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Lil Peep feat. Cold Hart - Big City Blues lyrics

I just wanna see you smile, I just wanna make you mine
We can spend time, smoke away the time
We can go anywhere you ever wanted
Anything you ever dreamed
I can make your dreams come true
I'll be on my own, no crew
Out here makin' these moves
Singin' these big city blues

I don't wanna think about you
Every time I think about you
I swear I fall in love again
I remember everything you said

Promise me it's real
Girl, I got a deal
You could be my girl if I could be your world

Cold Hart

And we can leave this club
And we can get fucked up
In the back of the Chevy
Girl, I felt your heart beatin' heavy for me
And I just wanna see you shine
Girl, you got stars for eyes
And she sweet like Texas tea
With a ass from Tennessee
And we can take the long way home
'Cause I don't wanna see you go
Sitting drinkin' whiskey, hopin' that you miss me
Baby, say you do
Maybe say you do

Cover: Lil Peep feat. Cold Hart - Big City Blues
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