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Postman - Fuck House Music (Original Mix) lyrics

[female voice]

Hey, what the fucking hell? [2x]

I'm thinking about the cock suckers of house music
He tastes cocaine and in the same time
The other straight guy's banging his woman

Are you ready to scream, house music lick my penis?

Can you hear me?

I say again:
House music suck
My motherfucking cock!

House music suck my motherfucking cock!
Cover: Postman - Fuck House Music (Original Mix)
  • Fuck House Music Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

  • Submitted
Label: Green Force
Catalog#: GEE 077
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Italy
Released: 2005

BraVe 7 years ago
Its "the other"
Thanks for the help!
Laserboy 7 years ago
thx for the add, I can't say if it's all or other -.-
CoDEmanX 7 years ago
what about "all straight"? i really can't hear "other"
zup 7 years ago
I think he says 'the other straight guy's banging his woman'
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