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Laura Brehm - London Sky lyrics

I had found you in a time I was so lost
I didn't mean to, but I fell into your arms
And I loved you even before I knew your name
And now it's just you that takes away all of my pain

It doesn't matter how far I've come
Now I know where my heart belongs
And now I love you more than I could ever dream
You're the one thing that can make the blackbirds sing

I'm finally in the moment here
Everything that I hold dear
There is nowhere else I'd rather be
I had always hoped that you'd find me
I don't know where I would go besides
I've always dreamed of the London sky

London sky [8x]

Cover: Laura Brehm - London Sky
  • London Sky

  • Year
  • 2021

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

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