Request: Promo feat. Ophidian & Myrean - Born To Break
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  • Promo's Album: Authentic (2017)

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gabber_god 10 months ago
I think it is because later on she says "But I can still remember the darkness my home" again so I am very confident that in the beginning is the darkness my home instead of the time is my.
gabber_god 10 months ago
Hi, Pain. Thank you for fast reply. I wanted to ask you do you think "The time is my [..]" is actually "The darkness my home / Darkness my home"? I hear something similar to that, maybe I'm wrong.
Pain 10 months ago
The time is my [..]


A cloudy disturbance in sweet summer haze
the song of the sirens for help came too late
To wake within night time
to sleep during day
Then you turn in poetry, the sounds of despair
It may seem like a lifetime, a century ago
But I can still remember the darkness my home
the voices they torment till all sounds have gone
But black dark/dawn beside me, I'm never alone

Just let go [?x]
We all are born to break

Look at me now
I'm standing here with nothing left for you to see
Look at me now
There's nothing left for you to take
Make no mistake
We all are born to break

I got my torch lit walking through the dark abyss <Braille - Submission Hold>

say you'll survive this and always be mine

Never and never and never alone

Va fan, intrige!
So, anything you can say to help?
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