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Goetia - Swing Core Balls lyrics

All right, all right, that does it!

Dis Paul, Large Pro
Strictly hardcore underground
It's the hardcore rap-
The hardcore

Dis Paul
Large Pro [3x]
I flip the hardcore shit so little punks can know
Dis Paul
Large pro [3x]
Large professor, does it again
You can chalk that as another win
The exotic, funky, the exotic
Marco Polo!
Yo fame, where you at?
It's the hardcore rap music, that makes your ears ring
-is strictly hardcore underground
Large pro, with the hardcore sound
-you've waited all year for
It's the hardcore rap mu-
The hardcore

Waited all year
Strictly hardcore underground
With the hardcore sound

The hardcore [?x]

Cover: Goetia - Swing Core Balls
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  • 2015

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Style-n-Core 4 months, 3 weeks ago
There's an unintelligible part right before the "large pro" lyric but I really can't make it out and it's not on the genius page for the original song either. Wasn't sure whether to mark it or not.
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