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2017-03-06 02:33:16 UnknownPerson: OMFG im stupid AF

Gr8 banter m8

Titanium: how can u dance on that ? there is no BPM
Titanium: some sound here and there
Titanium: blim blam poum blablabla tssss griiiiziyuiuuuu bah bah BLOUM BASS BASS zouuuu
Titanium: random as fuck

Titanium: I made enter in hardcore a girl

Just Payne:

Payne rapes aslak

Payne: fuckin bundesliga seadon. my alcohol consume is already at max level but the bad plays of my are raising it


Salva: where you hear babies, i hear drugs
Core: well isn't that kind of the same thing?
Salva: haha, kinda


HardstyleLJ: why go to bed when you can go fuck yourself instead :lol:


DaHunger: only the bad parenting combined with the cheap laugh will make it expensive


Core: i vape weed out of my gay lovers asshole 420 out of 360 times

Baby don't hurt me

HardstyleLJ: what is love is love, what is love is life
no u
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