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Imperial Forces - Till the End of Time lyrics

Forever, I want to be with you
Till the end of time and here for eternity
Together, watching the sun go down
As the world goes 'round
You complete perfect harmony
Seeing that we will always be
Living side by side as the aeons fly
Take this trip with me
Here, in this first wall
Now we've found our way
It's to hard to say
Life has just begun

Cover: Imperial Forces - Till the End of Time
  • Till the End of Time

  • Year
  • 2003

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jan 21, 2022 by ayla
  • Approved by DaHunger

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    #1 Daily Hardcore/UK

The producer behind the "Imperial Forces" alias is none other than Sam Thomsitt of Euphoria, Dreadhed, and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. fame.

While the vocals do go uncredited on this album, the vocalist Kristy is credited for the vocals on the other Imperial Forces albums such as "My Little Fantasy", "This New World, and "Wet Dream". When the vocals are compared between the two songs, it is very evident that "Till the End of Time" was also sung by Kristy.

This tune was difficult for me to decipher, and I wouldn't have been successful in this endeavour were it not for the help of my friend, Anonymouse. Just about 25% of the lyrics were deciphered by her, so I felt it was necessary to call her out and credit her.
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