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Chichi vs. Jason Little - Dreams lyrics

Oh, yes
A dream, I like that
Dreams are places you can have fun, right?
It's all in your mind, so why not enjoy it?
Shh, listen

Now we could, in this dream of yours
Take care of a situation like this
We just put Kenny's name down
And see what happens
I know you want to
Go on
Help her
Good, now as long as we're playing
Let's do it right
There's no need to stop at who
- I'm sorry
What else is there?
- How
For a beginner, not bad at all
Now, watch

Oh, yes [2x]

Cover: Chichi vs. Jason Little - Dreams
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  • 2021

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#1 Daily Hardtechno/Schranz

Source is the movie 'Death Note' (2017)
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