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Lowroller - Caging A Fury lyrics

It's only a matter of time before people figure out that these criminals
Are being eliminated by someone
I want the world to know of my existence
That there's someone passing righteous judgement on the wicked
- Why even bother?
What are you trying to achieve by passing judgement on them?
I mean, why do you care?
- Five more seconds
Four, three, two, one

Once you actually start looking around
It makes you wonder if you'd be doing society a favor
By getting rid of all these people

No, I should definitely avoid killing people I know
You think I'm evil?
I am justice!

Judgement on the wicked

I am justice!

Cover: Lowroller - Caging A Fury
  • Broken On Arrival

  • Year
  • 2010

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#2 Daily DnB
#8 Daily Overall

From the anime "Death Note", S01E01 "Rebirth" and S01E02 "Confrontation".

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