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Dave Dope - Extacy lyrics

Had MDMA not strayed from that community
It might have remained legal
But beyond the therapist's office, it becomes wildly popular
And that is the beginning of the end for the legal use of ecstasy


We've got another drug, it is synthetic
And it makes you love everybody, it's called ecstasy
Now who doesn't want to take ecstasy?


This morning the drug enforcement administration
Is announcing its intention to place the drug known as MDMA
Or by the street name ecstasy
Under emergency controls in schedule one

The beginning of the end


Cover: Dave Dope - Extacy
  • Unleash The Beast - Uptempo Hardcore

  • Year
  • 2015

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Partly from the documentary "Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way - LSD, Ecstasy and Raves" (2000), partly said by person known as Phil Donahue (1935-) and partly from press conferense of Gene Haislip.

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