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About ayla I'm Julia Voets. I'm a strawberry blonde, German-American gal who lives in a suburb of PDX (Northwest US Coast). Sadly, my lovely lesbian lover is on the other side of the ocean in Denmark, so I'm currently looking for any way outta this place that I can get! We've been together almost 2 years now, & we've never somuch's been in the same *country* as one another! I'm beginning to lose my goddamn mind...

I love composing & listening to Musik -- I even co-own a netlabel w/ my girly that we compose musik for & run together called "Girly Girl Musik". You can find it pretty easy on Bandcamp, but the URL is at:


I also enjoy designing & programming video games, playing video games (mostly RPGs, but I also enjoy Myst-like games, & Minecraft), growing plants, & - on occasion - I'll even spin a UKHC/Freeform/DnB set to relax!

I came here a couple times before signing up to help out w/ lyrics. I had tried less successfully to make a hardcore lyrics database, & I was so totally stoked to see a successful lyrics database for the music I liked!

Favourite genres: HHC/UKHC, Freeform hardcore, Future Funk, DnB, Makina, drone, & ambient.
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