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4M, 1w ago Devin Wild - Mind Bending lyrics [Hardstyle]
nice find, thank you :)
11M, 1w ago Gunz For Hire Ft. Nikki Milou - We Will Be Immortal lyrics [Hardstyle]
Moved it back to pending as it has been released now. Please check again if it fits with the released version and we will approve it.
12M ago Da Tweekaz & Sephyx - This Is Special lyrics [Hardstyle]
wilco, please join the chat real quick.
1y, 4M ago Masters Of Ceremony - Under Control lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
masters of ceremony.
1y, 6M ago Radical Redemption - Famous lyrics [Hardstyle]
one source: Bros - When Will I Be Famous?
1y, 8M ago Headhunterz - Destiny lyrics [Hardstyle]
Back when Headhunterz started performing he used to do it as a duo together with Bobby van Putten. They split up and Willem Rebergen continued performing under the name. The sample was first used ...
1y, 10M ago Hybrid Minds feat. Emily Jones - Inside lyrics [DnB]
If I really try to hear "silence in your heart" I can hear it, too but imo it makes less sense. Apart from that, these are the official lyrics as posted by Hybrid Minds ;)
1y, 11M ago Komakino - Man On Mars lyrics [Trance]
Oh, well, it doesn't really matter after all as the lyrics are basically the same :)
2y ago Avi8 - Wonderland lyrics [Hardstyle]
DirkJan, I would really appreciate if you were more careful with your submissions. All six lyrics that I've just approved had neither a video nor a release and its respective cover image. The lyri...
2y ago DRS feat. S.P.Y & Jenna G - Star Voyager lyrics [DnB]
Lights are low in the air vibrates -> low and the air vibrates Here is where the song -> where the soul Select to feeds the souls -> Selector (slang term for DJ) [...] where they get this thirst...
2y ago Notorious Two - California Dreamers lyrics [Hardstyle]
Has been released for 9 months, please update accordingly
2y, 2M ago Fana Sexyboys - Black Rock City lyrics [Hands Up!]
So I have fixed everything, from even the wrong artist down to the bad copy & paste. The next submission like that will just get deleted right away :)
2y, 2M ago Devin Wild - Remorse lyrics [Hardstyle]
You might wanna listen to the song again because as of now not a single line is correct. Just use the edit function and fix the lyrics so I can approve it :)
2y, 3M ago Hard Driver & Radical Redemption - Reloaded lyrics [Hardstyle]
released, please check if you need to update stuff
2y, 3M ago DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Don't Like Mondays request [Hardcore/Early]
don't forget to add Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays as the third source
2y, 4M ago Regain & Phuture Noize - Don't Look Down lyrics [Hardstyle]
I have checked for a source before approving this one and I also stumbled upon this Bastion thing, however I couldn't find "Keep your chin up, kid" and "Don't look down" in the refere...
2y, 5M ago Wasted Penguinz & Villain - Dimensions Of The Underworld (Pumpkin 2016 Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
uhm, I'm pretty sure it's "Now your destiny will come to light"
2y, 6M ago Audio & The Sect - Pounded lyrics [DnB]
5 lines and 4 things to be corrected? Come on, you can do better than this ;)
2y, 6M ago Adrenalize & Omegatypez - Infinite Universe lyrics [Hardstyle]
It's probably referring to the multiverse theory
2y, 8M ago Decipher Feat. MC Mozhard - Musical Violence lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
I'm spitting bombs? I'm stripping bombs?
2y, 8M ago Godgiven & Modified - Shift lyrics [Hardstyle]
One man [..] take an expedition :?
2y, 8M ago Authentic - Just A Dream lyrics [Hardstyle]
Is this just a dream You saved me
2y, 8M ago The Pitcher - Symphony request [Hardstyle]
It had me know why would you came back to me Stunning, stunning But then you forget me and the symphony starts to run Starts to run that's what I hear but it makes too little sense to ...
2y, 8M ago Coone feat. Matt Fryers - Last Man Standing lyrics [Hardstyle]
Leaving out entire paragraphs is not acceptable but I will turn a blind eye on it as this is your first lyric. Also please look at how we layout the lyrics on our site for future additions.
2y, 9M ago Soulful Nature - Going Nowhere lyrics [DnB]
Yea, hence my explanation in the additional notes. It sounds nothing like "to" but I checked the original song a few times to decide on what I wanna go with.
2y, 9M ago DRS feat. S.P.Y & Jenna G - Star Voyager request [DnB]
just a few things that I think are correct-ish: Everybody's welcome Don't exclude no classes It's a family affair Get there before the night passes Party is ? so Earlier the better ...
2y, 9M ago Steve Hill vs Technikal Feat. Nathalie - Damaged lyrics [Hardtrance]
I added the missing half of the lyric and fixed the entire layout. Please consider reading out rules on how to add lyrics so we won't have to de...
2y, 9M ago Chaotic Spirit & C-Visual - Fireflies lyrics [Hardstyle]
HardstyleHenk, please listen through the source that I've added to the notes to verify the lyrics :lol:
2y, 9M ago DJ Cyber - Imagine lyrics [Hardstyle]
Really connect deeply within the core [..] -> the core of the earth You're about to have a multi [..] experience -> multi-sensory experience
2y, 9M ago Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone lyrics [Hardcore/Early]
I take it to your face with this illyrical mace should probably be I take it to the face with this Hill-lyrical mix
2y, 9M ago SMD - All For The Thrill (NC Re-fix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
The melody source is Alpha - Vangelis, not Adam Strange - Traveller however it samples the same source.
3y, 1M ago SA†AN - Undead Flesh lyrics [DnB]
Is it just me or does Undead Flesh (from 2:55) have the same drum pattern as Donny - Wonder For Reason? o_O
3y, 1M ago Radical Redemption & Digital Punk - Protest Of Indignation lyrics [Hardstyle]
Sources: Sunz of Man - We Can't Be Touched Reverend Jim Jones from The Jonestown Institute (I guess?)
3y, 1M ago L.A.O.S. - While I Got You lyrics [DnB]
"the ground has come for my fate" I think it's the ground is gone from my feet and then "wondering" could be wandering to fit the context
3y, 1M ago BSA - Come Close lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
hm couldn't figure out the [...] parts but you're missing Pain will help me hang on to reality in the beginning
3y, 2M ago The Relic - Black Angel lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
where he fell the Earth -> where he fell to Earth She'll turn when [..] least expected -> She'll turn on you when you'll least expect it A manuscript that foretells the [..] when ...
3y, 2M ago The Relic & Dep Affect - Designation lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
I'm so sad t .. wake up -> I'm so scared that I'll never wake up the [..] after that could be "Humanity reborn" [..], inspiration, [..] sounds like "Signed up, inspiration,...
3y, 2M ago Crypsis & DV8 - Stand Our Ground (Qapital Anthem 2016) lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think "our official intelligence" should be "artificial intelligence"
3y, 2M ago Da Tweekaz ft. MC D - The Hitmen (Midnight Mafia 2016 Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
best crew in time -> best crew in town the Midnight Maffia -> the Midnight Mafia (also the other two times) lowercase letter after the comma "not anymore" Most of them flipped the ...
3y, 2M ago Future Reset - So Alive lyrics [DnB]
Ha, yea I sat down and listened to it over and over again to figure out his unclear rapping. How could I not hear "minutes just" >_< Then it should probably "fly by right" afterwards, shouldn't it...
3y, 9M ago Zeds Dead Ft. Omar LinX - No Prayers lyrics [Dubstep]
the chorus is: Sister Bessie don't you say no prayers for me A slow boat's gonna lead me where I'm bound I'm for to travel far across the distant seas My destiny will lead me where I'm bound ...
5y, 7M ago Sad Update news
there goes a great mind and an incredibly nice person to be with. once again, the good die young. I liked him very much and I'm gonna miss him even more. my condolence to his family and friends. ...
6y, 2M ago ItaloBrothers - Pandora 2012 (Video Edit) lyrics [Dance/House]
the source is most likely to be incorrect since those lyrics have been used in many tracks before (e.g. Camo & Krooked - The Escape, 2009)
6y, 7M ago Josh & Wesz - Acquittal lyrics [Hardstyle]
sauce: JJ Flores & Steve Smooth feat. Delano - Release
7y, 1M ago Opening up to all genres next month [April Fools Joke] news
oh can you please also add german folk music and lullabies?
7y, 3M ago Half a decade of Lololyrics news
time to fire up five grills at once \o/ happy birthday
7y, 6M ago Stan SB - Tears in Rain request [DnB]
this is what I hear in the chorus: We're all just tears in rain And we won't be born again We fight for what we are But we'll never leave our mark Again
7y, 7M ago The Opposites - Licht Uit (Coone Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
as far as i know this is unreleased
7y, 8M ago Ran-D & B-Front - Rebirth (Official Anthem 2011) lyrics [Hardstyle]
actually, it's facing the ground
7y, 9M ago Brennan Heart - Just As Cheesy (Knock Out 2011 Edit) request [Hardstyle]
This song will surely never be released so it's not allowed on lololyrics. But I'll type the lyrics for you here: Ew, what's that smell? Smells like cheesy Brennan Fart up in here Here is...
7y, 9M ago Tha Playah - Clockwork lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The melody is taken from Funeral Music for Queen Mary (1695) by Henry Purcell and it has also been used in Psyko Punkz - Voices.
7y, 9M ago Frequencerz - Fly With Me lyrics [Hardstyle]
yes it is, as a promo
7y, 9M ago Headhunterz - Doomed request [Hardstyle]
no, requests stay so people notice when the track is released
7y, 9M ago Manhattan Project - Dark Symphonies lyrics [Hardstyle]
where is this released?
7y, 9M ago Manox - Almost Lover (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
source = A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover
7y, 9M ago Angerfist - And Jesus Wept lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
the "Jesus wept" sample is from the first Hellraiser from 1987, dunno about the other sources and parts
7y, 10M ago Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (Psyko Punkz DJ Tool) lyrics [Hardstyle]
You can't edit it because you are no moderator. Which details do you mean for example?
7y, 11M ago Wasted Penguinz - Forever Today lyrics [Hardstyle]
released for free
7y, 11M ago Vazard - Epilogue lyrics [Hardstyle]
next time you should fix the layout and typos when you copy & paste from the source those hyphen were all wrong
7y, 11M ago Borgore - Foes Preview lyrics [Dubstep]
this is no album, it's just a mix
7y, 11M ago Skrillex - Turmoil Preview lyrics [Dubstep]
this is a completely different version
7y, 11M ago Da Tweekaz - 10'o'Clock lyrics [Hardstyle]
source video:
7y, 11M ago TNT - Utta Wanka (Extended Version) lyrics [Hardstyle]
it's an insult such as "complete jerk"
7y, 12M ago Alpha² - Let It Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
rather: this [town?] is where you gonna go
7y, 12M ago Zany & Ran-D Feat. Nikkita - Son Of Torture (Original Edit) lyrics [Hardstyle]
no stan, the lyrics are correct.
8y ago Davenition - Beat Is Coming Up Preview lyrics [Hardstyle]
is that guy deaf? the kicks in the first climax are so off beat :fist:
8y ago The Prophet - Really Don't Care lyrics [Hardstyle]
released: Window Of Time [SCAN051]
8y ago Headbanger - The Fucking Headbanger request [Other]
newbiespawn would you be so kind as to stop commenting the entire lyric on this request as you have already added it to the pending section.
8y ago Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Original Mix) lyrics [Dubstep]
still not convinced of "look at this"
8y ago Arkaine - Voice Of Desire lyrics [Hardstyle]
lol true, today lemme fix it
8y, 1M ago Abyss & Judge - Get it Right request [Other]
it's already pending as i added it
8y, 1M ago Current Value - Excellence lyrics [DnB]
the correct title is Excellence the release is Excellence / Twisted [ALGO 005] year 2006 and the genre is drum & bass but as this lyric is your first one, i'm going to fix it
8y, 1M ago Technoboy - Catfight lyrics [Hardstyle]
no, those lines are pretty correct :P
8y, 1M ago Frontliner - The Call Of The Visionary (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
gonna add missing information (singular word) as soon as there's a full sample on youtube
8y, 2M ago The Prophet - Really Don't Care lyrics [Hardstyle]
apparently it has no source
8y, 4M ago Prestige - Hard (feat Nik Itch) lyrics [Dubstep]
fail. it's a jingle from the show
8y, 4M ago Ran-D - Living For The Moment lyrics [Hardstyle]
it's about the label A² and that is the correct spelling
8y, 5M ago Hardstyle Mafia - Dedicated To The Most Hated lyrics [Hardstyle]
ok, as this is your first lyrics i will be so kind as to approve it but: next time you better don't leave away parts, randomly capitalize words and listen more often to the lyrics since most of i...
8y, 5M ago Proppy & Heady - Summer Of Hardstyle lyrics [Hardstyle]
@defoil Zenith vs Avex - Scream was the track which got headhunterz into hardstyle, so I guess this is why he wanted to have kind of an own version of it
8y, 5M ago Headhunterz & Wildstylez feat. MC Villain - Stuck In Ur Head lyrics [Hardstyle]
yes it does sounds like "and do my hard stuff" but does that make much sense? hm..
8y, 5M ago Unknown Analoq - Like Your Style (DJ Tool) lyrics [Hardstyle]
open your eyes and look at the source field ;)
8y, 5M ago Brennan Heart - Faithlezz Qlimax 2010 (Brennan Heart Dj Tool) lyrics [Hardstyle]
the title is not confirmed. it's rather called "Faithlezz (Qlimax Remake)"
8y, 6M ago Angerfist & Crucifier - Naked Bodies lyrics [Techno]
but it is a request stan, read the rules before posting useless comments. kthxbye.
8y, 7M ago Ivan Carsten - The Veesion lyrics [Hardstyle]
coone also took it from that source.
8y, 7M ago Aschvault - Deaf Junk (Never Over) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
no, it's not. ;)
8y, 7M ago Ran-D & Redixx - Untill We Meet Again lyrics [Hardstyle]
dunno the name but it was March 07, 2010 in Groesbeek, Netherlands
8y, 8M ago Alphaverb ft. The Digital Society - 10011010001 (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
it says e-mail, not Gmail
8y, 8M ago Wildstylez - Muzic Or Noize (Frontliner Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
please don't just copy the lyrics from the original without verifying, there was an additional word.
8y, 9M ago Hardsoul Pres. Roog & Greg Feat. Si Paul - Your Love (Roog & Prom Remix) lyrics [Dance/House]
all repetitions and the second half of the entire song were missing!?
8y, 9M ago Distorted Revelation - Tear It Up lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
this video is already in the additional notes, useless comment?
8y, 9M ago Hardsoul Pres. Roog & Greg Feat. Si Paul - Your Love (Roog & Prom Remix) lyrics [Dance/House]
next time please add the full lyrics and don't list a release which doesn't even contain the song.
8y, 9M ago Egnal Ramd - German Mayday lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
yea, rather extratone but we don't have that genre ;)
8y, 9M ago Endymion & Meccano Twins - The Industry lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
updated it and added a new video.
8y, 9M ago The Pitcher Feat. Noisecontrollers - Shut Up lyrics [Hardstyle]
there is no video on youtube yet. but you can get a sample here
8y, 9M ago Bimbo Jones - Come And Fly With Me (Recon Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
yes, we all love each other in loloville <3
8y, 9M ago Kasparov - Keep Going request [Other]
something I understand Simply speaks that I am taking seven seizures for the truth I got seven ways to [..] seven ways of loving you
8y, 11M ago Headhunterz - The Sacrifice lyrics [Hardstyle]
@acscity "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost"
8y, 11M ago D-Block And S-te-Fan, Villain & MC DV8 - A Decade Of Dedication lyrics [Hardstyle]
haha who edited in that source? the "Evil inside me" is just part of the following track
8y, 11M ago Dj Zkydriver - Jumping So High request [Other]
which mix do you want? there is no original
8y, 11M ago ATB feat. Tiff Lacey - My Everything lyrics [DnB]
the problem is that there are so many people stealing lyrics from lolo and adding them to their crappy lyric sites. that's why you found that mistake there thx for the correction
8y, 11M ago Together - Together lyrics [Dance/House]
epic masterwork <3
8y, 12M ago M'Black - Heartbreak (Bare Noize remix) lyrics [Dubstep]
why did you randomly capitalized words?
8y, 12M ago Showtek - FTS (Fuck the System) (Organ Donors Unofficial "LIVE4PILLZ" Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
actually this remix is some trillion times better than the original FTS
8y, 12M ago Eli - Hard Bass Attack (EC Bootleg) lyrics [Hardstyle]
provide a sample please. otherwise it will get deleted
9y ago Headhunterz - Save Your Scrap For Victory lyrics [Hardstyle]
added proper video and fixed accordingly
9y ago Tat & Zat - Skeleton request [Hardstyle]
asked Zatox on facebook for it, let's hope he'll help us. :)
9y ago The Pitcher - Control lyrics [Hardstyle]
added a video, there is no 'time and place'
9y ago Frontliner - Save.Exit.Planet (Dock 45 Remix) lyrics [Techno]
first of all this tune is fucking awesome then the genre is not house but minimal -> techno
9y ago Usher - Yeah (Hardstyle Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
hm that aint hardstyle but disgusting shit that should be banned from earth
9y ago Mutt feat. Kevin King - Conversations request [Other]
why dont you add it?
9y ago SMD - All For The Thrill (NC Re-fix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
as far as i know anybody can add stuff to Discogs is more trusted
9y ago Zatox - How Much Can You Take lyrics [Hardstyle]
source: Future Breeze - How Much Can You Take
9y, 1M ago Flarup & ABW - Emotions (Xstatic Anthem) (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Feel the euphoric emotions of tonight
9y, 1M ago DJ Buzz Fuzz vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - No Titties No Go request [Other]
maybe you can't find it because No Titties No Go is from Buzz Fuzz
9y, 1M ago Dutch Masters - Take Some lyrics [Hardstyle]
You should consider reading the rules: In particular § B.4 and § C.
9y, 1M ago SpringStil - Springstil (Ey Heb Die Beine An) lyrics [Jumpstyle]
well it's the typical Springstil sound.. and I fucking love it :D all of their track rule :one:
9y, 1M ago Bad HabitZ - Together request [Other]
please use english on this site since most of the users won't understand dutch
9y, 1M ago Subsonik & Kiro - Hold On lyrics [DnB]
for the next time, if you copy a lyric from youtube or other sites, please check the correct spelling
9y, 1M ago Scuba - So You Think You're Special request [Other]
doesnt sound that edm-ish ?!
9y, 1M ago Tatanka & Zatox - Love Theme From The Godfather lyrics [Hardstyle]
hmm no. not really
9y, 1M ago Donkey Rollers - D.O.N.K.E.Y. lyrics [Hardstyle]
yes it is, by Zany himself
9y, 2M ago Blutonium Boy - In Touch With Tomorrow (Blutonium Boy & DJ Neo Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
that "Madonna - Hung Up" melody originates from ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) ;)
9y, 2M ago Akustikrausch - Ohrbassmus (Original Club Mix) lyrics [Dance/House]
For the next time: the lyric should be grammatically correct.
9y, 2M ago The Prophet feat. Wildstylez - Cold Rocking request [Other]
you must have listened to The Prophet feat. Wildstylez – Cold Rocking (Gostosa Remix) since that's the one which had been played in the set you mentioned
9y, 2M ago Headhunterz - Emptiness lyrics [Hardstyle]
Headhunterz 'believes' in the Zen Buddhism I guess that's why he made this epic track with those special lyrics
9y, 3M ago Headhunterz & Wildstylez - Down With The Hardstyle (Credible Mix) Preview lyrics [Hardstyle]
he never played it in any liveset, might be that he noticed the reaction on it so he will never release it
9y, 3M ago Frontliner vs. B-Front - 1.000.000 Stars lyrics [Hardstyle]
You can listen to the track here:
9y, 3M ago Headhunterz - Psychedelic lyrics [Hardstyle]
most epic nu-style track ever _O_
9y, 3M ago Three years o' lolo news
HardstyleLJ likes this. :goldstar::goldstar::goldstar::goldstar::goldstar: Happy Birthday :)
9y, 3M ago Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers - Tonight lyrics [Hardstyle]
new video: 6TGp7W_HUK4 such an evergreen song.. not suprising as 4 of the best hardstyle producers made it :one:
9y, 4M ago Chicago Zone - Sky request [Other]
That's the sky
9y, 4M ago Mikesh - Wahnsinn lyrics [Hardstyle] this web release contains "Wahnsinn" with the same lyrics as "Wahnsinn (3 Gramm) but it's got another melo
9y, 4M ago A-Drive - Your Life (Jones & B-Front Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think this lyric needs some fixes: [Edit: comment implemented in the lyrics, thanks!]
9y, 4M ago Hixxy Vs. Sy & Unknown - The Clit Commander lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
The Melody is ripped from RMB feat. Talla 2XLC - Spring
9y, 5M ago Mikesh - Wahnsinn lyrics [Hardstyle]
"Koks ist toter als tot, Heroin kommt zurück, und zwar im ganz großen Stil." is from Pulp Fiction
9y, 5M ago Kreislaufstörung - 40% lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
1. No idea 2. A russian friend of mine told me that she knows the lala part from a russian folk song or sth. My mum (music teacher) told me that there's a german folk song that has the same melo w...
9y, 5M ago JDX feat. Sarah Maria - Live The Moment lyrics [Hardstyle]
haha, I told you stannie ^^ btw how honorable is that, having the artists of such an awesome song on lolo :D
9y, 6M ago Sylver - Skin (Radio Edit) lyrics [Trance]
lol that was their first track lolo: 1 sylver: 0
9y, 6M ago Dj Plague - Bananaphone lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
first (...) only the first part then both Kommt und besucht mal Barbapapa Es macht viel Spaß Mit der Familie Barbapapa Auf dem Fernsehglas die Barbapapas Können sich ändern wie sie wollen D...
9y, 6M ago Spor - 103 Degrees lyrics [DnB]
you may add in the additional notes that "Lifted" (Lifted Music) is a label Spor is producing for and a correction: You set the grade We play the field We pinch you just to make sure that y...
9y, 6M ago Dolls United Feat. Jim Knopf & Lukas Der Lokomotivführer - Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen lyrics [Techno]
Ah, jetzt, ja! Eine Insel Hahahahahahaha ich könnt mich jedesmal wieder kaputt lachen xD Auch ein schöner klassiker
9y, 6M ago Showtek - Loco lyrics [Hardstyle]
Musica con coco might mean "Music in the head" Musica = music, con ~ with, coco = head
9y, 6M ago Hardstyle Masterz & Max Enforcer - Respect lyrics [Hardstyle]
the sound after max enforcer sounds more like Zany Meets The Beholder - Do You Want Heavy?! to me and i think it's impossible to name all the songs because they are typical for each dj, so they ap...
9y, 7M ago Darren Styles & Whizzkid - Girlfriend lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
Source = Supertramp - Breakfast in America
9y, 7M ago Favicon, dates, views and overall top10 lyrics news
scooter in top 10? fail! basshunter in top 10? fail! we need more hardstyle/hardcore/speedcore in da top 10 :P
9y, 7M ago Master Blaster - Everywhere (Club Mix) lyrics [Dance/House]
source = Michelle Branch - Everywhere
9y, 7M ago Rockstroh - Licht (Michael Mind Radio Edit) lyrics [Dance/House]
Translation: I've seen the light It was beautiful I want some more of it Of this explosion I've seen so much Of this large world You've got much more of it If you keep a low profile Ther...
9y, 7M ago iGoA - Herrscher lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
Fail?! Correct: Für jeden Menschen gibt es einen Ort auf der Welt Bei dem er der absolute Herrscher ist Dies hier ist mein Ort Hier drin bin ich der Herrscher Das hier ist mein Universum Hi...
9y, 7M ago Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
vinyls are not mentioned untill its officially released
9y, 7M ago Scooter - Ti Sento lyrics [Jumpstyle]
a melody is not "stolen" if you change 3 tones or something and that's what scooter did. (if they would pay for it, fusion records wouldn't post tweets with videos like this one: [url]http://www.yo...
9y, 7M ago Kurwastyle Project - A.C.A.B. lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
Oh, I'm sorry, I had the turntable at the wrong speed, you wanna try it again? source = Special D. - Here I Am
9y, 7M ago Special D. - Me And My Lover lyrics [Dance/House]
(gotta give me a hardcore bass)
9y, 7M ago Kurwastyle Project - Movin' Cruisin' (Anulu Love Anal Mix) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
isn't it: Movin' movin' movin' movin', cruisin' cruisin' cruisin' cruisin' ?
9y, 7M ago Scooter - Ti Sento lyrics [Jumpstyle]
just noticed that the beginning sounds like 'rhythm is a dancer'
9y, 7M ago Basslovers United - Doubledecker (Marco Van Bassken Radio Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
probably one of the badest tracks ever basslovers united made some good tunes but this one is just crap in my opinion
9y, 7M ago Frontliner vs. B-Front - 1.000.000 Stars lyrics [Hardstyle]
there's no better nu-style tune than this one
9y, 8M ago Dj Promo - Up Yours! lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber] nope, josh was 10 years earlier
9y, 8M ago Nordcore - Paranoia lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Rule number 6: [...] and don't write the first letter of every word in uppercase.
9y, 8M ago Coone - Black Submarine lyrics [Hardstyle]
any releasedate known?
9y, 8M ago Tommyknocker - Twist lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Released: 18 Jan 2006
9y, 8M ago Scooter - Aiii Shot The DJ lyrics [Dance/House]
video staring helge schneider :D a song from the time when i used to like them.. without stealing and stuff
9y, 8M ago Scooter - J'adore Hardcore lyrics [Dance/House]
scooter is 3 guys, plz also shoot the other 2
9y, 8M ago Scooter - J'adore Hardcore lyrics [Dance/House]
... and I hate scooter for it
9y, 8M ago DJ Gollum ft. Scarlet - All The Things She Said lyrics [Hands Up!]
genre = Hands Up! new video: -aJ5SCcEEBw
9y, 8M ago Boris S. - This Is Not Religious lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
thx! searched for it for ages
9y, 8M ago Zany - Maximum Force (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
epic tune but the melody is kind of too happy for Zany.. his stuff is more harder usually still a sense-pounding song ^^
9y, 9M ago Baracuda - I Will Love Again lyrics [Trance]
genre is handsup
9y, 9M ago Gabba Front Berlin - Lacrima Mosa Est lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
das ist doch eindeutig "gings" O.o
9y, 9M ago DJ Mikesh - Hardcore (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
fixed, danke
9y, 9M ago Abyss & Judge - Showdown lyrics [Hardstyle]
Abyss & Judge always create so fucking awesome songs!
9y, 9M ago Showtek - World Is Mine lyrics [Hardstyle]
"Man i'm willing to die for the cause" 'I' with a capital letter
9y, 9M ago Gabba Front Berlin - Lacrima Mosa Est lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
source = "Hass" (La Haine, France 1995)
9y, 9M ago Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Bayern Des Samma Mir lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
(bavarian dialect, no standard german) Translation: Bayern, that's what we are Yes! Be kindly - yes! Ba-Bayern, Ba-Ba-Ba-Bayern I told you to be kindly Yes! Ba-Bayern, Ba-Ba-Ba-Baye...
9y, 9M ago Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez - Blame It On The Music lyrics [Hardstyle]
best track ever
9y, 9M ago Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (Unreal Booty Babes Remix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
sry but I don't agree ^^
9y, 9M ago Patrick Jumpen Feat. Springstil - Solis Invicti (Radio Mix) lyrics [Jumpstyle]
sooooo fkin awesome tune! as always springstil :P
9y, 9M ago Scooter - The Night lyrics [Dance/House]
[EDIT: Your input has been implemented and used to correct the lyrics, thanks!] that are the correct lyrics source = Valerie Dore - The Night (1984) video = -3IpYTSHHas
9y, 9M ago DJ Bomba - Honk If You Are Horny lyrics [Dance/House]
capital letter every new line plz :P
9y, 10M ago Neophyte Records All Stars - Klaar Om Te Rossen lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
ready to be bashed or sth
9y, 10M ago Frontliner vs. Mr Puta - Perfect Puff (Da Tweekaz Mashup) lyrics [Hardstyle]
thx ^^ yeah that took some time xD
9y, 10M ago Brennan Heart - For Years (Intro) lyrics [Other]
that would make more sense because all the titles are mentioned, so one blade must be mentioned too
9y, 10M ago TerrorMasta - BrainBrainBrainBrain lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
"Die Frequenzen unterhalb 30 MegaHertz" schreibt man das H da groß? ansonsten würd ich halt 30MHz schreiben "maximalwerts" schreibt man groß ^^ "Uhhh das war lustig mach das nochmal Brain." ...
9y, 10M ago Brennan Heart - Just As Easy lyrics [Hardstyle]
sometimes I wish to turn back the fucking time...
9y, 10M ago Brennan Heart - About Time lyrics [Other]
worst track of the album :S why tf is there rap in it?!
9y, 10M ago Brennan Heart - We Come And We Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 aaaaaaawesome!!
9y, 10M ago SpeeDevon - Deutschland lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
wtf? correct lyric: Hahahaha Deu-Deu-Deutschland Deutschland [x2] Über alles in der Welt Deu-Deu-Deu-Deu-Deutschland Deutschland Über alles Über alles in der Welt Hahahaha Fucking m...
9y, 10M ago The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop lyrics [Hardstyle]
ofcourse not, i have no idea how "feel good" could get in there thx
9y, 10M ago DJ Zany - Pure lyrics [Hardstyle]
isn't it 'blow'?
9y, 10M ago D-Block & S-te-Fan - Music Made Addict lyrics [Hardstyle]
100% agree with dava its so fkin awesome
9y, 10M ago Pendulum - Visions lyrics [DnB]
ehm.. i found no mistake 3E3woryxjHA
9y, 10M ago Gorgot - Zerschneiden lyrics [Other]
source = Altar des Satans (Devil's Prey) [2001]
9y, 10M ago Kindervater - Alone In The Darkness (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
the "word-of-mouth effect" that is the spreading of information through human interaction alone
9y, 10M ago Wildstylez - Pleasure lyrics [Hardstyle]
<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 this song is sooooooo wonderful
9y, 10M ago Technoboy - Rage (A Hardstyle Song) lyrics [Hardstyle]
But I'm the one whose got the combination = But I'm the one who's got the combination ?
9y, 11M ago [X]-RX - Tanz Schlampe lyrics [Other]
Tanz Baby, tanze los = Tanz Baby, tanz, na los Du zielst einfach auf das was tot sein soll, drückst dieses kleinen Abzug hier - und vorne kommt die Kugel raus = Du zielst einfach auf das was t...
9y, 11M ago FabrikC - Machtpolitik lyrics [Other]
Es ist der achte November 1989 Nach achtundzwanzig Jahren hat die Mauer dem Freiheitswillen der Menschen nicht mehr standgehalten = Berlin am Abend des achten November ... Die DDR-Grenzer ...
9y, 11M ago The Genesis Projection - World Grid lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
fuckin awesome bass
9y, 11M ago Fedde Le Grand feat. Mitch Crown - Scared Of Me lyrics [Dance/House]
the link was added by zup and i thought he would add the rest
9y, 11M ago Klaas - How Does It Feel lyrics [Dance/House]
is doch fast des gleiche ^^ lessons learnt hatte ich nur noch nie gehort von daher ^^ danke
9y, 11M ago Trance Generators vs Stylez meets Tonteufel - Spiritum Veritatis (The Spirit Of The Truth) (Trance Generators Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
i guess its latin (even mentioned in additional notes) ^^
9y, 11M ago The Pitcher ft. MC DV8 - Shine lyrics [Hardstyle]
add video plz qW34DGBheLs
9y, 11M ago Technoboy - Ti Sento lyrics [Hardstyle]
100% agree
9y, 11M ago Speedcore Terror Kinetic - Gas Station Adventures Part 666 lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
I guess you mixed up "Bullen" with "poland" in german its (unpolite but common) to call the policemen "Bulle" and the guy in the lyric insults the police, not poland ;)
9y, 11M ago Paranoizer - Licky lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
Source Larry Tee Feat. Princess Superstar - Licky am I right?
9y, 11M ago DJ D - D Power (Official Dominator 2009 Anthem) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Add the video plz :D XMv2CN7Up2w
9y, 11M ago Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Used materials Transformed into trashed hybrids Defqon [without "one"] ________________________________ Orange heart Defqon One (Scrap attack) Feasting on our waste Before they are ...
9y, 11M ago Hansebanger feat. Over MJ - Tanze Samba Mit Mir lyrics [Jumpstyle]
tippfehler bei "Hier is der Jumpsytle - little dabei" ;)
9y, 11M ago m1dy - Megashit lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
"Your glasses look like shit" but your t-shirt suits you well XD
9y, 11M ago Zatox vs Alphaverb - High Believes (Alpha's Mashup) lyrics [Hardstyle]
isnt it "can you feel the BASS" ?
9y, 11M ago Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria lyrics [Dance/House]
what is a destination "unkown"? xD fix plz ^^
9y, 11M ago Mondotek - Alive lyrics [Dance/House]
isnt it "try to keep this thing alive" ?
9y, 11M ago The Prophet - My Religion lyrics [Hardstyle]
"holy" god would be possible too but invictus also said its "only"
9y, 11M ago Karl F - Lies request [Other]
it sounds a bit like a mix with french "i can't voir, i can't, i 'cant tu voir" voir = see
9y, 11M ago Noize Suppressor - Nobody Like's lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
source: DJ Tocadisco - nobody likes the records that I play
9y, 11M ago Kurwastyle Project - Splitterhelge (Dedicated to Splitterkroetenterror) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
sorry sir ^^
9y, 11M ago Kurwastyle Project - Splitterhelge (Dedicated to Splitterkroetenterror) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
I'm totaly and completely on his dick
9y, 11M ago TerrorMasta - BrainBrainBrainBrain lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain...
9y, 11M ago The Pitcher ft. MC DV8 - Shine lyrics [Hardstyle]
9y, 11M ago 2 Best Enemies - Les Drums (TBY Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
9y, 11M ago 2 Best Enemies - Les Drums (TBY Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
so what is meant with the T? (btw: best hardstyle song ever)
9y, 11M ago DJ Partyraiser & T.I.M. - Kaos In Texas lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
epic one
9y, 11M ago Scooter - Neverending Story lyrics [Jumpstyle]
genre is german jumpstyle
9y, 11M ago Punk Buster - What? (Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
this is no hardstyle at least hardtrance
9y, 11M ago Headhunterz - The Sacrifice lyrics [Hardstyle]
thee and thy with a small letter?!
9y, 11M ago Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
full song: WoMKDeVRhqo
9y, 12M ago DJ Jago vs. Sej - Surrender (Springstil Remix Edit) lyrics [Jumpstyle]
thx i was wondering about a few sentences for ages
9y, 12M ago Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Defqon one Created out of used materials Transformed into trashed hybrids Feasting on our waste Before they are erased Defqon one Used materials Transformed into trashed hybrids Defqo...
9y, 12M ago ATB - Let You Go lyrics [Trance]
i with a capital letter :D
9y, 12M ago Kurwastyle Project Ft. Coreterrorist - Deine Mutter Schläft Mit Schweinen (8 Bit Anal Mix) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
Deine Mutter Schl&auml;ft Mit Schweinen -> Deine Mutter schl&auml;ft mit Schweinen ;)
9y, 12M ago Robkay & Snooky - See Me Now (D-Slide Remix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
genre is handsup/dance
9y, 12M ago Kurwastyle Project - Speedcore Will Never Die! lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
it means whore at least in finnish language
9y, 12M ago Kurwastyle Project - Scatman (Extreme Splitter Remix) lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
bwi ba ba bada bo EPIC track
9y, 12M ago Kurwastyle Project - Speedcore Will Never Die! lyrics [Terror/Speedcore]
10y ago Noisecontrollers - Ctrl.Alt.Delete (Kasparov Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
yeah its better than the hardstyle version
10y ago Klubbingman feat. Trixi Delgado - Revolution (We Call it) lyrics [Hands Up!]
video fix plz ^^
10y ago Flarup - Hardstyle Ambassadors (Maly Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Munich :D thats my place^^
10y ago H2K - Summermelody (89ers Remix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
remembers me of very good old times...
10y ago Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes 2k9 (DJ Cookis B-B Booty Remix) lyrics [Hands Up!]
well the source of this remix is the 3 years old original song ^^
10y ago Sybase & Dimavi - Reality Within lyrics [Hardtrance]
just add [youtube]the number here[/youtube] in the additional notes and the song sounds more like hardtrance
10y ago DJ Activator and Francesco Zeta - Fear and Dark lyrics [Hardstyle]
still one of the best hardstyle songs ever made! <3
10y ago Noize Suppressor - Nobody Like's lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
awesome bass
10y ago Zatox & Activator - Oxygen (Medley With Behind Blue Eyes) lyrics [Hardstyle]
+ I have hours Only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free
10y ago Unknown Artist - Schranz Slippy lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
read the additional notes and give a proof plz ^^
10y ago Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy (Forcer UK Hardcore Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
da song has been ruined :D its no point trying to better up a song which pwns anyway :P
10y ago 2 Best Enemies - Phases lyrics [Hardstyle]
@laserboy i dont agree :P best 08 track was les drums of 2 best enemys :P
10y ago Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
you know aht you doing writing error :P
10y ago Stereotype feat. Sopheye - Rainmaker request [Other]
so do i, if it was the full lyric i would have filled the request :P
10y ago Stereotype feat. Sopheye - Rainmaker request [Other]
I know just how it is And it hurts me to say I just know how it is 'Cause i know you've gone your way Yeah yeah i love you baby And i know that you love me But you just do not know How to tr...
10y ago Kaoz & Ewe - Ratatatatt, Das Telefon lyrics [Hardtechno/Schranz]
yes but would that make sense? ^^
10y ago John B feat. Stareyes - Take Me Home lyrics [DnB]
thx for filling the request zup & CoDEmanX
10y ago Langenhagen - Fischmarkt Mafia (Original Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
omg i must be deaf to miss that >.<
10y ago Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
They strike back Scrap Attack
10y ago D-Block & S-te-Fan - Shallow Planet lyrics [Hardstyle]
Shallow Planet
10y ago SpringStil - Springstil (Ey Heb Die Beine An) lyrics [Jumpstyle]
Ey heb die Beine an Dass man jumpen kann Bis nach Amsterdam Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann? i'm kinda nit-picking ^^
10y, 1M ago Langenhagen - Fischmarkt Mafia (Original Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
ok thx i fixed some points. i still hear no T in kesch :P you maybe right with the hardtrance thing but: DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet - All The Things She Said = no hardtrance Manian - Welcome to th...
10y, 1M ago Langenhagen - Fischmarkt Mafia (Original Club Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
i would say they use the word kesch from kescher
10y, 1M ago Langenhagen - Fischmarkt Mafia (Primax Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
yes it is
10y, 2M ago Springstil - Jump 2 Nite (Megastylez Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
haha lol ^^ thanks for your support xD but the bangbros jumpstyle really got a typical jumpstyle bassdrum which (i think) is the most important thing in those kinds of music
10y, 2M ago Springstil - Jump 2 Nite (Megastylez Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
hm ok but.. no way.. thats never jumpstyle its the megastylez remix -> hands up in the middle of the song there are a few seconds with jumpstyle bassdrum but its totaly hands up :P
10y, 2M ago Springstil - Jump 2 Nite (Megastylez Edit) lyrics [Hands Up!]
wtf? zup totaly changed it to the wrong side O.o it is NO jumpstyle and its Let us jump tonight. Jump tonight, forever side by side so why did you change it like this?