Already added: T-Junction & Osiris Feat Mc Syco - Livin' the Hard Life
It's the motherfucking drummachine treble (2x)
Don't try to stop us,
Ashes to ashes they all smoke down
Distorted volumes, distorted drums
Livin' The Hard Life .... bombs

Banging trough my bass (2x)
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  • Livin' the Hard Life (T3RDM0125) Vinyl

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Binky 15 years, 1 month ago
"Neutralize my bass, and terrorize my treble,
It's the motherfucking drummachine rebel"

"Livin' the hard life, 'n droppin' bombs!"

"Bangin' for my, bangin' for my, bangin' for my bass" (?)
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