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15 years, 1 month ago Frazzbass - Speak English Motherfucker request [Other]
The original version has an intro with modified samples from the film. In it a woman says "Any of you hang up without leaving a message and I'll execute every last one of you" or something like th...
15 years, 1 month ago T-Junction & Osiris Feat Mc Syco - Livin' the Hard Life request [Other]
"Neutralize my bass, and terrorize my treble, It's the motherfucking drummachine rebel" "Livin' the hard life, 'n droppin' bombs!" "Bangin' for my, bangin' for my, bangin' for my bass" (?)
15 years, 11 months ago Amnesys - The Ultimate Motherfucker request [Other]
Kid who punked out bust a shot up in the beacon. Catch me in the corner not speaking (Faces surround look astound. Im the ultimate, Im the ultimate, Motherfucker! Faces surround look astou...