Top 2012 & Highlights
Posted by atomicoz - 2013-01-10Happy belated 2013 everyone!

The top2012 is out, you can find it at
Last year brought a lot of cool things, I put on my nostalgia goggles and took a few minutes to pick a few highlights.

1. Free Track section
Launched in end of May and thousands of tracks by established producers already. Lots of new stuff came afterwards like embeddable player, shuffle, continuous play, etc.
(this was also where the rating first started to later appear for the lyrics)

2. Talk Like a Pirate Day
After a year of silence it returned on September 19th where all the lyrics were translated to pirate speech (which I laughed too much at :P)
Like Blutonium Boys 'XTC' turned into a song about pirates going to the pub and drinking rum.

3. April fools joke
We did an april fools joke about opening up to all genres. Unfortunately some only read the first few lines of the announcement and didn't realize it was a joke, so they didn't see mentions of the vuvuzela genre, the FIFA world cup, etc haha

There were also lots of other new stuff primarily focused on members, like the fancy submission stats, change email, top genre submitters, my likes-page, etc. And of course stuff that affected everyone else like cutting average load times in half, links on twitter showing summaries/cover and top achieved for lyrics/tracks.

Lets not forget the sexy video January 2012 when we turned 5 years.


Qz 11 years, 6 months ago
I bet this year is gonna be just as awesome! :woo:
DaHunger 11 years, 6 months ago
free tracks :fist:

can't imagine what atom has on his do-to list for 2013 :D

You have questions or problems or you just want to talk to us:
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Meaty 11 years, 6 months ago
Lots of cool stuff happened last year :D :salute:
Pain 11 years, 6 months ago
Me gusta <3 :salute:
Va fan, intrige!
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