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Perturbator - Vantablack lyrics

Poisonous eyes
Lay your poisonous eyes on me
And taint me if you dare

Yeah, taint me if you're so smart
Scotch and soda in my blood
Where can I get some more?

I'm taking you home [x2]
I'm making a point
I'm taking you

Please allow me to play
With my shiny stainless blade
And stroke your marble skin
And feel the steel slide between your thighs

You are not leaving this couch
Shut up
Or I'll smash every tooth in your mouth

Let me do a little dance
Let me show you some romance
Let me be your gentleman

Let me put on some jazz
Let me fetch some candles
Let me turn up the heat

Let me light a Partagás
Let me tie your ankles
Let me treat you like a queen

The pulse, the pulse in your throat [2x]
Beating louder now
Beating faster now [2x]

Pressing my finger
Deeper, ever deeper
Into the flesh of your neck [2x]

Both of us panting

The pulse in your throat [2x]
Beating slower now [3x]

Cover: Perturbator - Vantablack
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  • 2017

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Genre: Synthwave

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