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Mind Controller & Jony K - Hardcore In My Brain lyrics

Hardcore in my brain

I will be of use, dead or alive
If Alarak wishes my death, he need only ask


Dead or alive

But someone has to do it
All supplicants must die
All supplicants must serve
Ah, the breath of creation
More like the breath of recreation
Am I right?
There once was a supplicant
Who stood head and shoulders above the rest of us

Which of us dies first
We call it the Dead League
Yes, we're still working on the name
Witness me
My life for the Highlord (-lord [?x])

Hardcore [2x]

Hardcore in my brain

Hardcore [2x]

Cover: Mind Controller & Jony K - Hardcore In My Brain
  • Damage Squad

  • Year
  • 2021

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#2 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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