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Moshpit - Popular Facts lyrics

And so they started a revolt
A revolt for something they didn't understand
An excuse to their total fiasco
A fight for an illusion
Hunger for something they never tasted
And so hey became the heroes of a lost cause
The dust on the moldiest furniture
The sharpest critics, the finest hypocrites

They do like wealth but wealth didn't like them
They messed it up but they wanted it back
And there they stood, so please hail the
Suffer out failure committee the we
Thought we weren't trampled
But we certainly are
So hooray for the revolt of the miserable
With a foot on their neck they crawled on the streets

Say it loud [2x]
'Cause we all like to hear it

I don't want to see what I'm starting to be

And the rich supremacy, very amused
All watched the infertile battle stagnate
Through many more centuries and
So the pathetic sight sank into
The horizon and the farcical mob felt like
They were doing something very
Useful in their lives by stuffing
With their whining and their infinite satisfaction

Say it loud [2x]
'Cause we all like to hear it

I don't want to see what I'm starting to be

Cover: Moshpit - Popular Facts
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  • Year
  • 2008

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The genre would be a mix between metal or screamo and terror.
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