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About Meaty Yohooo :]

Thank you for visiting my page! How kind of you!
I'm an avid Hardcore lover, from UK Happy to Industrial and Crossbreed.
Not afraid to embarass myself singing along with my tunes once in a while |D

If I'm not singing or flailing along with my music I'll be DDR'ing to it, as seen on my youtewb /shamelessselfadvertising

(Nearly) all lyrics that I add here will always be tracks that I have in possession, be it physical or high quality digital.
I'll try to tag the original location of the download link into the metadata fields of the free tracks I submit, whenever possible.

Enjoy the lyrics and free tunes o/


PPS: Even though this account was made way back in 2008, I have been only active since September 2012.

PPPS: Mods, if you see me not approving my own tracks right away, it's probably because I'm uploading all free tracks of a certain producer and I want to approve them all at once after I got everything up.
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