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1w, 3d ago Hard Driver & Max Enforcer - Before I Wake lyrics [Hardstyle]
Lyrics come from "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" A description can be found on Adaro - My Soul To Take
1M ago Sub Sonik - The Rain lyrics [Hardstyle]
'Extended Mix' has two more "Tear the fucking place up" at the beginning and "(Rain)" at the end.
1M ago Warface - No Paradise lyrics [Hardstyle]
"Was left to my own devices ~" part comes from "Elle Vee Splice Vocal Sample Pack" BTW, "Warface - I Need You" also...
1M, 1w ago Nosferatu - Lived Again lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
First paragraph comes from "Rise of the Guardians" (2012) "Let's rock this joint!" comes from "The Mask" (1994)
1M, 1w ago Aftershock & LXCPR - Party Like A Rockstar lyrics [Hardstyle]
Melody taken from "Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens"
1M, 2w ago Kronos - The Matrix lyrics [Hardstyle]
"A prison for your mind" comes from Morpheus' quote in the movie "The Matrix" (1999). (and maybe also the first "The matrix")
1M, 4w ago D-Sturb - World Out There lyrics [Hardstyle]
"They say you don't gotta go home ~" part comes from "Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack"
2M, 4w ago Imperial - Ready 2 Go lyrics [Hardstyle]
"FK Shawts - Gratitude" was released after "Imperial - Ready 2 Go" had been released. I think it's "same vocal sample" thing but sorry IDK where it comes from... BTW, thanks for lyrics!
5M, 2w ago Darren Styles - Quiver lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
Thanks for correcting! :worship:
5M, 2w ago Darren Styles - Quiver lyrics [Hardcore/UK]
"Darren Styles & Re-Con - Quiver" and "Darren Styles - Quiver" are NOT same track. The former has not been (and would never be) released. The latter uses same vocal and melody but has different s...
1y, 2M ago B-Front - Beyond Reality lyrics [Hardstyle]
I found a poem video "LOST FAITH": This may be related this lyrics. Because of the similarity, I thought the lyrics are taken fro...
1y, 4M ago Sub Zero Project - The Game Changer (Qlimax 2018 Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
I'm japanese but I can't understand what the chorus says :cry: By the atmosphere of this anthem and Geisha stage, I think SZP and Q-dance tried to bring some "asian-taste" to the Qlimax. This c...
1y, 6M ago Endymion & MC Jeff - Losing Myself lyrics [Hardstyle]
Female vocal comes from KARRA's vocal hook titled "losing myself" in "KARRA Vocal Sample Pack". You can hear the sample at
1y, 6M ago B-Freqz - Waves lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think they do not sampled from "Demi Kanon - Another Day" but using same vocal sample. This vocal maybe comes from "KARRA Vocal Sample Pack" (or vol.2 ?). A comment on [url=https://www.instag...
1y, 6M ago Devin Wild - Mind Bending lyrics [Hardstyle]
"It's called ecstacy" probably comes from the documentary "Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way - LSD, Ecstasy and Raves". (same as Dav...
1y, 6M ago Devin Wild - Mind Bending lyrics [Hardstyle]
Sampling voices taken from the film "The Mind-Benders: LSD and the Hallucinogens" (1967)
1y, 6M ago Digital Punk - Warrior Sound lyrics [Hardstyle]
"Welcome down with the warrior sound" is taken from "Rage Against The Machine - Mic Check".
1y, 6M ago Bass Modulators & Max Enforcer - Our Soul lyrics [Hardstyle]
Female vocal comes from "MissJudged - Who We Are".
1y, 7M ago Adaro & B-Front Feat. Dawnfire - Touch A Star lyrics [Hardstyle]
The melody is taken from David's Song by Vladimir Cosma. It's remake of Nomansland by 2-Sidez (B-Front and Dawnfire (ex-Pulse)). source:
2y ago Sub Sonik - Drums Of War lyrics [Hardstyle]
Voice and sound samples come from "Call of Duty: WW2 - Nazi Zombies" Following trailer includes it: Thanks for lyrics :)
2y, 1M ago MYST - From The Ashes lyrics [Hardstyle]
Diva vocals come from "Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation". Kutski taught us it in KTRA podcast :)
2y, 3M ago Warface & Frequencerz - Menace lyrics [Hardstyle]
Female vocal comes from the song named "All Together" in "Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol3". You can hear sample at (appeared in "demosound")
2y, 3M ago Phuture Noize - Fire lyrics [Hardstyle]
This vocal probably comes from "Holly Drummond - Fire" in her vocal sample pack "Echoes". Comments to this Youtube video help me, thanks Blocki ;)
2y, 10M ago High Voltage - Run lyrics [Hardstyle]
The vocal comes from an acappella "Anja Enerud & Lapette - Like A Freak"
3y, 1M ago Degos & Re-Done - Release Me lyrics [Hardstyle]
Female vocal comes from JUST RELEASE ME in Killer Acapellas 3 by MONSTER SOUNDS. You can hear samples at
3y, 1M ago Potato - Heartbeats lyrics [Hardstyle]
Ah, I missed it. Thanks :)
3y, 1M ago Potato - Heartbeats lyrics [Hardstyle]
Almost all female vocals (except "Let them try to catch") come from "Juliet's Rescue - Heartbeats". Male vocals probably come from "DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat". Does anyone know where "Le...