Feat Mary Lou Fade Away Hardcore/UK Yes
1221 Black Sun Empire Feat Thomas Oliver & Youthstar All Is Lost DnB Yes
1222 plasmaboys ft Vortex Pimp Clap Hardstyle No
1223 2 Brothers Of Hardstyle Techno Bastard Hardstyle No
1224 Re-Con and Klubfiller Good For Me Hardcore/UK Yes
1225 Trim Notice Now (Gage remix) Dubstep No
1226 Gizmo Cocaina Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1227 DJ Paul Elstak Bad girl Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1228 Passenger Of Shit Pussy Spread Like The Rainbow Terror/Speedcore Yes
1229 OS4 hardstyle jam Hardstyle Yes
1230 The Emofukkerz Abduction Hardstyle No
1231 Special D Here I am Hands Up! Yes
1232 Sinister Souls feat. eRRe Tuh Tuh Tuh DnB Yes
1233 The R3belz feat. MC Renegade Fight 4 Existence Hardstyle Yes
1234 Drokz I'm Gonna Rock Ya Terror/Speedcore Yes
1235 Noize Suppressor Circus of Hell Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1236 David Guetta & Nicky Romero Feat Sia Wild One Two (Wildstylez Bootleg) Hardstyle Yes
1237 Al Storm ft Marie Louise Wherever I Go (Take A Step) Hardcore/UK Yes
1238 Omar Santana Bone Bastic Hardcore/Gabber No
1239 Magic D Stay With Me (7 Inch) Hardcore/Early Yes
1240 E-Force Hurricane (Hurricane Outdoor 2012 Anthem) Hardstyle Yes
1241 Hard Driver Take Me Higher Hardstyle Yes
1242 Hard Driver Faces (DJ Tool) Hardstyle Yes
1243 DJ Fistfuck Pussy Poison Hardcore/Early Yes
1244 Frontliner If You Find Hardstyle Yes
1245 Azeon Talking to the Moon Hardstyle Yes
1246 Adventure Club Ft. Krewella Rise and Fall Dubstep Yes
1247 C-Netik Judgement DnB Yes
1248 Droid No Tales Hardstyle Yes
1249 Paul Elstak & J.D.A. Stay within the family Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1250 Brennan Heart Never break me Hardstyle Yes
1251 Stantekk Rabbi Jacob (Wan Bushi Rave Remix) Breakcore/IDM No
1252 G1 & Twizted We Got TO Demonstrate Hardstyle Yes
1253 DJ Partyraiser and Corecell That bitch Marie Ann Hardcore/Gabber No
1254 Fortan 5 Heart On The Line Ambient/Chillout Yes
1255 Underhill Rivers Of Hades Dubstep No
1256 Domateck Run, Hide or Die Psychedelic/Goa Yes
1257 The Hatebusters Feat. Marlett Walls Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1258 Magic D Wishing On A Star (7" Edit) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1259 the executer & ofearia & human resource no surrender Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1260 M-3ox ft. Heidrun Beating of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix) Dance/House Yes
1261 Dustrict True Ignorance Breakcore/IDM No
1262 DNS Project feat. Johanna Timestep (Radio Mix) Trance Yes
1263 drifta love DnB Yes
1264 Decipher & Shinra No Pain Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1265 nosferatu feat tha playah fade to nothing Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1266 Douglas Jonestown Hardcore/UK Yes
1267 Star Driver Feat. Ellie Damn! (2012 Edit) Hardstyle Yes
1268 Divtech Monsters In My Pocket Are Working Around Trademarks Breakcore/IDM Yes
1269 Drop Atomik Ft. Zaeda Remodulate Hardstyle No
1270 Hardstyle Mafia Far Away From Home Hardstyle Yes
1271 A-lusion Running Scared Hardstyle Yes
1272 Ma.Bra I Wanna Know Hands Up! Yes
1273 Seven Lions Below Us Dubstep Yes
1274 Jajox Be reborne Hardstyle No
1275 Savant Feat. Qwentalis Starscream Forever (Original Mix) Dance/House Yes
1276 Digital Mystikz & Loefah Horror Show Dubstep Yes
1277 Wasteland Dr. Psycho Hardcore/Gabber No
1278 Dr Rude & Fosforic Infected Jumpstyle No
1279 Cyane Fotzen Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1280 E'voke Runaway (Jimmy J & Cru-L-T Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1281 Seb Rainbow Islands (Anon Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1282 RoughSketch No More Loop Dubstep No
1283 Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound Elevate This Sound DnB Yes
1284 Tommyknocker T-2012 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1285 Pulsedriver Slammin' (Tune Up! remix) Hands Up! Yes
1286 Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Coone ft. Lil Jon Madness Hardstyle Yes
1287 Oh My! V's OG'Z Run This Town (Dream remix) Dubstep No
1288 Speakerstyle Planet Edelweiss Dance/House No
1289 Krewella One Minute Dubstep Yes
1290 Wild Motherfuckers We Dont Care (President Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1291 Squad-E vs Dougal & Gammer You U Eye Hardcore/UK Yes
1292 Evil Activities & E-Life Free (Intro) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1293 JTS ft. Nathalie Stars Hardcore/UK Yes
1294 AL Storm & Euphony Eternal Faith Hardcore/UK No
1295 m1dy Bonus Track Hardcore/Gabber No
1296 Mario Lopez Topmodel (Crystal Lake remix) Hands Up! Yes
1297 Minamotoya feat. 野宮あゆみ Blue Sky (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK No
1298 M-PROJECT feat.JABBAWOCK TURN AROUND Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1299 kenta-v.ez. wE shouLd Not stop EvoLutioN Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1300 Noize Suppressor Push It Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1301 Frontliner Symbols Hardstyle Yes
1302 Aj Busta Dj Dangers(Toxicatorz Remix) Hardstyle No
1303 Legion Of The Lost Ft Fotho Every Day Fight Hardcore/Gabber No
1304 Al Storm feat. Malaya Every Single Night (When I Close My Eyes) Hardcore/UK Yes
1305 Gunz For Hire Bolivia Hardstyle Yes
1306 Ground Force I want you to close your eyes Hardstyle Yes
1307 Al Storm vs Last Of The Mohicans feat. Malaya Test Of Time Hardcore/UK Yes
1308 Bang! vs. Al Storm Breakin Thru Hardcore/UK Yes
1309 N-Vitral Kling Klong Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1310 Crystal Clear feat. Stapleton MC Levels DnB No
1311 Daniele Mondello ft. Natt Fucking Play Hardstyle Yes
1312 Dyewitness Masterplan (STATE OF EMERGENCY & OUTBLAST ft. mc syco remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1313 Micropoint Cumshot Frenchcore No
1314 Vazard Who I Really Am Hardstyle Yes
1315 Divtech Misery In Hayleytown Breakcore/IDM Yes
1316 Need For Mirrors feat. DRS D.F.T.F DnB Yes
1317 Round Wave Crusher Noizy tears Terror/Speedcore No
1318 TNT aka Technoboy 'n' Tuneboy & Audiofreq 3 Empty Heads Hardstyle Yes
1319 Nosferatu ft. Alee Beyond borders Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1320 Neophyte & The Viper Peace Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1321 Vazard Meltdown Hardstyle Yes
1322 Ophidian & Tapage The Machine Hardcore/Gabber No
1323 goreshit Satori De Pon! Other No
1324 Audiofreak Flohzirkus Frenchcore No
1325 Basher Scripture (feat. Xtrah & Tactical Thinking) DnB No
1326 Evil Activities Falling Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1327 Sabrepulse Purple Haze Hardcore/UK No
1328 Omegatypez ft The Vision Calling Hardstyle Yes
1329 anime a-bomb Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1330 Jimmy The Sound And Delfromad Tonight Hardstyle Yes
1331 Express Viviana Hardstyle Pussy Motherfuckers (Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1332 Alpha twins From the rain Hardstyle Yes
1333 Evil Activities & E-Life World of Madness (DefQon.1 2012 O.S.T.) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1334 Jiser Try Psychedelic/Goa Yes
1335 Crasherz Set Me Free Hardstyle Yes
1336 Lost Origin And Al Twisted Pulsating Beat Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1337 Grendel Wheels in Motion (Frau Untz Remix) Dance/House No
1338 Detest Wrong Turn Other Yes
1339 Komarovski Before a shot Hardcore/Gabber No
1340 Karen Ramirez Lies Trance No
1341 Inner Heat 2Gether Hardstyle Yes
1342 Promo The Corrupt Will Destruct Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1343 Meccano Twins Illusion (D-Passion Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1344 NoizeNation Destroy All Life Hardtrance No
1345 Headhunterz & Wildstylez Vs Noisecontrollers A World Of Madness Hardstyle Yes
1346 Lowcash feat. Gemma B. Like A Star Hands Up! Yes
1347 Master Blaster Let's Get Mad (Monday 2 Friday vs. MB Radio Edit) Dance/House Yes
1348 Outblast & Drokz Be Yourself Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1349 Exilis All About Drums Terror/Speedcore Yes
1350 Exilis Rebirth Other No
1351 Teka B Move That Butt Jumpstyle No
1352 Crystal Rock Feat. Gemma B. Dreams Alive Dance/House Yes
1353 Current Value featuring Snow Hunting Down DnB No
1354 Puls Dope Dance/House Yes
1355 Dj Antonie Ma Cherie Dance/House Yes
1356 ItaloBrothers - Pandora 2012 Pandora 2012 Dance/House Yes
1357 Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Calling (Lose My Mind) (feat. Ryan Tedder) Dance/House Yes
1358 Sun Kidz And Marhz Inc. Feat Destiny Lights Are On Hands Up! Yes
1359 Noizenecio Never Again Hardcore/Gabber No
1360 Skrillex Cinema (Francesco Zeta bootleg) Hardstyle Yes
1361 Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T The Sign Hands Up! No
1362 Philippe Rochard feat. Lady Tom Close Your Eyes Hardstyle No
1363 Subversion Suck My Dick Bitch Frenchcore Yes
1364 Virus Syndicate Talk to Frank Dubstep No
1365 Roughsketch Pink slime Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1366 The Machine & Mindcontroller - Ft. Evrae Altana The Dead Walk Hardstyle Yes
1367 The Machine & Ryfle Trashin' Hardstyle Yes
1368 DJ Paul & Firestone Sympathy For The Vandals Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1369 Scope DJ & Coone Free again Hardstyle Yes
1370 Christian Luke feat. Ameera Shine (Original Mix) Dance/House Yes
1371 AL Storm & Dj FX Angel Hardcore/UK Yes
1372 DJ Predator & Re-Style Broken Machine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1373 DJ Predator & Catscan Sonic Arrays Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1374 DJ Predator & Art Of Fighters The Experiment Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1375 Ran-D My Way (Radio Edit) Hardstyle Yes
1376 Kasparov Around The World Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1377 Mario Lopez I Believe Hands Up! Yes
1378 System Shock ft. MC Jeff The Adrenaline Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1379 Danceboy Take me away Hands Up! Yes
1380 Silver Nikan pres. Hardbangerz Rockstar baby (2012 mix) Hardstyle Yes
1381 Nitrogenetics Hit Me! (Rayden Vs. Juanma Feat. Mc Tha Watcher Chupito Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1382 Rasmus Hedegaard Baby I'm on fire Other No
1383 R.I.O. Feat. Nicco Party Shaker Dance/House Yes
1384 R. Gee & TeCay Out of the Sahara (Yanny & Analyzer Remix) Hardtrance No
1385 The Wishmaster Pandemonium Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1386 The Illusionist Groove On Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1387 Giga Dance vs. Rainy Like An Angel Hands Up! Yes
1388 N-Vitral The end of the World Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1389 Hardwell Spaceman (Headhunterz Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1390 Technoboy & Tuneboy (TNT) Ft. Ellie Promise me Hardstyle Yes
1391 Darktek Les Ptits Lutins Hardtechno/Schranz No
1392 DJ Rhythmics Memento Hardcore/UK Yes
1393 DJ Rhythmics Love Me Forever Hardcore/UK Yes
1394 Daniele Mondello ft. Natt Rock Tonight Hardstyle Yes
1395 Meagashira Troy Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1396 Mad Dog Re-Enter The Timemachine (Amnesys Re-Enter Mix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1397 Hatebusters Re-Enter The Timemachine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1398 NeoX Re-Enter The Timemachine Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1399 Frontliner Never Come Down Hardstyle Yes
1400 Hypercore ObamArmageddon Terror/Speedcore No
1401 Re-style Wasteland (Official Bassleader 2012 Hardcore Anthem) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1402 Komarovski Viva La Revolution Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1403 Anderson T I Dare U feat. Ellie (Original Mix) Hardstyle No
1404 Pradera This Moment (Original Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1405 Liquid Stranger feat. Robotti Nintendo Dubstep Yes
1406 D-Tune & Recype Set You Up Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1407 Pzyco Beat Project Nine Crimes (Original Mix) Hardcore/Gabber No
1408 Disco Cell Everybody In The Club (Let's F**k!) (Mike Nero Remix Edit) Hands Up! Yes
1409 Tommyknocker Ft. The Wishmaster Supernatural Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1410 Ray Silver Happy People Dance/House Yes
1411 Seven Lions ft. Shaz Sparx Polarized Dubstep Yes
1412 Accelarator Full Throttle Hardcore/Gabber No
1413 DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap Don't look back Hands Up! Yes
1414 Zeds Dead (ft Omar) you and i Dubstep Yes
1415 Neophyte With Drokz Voices Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1416 The Nihilist Who Cares of Me Terror/Speedcore Yes
1417 DJ FX vs Al Storm & Euphony Fading Away Hardcore/UK Yes
1418 Zatox Unite Hardstyle Yes
1419 Radium Neuroleptik Hardcore/Gabber No
1420 Penelope Take A Chance Dance/House No
1421 Soulblaster Back off Hardcore/Gabber No
1422 Javi Boss Bloody Hand Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1423 ZONE 33 BACK BREAKA Techno Yes
1424 Tuneboy Tell Me About It Hardstyle Yes
1425 Megastylez Take Back The Dancefloor (Radio Edit) Hands Up! Yes
1426 Patrick Jumpen Warface Jumpstyle Yes
1427 DisasZt & Shimon Rumours (feat. MC Coppa) DnB Yes
1428 Alex TB I Will Kill You Techno Yes
1429 Arkus P Habsucht Techno Yes
1430 Angerfist S-Type Benz Hardcore/Gabber No
1431 Counterfeit My Dungeon Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1432 The Monkey Biznizz Be Strong Hardstyle Yes
1433 Moonbeam Feat. Avis Vox 7 Seconds (Radio Edit) Dance/House Yes
1434 Moonbeam Feat. Tomomi Ukumori Secret Dance/House Yes
1435 DJ Feel & Aurosonic Feat. Ale Haze Feel (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix) Trance Yes
1436 Rockwell & Stapleton Patrol The Block DnB No
1437 Fred V & Grafix Just A Thought (Feat. Reija Lee) DnB Yes
1438 Massive New Krew feat. MC.Gangstah Colosseum Hardstyle No
1439 Ivan Carsten Lifever Hardstyle No
1440 SpectraSoul ft Terri Walker Light In The Dark DnB Yes
1441 Hybrid Minds Lost DnB Yes
1442 The Braindrillerz ACR Frenchcore No
1443 Armageddon Project Like Serpents Tears Hardcore/Gabber No
1444 Asura Like A Summer Day Ambient/Chillout Yes
1445 Atmozfears Rip The Jacker Hardstyle Yes
1446 Sabre, Stray & Halogenix Feat Frank Carter III Oblique DnB Yes
1447 Pulserz Put me on your tracklist Hardstyle Yes
1448 In-Phase Cold & Fire Hardstyle Yes
1449 Pulserz Quiet World Hardstyle No
1450 Borgore Kiss my lips Dubstep Yes
1451 Neophyte & MC Alee Grondleggers Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1452 X-Noize Gain Control (Dejavoo Rmx) Psychedelic/Goa Yes
1453 DJ Mutante Lick My Crack Remix Terror/Speedcore Yes
1454 Black Ace Slow Fraction Other Yes
1455 Counterfeit ft. MC Tha Watcher Crossed the line Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1456 Advanced Dealers Hero Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1457 Darwin Fly Away Now Hardcore/UK Yes
1458 Hard Driver World Premiere Hardstyle Yes
1459 Radium Me vs Myself (Deathmatch Mix) Frenchcore No
1460 C.M.C. Kill nazis Hardcore/Gabber No
1461 Neox Artz Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1462 Distorted Revelation Mr. Ryan Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1463 Donkey Rollers Hoodoo Voodoo Hardstyle No
1464 DJ Nighthunter It's Time Now Baby Hardstyle Yes
1465 Star Driver Celebrate The Fucking Society Hardstyle Yes
1466 Prefix & Density Locked Up Hardstyle Yes
1467 X-fly Galaxy Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1468 Juicy Cuts Volume 7 Hardcore/UK Yes
1469 Da Tweekaz ft Marion Kelly Become Hardstyle Yes
1470 DJ Ham, Demo & Justin Time (Featuring Becks) Here I Am Hardcore/UK Yes
1471 DJ Slam feat MC Charlie B Comin On Strong Hardcore/UK Yes
1472 DJ Seduction Leaving The World Behind Hardcore/UK Yes
1473 DJ Kaos & Huxley Remix Rush Hour Hardcore/UK Yes
1474 Brisk and Trixxy Euro Love Hardcore/UK Yes
1475 Monty & D'Skys featuring DJ Stompy electric love Hardcore/UK Yes
1476 DJ Force and The Evolution Perfect Dreams Hardcore/UK Yes
1477 Etienne Picard Get Up! Hardtrance Yes
1478 Cokemafia vs Russian Roulette Pussybangers Frenchcore Yes
1479 CokeMafia vs Russian Roulette Dirty Motherfuckers Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1480 Camo & Krooked Get Dirty DnB Yes
1481 DJ Stompy The Way Hardcore/UK Yes
1482 Rotterdam Terror Corps Terror Feelings Hardcore/Early No
1483 Noisecontrollers E=NC2 Hardstyle Yes
1484 Coone & Technoboy Nustyle Crap (Coone Goes Wild Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1485 Laut Sprecher Omnibus Trance Yes
1486 Accelarator Feat MC Syco Broken System Hardcore/UK Yes
1487 Noisecontrollers Unite (Vocal Edit) Hardstyle Yes
1488 Forbidden Society And Counterstrike Extreme (Current Value Remix) DnB Yes
1489 Switch Technique & Deathmachine In The Dark Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1490 Bass D & King Matthew True Legend Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1491 S.Y.S Weiber (Original Mix) Hardtrance Yes
1492 The Prophet One Moment Other Yes
1493 Rescue feat. MC Age-O & Jay-P By My Side Hardcore/UK Yes
1494 Re-Con Pull Over Hardcore/UK Yes
1495 Noize Suppressor Feat. Shamma Noise Suppressa Hardcore/Gabber No
1496 Prankster & Synthax A new Future Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1497 Miss Hysteria Worst Possible Misery For Everyone Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1498 The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly Our Definition Of The Old Style Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1499 Jahba Bush Is Pussycloth Breakcore/IDM No
1500 Philippe Rochard 2Day Hardstyle Yes
1501 Amnesys Back 2 Zero Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1502 Omegatypez Dirty Style Hardstyle Yes
1503 Code Black & Wasted Penguinz Activated Hardstyle Yes
1504 Flux Pavillion, Skism & Foreign Beggars Jump Back Dubstep No
1505 O.Nine The Apocalypse Breakcore/IDM Yes
1506 Ran-D & Frontliner Skills Hardstyle Yes
1507 Zombie Charlie DnB Yes
1508 DLF Free Hardstyle No
1509 Gunz For Hire feat. Elie Sorrow Hardstyle Yes
1510 D-Root Interaction (Lunarave Remix) Psychedelic/Goa No
1511 Angerfist Megamix 2011 Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1512 ItaloBrothers Feat Carlprit Boom Hands Up! Yes
1513 Trance Generator Presents Dj Kriss X Feat. Mc Fixout Mc's & Dj's (Original Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1514 Sharkey, Eryk Orpheus & Kevin Energy Hit Ya Hard Hardcore/UK Yes
1515 The Pitcher Let It Rain Hardstyle Yes
1516 El Grekoz Ayne (Hardstyle Mafia's Angel Of Mercy Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1517 Roughsketch samurai terrorist Hardcore/Gabber No
1518 Thomas Petersen Dreaming (Lady Tom Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1519 Skream Tweedle Dee, Tweedle DUMB! (Feat. Trim) Dubstep No
1520 Zatox & Max Enforcer It must be Hardstyle Yes
1521 Moro No future Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1522 Grandmaster Q Ft. Minka A Place To Fall Behind Hardstyle Yes
1523 Roughsketch grimm Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1524 Coone Feat. The Opposites Dom, Lomp & Famous (Qlimax 2011 Tool) Hardstyle Yes
1525 Art of Fighters Toxic Hotel Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1526 Miss Groovy & Friends Getting Back To HC (Bruno Power & DJ Nowy Rmx) Hardstyle Yes
1527 Masterflow Power To The Poeple Hardstyle Yes
1528 Jason Little Live free, die proud Techno Yes
1529 Toneshifterz Psychedelic Wasteland ((Endymion Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1530 Toneshifterz Psychedelic Wasteland (Kartel Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1531 Brisk & Fracus feat. Malaya Shine On Me (Original Mix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1532 Squad E & MC Storm Hardcore syco Hardcore/UK Yes
1533 Salami Brothers Eat That Pizza Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1534 Hardstyle Mafia Runnin' Hardstyle Yes
1535 Re-Style feat. Nikkita Assault Of The Arena Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1536 Technoboy Re-Invent Yourself Hardstyle Yes
1537 Marco Van Bassken If You Leave Hands Up! No
1538 Crystal Lake vs. Manian F.A.Q. (Extended Mix) Hands Up! Yes
1539 Angerfist Bloodrush Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1540 Toneshifterz & S-Dee Party down Hardstyle Yes
1541 Party Animals The Show Hardcore/Early Yes
1542 Arion 7 Nightmares Dubstep No
1543 Tat & Zat Reaction Hardstyle Yes
1544 Wild Motherfuckers Wildest Hardstyle Yes
1545 Nightbass Dj Team Some bass(Michael Fusseder remix) Hardtrance Yes
1546 Dutch Master Circles Hardstyle Yes
1547 Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party Antidote Dance/House Yes
1548 Melotronics Cyber Lovers (Cube Remix) DnB No
1549 The Wishmaster Dance Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1550 TNT Tritolo (2011 Refixx) Hardstyle Yes
1551 Lady Tom Freakin' Friday Hardstyle Yes
1552 Lady Tom Jack Is Back Hardstyle Yes
1553 Rotterdam Terror Corps vs Paul Elstak Demonic State (in Heaven) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1554 Coarsection Feat. Mystika All Over (Original Mix) Hardstyle Yes
1555 Angeldust Innovator Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1556 Donny Ten Tonne Hammer DnB Yes
1557 Leah Cim Shine Forever (Mikk Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1558 Nitrogenetics Intimidation (Miosa Remix) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1559 Ill.Skillz Soulshaker (Black Sun Empire Remix) DnB Yes
1560 Zardonic ft. Susiah The Last Invocation DnB Yes
1561 Counterstrike & The Panacea Zef Bass DnB Yes
1562 Logistics Flashback (With Cyantific) DnB Yes
1563 Tatanka Italia Hardstyle Yes
1564 Humanity Force Feat MC Ruffian Lost Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1565 Vinylworxx ft. Linsy Cartella Stop Lovin' You Other Yes
1566 Roughsketch Voice Of Truth Hardcore/Gabber No
1567 Roughsketch Distorted children Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1568 Belladonnakillz Yeah Hell Yeah Breakcore/IDM Yes
1569 Amplifierz Ft. DirtySoundz Sweet Music Hardstyle Yes
1570 E-Force Who The Hell Are You Hardstyle Yes
1571 Acti & Zot Wow Wow Hardstyle Yes
1572 Black Sun Empire Mutationz II DnB Yes
1573 Biometrix Running VIP Dubstep Yes
1574 Logistics Through The Looking Glass DnB Yes
1575 Headbanger vs Na-Goyah G.O.D. Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1576 MHD ft. Amine Hanine Be Free (Original Mix) Dance/House Yes
1577 Hungry Beats Mad Joy Frenchcore Yes
1578 Bastian Van Shield You're Not Alone (Kivi 'N Kava Remix) Electro/Electronic Yes
1579 Tatanka Mess Up Hardstyle No
1580 DJ Neophyte & Tieum Les Saboteurs Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1581 The House Crew All We Wanna Do Is Dance Dance/House Yes
1582 Alternative Creators The Beast Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1583 Francis Hill & Darren Styles Here Tonight Hardcore/UK Yes
1584 Main Suspect Feel Like A Bird Hardstyle Yes
1585 Art of Fighters IFTK Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1586 Moshpit Scars Other Yes
1587 Moshpit Despise Disdain Other Yes
1588 Moshpit Let The Sun Shine In Other Yes
1589 Moshpit Follow The Loser Other Yes
1590 Moshpit Souvenirs And Other Tumours Other Yes
1591 Moshpit For Now Other Yes
1592 Moshpit Sell Outs Until Death Other Yes
1593 Moshpit Teenage Anthem Other Yes
1594 Bassnectar Boombox Dubstep Yes
1595 Moshpit Hope Less Other Yes
1596 Moshpit Popular Facts Other Yes
1597 Moshpit The Recipe Other Yes
1598 Moshpit I Don't Want What I Can Have Terror/Speedcore Yes
1599 Angel Like That Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1600 Nordcore GmbH Operation Nordcore Terror/Speedcore Yes
1601 Unfite & Adrenalize The Resurrection (X Static anthem 2011 ) Hardstyle Yes
1602 Coone The Prime Target Hardstyle Yes
1603 D.E.Velopment aka Devilman Dirty Bastard Dubstep No
1604 Shekel Supanova Dubstep Yes
1605 The Opposites Licht Uit (Coone Remix) Hardstyle Yes
1606 Sub Urban Pauley Terror/Speedcore Yes
1607 Violet Vision I'm Inside Psychedelic/Goa No
1608 Kodex Unnatural Hardstyle Yes
1609 Frontliner Lose The Style Hardstyle Yes
1610 state of emergency addiction Hardcore/Gabber No
1611 Wasted Penguinz Stay Alive Hardstyle Yes
1612 X-Pander What's Up Hardstyle No
1613 lost ft. beezy snake eyes Dubstep Yes
1614 Zaitek Silence In The Sky Hardstyle Yes
1615 TNT aka Technoboy 'N' Tuneboy Vs. Kutski Sucksess Hardstyle Yes
1616 Harry Potar Le Ponk (French lyrics) DnB No
1617 DJ-Volume Spirit of Yesterday Hardstyle Yes
1618 Trick & Kubic Thinking of us ft. Daniel Agust (Club Mix) Electro/Electronic Yes
1619 Hixxy or Vinylgroover ?? Time After Time Hardcore/UK Yes
1620 Current Value For A Thousand Summers Dubstep Yes
1621 Vazard Zimmersion (Hardstyle Mafia remix) Hardstyle Yes
1622 Technical Itch ft. MC Jake Retribution (Audio Remix) DnB Yes
1623 Sy & Unknown ft. Kirsten Joy Superstar Hardcore/UK Yes
1624 Illuminatorz B.S.M. Hardstyle Yes
1625 Sy & Unknown My Forever Love Hardcore/UK Yes
1626 Cutline Die for you Electro/Electronic Yes
1627 Brennan Heart & Wildstylez Lose My Mind Hardstyle Yes
1628 The Viper & Evil Activities Highest Ace Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1629 SiebZehn Bangalore And Beyond Ambient/Chillout Yes
1630 Alex Megane Stars Hands Up! Yes
1631 Example Never Had a Day Dubstep Yes
1632 Archelix Tonight's The Night - Desire (S3RL Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1633 E-Logic & DNA Kick Your Legs Hardcore/UK Yes
1634 Harry Potar Slightly Little Small Rocks Frenchcore Yes
1635 DJ Mutante Use Your Tongue Frenchcore Yes
1636 Harry Potar Soft Core Frenchcore No
1637 Harry Potar Love Goat Frenchcore Yes
1638 psyko punkz coca cola Hardstyle Yes
1639 Mr. Sinister & Triax Exposing the Truth Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1640 Slyze Saxobeat Hardstyle Yes
1641 Mekanika feat. Hellsystem Reborn Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1642 The Anarchist Outrageouz Hardstyle Yes
1643 The Bosebreaker I Hate French Friez Terror/Speedcore No
1644 Intensive Care Hardcore Avenue Hardcore/Gabber No
1645 goreshit Pirupi! Fuck!! Breakcore/IDM No
1646 Fun Factory Close To You Dance/House Yes
1647 Dj NightHunter & DKaito Feat. Alex The Greatest Story Never Told Hardstyle No
1648 Nico & Tetta Born In Florida Hardcore/Gabber No
1649 Wantedonez Ft. Niels Hereijgers Watch Out Hardstyle Yes
1650 Lady Tom Eyes of Love Hardstyle Yes
1651 Masters Of Noise vs The Beat Controller ft MC Tha Watcher Global Victory (Army of Hardcore Anthem 2010) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1652 Wildpitcherz Clear your mind Hardstyle Yes
1653 FFF Tek Back Na Talk Breakcore/IDM No
1654 DeeJane Kim Bonnie & Clyde Hardstyle No
1655 Kollektiv Turmstrasse Addio Addio Ambient/Chillout Yes
1656 London Elektricity Fault Lines feat. Elsa Esmeralda DnB Yes
1657 London Elektricity Love The Silence (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) DnB Yes
1658 Pysko Punkz No Fear Hardstyle Yes
1659 Brennan Heart Just As Cheesy (Knock Out 2011 Edit) Hardstyle No
1660 Stan SB Tears in Rain DnB Yes
1661 Stan SB Been Going DnB No
1662 Stereotuners Bass Control Hardstyle Yes
1663 Klaas Im Free Dance/House Yes
1664 Triax & Nexes Divine breed Hardcore/Gabber No
1665 Neelix Toxic Evolution Psychedelic/Goa Yes
1666 Meccano Twins Illusion Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1667 The Leathernecks Dogshit Terror/Speedcore No
1668 Omi Mythology Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1669 Frontliner & Max Enforcer We Forgot To Live Hardstyle Yes
1670 Coone ft Nikkita Monstah Hardstyle Yes
1671 Mistabishi Falling in Love DnB Yes
1672 Redvious Broken Hardstyle Yes
1673 Infidus Hyperspeed Techno No
1674 DJ Tatana Words Trance Yes
1675 H2K Summermelody (Original Mix) Hands Up! Yes
1676 D-Block & S-te-fan Show Me The Way Hardstyle Yes
1677 Negative A Spiteful Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1678 Atmozfears & Lady Faith Pleasure & Pain Hardstyle Yes
1679 Noisia Shellshock DnB Yes
1680 Re-Style Renovation Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1681 Pulserz Butterfly Effect Hardstyle Yes
1682 Novamode I Want Your Love Hands Up! Yes
1683 Mr. X & Mr. Y Global Players Other No
1684 Michael Mansion I'm The One (Deejaybee Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1685 Chrono Gun in your Face Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1686 Kryptic Minds feat. Alys Be Time Flies Dubstep Yes
1687 Crime Lab Sex Crime Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1688 Ambassador Inc. Acoustic Detail Hardstyle Yes
1689 Chrono & The Demon Dwarf Failing Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1690 Dj Аceton Fuck Me Koloboc Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1691 Chrono & The Demon Dwarf Hosselaars Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1692 dj mad dog feat. mc mouth of madness the core Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1693 Forbidden Society Dull Flame Of Desire DnB Yes
1694 Technoboy Vanilla Sky Hardstyle Yes
1695 Parasence My Turn Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1696 E-Force Ft. MC. DL Passion for Life Hardstyle Yes
1697 Wawa Jukebox Dance/House Yes
1698 Stormtrooper Sweet Poisonous Lips Hardcore/Early Yes
1699 Avex Techno Radio FM (Radio Version) Hardstyle No
1700 ValkyR Calvaire Dubstep Yes
1701 David Vendetta Vs. Luciana Make Boys Cry Electro/Electronic Yes
1702 SubVibe & Fuzion 30 Million (Fracx Remix) Dubstep Yes
1703 FFF Run for cover Breakcore/IDM No
1704 Zany & dv8 World On Fire Hardstyle Yes
1705 Alan Connor Stone Cold [Beltek Club Mix] Trance Yes
1706 sidney samson 1001 nights (emporium blue anthem) Dance/House Yes
1707 Pixel Fist Night Breed Other Yes
1708 AirJ & T-Psy Area 13 (Gancher & Ruin Remix) DnB No
1709 DJ Paul Elstak Boom Boom (Whoo) Hardcore/Early No
1710 Roughsketch Cork Out Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1711 Da Tweekaz P.A.P (People Against Porn) Hardstyle Yes
1712 Dave Darell Keep Your Hands Up Dance/House Yes
1713 The Prisoner Back up (HC Tool) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1714 Proff feat. Gliss I'll Try (Louder Dale Remix) Trance Yes
1715 Hixxy There When You Fall Hardcore/UK Yes
1716 Headhunterz Doomed Hardstyle Yes
1717 Absurd Here To Chill Dance/House Yes
1718 Mutated Forms (ft Jenna G) - Last Time DnB Yes
1719 Fexomat and Sumone 2 Much Beer Makes Me Gypsy Breakcore/IDM Yes
1720 DSC Runaway Step Other No
1721 I:Gor Too Hot Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1722 Prankster Blood & Tears Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1723 Basslovers United Forever Is Over (Original Radio Edit) Dance/House Yes
1724 Desnar 2H2H Other Yes
1725 Technical Itch The Cleansing Fire Other Yes
1726 Interrupt Vector vs DJ Plague Crush A Man To Death Other Yes
1727 Breakage feat. Donaeo Speechless Other Yes
1728 Figure Cut Throat (Original Mix) Other Yes
1729 Showtek F*ck the system Other Yes
1730 Wedlock I'm the fuck you man Other Yes
1731 Micropoint Crackpipe Other Yes
1732 Morgan Page Fight For You Other Yes
1733 Dj Ezteq Follow Quickly Other Yes
1734 Igneon System vs. Homeboy Like A Criminal Hardcore/Gabber No
1735 Tantra Passion In The Sky Other No
1736 AleX Tune Frequencies Other Yes
1737 Stress feat Jaba Vers La Lumiere (Remady Remix) Electro/Electronic Yes
1738 Endymion Ft. Warren Morris & Run Riddium No More Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1739 Lenny Dee vs. Satronica Freedom Hardcore/Gabber No
1740 Fausto & Tommy Pulse Melancholika Other Yes
1741 G And G Beautiful Day Other Yes
1742 Section Grabuge Policia Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1743 Psyko Punkz Tony Heb Jij Je Masker Op (Sterretje Dit) Hardstyle No
1744 Headhunterz & Zatox ft Nikkita The Perfect Weapon Other Yes
1745 Morten Berg & Ramp Gag Track Hardstyle No
1746 Satronica Life Blood Pain Death Other Yes
1747 TrolleyBus Rollin Breakcore/IDM Yes
1748 Headhunterz vs Psyko Punkz Disrespect Other Yes
1749 The Speedfreak Body Rock Other Yes
1750 DJ Marc La Cruz Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced Mix) Other Yes
1751 Techdiff Eat Drink Fuck Breakcore/IDM No
1752 Babylon Disco I Fucking Hate Myself Other Yes
1753 Bad Matter & Scary Fujiko DnB Yes
1754 Promo & D-Passion Omnifuck Other Yes
1755 Jack Of Sound & Titan Midnight Freaks Other Yes
1756 Crypsis & DJ Thera Pulling The Trigger Other Yes
1757 Kodex Insomnia (The Machine Remix) Other Yes
1758 Sy & Al Storm Do You Love Your Hardcore? Other Yes
1759 2 Damn Tuff Ruff Muff Other Yes
1760 Orbit1 Feat. MC Enemy Don't Stop Hardcore/UK Yes
1761 Chuckie We Can't Hear Anybody Out There Dance/House No
1762 Mastiksoul Taking Me Hi (Bingo Players Remix) Other Yes
1763 Tiga You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) Other Yes
1764 Nari & Milani And Cristian Marchi Feat. Luciana I Got My Eye On You (Chuckie Remix) Other Yes
1765 Rob & Chris Eskalation Other Yes
1766 Code Black Visions Hardstyle Yes
1767 Angry Tolerance ft Mary B and MC Ruud Predator Hardcore/Gabber No
1768 M.C.Sar vs. DJ Dee Pump Up The Jam - Rap '98 Dance/House No
1769 Gabry Ponte Sexy DJ [In Da Club] (Feat. Maya Days) (Radio Edit) Other Yes
1770 Warp Brothers Blast The Speakers (Advanced 7" Mix) Other No
1771 Mutante Fuck You Terror/Speedcore Yes
1772 Dansette Junior It's Unreal (Zed Bias Remix) Other Yes
1773 DJ Scotty Don't Stop the Party Other Yes
1774 Euphoria Feat. MC Wotsee Echo Of Heaven Hardcore/UK Yes
1775 Feed Me ft. Tasha Baxter Strange Behaviour Other Yes
1776 Killaheadz Teodor Fest Anthem (original mix) Hardstyle Yes
1777 Go Mental "Died In Your Arms Tonight" Other Yes
1778 External Circles (Extended Version) Other Yes
1779 Trancehistory Doo Dey Other Yes
1780 Lady Star Love & Fantasy Other Yes
1781 Da Tweekaz Voodoo Other Yes
1782 Jeany Kiss & Van Snyder Don't Leave Me Alone (Mikesh & H-X-T Remix) Hands Up! Yes
1783 Zatox Another Level Other Yes
1784 Dave! speedsh1t Other Yes
1785 Proto X Fucking pussy Other Yes
1786 Stealth Love, Life & Happiness (Brisk's Mix) Other Yes
1787 Toecutter I milk myself Other Yes
1788 Bonehead Lovesong Other Yes
1789 TNT First Match (TNT 2011 Remix) Other Yes
1790 Hellsystem The Doctor Other Yes
1791 Komprex Worship The Prankster Frenchcore Yes
1792 B-Front & Alpha² Liberate Other Yes
1793 Placid K Destination (Catscan RmX) Other Yes
1794 Alpha Twins Let It Go Other Yes
1795 Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe Wanderland Other No
1796 Fenix & Fosforic Catch Ya Breath Other Yes
1797 Hardstruction Lost Other Yes
1798 The Pitcher Ain't Nobody Other Yes
1799 Wildstylez & Ran-D Future Shock Other Yes
1800 Wasted Penguinz Follow Your Dreamz [Preview] Other Yes
1801 Subversion Wrong Other Yes
1802 Noizefucker Don't Come Any Closer Other Yes
1803 Slammer & Auscore The Way (DS Remix) Other Yes
1804 Dj Juanma Volume To The Max [Preview] Other Yes
1805 Wasted Mind Enemies Other Yes
1806 Groove Coverage Angeline Other Yes
1807 Format:B Gospel (Original mix) Other No
1808 Nitrogenetics Tunnel Vision Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1809 Subsonik & Drifta feat. Kaytee Turn The Page DnB No
1810 The Genesis Projection Eruption Other Yes
1811 ATB & Amurai ft Melissa Loretta Heartbeat Other Yes
1812 Psyko Punkz Left With The Wrong Other Yes
1813 Max B. Grant Like A Movie Star Other Yes
1814 Borgore rub a dubstep Dubstep No
1815 High Rankin meow meow Other Yes
1816 Exaile What's Really Good Psychedelic/Goa No
1817 Highlander Last Forever Other Yes
1818 DJ Bike Vs. The Destroyer Gabber Fight (Destroyer Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
1819 Coone ft. Ambassador Inc A Moment Of Creation Other Yes
1820 Coone Universal Language Other Yes
1821 Coone ft. B-front Crossin' over Other Yes
1822 Coone ft Da Tweekaz D.W.X. Other Yes
1823 Kito & Reija lee Sweet Talk Dubstep Yes
1824 Nexes Playing My Cards Other Yes
1825 Angerfist The Passages Other Yes
1826 Sash! Stay Other Yes
1827 Saccoman Inspiration Trance Yes
1828 Abyss & Judge Get it Right Other Yes
1829 Ruffneck & Miss Twilight The Cursed Hardcore/Gabber No
1830 Masters of Noise ft. MC Tha Watcher Far Away Other Yes
1831 D-Morphian Dirty Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1832 m1dlet Jausmas Kai Žudai Other Yes
1833 Dj Promo The Strength Behind The Pride Other Yes
1834 DJ Mad Dog A Night of Madness Other Yes
1835 Figure Aliens Other Yes
1836 Mustard Pimp Bettle Gum Other Yes
1837 Accelerator & Rudeboy Insolent Other Yes
1838 State of emergency Our Remedy Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1839 State of emergency Crack it Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1840 Jens-o I bet you dont Other Yes
1841 Marshal B Come togheter when i dream Other Yes
1842 Sunbeam DREAMS Other Yes
1843 Ronald Van Gelderen Backstabberzz Trance Yes
1844 DJ Sharpnel Ktn Gtr Terror/Speedcore No
1845 Michael Mansion feat. Alina & Reese Real love (Reese's Duet Mix) Other Yes
1846 Laurent Wery Feat. Swift K.I.D. (Original Mix) Hey Hey Hey Other No
1847 The Destroyer Streetfuckers Terror/Speedcore No
1848 Xtasea Superhero (Darwin Remix) Other Yes
1849 Promo Toolz Of War (Ode To Suckerz) Other Yes
1850 DJ Devil The Devil Inside Me Other No
1851 Don Diablo Useless(Original Mix) Other No
1852 Addicted Craze feat. The Circus Path To Paradise (Deep Angels Remix) Other Yes
1853 Ill Logic & Raf Turnaround Other No
1854 Greenville Massive What A Wonderful Place Other Yes
1855 Mark With A K It's A Dream Other Yes
1856 Bass Modulators Keep On Rockin Other Yes
1857 Skrillex ft. Bare Noize & Foreign Beggars Scatta (Original Mix) Other Yes
1858 DJ Promo I Hear ya Comin Other Yes
1859 Outblast & Angerfist Odious Other Yes
1860 Borgore Sex Instructions Dub Other Yes
1861 Brand New Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Other Yes
1862 Morten Breum feat. Sisse Marie Every Time (You Look At Me) Other Yes
1863 The Prophet Can't Take No More Other Yes
1864 A-Drive Jesus (Brian Nrg's holy remake) Other Yes
1865 Unexist Bodybag Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1866 Negative A 2 Much Hate Other Yes
1867 Noisecontrollers Gimme love Other Yes
1868 Digital Punk Feat. Noisecontrollers Blue Horizon Other Yes
1869 Bassnectar Hot Right Now Other Yes
1870 State Of Mind Sun King DnB Yes
1871 The Prophet Smells like hardstyle Other Yes
1872 Josh & Wesz Devotion Other Yes
1873 Acitivator presents Jim Noize Dedicated (medley inspiration) Other No
1874 Enduser Fuck Up The System Breakcore/IDM No
1875 Flarup & Vincente One More Time El Viento Other Yes
1876 DJ Ezteq A Word Unsaid Other Yes
1877 Soraya Vanity (Cc.K meets Blunatix Remix) Other No
1878 Imperio Dans Van Drunkards Other Yes
1879 D-Block & S-te-fan Loopmachine Other Yes
1880 Javi Boss Mr. Black Hardcore/Gabber No
1881 Nitrogenetics Vs. Rayden No Heroes Other Yes
1882 Thorax The Future Other Yes
1883 Ebe Company Electronic Kisses (2005 Original) Other No
1884 Another Night Another Rave Otto Von Schirach Other No
1885 Javi Boss Realtime Other Yes
1886 Ambassador Inc. The Downside Other Yes
1887 Olien Ozeanic Other Yes
1888 89ers Jump With Me Other Yes
1889 frequencerz x-pand Other Yes
1890 Gigi & Fallout feat. Giant We Don't Give A Fuck Other Yes
1891 DJ THT Feat Auzern Here We Are Other Yes
1892 Wedlock vs Comababy Void Sector (Chapter 08, Solitude by Ophidian) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1893 Al Storm ft Katie Jewels Never Alone Other Yes
1894 Burn Soldier Hunt of the Splitterz Other Yes
1895 Dozer Only Me Hardstyle No
1896 Dozer My Vision Hardstyle No
1897 Kodex Heroes Of Hardstyle Other Yes
1898 Stee Wee Bee Feat Snyder And Ray Leaving Other Yes
1899 Manglor Fuck The Law Other No
1900 Darius and Finlay feat. Nicco Till Morning Other Yes
1901 Abyss & Judge vs NitrouZ Insane Other Yes
1902 Fade & Bananaman Dream Surprise Other Yes
1903 Haze & Dudlee feat. Rowena Dream Surprise (S3RL Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
1904 Headhunterz Hard Is The Message Other Yes
1905 Sequent Industry Feat JD Jupiter With You Other No
1906 Re-Style Too Much Liquor Hardcore/Gabber Yes
1907 Morgan Page (feat Jan Burton) I've Had Friends (Jean Elan Remix) Other Yes
1908 Bioweapon WUW4 Other Yes
1909 Hardstyle Mafia Hellhound Other Yes
1910 MG Traxx Burn This City (Extended Mix) Other Yes
1911 HitlerButtSecks I FOOKING HAyTE PIKEYS Other Yes
1912 Breeze v UFO & Lost Witness Love To The Stars Hardcore/UK Yes
1913 Tale & Dutch Love Life Other Yes
1914 D.O.M. vs The Destroyer Our Game (Original mix) Other No
1915 Triax & Deathfall Anger Other Yes
1916 TC & MC Jakes Swerve DnB No
1917 Eufeion Love Story Other Yes
1918 Aron Setha Dancin' Other Yes
1919 GSDX Loose This Feeling (Breeze Remix) (feat. Scandal) Other Yes
1920 Illuminatorz We Strike Back Other Yes
1921 Wizeguy ft. Kimiko Never Free Other Yes
1922 B-Front Inner Creativity Other Yes
1923 Prowler Falling Down Other Yes
1924 Sy & Unknown Love Song (feat. JT) Other Yes
1925 Heatzone Feat. MC Da Syndrome We Sail The Seas Other Yes
1926 Xol Dog 400 Der Strafer Other Yes
1927 Hixxy Don't Feel Like Love Other Yes
1928 Ran-D & Adaro Gangsters Don't Dance Other Yes
1929 Headhunterz & Brennan Heart MF Point Of Lento Other Yes
1930 ziki vs intersys feat ella lost in tokyo Psychedelic/Goa No
1931 Auscore feat. MC Age-O Till The End (Elzy vs. Rescue Remix) Other Yes
1932 Tieum & Ophidian De La Rue Hardcore/Gabber No
1933 Alex De Vito Por Causa Do Amor Other Yes
1934 Elena Ghoerghe Disco Romancing Dance/House Yes
1935 Csabi The Chain Other No
1936 Shah Commandments (10 Gebote) Other No
1937 D-Block & S-te-fan Underground Tacticz Other Yes
1938 Kodex Weekend Other Yes
1939 Radium Only A Test (GiGi Lav Remix) Other Yes
1940 The spead Freak Nukem Now Other Yes
1941 Re-Con & Klubfiller Raggamuffin Hardcore/UK Yes
1942 DNME Blaze It Up (OFTM Mix) Other Yes
1943 S.R.B Bodybag Other Yes
1944 SRB Hydraulic Power Unit Other Yes
1945 The R3bels Music To Us [Preview] Other Yes
1946 Dream Dance Alliance Snowflakes Other Yes
1947 Satronica Shivered Hardcore/Gabber No
1948 The Wishmaster Revolution Other Yes
1949 Ron:Bon:Beat Project Supernatural Other Yes
1950 R.I.O. Like I Love You (Extended Mix) Other Yes
1951 S-Factor Feat Seraina Play Other Yes
1952 Machineheard Defcon 5 Other Yes
1953 D-Code Who Are You (Squad-E Remix) Other Yes
1954 Evil Activities & Endymion Feat E-Life Broken Other Yes
1955 Basshunter Russia Privjet Other Yes
1956 Angernoizer Only Way To Hell Other Yes
1957 Predaking Fristajlo (Hardcore Remix) Other Yes
1958 Serge Devant feat. Hadley Addicted (Club Mix) Other Yes
1959 D-block & S-te-fan War cuz I'm hard 2010 Other Yes
1960 Vinganza vs Perfect 10 Our Turn (Phrantic remix) Hardstyle Yes
1961 Fenix Six Days Other Yes
1962 Satronica Blood On Fire Hardcore/Gabber No
1963 Dj Starscream Diss-Spirit Other No
1964 Promo Welcome to the terrordome Other Yes
1965 Talay Riley Sergeant Smash (Roksonix Remix) Other Yes
1966 Donkey Rollers Immortal Other Yes
1967 Nitrogenetics My enemy Hardcore/Gabber No
1968 Chase And Status ft. Liam Bailey Blind Faith Other Yes
1969 Carnifex One Day Other Yes
1970 Ambassador Inc. Hit you with the bombs Other Yes
1971 Crystal Lake Vs Commercial Club Crew I Walk Alone Other Yes
1972 Vulcan Gonna Get You Other Yes
1973 Loffciamcore Ballada O Psie Z Filmu Porno Other Yes
1974 D-Block & S-te-fan Rockin' Ur Mind Other Yes
1975 Headhunterz and Wilstylez & Noisecontrollers Tonight (Qlimax Edit) Other Yes
1976 Darkcontroller Copkiller Other Yes
1977 Pavelow Guerrilla Other Yes
1978 Flarup & A-Wak Off Your Bass Other Yes
1979 Technoboy Next Dimensional World (Qlimax 2010 Vocal Edit) Other Yes
1980 Javi Boss Bandyk Other Yes
1981 The Destroyer Delete The Pain Terror/Speedcore No
1982 The Destroyer Here No Melody Other Yes
1983 Zatox Irriplacable Other Yes
1984 Re-Con Torn Apart Other Yes
1985 Jason Born One Shot Other Yes
1986 FFF Murder Other Yes
1987 Jozhy K feat Angel Perfect Woman (Original Mix) Other Yes
1988 DJ Smurf Exposure king Other No
1989 Outblast Eardrumz (Kutski & Bioweapon Remix) Other Yes
1990 Movetown Round N Round (Extended Mix) Other Yes
1991 Brooklyn Bounce vs Megastylez MegaBounce (Original Club Mix) Other Yes
1992 Satan The Left Hand Path Other No
1993 EyeMJR Stoere Jongens Other Yes
1994 Psyko Punkz vs Coone Dirty Soundz Other Yes
1995 DJ Sharpnel Lolit Speed Terror/Speedcore No
1996 Earfist ft. R1 Mainstyle Whore Other Yes
1997 Deepack and Luna Party Animal Other Yes
1998 Angerfist & Crucifier Naked Bodies Other Yes
1999 Cyclon-Z Dirty Shit (Full Force Remix) Other Yes
2000 Joshua Hiroshy Gitano Other Yes
2001 The Pitcher Sky Rocket Other Yes
2002 D-Code Make You Love Me (Squad-E remix) Other Yes
2003 Hixxy Million Miles Other Yes
2004 The Machine Times Like These (Test Mix) Other Yes
2005 Damien K Pump Up Other No
2006 Jappo your mom Hardcore/Early No
2007 Chris Van Dutch Meets Massmann Happy Ending Other Yes
2008 Kodex Nucleic Acid Other Yes
2009 Dj Paul Elstak vs. Mainframe Jerk Other Yes
2010 Zany (Brennan Heart Remix) Pure Other Yes
2011 Tritonal feat. Christina Soto Let Solitude Other Yes
2012 Bes & Cobalt Human (Sevent Remix) Other Yes
2013 Ron Van Den Beuken Far Away Other No
2014 The Machine Vicious Tones Other Yes
2015 Wasted Penguinz Din Mamma 2010 Other Yes
2016 Future Trance United Face 2 Face Other Yes
2017 Rocco And Bass-T Players In A Frame Other Yes
2018 Mark Young & Derek Jones Dust Till Dawn Other Yes
2019 Kodex Cold Earth Other Yes
2020 Inferno Bros. Slaves to the Rave (Neophyte Remix) Hardcore/Early No
2021 I:Gor 4 My Soldiers Other Yes
2022 Donny & Current Value Nightmare Man Breakcore/IDM Yes
2023 Team of Darkness Smell like the core Other Yes
2024 Catscan vs Predator Fire & Ice Other Yes
2025 Kayem Vs. El Grekoz Dance Like A Pro (Da Tweekaz NES Mix) Other Yes
2026 Megaband The Fans Other No
2027 chrono Murder Other Yes
2028 Art Of Fighters Im Your Enemy Other Yes
2029 Bioweapon Bass Power Other Yes
2030 Evol Intent Smoke And Mirrors (feat Aaron Bedrad Of Bane) DnB No
2031 Eskimo Time To Get Serious (Brazil Remix) Other Yes
2032 Void Energize (Eskimo Remix Part 1) Psychedelic/Goa No
2033 Mt Eden Dubstep & Khadafi Dub Water Other No
2034 Digital Punk and Waverider Death Sentence Other Yes
2035 Sun X Boyz Narcotica (Hansebanger Remix) Other Yes
2036 Noisecontrollers Electrique (Noisecontrollers Dj Tool ) Other Yes
2037 The Pitcher Trigger Other Yes
2038 BLG Song For The Lonely Other No
2039 Suae & Pulsar About You Other Yes
2040 Andrew Spencer And Daniel Slam No Soul Other Yes
2041 DJ Ezteq M.I.C. Other Yes
2042 Plastic Voice Los Niños Del Parque (Gary D. Destruct Remix) Other Yes
2043 Dana Unendlichkeit Other Yes
2044 Showtek Breakbeat Junkie Other Yes
2045 DJ Gollum Get On The Floor (Original Mix) Other Yes
2046 Max Detune Jeszcze Tu Kurwa Wrócimy Other Yes
2047 Imogen Heap 2-1 (Murdok remix) Other Yes
2048 Faithless Scandalous Other No
2049 Negative A & Counterfeit Hypnotize The Weak Other Yes
2050 Pixel & Wrecked Machines Weekend (Eskimo vs CPU Remix) Other Yes
2051 Magnetic man I need air Other Yes
2052 Nasenbluten Cunt Face Other Yes
2053 Ilsa Gold Up Other Yes
2054 S3RL Feat. Kimberley Middle Of The Night Other Yes
2055 Highlander Ruffneck (Bass-D and King Matthew Remix) Other No
2056 Cally & Juice Ctrl Alt Del Other No
2057 Fatboy slim Slash Dot Dash Other Yes
2058 Niggor Terror Squad Sup Dawg, We Herd You Like Random Songs, So We Put Randomness In Other Yes
2059 Feita & Ralfio aka Activator & Zatox Uocciu Fink Other Yes
2060 Acti & Zot Un Disco Per L'estate 2010 Other Yes
2061 Da Tweekaz Hook My Mic Up Other Yes
2062 Accelarator & Radiate Pumping Beats Hardcore/Gabber No
2063 DJ Nosferatu Leave Me Forever In The Dark (Project Hardcore 2010 Anthem) Other Yes
2064 Bondy Feat. Marie Louise Rise and Fall Other Yes
2065 Paul Elstak ft. Firestone & Ruffian Proud 2 B Hardcore Other Yes
2066 Technoboy Catfight Other Yes
2067 S3RL In My Life Other Yes
2068 A.M.D.A Fuck The Rails Other Yes
2069 m.c.hughier babe unarmed and dangerous Other No
2070 ODYSSEY, MODULATE & PETRUCCIO Stairway to Heaven Other Yes
2071 Deepack and Josh & Wesz Durty 7 Other Yes
2072 Nitrouz City Bitch Other Yes
2073 Noize Suppressor Movin' quickly Hardcore/Gabber No
2074 Infected Mushrooms Riders On The Storm Other Yes
2075 Promo Hunger Hardcore/Gabber No
2076 Engine ft. Lena Cullen Earz Experiment Other Yes
2077 Ophidian Abandon Other Yes
2078 Flux Pavilion Digital Controller Other Yes
2079 Loffciamcore & Dj Basler Piosenka Radiotelegrafisty Other Yes
2080 Soap Happy Tunes Other Yes
2081 Satronica The Gift of Fire Hardcore/Gabber No
2082 Rayden Fly Away (Nitrogenetics Remix) Other Yes
2083 Endymion & Nosferatu feat MC Ruffian Not Afraid Other Yes
2084 [Distatix] Disappear Other No
2085 [Distatix] Deceased Other Yes
2086 [Distatix] Maquinas Other No
2087 Sweetmad Monday Other No
2088 [Distatix] Nightmare Other No
2089 [Distatix] Medication Other Yes
2090 Distatix Regenerate Other Yes
2091 Loffciamcore Rozstrzelać W Pizdu Wszystkich Other Yes
2092 Dj Basler Oddawaj Piwo Other Yes
2093 Endymion We Are The Future (Remix) Other Yes
2094 Kode 9 & The Spaceape Victims Other No
2095 Prolific This Is for My Hustlas (feat. Cojaxx and Planetary) (SPKTRM Remix) DnB No
2096 Angry Tolerance Ft Mary B & Mc Ruud Revolt Your Mind (Nitrogenetics Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
2097 Al Storm feat. Malaya It's over (original mix) Other Yes
2098 Lord Of Sp33d Lau We Shit (Dave! Remix) Other Yes
2099 Nicola Fasano No Wasted Hearts vs. Ultra Nate Other Yes
2100 The Speed Freak Auggie's Bass Other Yes
2101 The Speed Freak Puppetmaster (Absurd Audio Version) Other Yes
2102 Wavolizer Gender Divide Other Yes
2103 Mental Miracle After The Storm (Schwarzende Remix) Hardstyle No
2104 Matt Luminate Feat. MC Whiskey Emcees & Deejays (S3RL Remix) Other Yes
2105 The R3bels Bionicle Other Yes
2106 Satronica Absolute Power Other Yes
2107 Rampant & Obie VS Darwin & Ant Johnson Twice Around The Moon Other Yes
2108 Psyko Punkz Feel The Rhythm Other Yes
2109 Neophyte Live & Loud (Neophyte & Tha Playah's Loud Mix) Other Yes
2110 Virus Factory In the World Other Yes
2111 Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows Typhoon Dubstep No
2112 Obsessiv ft Sophia May I Will Never Give You Up (Bellatrax Summer Mix) Other Yes
2113 Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado Down To Love Other Yes
2114 Zatox ft. Sarah Maria Can't hold us back Other Yes
2115 X-RX Push it! Other Yes
2116 L.A.O.S. Fire on Water Other Yes
2117 Gasmask 71 Angel's bloodbath Other No
2118 Korsakoff Away Other Yes
2119 Korsakoff About You Other Yes
2120 Felguk Feat. Sporty O 2nite Other No
2121 D&S Pussy on the Floor (Frahm and Becks Porno Remix) Other No
2122 Lost Origin Ready or Not (Headbanger remix) Other Yes
2123 Mike NRG Lost In Dreams (Masters Of Ceremony Remix) [Preview] Other Yes
2124 Too Small Cold Bustin' Other Yes
2125 The Prophet Elites Other Yes
2126 3 Steps Ahead Believe In Me Other Yes
2127 Club X Don't Deny The Beat Other Yes
2128 La Roux In For The Kill (Tristan Ingram & Black Russian Festival Edit) Other Yes
2129 Atmozfears Wise Other Yes
2130 D-Mind vs. Wavolizer Identify (Original Mix) Other Yes
2131 Lichtenfels Kill The Silence Other Yes
2132 The Streets In The Middle (Nero Remix) Dubstep No
2133 DJ D Darknesia Other Yes
2134 Heptotrocitron Breakin' the law Other Yes
2135 DJ Smurf Fuck Me Geordie Other Yes
2136 Joint Forces Feat. Jah Mason Here Comes The Morning Other No
2137 Rob & Chris Wahnsinn (Rob Mayth vs. Chris Jump Remix) Other Yes
2138 Marshall Masters Ft. The Ultimate MC Hustler For Life Hardcore/Early No
2139 Androgyn Network Dead Sally Frenchcore No
2140 Kasparov Keep Going Other Yes
2141 Bimbo Jones Come & fly with me (Recon remix) Other Yes
2142 Unknown Neocracy Other Yes
2143 Noisecontrollers Club Jumper Other Yes
2144 Low-E vs Alter Egosz Harde Rag (Stone Island Edit) Other Yes
2145 Darwin Connected Other Yes
2146 Emily Reed Digital lover Other Yes
2147 Frequencerz Frequencerz - Phaser (Unofficial Last World Edit) Other Yes
2148 Max B Grant Remax ( Dj Vortex Remix ) Other Yes
2149 Noize Suppressor i rock Other Yes
2150 East Clubbers Sextasy Other Yes
2151 The Living Graham Bond Winter Hunter Ft. Fiona Bevan (Bare Noize Remix) Other Yes
2152 Distractor Rise to the Top Other Yes
2153 Simtec Power Squad Simmerstyle Other Yes
2154 Digital Punk & B-Front Elements Other Yes
2155 DJ Isaac & The Viper The Real Shit [Mad-E-Fact Mix] Other No
2156 Loffciamcore Zamknij Mordę Tępa Kurwo Other Yes
2157 R.I.O. One Heart Other Yes
2158 DT6 Blood Bath Hardcore/Gabber No
2159 DJ Paul Elstak I'm Not An Addict Other Yes
2160 Rob & Chris Wahnsinn Other Yes
2161 Bioweapon vs Toneshifterz Worlds Collide Other Yes
2162 Kodex Run The Flow Other Yes
2163 Reflect vs. Human Resource Ft. MC Raw Megarave Motherfuckers Hardcore/Gabber No
2164 DJ D Samara Hardcore/Gabber No
2165 Dominion Reign of Fire Other Yes
2166 The Sickest Squad In 42 Other Yes
2167 The Sickest Squad Boomshakalaka Other Yes
2168 Andy Wolf Killer Hardstyle No
2169 slavefriese Oldschool Djs and Mcs Other Yes
2170 Aqualords Moon Revolution Other Yes
2171 Fedde Le Grand feat. Camille Jones Shotgun Other Yes
2172 Fedde Le Grand feat. Feel Alive Other No
2173 D-Block & S-te-Fan Revelation Other Yes
2174 DJ D Live 4 Other Yes
2175 Doodge Viper feat Tag Team Whoomp that is (Housecat Mix) Other Yes
2176 Acti & Darook MC Welcome to the Record Shop Other Yes
2177 Surf Giants Who's Sorry Now Other No
2178 Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Kaos Kiddstock Theme 2010 (Tom's Diner Mix) Other Yes
2179 Fenix Drug Collection (Coone RMX) Other Yes
2180 Counterfeit Bring Her Back Other Yes
2181 Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell One Other Yes
2182 A Sides Argon (feat. Kemo) Other Yes
2183 Manian Loco Other Yes
2184 Tatanka Tokyo (Original Mix) Other Yes
2185 Satronica & Unexist Fuck The System Other Yes
2186 Tatanka WTDG Other Yes
2187 crypsis the demand Other Yes
2188 Spectrasoul feat. DBridge Glimpse Other Yes
2189 Smartyz Close My Eyes (S3RL Remix) Hardcore/UK Yes
2190 Destroid Splittersvet Other Yes
2191 Nitrouz Hardstyle Defines You Other Yes
2192 DJ S3rl Remember my past Other Yes
2193 DJ S3rl T-T-Techno Other Yes
2194 Ronald Van Gelderen Dirty Rocker Other Yes
2195 Noisecontrollers Shreek (Qlimax 2009 Edit) Other Yes
2196 Egnal Ramd VS MC Shithead Until She Rots Other Yes
2197 Impact & Weaver feat Lisa Abbott Breakaway Other Yes
2198 Flux Pavilion Voscillate (Roksonix Remix) Other Yes
2199 Ambassador Inc. The Hardstyle Nation Other Yes
2200 Korsakoff Close Your Eyes Other Yes
2201 Cookie Monsta Antichrist Other Yes
2202 Mt Eden I'll be there Dubstep Yes
2203 Psyko Punkz Pull Your Strings 2010 Other Yes
2204 Noize Suppressor Fucked Up Other Yes
2205 David Vade Galaxy (2010 electro remix) Other Yes
2206 Unexist Reknocked Hardcore/Gabber No
2207 Centaspike Unstable magic Other No
2208 Ophidian & Deceiver Laptop Duel Other Yes
2209 Amnesys Refly Other Yes
2210 009 Sound System Dreamscape Other Yes
2211 Serenity and Spyer Feat Tevin Pump It Up Other Yes
2212 Dj Zkydriver Jumping So High Other Yes
2213 Pyroblast Yap That Fool Other Yes
2214 Uberdruck Drugface [B1 Remix] Other Yes
2215 Pendulum Set Me On Fire Other Yes
2216 Enzyme X Clonewave Hardcore/Gabber No
2217 Hellsystem Cazzi Amari Other Yes
2218 East West Posse Right Is Wrong Other Yes
2219 Wasted Penguinz Anxiety Other Yes
2220 The Machine Immortality Hardstyle No
2221 Kid Morbid Regrets Other Yes
2222 Promo Nightfall Other Yes
2223 Biodome Keep the Faith (DJ Lem X Remix) Other Yes
2224 Geck-o Instant Fame Other Yes
2225 De Hakkelaar Driemaal Wiet Is Zweven Other Yes
2226 Leathernecks At War Other Yes
2227 Kasparov Lobster Logic Other Yes
2228 Emax Feat. Thais No Puedo Mas Other Yes
2229 DJ Partyraiser & Corecell Nasty Horror Hardcore/Gabber No
2230 d'Stylerz Jumpmeeting Rotterdam Anthem Other Yes
2231 Headbanger The Fucking Headbanger Other Yes
2232 DJ Hooligan b.o.t.t.r.o.p Other Yes
2233 Freezerroom Weapon of Choice Other No
2234 Carnifex Freaxxling Other Yes
2235 Dani Wolf For Victory Hardstyle No
2236 Art of Fighters Vulcano Action Hardcore/Gabber No
2237 B-Front & Slim Shore Chemical Other Yes
2238 Pavelow Beautiful & Rich Other Yes
2239 Orion Time Stands Still (TeeBee Remix) Other Yes
2240 Aly & Fila feat. Katherine Crowe It Will Be Ok Other Yes
2241 Noisia Soul Purge (ft. Foreign Beggars) DnB No
2242 DJ Delirium F.M. Radio Other Yes
2243 Jens O. Vs. Ti-Mo I Want You Other Yes
2244 Low-E & Alter Egosz Kartong [Preview] Other Yes
2245 Centhron Bitch Of Dreams Other Yes
2246 Will Bailey & Tommy LeRaunch Ragaridge Jack (Level 13 Reese Remix) Other No
2247 Nitrogenetics Wreckingball Hardcore/Gabber No
2248 Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP We No Speak Americano Other Yes
2249 Mt Eden Omen Other Yes
2250 Rusko Scareware Other Yes
2251 Rusko feat. Amber Coffman Hold on Other Yes
2252 DJ Ezteq Poems Of Macabre: Part II Other Yes
2253 Centhron Fast Blast Other Yes
2254 D-Devils Dance With The Devil Other Yes
2255 D-Devils Sex And Drugs And House Other Yes
2256 D'Stylerz The New World Other Yes
2257 Fentura Live It Other Yes
2258 Terraformer, Dj Yanny Won´t Forget These Days Other Yes
2259 Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe Remix Sun Is Shining Other Yes
2260 Terrorfeut Right Right Round Other Yes
2261 Demoniak & Orpheuz Stars @ Night Other No
2262 12th Planet & Juakali Reasons (Doctor P Remix) Dubstep Yes
2263 Chris One Coming After You Other Yes
2264 Pylon Teslan Other Yes
2265 Angerfist & T-junction Deadly volts Other Yes
2266 Dyprax Fuck Your Pride Other Yes
2267 Nitrogenetics What I Am Other Yes
2268 Italobrothers Love is on Fire Other Yes
2269 JDX Wan Taim Other Yes
2270 H2OH Recordings Necronomicon (original) Other Yes
2271 DJ Myfa Just Wanna Other Yes
2272 Ophidian Phaseshift Hardcore/Gabber Yes
2273 SchlachthofBronx Too High Other No
2274 Riot Bros Flashback Other Yes
2275 Strider Backgammon Other Yes
2276 The Prophet & Wildstylez feat Leipe Dave The Bad Guyz Other Yes
2277 The Sickest Squad Feat. System 3 One Of Us Other Yes
2278 Na-Goyah vs DJ Kristof Strangers Dome Other Yes
2279 Na-Goyah Voices In My Head Other Yes
2280 Promo Time To Rise Up Other Yes
2281 Conkarah & Drifta Run Away DnB No
2282 The Horrorist Can You Hear the Sound? Other Yes
2283 Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Feat. Darry Dee Life Other Yes
2284 UFO All We Do Is Rave Other Yes
2285 Neilio Makes Me (Neroz Remix) Other Yes
2286 TomBoy Ok2bGay Other Yes
2287 Phrantic & Chris One Just A Shadow (Chris One Mix) Other Yes
2288 Wavolizer No Time For Breakdown (ft. MC Sogma) Other Yes
2289 Geck-O Vs Thera Trespassing Other Yes
2290 Bodylotion F**k Martina Other Yes
2291 The Beat Controller Flowing With The Hardcore Hardcore/Gabber No
2292 Geck-O & Wavolizer Punk! Other Yes
2293 Marco Cordi Push The Button Other Yes
2294 Aqualords Witches Other Yes
2295 Weapon X Where My Party People At [Preview] Other Yes
2296 The Outliner Running For The Anger Other Yes
2297 Robin Clark Da Fuk Other Yes
2298 Fenix Touch The Past Other Yes
2299 Alien T Ghetto Mentality Other Yes
2300 DJ Randy Ready to Party Frenchcore Yes
2301 Lenny Dee, Randy & The Sickest Squad Return Other Yes
2302 Lenny Dee, Randy & The Sickest Squad Dominating Frenchcore No
2303 Shadowlands Terrorists Eindhoven de Gekste (Stratums ... Other Yes
2304 DJ Randy Check Out The Sound Other Yes
2305 Triax Mystic River Other Yes
2306 Ellrich & Plaice Fucking Society (Ellrich & Plaice Mix) Other Yes
2307 Reeloop Fucking Society (Original Mix) Other Yes
2308 Reeloop Important (Kaylab Mix) Other Yes
2309 roostarz sequencer ai Other Yes
2310 Gravtex Mayday Other Yes
2311 Roughsketch Mask Other Yes
2312 DJ Buzz Fuzz vs. Bass-D & King Matthew No Titties No Go Other Yes
2313 Axel Coon Third Base Other Yes
2314 Black Spiders Save Your Life Other Yes
2315 Bad HabitZ Together Other Yes
2316 Bad Habitz Unknown Origin Other Yes
2317 Second Identity Karma Circle Other Yes
2318 Distant System Astromech Starport Other Yes
2319 Da Tweekaz DNA (Hardstyle DNA Anthem 2010) Other Yes
2320 Scuba So You Think You're Special Other Yes
2321 Triax vs D-Ceptor & Newstyler Our Game Hardcore/Gabber Yes
2322 Chris Unknown and Hixxy (the) music i love Other Yes
2323 Dutch Master Recalled To Life Other Yes
2324 Nasty Boyz Angel (Hardstyle Masterz Cut) Other Yes
2325 D-Mind Liekk Other Yes
2326 Adam Bass & Adam Ross In Time Again Other Yes
2327 Angerfist Bring Them Up Dead Other Yes
2328 Infected Mushroom Killing Time Other Yes
2329 Kutski Blacked Out Other Yes
2330 TC Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix) Other Yes
2331 Threnody Realise Other No
2332 Nero This Way Other Yes
2333 Kush Arora Right Now Other No
2334 BEATure You Shut Up Other Yes
2335 Let's Go To War Push Up Ya Lighter Other No
2336 Zomby Spliff Dub (Sush Knight Remix) Other No
2337 Mt Eden Let Go Other Yes
2338 Mt Eden Frozen Other Yes
2339 Mt Eden Bat For Lashes Other Yes
2340 Mt Eden Silence Other Yes
2341 Mt Eden Still Alive Other Yes
2342 Djanny Chain Reaction Other Yes
2343 Noisecontrollers TBA (Faster 'n Further) Other Yes
2344 Rusko Hammertime Dubstep No
2345 Passenger Of Shit Cockspew (Sadcore Remix) Terror/Speedcore No
2346 Mount Eden Sierra Leone Other Yes
2347 Tatanka Yellow Other Yes
2348 Toby Sky Disco Disco Other Yes
2349 Lords Of The Underworld Making Moves Other Yes
2350 Vyolet Magic Other Yes
2351 Discotronic meets Tevin To The Moon And Back Other Yes
2352 Noisekick Fuck That Motherfucker Other Yes
2353 DJ Paul Elstak A Balance For The Future Other Yes
2354 Jimmy S Noige Usteem Terror/Speedcore No
2355 Hixxy Deep In The Night Other Yes
2356 Eastside Connection Our Message Other Yes
2357 Infected Mushroom Sa´eed Other Yes
2358 Future Cut Borderline Other No
2359 Datsik 3 Fist Style Other Yes
2360 Max B Grant and Djanny Flavour(Original mix) Other Yes
2361 Master Blaster Until The End Other Yes
2362 Datsik Retreat Other Yes
2363 Joker & Ginz - Re-up with Tempa T Next Hype Other No
2364 Widdler Walking My Dog Other Yes
2365 16 Bit Champion Sound Other No
2366 Chase and Status Eastern Jam (Trill Bass Remix) Dubstep No
2367 Cookie Monsta You Can Do It! Other Yes
2368 Cookie Monsta Optimus Prime Other Yes
2369 Cookie Monsta Ginger Pubes Other Yes
2370 DJ Serge & DJ Remy Martinez Da Beat (Original Mix) Other Yes
2371 Joshua Hiroshy Endovene Other Yes
2372 Re-Style & MC Tha Watcher Destination Other Yes
2373 Nitrogenetics Mu-sick Other Yes
2374 Dyprax Depths Of Sin Other Yes
2375 D-Block & S-Te-Fan Boys van Hardstyle Carnival Other Yes
2376 Accuface Red Sky (Jumpschool Reminiscence Mix) Other Yes
2377 Current Value - Into The Light Into The Light Other Yes
2378 Showtek Black (The Informer Remix) Other Yes
2379 Showtek Black (Jack of Sound Remix) Other Yes
2380 Emax feat. Thais No Puedo Mas (DJ Zealot Remix) Other Yes
2381 Atlantic Connection Promise Other Yes
2382 Joshua Hiroshy Shut Da Fuck Up Other Yes
2383 Pulsedriver Superstar (Djs from Mars Remix) Other Yes
2384 Dj Ezteq Poems Of Macabre (Part I) Other Yes
2385 The Beat Controller Crack Em Hard Other Yes
2386 Freakaz Operation Torch Other Yes
2387 DJ Promo Your Mother Sucked My Cock (And It Was Hell) Other Yes
2388 DJ Mutante Cerveau Other Yes
2389 The Sickest Squad The World Is Mine Other Yes
2390 Rephex Cosa Nostra Hardstyle Yes
2391 Ham and DNA About You Other Yes
2392 The R3bels Straight To the Beat Other Yes
2393 Azora Free Other Yes
2394 Vyolet 4 The Love Other Yes
2395 Pradera and Sasha F To Da Max Hardstyle No
2396 Vyolet Feel Free Other Yes
2397 DJ Cultist Deceandeance Other No
2398 DJ Korsakoff Pink Noise [Sneak Preview] Other Yes
2399 Tatanka Roba Dell'Altro Mondo Other Yes
2400 The Prophet feat. Wildstylez Cold Rocking Other Yes
2401 Chain Reaction Out With A Bang Other Yes
2402 Javi Boss & DJ Juanma Print The Melody Hardcore/Gabber No
2403 Giorno Pretending Happiness (dBrotherz Remix) Other Yes
2404 popmuschi ihr wollt eine popmuschi (armin prayd and dirk duske remix) Other Yes
2405 DJ Isaac We Like Marihuana Other Yes
2406 Riverside (Lets Go) Sidney Samson Ft Wizard Sleeve Other Yes
2407 Coretex Out There Other Yes
2408 Toby Emerson Can You Feel The Music Other Yes
2409 Bass Modulators Our World (Q-Base Remix) Other Yes
2410 TNT Tritolo (Cristalline Mix) Other Yes
2411 Chris Montana Speed of Life Other Yes
2412 Ultrablack Rock To Da Riddim Other Yes
2413 Promo Refuse To Recognize (Feat. The DJ Producer) Other Yes
2414 Ruffneck & Miss Twilight Where Memories Hide Other Yes
2415 Popper & DJ Styla I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Other Yes
2416 Karpe-DM Feat. Part 2 Return Of The Flatcap Hardstyle No
2417 Yn Fainagh Acceleration (Original Mix) Other Yes
2418 Yn Fainagh Auriga (Leg Mix) Other Yes
2419 Satronica Kill It Other Yes
2420 S3RL Neon Genesis Other Yes
2421 Vrtx vs. Leoton Close Your Ass Other Yes
2422 Na-Goyah Inexpugnabilis (Invincible) Other Yes
2423 High Rankin The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville (Full Vocal Mix) Other Yes
2424 G-Style Brothers United Az One (Club Mix) Other Yes
2425 Jack Overdose Zwaf Other Yes
2426 Darius & Finlay feat. Nicco Rock to the beat Other Yes
2427 Darren Styles & Manian Outta My Head Other Yes
2428 Rotterdam Terror Corps Ima Pima Other Yes
2429 Rotterdam Terror Corps Bas Plezant Other Yes
2430 Ophidian Sleepwalking Other Yes
2431 Negative A & Tymon Change The Rules Other Yes
2432 The Raiders The Search (Track 2) Other Yes
2433 Chicago Zone Sky Other Yes
2434 rmb FOEM RMX CONTEST RMB DDB entry by (David Great) Other Yes
2435 Painstalker Painstalker Hardcore/Gabber No
2436 D10 Pro's & Con's Other Yes
2437 visionary serious things DnB No
2438 Chain Reaction Victime Other Yes
2439 Negative A & Tymon Scrape Other Yes
2440 Nosferatu & Mad Dog Lost Other Yes
2441 Chaos Engine Illusion of control Other Yes
2442 Concord Dawn ft. Scribe Get Ready DnB No
2443 Bonehead & Prince Ov Darkness The King And Queen Of Posers Other Yes
2444 the dope-x the day of my death Other Yes
2445 UK Maniax I'm A Raver Other Yes
2446 Ad Nauseam House Of 1000 Corpses (Tenebrarum Mix) Other Yes
2447 Dj Zany Ardesso Other Yes
2448 Darkstylez Space Marine Other Yes
2449 S.P.Y feat. Riya Loneliness Other Yes
2450 Placid K Compagneros (Endymion Remix) Hardcore/Gabber No
2451 Beat Commanders Breathing In Other No
2452 DJ D Bombs Other Yes
2453 Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Live For The Weekend (Original Mix) Other Yes
2454 Al Twisted, Rob da Rhythm & Lost Origin ft MC Mike Redman Darkside Other No
2455 Noisecontrollers Sanctus Other Yes
2456 Drokz Shotta Terror/Speedcore No
2457 Wubble-U Petal Other Yes
2458 the bass agents empire Other Yes
2459 Mr Courage & Tafkat Deathwish Other Yes
2460 Noisecontrollers & Toneshifterz Empire Of The Sun Other Yes
2461 Fracus ft Taya Next to me Other Yes
2462 Italo Brothers So Small Other Yes
2463 Topmodelz Two Princes Other Yes
2464 OpA_Calypse City of the Dead Other Yes
2465 Express Viviana & Daniele Mondello Sex Other Yes
2466 Paul Elstak & Headbanger Fuck Him Other Yes
2467 Hardcore Fundamentalists Trapped In Darkness Other Yes
2468 Paul Elstak & Adrien This Is Real Life Other Yes
2469 Marco Van Bassken Wire To Wire Other Yes
2470 Gabber Mafia Gabber is not Fasion Other Yes
2471 D-Block & S-te-Fan Alone Other Yes
2472 Unknown Komodo Bitch (D-Mind DJ Tool) Other Yes
2473 State of Emergency Vanity Hardcore/Gabber No
2474 Grandmaster Q & Charly Lownoise Dwarf Other Yes
2475 Stylemasterz Life Other Yes
2476 Foboz Irene reality of life (Killaheadz hardstyle remix) Other Yes
2477 Fam & Avoionics Leto (Andy wolf remix) Other Yes
2478 DJ Fam Straight To The Bass (Andy Wolf Remix) Other No
2479 Andy wolf your chance Other Yes
2480 X-Pander Bolt Other Yes
2481 Rocco Everybody Other Yes
2482 D-Mind Medication Other Yes
2483 AniMe Detonate Other Yes
2484 Enduser Blastin Mothafuckaz Other Yes
2485 Current Value & Snow Edge of Dreams Other Yes
2486 KC Extreme steel (Counterstrike remix) Other Yes
2487 Brian NRG World Of War Other Yes
2488 The Real Booty Babes Booty Clap Other Yes
2489 DJ Stardust Alfa Plastik (Original Mix) Other Yes
2490 The Outliner Skinrash Other Yes
2491 Korsakoff Pendeho (Simple mix) Other Yes
2492 Various Artists Show Some Fear (The Vision mix)(Intro edit) Other Yes
2493 D-Block & S-Te-Fan It's our Life Mash Up #2 Other Yes
2494 Murderation feat. David Boomah Babylon boy DnB No
2495 Angerfist (ft. D-Spirit) Smoke Yo Momma Other Yes
2496 Mainframe VS The Nutralizer The Concept Of Pain Other Yes
2497 Paul Elstak & JDA Fear Me Other Yes
2498 Dino Psaras Out Of My Head Other Yes
2499 Zatox Ear Fucking Other Yes
2500 John Dahlback More Than I Wanted Other Yes
2501 Bastian Bates Feat. Nicco Can't Slow Down Other Yes
2502 Manox Almost Lover Other Yes
2503 Picto Streets Of Rage (Flux Pavilion Remix) Other Yes
2504 Angerfist Foolz Of War Other Yes
2505 Kevin Aviance Rhythm Is My Bitch Dance/House Yes
2506 The Upbeats feat. Georgie Thinking Cap Other Yes
2507 Infected Mushroom Acid Killer Other Yes
2508 Sean Biddle feat. Krukid Direct Connection (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) Other No
2509 DJ Plague Bananaphone Other Yes
2510 DJ Pavo Fuck Fucker Other Yes
2511 DJ D-Tox Chemical Afterglow Frenchcore No
2512 Dj Isaac & Pagan 2 Definitions Other Yes
2513 Phuq Chemical And Spatial Displacement Inna Non-Euclidean Fashion Other Yes
2514 G1 & Twizted K.I.N.G. Other Yes
2515 G1 & Twizted Feat MC G-Angel Fame Other Yes
2516 CLSM Drifting Away (Panacea remix) Other Yes
2517 Frank Ellrich & Patrick Plaice Feat. Aksinya Techno Trash (Original Mix) Other Yes
2518 Krome Angels Feat. Product 01 Overdone Psychedelic/Goa Yes
2519 Chosen Few All You Motherfuckers Other Yes
2520 Darwin ft Ant Johnson When The Sun Comes Out Other Yes
2521 Shaun Baker Feat. Maloy Give! Other Yes
2522 Triax Controller Other Yes
2523 Bangboy Vs Hansebanger Jump Other Yes
2524 The Speedfreak Dying Galaxies Other Yes
2525 The Speedfreak 4000 Orgasms Terror/Speedcore No
2526 Mutt feat. Kevin King Conversations Other Yes
2527 Driller Killerz Cocaine Other Yes
2528 Re-Style C'mon Y'all Other Yes
2529 Thomas Rubin Cold Night (DJ Scot Project Remix) Other Yes
2530 Hardcoreman In Memory Of Jah Other Yes
2531 Angerfist feat. Crucifier Sensational Gargle Other Yes
2532 Smashing Atoms Cannibal 44 Other Yes
2533 Manian Ravers In The UK Other Yes
2534 Dj Asa Hardstyle Sex Other Yes
2535 BTC 107A TAN(Terrormasta'z remix) Other Yes
2536 DJ Alpha Life goes On Other Yes
2537 Concept 22 Live 2 Suffer Other Yes
2538 Tieum Ready To Party (Tieum Vs. E.S.T Damage Remix) Other Yes
2539 Kasparov feat. Nikkita Part of the plan Other Yes
2540 Art Of Fighters Feat. Nikkita Symphony of the Death Other Yes
2541 Art Of Fighters Rock On Other Yes
2542 Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent Levitate Other Yes
2543 Remo-Con G-Sigh Other No
2544 50% Of The Dreamteam The Thundertheme Hardcore/Early Yes
2545 Frazzbass And DJ D-Tox Let The Game Begin Other Yes
2546 Na-Goyah & S'Aphira Obscurus (Dark) Hardcore/Gabber No
2547 DJ Promo & Da Vinci Last Christmas Other Yes
2548 Buzz Fuzz Cocaine Other Yes
2549 Neophyte Meets The Stunned Guys Wonderbra Other Yes
2550 Aphrodite Aphromoods Other Yes
2551 The Speed Freak Da Gangsta Terror/Speedcore No
2552 Roughrider Fuck Me Harder Other Yes
2553 Kristof & Na-Goyah Tha Ultimate Other Yes
2554 Donny Fucking Offensive Other Yes
2555 Matt Ricks Home Again (I Feel Like) Other Yes
2556 B-Front Darkside Other Yes
2557 Rotterdam Terror Corps Representing Hardcore (Hip Hop Mix) Other Yes
2558 Tymon Got It All Other Yes
2559 Kodex ft. MC Lil'D Live Fast Other Yes
2560 Masters Of Ceremony Abacadabra Other Yes
2561 Various (Neophyte Records) Neophyte Records Mash-Up #2 Other Yes
2562 Various (Neophyte Records) Neophyte Records Mash-Up #1 Other Yes
2563 Gif Phobia Choose Da Hardcore Generation Hardcore/Gabber No
2564 DJ Zealot Black Knight Other Yes
2565 DJ Rob & The Future What Do We Die For? Other Yes
2566 Lichtenfels B-Boys Fly Girls (Radio Edit) Other Yes
2567 Endocrine Adrenochrome (Adreno Mix) Other No
2568 Radiate & Beatstream Mainstream Killah Other Yes
2569 The Hitmen God's Will Other Yes
2570 Postman Fuck House Music (Original Mix) Other Yes
2571 Angerfist There You Go Other Yes
2572 Heaven 7 This Life Other Yes
2573 Wasted Penguinz Bryr Mig Inte! Other Yes
2574 Fausto Get Low Other Yes
2575 DJ Paul Feat. Beatstream & Accelerator Angels Deserve To Die Other Yes
2576 DJ Antoine In My Dreams (Uk Mix) Other Yes
2577 Tiësto Feat. Cary Brothers Here On Earth Other Yes
2578 Manox Supermodel Girlfriend Other Yes
2579 A-Lusion Freek It Up Other Yes
2580 Borgore Foes Other Yes
2581 Angerfist Maniac killa (hellsystem remix) Other Yes
2582 D-Block and S-Te-Fan Teqnology Other Yes
2583 Ophidian Formshift Hardcore/Gabber No
2584 Mindustries Instru_Mental Disorder Other Yes
2585 Scott Brown Live Forever Other Yes
2586 Alphaverb Go Crazy (Intractable One meets Ditrich Koller Remix) Other Yes
2587 Insiderz Three Wishes Other Yes
2588 Mindkillerz Bass Bitch (The Mentalists Remix) Other No
2589 Illuminatorz Religion Other Yes
2590 Dutch Masters Take Some Other Yes
2591 Angerfist Here To Piss The World Off Other Yes
2592 Atmos Klein Aber Doctor Other Yes
2593 Jade feat. Rymetyme Venom Other No
2594 Bar 9 Shaolin Style (Nero Remix) Other Yes
2595 Steve Aoki (feat. SpankrockAManda) Rockstars Other No
2596 arvy earth Other Yes
2597 Pinky and The Brain Boenkers Other Yes
2598 Bong-Ra Murder You Other No
2599 Drokz, Tafkat & Mr. Courage My Friend [For All Our Friends Of The North Massive Mix] Other Yes
2600 Toneshifterz Let It Go Other Yes
2601 Konsta You are the one Other Yes
2602 DJ Promo My Underground Madness Other Yes
2603 S'Aphira All about crime Other Yes
2604 Angerfist You are Pukes Other Yes
2605 Pendulum Blood Sugar (Swankie DJ & Kashi Remix) Other Yes
2606 Da Lord Time To Die Other Yes
2607 Nosferatu System_5601 Hardcore/Gabber No
2608 Brian NRG Suck my Ballz Other Yes
2609 Starkillers Scream (Kobbe & Austin Leeds Mix) Other Yes
2610 Dj Matto Angels Fly (Dj Dean Remix) Other Yes
2611 Impact and Fade Feat. Kelly Guiding Light (DeejayBee and Overflow Remix) Other Yes
2612 Boris S This Is Not Religious Other Yes
2613 D-Passion God Don't Care About Me Other Yes
2614 Julian DJ & Davide Sonar Go, Go, Go Other Yes
2615 Deadmau5 Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Remix) Other Yes
2616 Audio Exposed Other Yes
2617 Max B. Grant & DJanny Arancia Meccanica Hardstyle No
2618 Baracuda I Will Love Again Other Yes
2619 Baby Alice Pina Colada Boy (Silver Nikan Jumping Radio Mix) Other Yes
2620 P.A.R.A.D.O.X. Bass!!!!!! (Master Blaster Club Mix) Other Yes
2621 David Guetta Missing You (Feat. Novel) Other Yes
2622 Zanthrax Children of Hell Other Yes
2623 Ophidian Disrespected Intervention Other Yes
2624 Masters of Ceremony This Is The New Shit Other Yes
2625 The Bug Skeng Other No
2626 TC So Much More Other Yes
2627 Sunrize Let Me Go Other Yes
2628 DJ Neo Play (Blutonium Boys Extended Mix) Other Yes
2629 Slippery Disco Feeling High Other Yes
2630 Lenny Dee Vs. Dj Narcotic Ring Around The Pit (Brookelyn Bronx Mix) Other Yes
2631 Bonehead Dissin Cops Other Yes
2632 Antix & Tom-E Sweet Release Other Yes
2633 Viro Vodka No
2634 Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. Feat. Lisa Marie Free Other Yes
2635 Rotterdam Terror Corps Go Away Other Yes
2636 Borgore Guided Relaxation Dub Other Yes
2637 Kanakk Attakk Kanakk Attakk (Weichei's Style2Jump Mix) Other No
2638 Gammer Love You Tonight Other Yes
2639 Dougal & Gammer Feat. Lisa Marie Hold Me Close Tonight Other Yes
2640 Euphoria Without A Trace Other Yes
2641 V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. Ready For Chaos Other Yes
2642 The Outside Agency Black Lectroid Other Yes
2643 Angerfist Criminally Insane Other Yes
2644 The Genesis Projection Brain Insanity Other Yes
2645 Aphex Twin Rubber Johnny (Afx 237 V.7) Other Yes
2646 Noisia and Phace Cannonball Other Yes
2647 Euphoria Feat. MC Casper Angel Falling Other Yes
2648 Euphoria Feat. Kristy Too Beautiful Other Yes
2649 S3RL Back In My Life Other Yes
2650 The Genesis Projection You Inside Me Other Yes
2651 The Teknoist Full Metal Teknoist Other Yes
2652 CLSM Reaching Out Other Yes
2653 Audio Damage Garlic Breath Tosser (Trance Generators Remix) Other Yes
2654 DJ Bass Suicide Other Yes
2655 Trance Generators Rock To Da Beats Other Yes
2656 Ginger Komander vs. Evil Minded Old School (Extended Mix) Other Yes
2657 Euphoria Feat. MC Casper Forbidden Fruit Other Yes
2658 Hellboyz Winners (Brainkicker Mix) Other Yes
2659 Triax Fallen Angels Other Yes
2660 Komprex Muori Other Yes
2661 Dj Nosferatu Fuck the Prejudice Other Yes
2662 Head Protection Narcotic Dreams (Original Mix) Other Yes
2663 Scope Dj feat maia surreality Other Yes
2664 Dj MNS vs E-maxx Pump my Bass Other Yes
2665 Brennan Heart Hard Bass 2009 Tool Other Yes
2666 Euphoria Open The Void Other Yes
2667 DJ Sharpnel Li Koto Ni Kidui Chatta Terror/Speedcore No
2668 Donny Symptomless Coma Other Yes
2669 Shock One Shock Resistance Other No
2670 Wildstylez A Lost World Other Yes
2671 Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. The Only Ones Other Yes
2672 Unexist Fistortion Other Yes
2673 Weaver & Andy L ft Fran Cannonball Other Yes
2674 Joey riot Feel complete Other Yes
2675 Toecutter BEST PARTY EVER (Bang Gang 12") Other Yes
2676 Hardstyle Champions Move For Energy (Max B. Grant Mix) Other Yes
2677 Carnifex For The New Shit (Rephex's Original Mix) Other Yes
2678 Headhunterz Dansles Other Yes
2679 Lucio De Rimanez Ugly Fat Reality Other Yes
2680 Himbo & MC Enemy Just For You Other Yes
2681 The Hardest Boyz Listen Up Other Yes
2682 Sucker DJ Kotai (Highfish Remix) Other Yes
2683 DJ Hidden Earth cry Other Yes
2684 Frequencerz Rush Other Yes
2685 Enzyme X Kegadoru Hardcore/Gabber No
2686 Dj Sharpnel The Others Terror/Speedcore No
2687 DJ Lady Dana Bass Boom Other Yes
2688 Frontliner ft. MC Villain Who I Am Other Yes
2689 Frequencerz indecent Other Yes
2690 Scott Brown & Kelly C Need You In My Arms Other Yes
2691 Andy Wolf Smile (JTS Remix) Other Yes
2692 Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon Faces (Ben Gold Remix) Other Yes
2693 Korsakoff Focus Other Yes
2694 Max B. Grant Handle this Other Yes
2695 Dickheadz Wir Brauchen Bass Other Yes
2696 The Pitcher I Just Can't Stop Other Yes
2697 Kidd Kaos Mind Control Other Yes
2698 Josh & Wesz Lipservice Radio Other Yes
2699 The KGB's Hip Style Other Yes
2700 The KGB's The Disco Fan Other Yes
2701 Kasparov Manga Hardcore/Gabber No
2702 DJ Phoenix & DJ Kryvel feat. Dave D Rave Trepalinum Other Yes
2703 Scan 7 You Have The Right (D-Passion Remix) Other Yes
2704 Perplex I´ll Fly With You Other Yes
2705 trance generators vs stylez meets tonteufel spiritum veritatis (the spirit of the thruth) (trance generators Other Yes
2706 Tat & Zat Skeleton Hardstyle No
2707 Fedde Le Grand Scared Of Me Other Yes
2708 Scott Brown Goodbye My Friend Other Yes
2709 Brennan Heart - The Prophet Remix Musical Impressions Other Yes
2710 Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields Part Of Me (The Thrillseekers Remix) Other Yes
2711 Johand Badh & Walle Lämna Alt Other Yes
2712 DJ Fresh vs. Deekline & Wizard feat. Ivory & Spyda Steam (Rock Out) Other No
2713 Nic Chagall This Moment (Progressive Mix) Other Yes
2714 Paranoizer Jungle Other Yes
2715 Speedcore Terror Kinetic Gas station adventures part 666 Other Yes
2716 The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 Manhunt 2 Other Yes
2717 Dj Toxic Never Again Other Yes
2718 Crypsis & Kold Konexion Dust In Your Eyes Other Yes
2719 Bioweapon La Venganza Other Yes
2720 Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin Made of Love (Super8 & Tab Remix) Other Yes
2721 s3rl i live for the bass drum Other Yes
2722 LAOS Wish Upon Other Yes
2723 The Prophet My Religion Other Yes
2724 Coffin Occupants Cadaver Junkies Other Yes
2725 Evil of Pain Wake Up Deeper Other Yes
2726 Noize Suppressor Top A Top Hardcore/Gabber No
2727 Komprex Jump Your Self Other Yes
2728 The Outside Agency Reality Collapse Other Yes
2729 The Roughboyzz Figiye Other Yes
2730 The Outside Agency Dark Serenity Other Yes
2731 Sub Focus Swamp Thing Other Yes
2732 Partyraiser & Dj T.I.M. Kaos To Texas Other Yes
2733 Darwin, Ineffect & Buzzy feat. Fraz Don't Say Goodbye Other Yes
2734 Abw presents Gia Insanity Other Yes
2735 Radium In Vitro Other Yes
2736 Crypsis ft. Dana Transmission Other Yes
2737 Miss Groovy Jungle Sickness Other Yes
2738 Alpha Twins Sick MF Other Yes
2739 Mondotek Dance Generation Other Yes
2740 The Outside Agency Motherfucking Ants (Part 1) Other Yes
2741 Tuneboy Re-Generate it Other Yes
2742 Detest 2Obscore Other Yes
2743 ScreamerClauz Santa Punishes Naughty Children (The "Get Off My Roof You Fat F Other Yes
2744 Goetia 1-2-3 Other Yes
2745 Antolini and Montorsi Father (Hardtrance Mix) Other Yes
2746 Noize Suppressor Mr. Enemy (Dj Bike Remix ) Hardcore/Gabber No
2747 Lenny Dee & Radium Champion Soundz Other Yes
2748 Angerfist Dead man walking Other Yes
2749 Promo Cheating Bitch (Dedicated) Other Yes
2750 Promo Insp-Her-Ation Other Yes
2751 Antoine Clamaran Reach For The Stars Other Yes
2752 MC Rage You Bring Out the Hate In Me Other Yes
2753 Alpha Twins Unleash Other Yes
2754 Brian Acardy Let Da Bass Boom Other Yes
2755 Promo Stand & Deliver Other Yes
2756 Raw saints Freaky Shit Other Yes
2757 julan damer Other Yes
2758 Sunlounger with Ingsha featuring Simon Binkerborn n/a Other Yes
2759 The Masochist Don't Give a Shit Other Yes
2760 Dj Twisty Lilium Other Yes
2761 Ran-D Vs. Alpha Twins Say Yeah Other Yes
2762 T-Junction feat. Rudeboy & Tomcat Transmigration Other Yes
2763 DJ Partyraiser Vs. Headbanger ft. Ruffian & Elize Machine City Anthem Other Yes
2764 Table Junkz No Sorry (Kaoticz Remix) Other Yes
2765 Labyrinth Indelible Tranquil Stairway From Looped Mustard Fabric Other Yes
2766 Hamunaptra Neon Genesis part 1 (Yataaah!) Hardcore/Gabber Yes
2767 Stereotype feat. Sopheye Rainmaker Other Yes
2768 Bioweapon Cosmic Destination Other Yes
2769 Cosmic Gate London Rain Other Yes
2770 The Areichah (aka RHA) & Evil of Pain The Heartbeat Other Yes
2771 Lamat & Mayan Complex Extraterrestrial Life Other Yes
2772 Caspa & Dynamite MC Rat-a-tat-tat Dubstep No
2773 Caspa & Uncle Sam London city Other Yes
2774 John B feat. Stareyes Take Me Home Other Yes
2775 Promo Rising Out Of The Dark Other Yes
2776 Ephedrix Lost In Velocity Other Yes
2777 Brancaccio and Aisher Freak Around (Koma & Bones Remix) Other No
2778 Wedlock vs. Comababy Void Sector (Hymn) Other Yes
2779 Clipz feat. Hollie G Ugly Other Yes
2780 D-Block & S-Te-Fan The Sound Of The Thunder Other Yes
2781 Noisecontrollers In The Marine Other Yes
2782 Madmen & Poets feat. Paul Sg. Rainy day Other Yes
2783 Interrupt Vector Bits n clits Other Yes
2784 Technical Itch & Kemal The Calling (Evol Intent & Ewun Remix) DnB No
2785 Trappberger And Weber Forget (RFProject L.E. Mix) Other Yes
2786 Tiger And Dragon Rapture Other Yes
2787 Catscan & X-Ess Love Thy Enemy Other Yes
2788 Korsakoff Stardom Other Yes
2789 P1p3Dr34m In Darkness Other Yes
2790 Angerfist & The Beat Controller Droppin' Heat Other Yes
2791 iDOLEAST & Rost Defeat us Other Yes
2792 Headhunterz Scrap attack Other Yes
2793 Headhunterz Scrap attack Other Yes
2794 Meccano Twins Tendrils Of Agony Other Yes
2795 Dj Activator feat. TD Some Easy Living Other Yes
2796 Langenhagen Fischmarkt Mafia (Original Club Mix) Other Yes
2797 Savant Garde Trigger Happy (Acquaviva Original Edit) Other Yes
2798 Pyrotoxxxn Genetically Sodomized By The Nanite Golems Other Yes
2799 Showtek Here We Fucking Go! Other Yes
2800 Buzz Fuzz X-Cited Other Yes
2801 Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos Devastating Other Yes
2802 Link Headnod Delivery Other Yes
2803 Unexist LTT Other Yes
2804 Nosferatu Bustin the crowd Other Yes
2805 Outblast & Korsakoff Never Surrender Other Yes
2806 Erik T To Rememba Other Yes
2807 Spor & Infiltrata Three Faces Other Yes
2808 Pan Pangenetor Zero Is All Other Yes
2809 Pan Pangenetor Lifelong Dreams Other Yes
2810 Intersys Recharge Other Yes
2811 Luigi Magitteri The Emperor (SMT's Lucky Mushrooms Remix) Other Yes
2812 Luigi Magitteri The Emperor (SMT's Lucky Mushrooms Remix) Other Yes
2813 Catscan The Daylight Burn Other Yes
2814 Triax & Alpha MC Invasion Other Yes
2815 Triax & Mystical Cure for the Sickness Other Yes
2816 DJ Kristof & Triax Our War Other Yes
2817 Friends of Jappo Unexist Will Eat Your Steak Other Yes
2818 Porn Kings vs. DJ Supreme Up To Tha Wildstyle (Spencer & Hill Remix) Other Yes
2819 Styles & Breeze Amigos (Rob Mayth Radio Edit) Other Yes
2820 Himbo & MC Enemy Everywhere I turn (Orbit1 Remix) Other Yes
2821 Inverse & Evolution Raindrops Other Yes
2822 Zardonic feat J Messinian Policia Other Yes
2823 DZ Old Timers Other Yes
2824 Builder Skyscraper (DJ Luca Antolini Mix) Other Yes
2825 Builder Doberman (Luca Antolini DJ Hard Mix) Other Yes
2826 Lethal MG What Ya Need Other Yes
2827 Dancelordz Together Other Yes
2828 The Abyss and Justin Putuhena Syndicate Other Yes
2829 The Abyss and Justin Putuhena We're Back Other Yes
2830 Tieum & Ophidian Dark Is A Part of You Other Yes
2831 DJ Kristof & Bad Boy Under Sided Other Yes
2832 D'Spyre feat. Knightvision Punishent Beyond Death Other Yes
2833 DJ Kristof & DJ Niel Counter Attack Other Yes
2834 Tha Playah Still A Playah Other Yes
2835 Promo & Armageddon Project Righteous Infliction of Retribution Other Yes
2836 Mistabishi Wipe Your Tears Other Yes
2837 Stormtrooper Todesvögel Other Yes
2838 Hixxy The Game Zaboocon Other Yes
2839 Loffciamcore Beret Rozdarty Smerfy Sex Party Other Yes
2840 Chase & Status feat. Takura Streetlife Other Yes
2841 D-Block & S-Te-Fan We Be Kickin' Bass Other Yes
2842 iGoA Ich Hore Was Other Yes
2843 DJ Nosferatu Up The Drumz Other Yes
2844 DJ Nosferatu Up The Drumz Other Yes
2845 D-Spirit Tinnitus Other Yes
2846 Acid Bunny E.k. Other Yes
2847 Acid Bunny E.k. Other Yes
2848 Angerfist Introduction Other Yes
2849 Ruffneck and Mindustries Xenophobia Hardcore/Gabber No
2850 Sei2ure The Demonizer Other Yes
2851 D-Passion Twist Your Brain Other Yes
2852 Simbioze feat. DJ Seb B The Dream Killer Other Yes
2853 Chase & Status Running Other Yes
2854 The Revivals Final Prayer Other Yes
2855 Mike NRG Lost In Dreams (Mysery Motion and Lockjaw Remix) Other Yes
2856 Gabberwijffie Klappus in je handjes Other Yes
2857 Sei2ure Rocket Fuel Other Yes
2858 Cosmic Gate feat. Tiff Lacey Open Your Heart Other Yes
2859 The Outside Agency Machine Slavery Other Yes
2860 Necrid Circle of Sacrifice Other Yes
2861 The R3bels Keep the Rhythm Other Yes
2862 DJ D Unnamed Other Yes
2863 Da Tweekaz Crowsong Other Yes
2864 Headhunterz Hate it or love it ( Live edit ) Other Yes
2865 Ham & DMO Every Single Day Other Yes
2866 Awaking State Out There (Subsonik Remix) Other Yes
2867 Meagashira Lost in Music Other Yes
2868 Mindkillerz Hooked On hardstyle Other Yes
2869 Promo feat. Vince Lyin' Through Your Teeth Other Yes
2870 Evil Activities Make A Wish Other Yes
2871 Dj Theos Cyber movment Other Yes
2872 Novamatix Ragin Butterfly Other Yes
2873 Enzyme X Blood Omen Other Yes
2874 Headbanger Are U Afraid of the Dark (Omar Santana & Dre Hectik Remix) Other Yes
2875 A-Lusion Scratch Warrior Other Yes
2876 F.U.K.T. Keep Moving (Soulmatic & Octobass Remix) Other Yes
2877 Nexes & Tha Playah True to the Game Other Yes
2878 Promo Running Agians The Rules Other Yes
2879 Dynamo City One Night In Hackney Other Yes
2880 Brooklyn Bounce Club Bizarre (?? Remix) Other Yes
2881 Endymion feat. DJ D Wild Other Yes
2882 Counterfeit Hunted by Angels Other Yes
2883 The Outside Agency Antichrist Rip (The DJ Producer's Visions of Angels Remix) Other Yes
2884 The Outside Agency The Prophet of Rage (Fracture 4 Remix) Other Yes
2885 The Prodigy Thunder Other Yes
2886 Trilok & Chiren Devils Night (Mind Hunterz Remix) Other Yes
2887 Binum Bassleader Anthem 2007 Other Yes
2888 The Outside Agency The Resurrection Other Yes
2889 Slavefriese My Balls And My World Other Yes
2890 Promo Love Is Gone Other Yes
2891 Catscan Clone 1 Other Yes
2892 De Euromasters Message From Hell Other Yes
2893 Catscan Brave New Dance Other Yes
2894 Catscan Absolute Confrontation Other Yes
2895 S3RL Artificial Energy Other Yes
2896 Petrochemical Netherworld Other Yes
2897 Hamunaptra Pyroclastic Flow Other Yes
2898 Ophidian & Tapage The Mine Other Yes
2899 DJ Delirium The Addiction (T-Junction Remix) Other Yes
2900 Stephy 2 Asses 4 Titties (Mind Hunterz & Hardstyle Mafia Remix) Other Yes
2901 Psycraft vs Efrat Frozen Other Yes
2902 Vodka Brothers Cocaine Other Yes
2903 Lowriders Don't get back Other Yes
2904 Hellsystem Without Fear Other Yes
2905 Hardstyle Mafia Boom & Blast Hardstyle No
2906 DJ D feat. Dr. Z-Vago Verbal Assault Other Yes
2907 Catscan On Fire Other Yes
2908 Promo Represent By Example Other Yes
2909 Promo Far From Done Other Yes
2910 DJ Nosferatu Unpredictable Other Yes
2911 The Qemists - Got One Life feat. MC Navigator Got One Life Other No
2912 The Qemists The Perfect High Other Yes
2913 Catscan Perfect Illusion Other Yes
2914 Rudeboy and Tomcat feat. Desolate-1 Harder Than Life Other Yes
2915 Drokz & Tafkat De Afsluitplaat, Gewoon Ff Lekker Hakkeeeuuh Other Yes
2916 Doormouse keishaka kore Other Yes
2917 Promo Original Thinker Other Yes
2918 Bonehead & Prince Ov Darkness Fuck You Noobs Other Yes
2919 angerfist alcoholic Other Yes
2920 Omar Santana vs. Javi Boss Play It One More Time Other Yes
2921 Stereo MC's Black Gold Other Yes
2922 Jump Ahead Better Jump (Pompanick vs. Miss N-Traxx Remix) Other Yes
2923 Catscan Bad Beat Other Yes
2924 archetype Proceed With Caution Other Yes
2925 Paul elstak ft tim voor altijd hardcore Other Yes
2926 D-Block & S-Te-Fan Fresh New Beat Other Yes
2927 E-Man Entering The Unknown Other Yes
2928 Korsakoff No Noctophobia Other Yes
2929 u-recken plastic Other Yes
2930 DJ Coone Fuck Your Request Other Yes
2931 Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Ultimate Sex Track Other Yes
2932 Frontliner Self Deprication Other Yes
2933 Ran-D Living for the moment Other Yes
2934 DJ D Solo Other Yes
2935 DJ Niel In the Darkness Other Yes
2936 Promo & D-Passion After Me There Will Be None Other Yes
2937 Artemis Blueberry Other Yes
2938 Artemis I burn up in your face Other Yes
2939 DJ Promo vs. Catscan Condemned to Darkness Other Yes
2940 promo bullet from my gun Other Yes
2941 Promo Fuck The Rumours Other Yes
2942 Promo & Lenny Dee I Called You Other Yes
2943 Roland & Sherman Jonge Edammer Other Yes
2944 Nosferatu & Endymion Suffocate Other Yes
2945 Noisia & Mayhem Exodus (feat KRS One) Other Yes
2946 Zenith DJ Once Again (Zenith Vs Avex Version) Other Yes
2947 Tieum Feat. Mc Mouth Of Madness Darkness 4 Life Other Yes
2948 Andy Moor And Carrie Skipper So Much Love (Shawn Mitiska Remix) Other Yes
2949 Kasparov Time Other Yes
2950 Karl F Lies Other Yes
2951 D-Block & S-Te-Fan Music Made Addict Other Yes
2952 The Headbanger & Partyraiser Partybanger Other Yes
2953 Negative A Power From The Street Other Yes
2954 The Speed Freak El Gringo Loco Other Yes
2955 Beat Providers The Solstice Other Yes
2956 Hardstyle Masterz Age Of Reverse Bass (DJ Activator Remix) Other Yes
2957 Freddy Fader Besoin De Toi Other Yes
2958 Mark With A K & Dj Ghost The Ghosthouse Other Yes
2959 Nyocore Blizzard Other Yes
2960 DJ Niel Under My Skin Other Yes
2961 Deepack & Frontliner Ft Mc Lan Phreakerz Other Yes
2962 Dj mani Heavy Weight Wrestler (Silver Nikan Remix) Other Yes
2963 Showtek Back 2 Reality / Back 2 Skool Other Yes
2964 Neophyte je moet je muil houden Other Yes
2965 Chicago Zone Falling a day Other Yes
2966 Chicago Zone Falling a day Other Yes
2967 Chicago Zone Falling a day Other Yes
2968 Chicago Zone Falling a day Other Yes
2969 Nyocore Mr. Blue Other Yes
2970 Dj The Bass I Had A Dream (TBM Dj Extended Mix) Other Yes
2971 Dj Juan Martinez Si No Te Quisiera (Italian Vocals Mix) Other Yes
2972 Angernoizer Een Opgefokt Sfeertje Other Yes
2973 Nosferatu Purgatory knowlegde Other Yes
2974 Revivals vs. Pulse Gettin' Dollars Other Yes
2975 Dj Cue-X Colleteral Damage (D'Void Remix) Other Yes
2976 DJ Krisftoff vs Bad Boy U.F.B Other Yes
2977 Noize Suppressor Fuck It Other Yes
2978 Speedkore Odio Chiama Odio Other Yes
2979 Neophyte & Evil Activities What's Inside me Other Yes
2980 BK and Alex Kidd Suicide Other Yes
2981 t.m.t cool operator Other Yes
2982 D-Block S-Te-Fan ft. Soundcreators Keep On Trying Other Yes
2983 D-Block S-Te-Fan ft. Soundcreators Keep On Trying Other Yes
2984 The Qemists feat. Mike Patton Lost Weekend DnB Yes
2985 The Qemists Iron Shirt Other Yes
2986 Base Alert Dewegwijzer Other Yes
2987 Hardfaze When I Hard (Original Mix) Other Yes
2988 Black Infect Black alert! Other Yes
2989 Partyraiser feat. Scrape Face Harder dan de rest Other Yes
2990 Teequee 21st Other Yes
2991 Avaline Feat Yazmin Vigus Stay Other Yes
2992 Rave Fighters Mexico Other Yes
2993 Rave Fighters Exterminate Robots Other Yes
2994 Hardstyle Masterz Age of Reverse Base Other Yes
2995 Zany feat. Donkey Rollers Overcome Other Yes
2996 Zany feat. Donkey Rollers Overcome Other Yes
2997 Dione Smell Of Change Other Yes
2998 Angerfist No Fucking Soul Other Yes
2999 Rotterdam Terror Corps Stop looking at me Other Yes
3000 The Original Gabber Headbanger Other Yes
3001 S.R.B Now You See Other Yes
3002 Headhunterz Just Say My Name Other Yes
3003 Zany Thugs Other Yes
3004 Mr Courage & Drokz Flowerhood Gangsters Other Yes
3005 Sarin Assault Undead ii Other Yes
3006 Evil Activities Darkness At Noon Other Yes
3007 Alienator The Invaders Other Yes
3008 Headbanger & Alienator This Is War Other Yes
3009 Angerfist Broken Chain (ft. Crucifier - Remixed By Mad Dog) Other Yes
3010 Angerfist Vato Other Yes
3011 Dj D The Anti-Melody Man Other Yes
3012 Dj D The Melody Man Other Yes
3013 Ganjaguru [Bass Agents] War Other Yes
3014 Citizen Members of Gay Day Other Yes
3015 Technoboy Next Dimensional World Other Yes
3016 The Genesis Projection Original Crime Other Yes
3017 Outrage Decease Other Yes
3018 Na-Goyah Mastah Killah Other Yes
3019 E-Noid DNA Theory Other Yes
3020 E-Noid Mixmaster Other Yes
3021 E-Noid Liquid Super D Other Yes
3022 E-Noid Darkened Other Yes
3023 Angerfist ft. The Guardian Drug Revision Other Yes
3024 S3RL You´ll Never Other Yes
3025 TNT Second Match (TNT's Hard Treatment) Other Yes
3026 DrokZ & Tafkat & Mc Klit Zinloos Geweld Other Yes
3027 DrokZ & Tafkat & Mc Klit Bek Schijten Other Yes
3028 E-Noid E-scapism Other Yes
3029 Phynn Try Again Other Yes
3030 Chicago Zone Your Style is 2 reactions Other Yes
3031 Drokz I Cant Be Dissed Other Yes
3032 Angerfist ft. Predator 187 Other Yes
3033 TC Where's My Money (Caspa Remix) Other Yes
3034 Tatanka Borderline Other Yes
3035 Tatanka Borderline Other Yes
3036 Headhunterz Gangsta's Attitude Other Yes
3037 Evil Activities & Neophyte Pokkeherrie Other Yes
3038 Evil Activities Step up Other Yes
3039 Refresh Invincible Other Yes
3040 Basic Element Feelings Other Yes
3041 M.I.X.C Time to Freak Other Yes
3042 Evol Intent The Foreword Other Yes
3043 Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Kaos Kiddstock Theme 2008 (Original Mix) Other Yes
3044 Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Kaos Kiddstock Theme 2008 (Original Mix) Other Yes
3045 The Masochist & Dj Dano Tering ! Other Yes
3046 Technoboy Guns 'N' Noses (Technoboys Supa Bass Mix) Other Yes
3047 Elite Forces Prince of Darkness Other Yes
3048 Ran-d My Name is Hardstyle Other Yes
3049 the prophet Fuck R Other Yes
3050 the prophet Fuck R Other Yes
3051 The Viper vs. Neophyte 98 To Your Mind Other Yes
3052 The Viper vs. Neophyte 98 To Your Mind Other Yes
3053 Bertocucci Feranzano XTC Love (Promo rmx) Other Yes
3054 Dione feat. MC Raw Members of megarave Other Yes
3055 The Prophet & Technoboy Psycho X Other Yes
3056 Hard Creations Creators of The Core Other Yes
3057 Gary Gecko and Pigbway She's hardcore Other Yes
3058 Noisekick Oogkas Penetratie Other Yes
3059 Antonio & Cristiano I Sample Marissa Other Yes
3060 Recount Bring The Party To Life Other Yes
3061 Donkey Rollers Voice of Conscience Other Yes
3062 Dj Marcky Street Talk Other Yes
3063 Luna meets Trilok & Chiren Street Knowledge Other Yes
3064 The Beholder & Zany Bleeding For The Harder Styles Other Yes
3065 Kasparov Intrusion Other Yes
3066 DJ Paul Elstak feat. Leo Sex A.C.A.B. (All Cops are Bastards) Other Yes
3067 Noisekick VS Stinger Stik De Moord Other Yes
3068 Angerfist Riotstarter Other Yes
3069 The Prophet And Davide Sonar Jump It (Original Mix) Other Yes
3070 Robkay And Snooky See Me Now [Sun Kidz Remix] Other Yes
3071 Accelerator vs Lunatic Massive devastation Other Yes
3072 Master Blaster Ballet Dancer Other Yes
3073 Drokz They Suck Other Yes
3074 Qatja S Geen Haar Better Other Yes
3075 Qatja S Geen Haar Better Other Yes
3076 Tom Food The Magician Other Yes
3077 Agnelli & Nelson pres. A&N Project Just When I Think There is an answer Other Yes
3078 G-Town Madness And The Viper Buck Em Down (For Those Who Missed It) Other Yes
3079 The Speedfreak Purple Haze Other Yes
3080 Coastguard Like Pretty Cool Hardcore (Pretty Cool Hard Mix) Other Yes
3081 Ernesto vs Bastian Stranger in paradise Other Yes
3082 Noizefucker feat Noisekick De Spelregels Other Yes
3083 The Masochist Chemistry Other Yes
3084 D-Passion Realism Other Yes
3085 Serial Killaz M.A.R.L.I.E Other Yes
3086 Luna & Deepack Biological Insanity (Defqon.1 Anthem 2008) Other Yes
3087 Noisekick VS The Untitled Een Klusjesman Uit Drente Other Yes
3088 Dj Satomi With You Other Yes
3089 Placid K Stay Classy Other Yes
3090 TC Drink Other Yes
3091 EFM-7 Raver Raver Raver Other Yes
3092 Amnesys Worldwide Crisis Other Yes
3093 Noize Suppressor Lost S.T.F.Y. Other Yes
3094 Endymion vs. The Viper How Long How Long Other Yes
3095 Teequee Angels Other Yes
3096 Rotterdam Terror Corps Gabber Revolution Other Yes
3097 Rotterdam Terror Corps Beethoven on XTC Other Yes
3098 D-Block & S-te-Fan ft. MC Villain Boyz from da future!(InQontrol) Other Yes
3099 DJ Coone Words From The Gang (Vlaams) Other Yes
3100 DJ Coone Words From The Gang (Vlaams) Other Yes
3101 D-Block vs Tha Bazz Pimpz Rock Diz Joint Other Yes
3102 Paranormal attack Be with you Other Yes
3103 Philippe Rochard The World Other Yes
3104 Merkurius We Survive Other Yes
3105 Antifact Path Of Righteousness Other Yes
3106 Project One Best of Both Worlds Other Yes
3107 David vendetta Feat Rachel starr bleeding heart Other Yes
3108 Technoboy Oh My God Other Yes
3109 Armand De France I Say Ride On (DJ's From Mars Extended Mix) Other Yes
3110 Headhunterz Do It My Way Other Yes
3111 Headhunterz Do It My Way Other Yes
3112 Luna Who We Are Other Yes
3113 D-Passion Unstoppable Other Yes
3114 D-Passion Unstoppable Other Yes
3115 Ztx & Kingsman Smokin' n Pouri' n (Zatox Remix) Other Yes
3116 Ztx & Kingsman Smokin' n Pouri' n (Zatox Remix) Other Yes
3117 D-Dr!ve Versus Other Yes
3118 the prophet chubby Other Yes
3119 Soldier Of Fortune The Dark Other Yes
3120 Micropoint Da Fuck Other Yes
3121 Haze Fact Other Yes
3122 Headhunterz life beyond earth Other Yes
3123 Amnesys The Ultimate Motherfucker Other Yes
3124 Frontliner Sweet Dreams Other Yes
3125 Supaboyz Master flat Other Yes
3126 Re-Style That Feeling Other Yes
3127 Showtek Black Anthem 2008 Other Yes
3128 Showtek Black Anthem 2008 Other Yes
3129 Josh & Wesz I Got You Other Yes
3130 Chiren Resurrection Other Yes
3131 Brennan Heart Feat Shanokee Home (Unknown Analoq Remix) Other Yes
3132 Brennan Heart Feat Shanokee Home (Blademasterz Remix) Other Yes
3133 Re-Style Motherfuckin Bullit Other Yes
3134 Fly Agaric I See Myself Hardstyle Yes
3135 A-Lusion Talk iz Tomorrow Other Yes
3136 DYAD10 sugar(sweet thing)(Nicka & Alse Remix) Other Yes
3137 Trilok The Musics Banging Other Yes
3138 Tat & Zat Skleroxx Other Yes
3139 The Stunned Guys Raise Cain ( Moh 2007 Anthem) Other Yes
3140 Ado the Dream Fire (Original Mix) Other Yes
3141 DJ Or-Beat & K-Pax Keep it Alive Other Yes
3142 Zanza labs Zanzarismo Other Yes
3143 Dutch Master Back To The Real Style Other Yes
3144 A-Drive & MC Rems Fine Day Other Yes
3145 DJ Mad Dog Nasty Other Yes
3146 DJ Mad Dog Nasty Other Yes
3147 T & T Gangsta (Erik T Mix) Other Yes
3148 D-Saster Deathline Other Yes
3149 Tomcat and Rudeboy Soul of A Warrior Other Yes
3150 Tomcat and Rudeboy Soul of A Warrior Other Yes
3151 Rotator Black Flag Other Yes
3152 nocternal domme mensen Other Yes
3153 Stu Allan Far Away Other Yes
3154 Promo As the beat goes on Other Yes
3155 Brainkicker vs Noisecontrollers Always Black Other Yes
3156 Dj Vortex People Jumping Other Yes
3157 Showtek Feat. Emc S The Puta Raver Story (Robboz Remix) Other Yes
3158 Wild Motherfuckers Next Fother Mucker Episode Other Yes
3159 DJ D Imagine Other Yes
3160 Endymion Art Other Yes
3161 Endymion Bio Other Yes
3162 Bonehead & prince ov Darkness Pedal to the Metal Other Yes
3163 Mad Dog Welcome Down Other Yes
3164 Primax Sameria Other Yes
3165 Primax Sameria Other Yes
3166 Primax Sameria Other Yes
3167 Hellsystem Dead Motherfucker Other Yes
3168 Angerfist In A Million Years Other Yes
3169 Brennan Heart Watch Me Grow Other Yes
3170 Art Of Fighter Getting Blowed Up Other Yes
3171 The Stunned Guys Rhythm Rock Shocker Other Yes
3172 The Stunned Guys & Art Of Fighter Dopenose Other Yes
3173 The Stunned Guys & Art Of Fighter Eternal Other Yes
3174 Hardstyle Mafia Heaven Above Other Yes
3175 Brisk and Vagabond Innocent Other Yes
3176 Brisk and Vagabond Innocent Other Yes
3177 Dj Massiv vs The Rebel Make my day Other Yes
3178 Elimination Project Pestzooitje Other Yes
3179 Abject Like a Fireball Other Yes
3180 Evil Activities ft. Tha Playah Raise it Up Other Yes
3181 Distorted Revelation Rockstar Other Yes
3182 Hands Up Squad Alice In Wonderland Other Yes
3183 Art of Fighters with Tommyknocker Follow Me Other Yes
3184 DJ Mutante Party Accommodant Other Yes
3185 Tymon NT001 Other Yes
3186 Phobos Feel My Hell Other Yes
3187 Tuneboy Money Talks Bullshit Walks (Zatox Remix) Other Yes
3188 Kold Konexion Something Sweet Other Yes
3189 Kold Konexion and DJ Luna Return to Zero Other Yes
3190 Trilok and Chiren Vs Alpha2 Straight to Hell Other Yes
3191 Ghost My Sensation is Black Other Yes
3192 Neophyte Vs. Tha Playah Great Succes Other Yes
3193 french connection french connection Other Yes
3194 Nitrogenetics intimidation Other Yes
3195 Nitrogenetics feat. DJ D & Hellsystem Party Down Other Yes
3196 Nitrogenetics feat. DJ D & Hellsystem Party Down Other Yes
3197 Audio Damage Dope Track Other Yes
3198 Outsiders Infectious Other Yes
3199 DJ Sona Hard to Say I'm Sorry Other Yes
3200 The Pitcher Karma Other Yes
3201 Jochem Myer vs Wildstylez Mag Ik héél héél Even the Truth Other Yes
3202 Hellsystem Bad Days Other Yes
3203 Juggernaut The world of the LSD user Other Yes
3204 dj paul elstak & firestone dead cops Other Yes
3205 Zatox So High Other Yes
3206 Zatox So High Other Yes
3207 Zatox So High Other Yes
3208 Zatox So High Other Yes
3209 Selfmakingproject i feel i'd like to jump Other Yes
3210 Tomboy feat. Rudyboy and Angerfist TNT Other Yes
3211 Josh&Wesz Fuckin Posers Other Yes
3212 The Destroyer Shut Your Mouth Other Yes
3213 Noisekick Ik Schop U Dood Other Yes
3214 The Raiders A Feeling Other Yes
3215 hellfish my style Other Yes
3216 Tha Playah and Evil Activities As Cold As Me Other Yes
3217 True Vandals Fucking Fake Wannabeez Other Yes
3218 True Vandals Fucking Fake Wannabeez Other Yes
3219 Scope DJ Rock Hypnotic Other Yes
3220 Lady Dana Scorpia Other Yes
3221 Kobojsarna Jag vet du vill ha mig Other Yes
3222 Dj Main Another World Other Yes
3223 Evil Activities My Hidden place Other Yes
3224 The Viper & G-Town Madness Blow Da Club Down Other Yes
3225 Celsius PostOp Other Yes
3226 Celsius vpr theme 2 Other Yes
3227 Noisecontrollers Shreek Other Yes
3228 Headhunterz vs Wildstylez Project 1 Other Yes
3229 The Hose Magma Other Yes
3230 Headliner B.o.d.y.p.u.m.p. Other Yes
3231 DJ Neophyte & Tha Playah Still Nr. 1 Other Yes
3232 Evil Activities ft. Nosferatu From Cradle to Grave Other Yes
3233 Bass.T.O.R.M Caveman Other Yes
3234 89ers The 89ers Boy Other Yes
3235 89ers The 89ers Boy Other Yes
3236 Dj Outblast Vs Drokz Black 04 (The Hardest State Of Emergency) Other Yes
3237 Dj Outblast Vs Drokz Black 04 (The Hardest State Of Emergency) Other Yes
3238 DJ D Vs The Viper Loose Control Other Yes
3239 DJ D Vs The Viper Loose Control Other Yes
3240 Davide Sonar Reactor Other Yes
3241 Scope DJ Protocol Other Yes
3242 Paradise See the light Other Yes
3243 Dj Coone Beatfreakerz Other Yes
3244 Dj Coone Unite Other Yes
3245 Star Creatorz Killzone Other Yes
3246 Evil Activities ft. The Viper Raw to the Floor Other Yes
3247 Ben Sage Just a minute Other Yes
3248 MC Storm Dark Like Vadar Other Yes
3249 Tornadozzer Hey Bitch Other Yes
3250 Tamok Resistance is Futile Other Yes
3251 A-Drive Your Life (Jones And B-front remix) Other Yes
3252 Tuneboy Dirty Other Yes
3253 UFO & MC Marley Connection 2006 Other Yes
3254 Ananda Shake Total Overdosed Other Yes
3255 Tha Playah I Call Tha Shots Other Yes
3256 Anonymous Magic Melody Other Yes
3257 Pavo Elektronik Other Yes
3258 Mad Creatures Circle of Darkness (DJ The Crow Mix) Other Yes
3259 Showtek Dust 2 dust Other Yes
3260 17th boulevard Memories Other Yes
3261 chicago zone hands up Other Yes
3262 Technoboy Rage Other Yes
3263 Headhunterz Hate It Or Love It Other Yes
3264 Enzyme X Dreadlock Other Yes
3265 A.N.C. Fallen Angels Return Other Yes
3266 The Masochist LDMF Other Yes
3267 Outblast Infinity Other Yes
3268 Amnesys I Justified Other Yes
3269 Lenny Dee & Radium Syphilis Spread Other Yes
3270 The KGB's Techno Gym (Hardstyle Guru remix) Other Yes
3271 Gorgeous X Last Night Other Yes
3272 Komprex Il Piacere Della Sofferenza Other Yes
3273 Komprex Mondo Brutale Other Yes
3274 Frazzbass Speak English Motherfucker Other Yes
3275 Dj Coone ft MC Villain Bounce on ya sneakerz Other Yes
3276 Lancinhouse & Jappo Exlxaxl (Unexist remix) Other Yes
3277 Mark Knight Party Animals (Vandalism Remix) Other Yes
3278 DJ Vortex Fuck Other Yes
3279 Noisecontrollers Furybox Other Yes
3280 T-Junction & Osiris Feat Mc Syco Livin' the Hard Life Other Yes
3281 Art Of Fighters Artwork (Tha Playah Remix) Other Yes
3282 Acl Team Between Two Worlds Other Yes
3283 Headhunterz vs Wildstylez Blame It On The Music Other Yes
3284 Patrick Bunton Young Birds Other Yes
3285 Javi Boss Vice Other Yes
3286 Showtek & Zany feat. DV8 shoutout (Christmas remix) Other Yes
3287 Bass Modulators Indeep Other Yes
3288 Oliver Darock Girls and Boys ( Radio Edit ) Other Yes
3289 Rexanthony Capturing Matrix (1995 Voice Version) Other No
3290 The Pitcher Sleeping Other Yes
3291 Max Force Fuck me on the Dancefloor Other Yes
3292 Brian M vs McBunn Once again (DJ Neo Club mix) Other Yes
3293 Rotterdam Terror Corps Dusk Till Doom Other Yes
3294 Rotterdam Terror Corps Psycho Game Other Yes
3295 Rotterdam Terror Corps RTC theme, brutal attack Other Yes
3296 Neophyte To You Who Doubt Me Other Yes
3297 Neophyte Real Hardcore Other Yes
3298 Neophyte Always Hardcore Other Yes
3299 Neophyte Mello Moenie Mauwe Other Yes
3300 Neophyte United Gabbers Other Yes
3301 Masters of Ceremony Skullfuck Other Yes
3302 Hard Creation I Will Have That Power Other Yes
3303 triax & partyraiser assassins Other Yes
3304 Outblast Life Sentence For Mankind Other Yes
3305 Rotterdam Terror Corps io sono vivo Other Yes
3306 nosferatu cocaine, lsd, xtc Other Yes
3307 Noisekick from the netherlands Other Yes
3308 Angerfist fuck trance Other Yes
3309 Angerfist Pissin' Razorbladez Other Yes
3310 Angerfist Audio Waste Other Yes
3311 Angerfist Alkoholic Other Yes
3312 Angerfist Project omeaga, prednison attack Other Yes
3313 Angerfist Touch Of Insanity Other Yes
3314 Neophyte Recht Uit De Ondergrond Other Yes
3315 Lenny Dee Catastrophy Other Yes
3316 Rotterdam Terror Corps We Would Die For Hardcore Other Yes
3317 Danger Hardcore Team (DHT) The Battle Has Begun Other Yes
3318 Rotterdam Terror Corps Gabberen Other Yes
3319 Rotterdam Terror Corps Armageddon Other Yes
3320 DJ Coone Upgrated Other Yes
3321 DJ Mad Dog, Noize Suppressor Fire Other Yes
3322 Pila & The Scientist My Bitch (Josh & Wesz Remix) Other Yes
3323 Angerfist Stainless Steel Other Yes
3324 3 Steps Ahead Drop It (Tommyknocker & The Stunned Guys remix) Other Yes
3325 Angerfist Jumpstyle Remix (According to YouTube) Other Yes
3326 2Playaz Tune Other Yes
3327 Rocco Fuckin' Beautiful Other Yes
3328 G-Town Madness & The Viper Come As One (Project Hardcore 2007 Anthem) Other Yes
3329 Nosferatu & Endymion vs The Viper ft. MC Alee Project Hardcore 2005 Other Yes
3330 Basslover United I can't dance Other Yes
3331 Outrage & Prolaxx Get on My Level Other Yes
3332 zany & dv8 Wilde gullie bass Other Yes
3333 Nosferatu Chronicles of a freak Other Yes
3334 Nosferatu Enemigo del estado Other Yes
3335 FVL Seigneur Other Yes
3336 d-block & s-te-fan the way we do (feat. mc villain) Other Yes
3337 picco the jump anthem Other Yes
3338 The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker Your Choice Other Yes
3339 Kriss Damage Feat Stormtrooper Stutthart Feiert Other Yes
3340 T-Systems Sweetheart Other Yes
3341 Dj Jos Anatomie Black Other Yes
3342 Trance Generators Italians Do It Better(Tgs Legendary Creation Mix) Other Yes
3343 Javi Boss Here We Come (Outblast MOH remix) Other Yes
3344 Rage Attack Darkstyle Syndicate Other Yes
3345 Weapon X We Don't Give a Fuck Other Yes
3346 Dr Rude S.D.B. Other Yes
3347 Tatanka Don't Move Other Yes
3348 Kenzie & Cobain High on Life (Steve Jones Mix) Other Yes
3349 D-Block & S-te-Fan War Coz I'm Hard Other Yes
3350 Meccano Twins Inner Side (Go Insane) Other Yes
3351 G-Town Madness vs. The Viper Here it Comes Other Yes
3352 A-Lusion Perfect it Other Yes
3353 The pitcher Control Other Yes
3354 Headhunterz the power of the mind Other Yes
3355 Teenagerz Slam down Other Yes
3356 Angerfist Ultra Rebel Other Yes
3357 Tha Playah The Rule of Cool Other Yes
3358 Tatanka GTP Other Yes
3359 Nitrogenetics True Rebel Other Yes
3360 Rotterdam Terror Corps The Legacy Other Yes
3361 Kasparov ft. MC Raw We Will Dominate Other Yes
3362 Evil Activities Back On Track Other Yes
3363 Project Deviate Not My Kind Other Yes
3364 Masters of Ceremony Put it to music Other Yes
3365 Tha Playah The One Other Yes
3366 Masters of Ceremony Bottoms Up Other Yes
3367 Dj Dione Pain Till i Die Other Yes
3368 Nosferatu vs. Endymion Drunk with a gun Other Yes
3369 Neophyte & Evil Activities Everlast Other Yes
3370 A-Lusion feat MC Villain Getting Wild Other Yes
3371 Headhunterz Forever Az One Other Yes
3372 Black Identity Blckr Thn Blck (The Prophet Vs JDX Remix) Other Yes
3373 Dj Duro Cocaine MF Other Yes
3374 Noisecontrollers Creatures Other Yes
3375 Alpha Twins The Dark Side (Dark Mix) Other Yes
3376 Angerfist Dance With The Wolves Other Yes
3377 Trilok & Chiren vs. Alpha² At war Other Yes
3378 DJ Activator From Dancefloor To Dancefloor Other Yes
3379 Evil Activities & Dj Panic Murder Other Yes
3380 T-Junction & Osiris Adrenaline shotz Other Yes
3381 The Prophet feat. Headhunterz High Rollerz Other Yes
3382 Wild Motherfuckers Fuck It Up Other Yes
3383 Alpha² The Darkside (Qlimax Anthem 2006) Other Yes
3384 Dj Pat B R&B Sux Other Yes
3385 Gee & Dee Oops! Other Yes
3386 Overload The Anthem (Vortex & Zatox Mix) Other Yes
3387 Pendulum Streamline Other Yes
3388 London Elektricity Down Low Other Yes
3389 Pendulum Still Grey Other Yes
3390 Project Jupiter Drill Sergeant Other Yes
3391 Showtek and DV8 Shout out Other Yes
3392 Da Bootleggers Bitches & Ho's Other Yes
3393 Showtek The Puta story Other Yes
3394 Zany and DV8 Nothing else matters Other Yes
3395 Headhunterz vs. Abject End of my Existence Other Yes