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About Core I'm the original Core!!!!!!
Also called badass norwegian.

First norwegian mod!
If you want to ask me any questions or send me hate mail.
You can contact me at:
[email protected]

I like music, here's some genres:
Hardstyle (rarely but sometimes), Hardcore, Uk Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Dubstep, Uplifting Trance, Trap, Future Bass etc, etc, etc...

Quotes and stuff under this line

19:45 atomicoz: watch out or moli will go fritzl on you core

I always will for you my friend < 3 :'(
atomicoz: core put out the grill signal

Poor DaHunger :G
23:30 Stan: Did it cure DaHunger?
23:32 DaHunger: nothing cures the hunger

Hitout things:
H4LHitout: how about not thinking about it and just shoving it down your throat?
H4LHitout: that sounded less gay in my head....

23:24 Core: ANYONE TALK TO ME!!!
23:24 H4LHitout: hi core
23:24 Core: Wow, that's what I call service :lol:
23:25 H4LHitout: dat hitout - service mod

13:40 H4LHitout: nice, new barbie has 3 dresses in one

Hitout goes aslak:
16:37 Core: And I love on special girl aswell
16:38 H4LHitout: i love you too core <3
16:38 Core: Err...
16:38 Predaking: QuakePC rofl
16:38 Core: I'm just gonna... *RUNS LIKE HELL*
16:39 H4LHitout: Y U NO ACCEPT MY LOVE :cry:
16:39 Core: aslak much?:p

08:56 aslak1: i want to avoid having to drive there with an usb stick
08:56 aslak1: but i will if i have to
08:56 Core: come at me
08:56 aslak1: i will come on you
08:56 Core: wut
08:57 aslak1: wut

Rap has never been widely accepted on lolo
18:32 Core: lets make some rap together aslak
18:32 aslak1: bye

Well now you are:
18:04 NoX: Im not on your profile though, am i ?!

Wise words of LJ:
HardstyleLJ: but people wont buy bananapeel without banana just because you offer it

HardstyleLJ: i'm a mad troll

HardstyleLJ: core is the light at the end of the tunnel

HardstyleLJ: core = real mvp

Core: i am gay for lj
HardstyleLJ: I'm aware
Core: aren't you gonna say it back?
HardstyleLJ: it back

kickAD is awesome:
Core: If I'm slow at answering it's because I'm making songs
kickAD: im busy being awesome, so no worries ^^
Core: Lol xD

kickAD: i hope you don't get murdered by the creeper called titan, core :paranoid:

She also "cocks" for you:
05:43:55 kickAD: :bbq2: i cock for you

The day we invented Pain jokes instead of yo mama jokes
16:46 Core: rofl
16:32 NoX: Pain's so old, he invented dementia.
16:28 Core: xD
16:27 Salva: xD
16:27 Pain: This is like yo mama jokes but for lolo
16:26 Pain: :O
16:23 Salva: Pain is so old he had to make driving license for bike too
16:23 Core: Pain's drivers license is 100 years old. go drive with him'

Pain is awesome as usual
20:00 H4LHitout: adele?
20:00 Pain: no u
20:00 H4LHitout: oh D:

When Pain doesn't realise that the chat is on drugs
18:08 Pain: Are you all drunk

10:23 Pain: Core is weird
10:23 Pain: But I love him anyway

Even more daaaaw
HardstyleLJ: I think one core is enough
HardstyleLJ: and that is our Core <3

The daaaawww continues
Shyro: core is just bae

12:15 DaHunger: I don't think anyone likes core
12:15 DaHunger: everyone just loves him

13:53 Pain: I miss coar :(
13:56 HardstyleLJ: we all do :(

22:38 Shyro: I'm sure core looks as handsome as ever

23:22 HardstyleLJ: core is always hiding in the dark but you know he's there when you need him

Wiser words have never been spoken
18:34 Pain: TATERS

20:12 Pain: Core's profile needs some new quotes

And sometimes Pain fix things
Pain: Let's see
Pain: Fiddle here, fiddle there.... delete system32? No, that's not it
Pain: Et voila
djhandedout: applauds
BlueBerry: ^^
Pain: Thank you, thank you *bows*

Preda is... gay?
Predaking: lucky i aint took it in my mouth

martix what is this I don't even?
09:01 martix throws a piece of sand to predaking
09:01 martix: diee diee

That's where you're wrong
12:22 Titan: so, i guess lolochat is gonna shut down without having my own quote in core's profile... life = incomplete

The day Titanium had a revelation
10:08 Titanium: Im homooooo :'(

Just Titanium being Titanium.
2017-12-24 19:52:39 Titanium: happy new year !
2017-12-24 19:53:26 HardstyleLJ: close enough
2017-12-24 20:24:41 aslak1: he tried
2017-12-24 20:25:27 djhandedout: he tired
2017-12-24 20:28:30 HardstyleLJ: he french

19:07 aslak1: because
19:13 djhandedout: of you
19:17 HardstyleLJ: I never stray too far from the sidewalk

( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)
12:28 aslak1: core is the only one who you can meme with sarcastically

09:11 Imil: Core - memelord in disguise

Discussing weebs
HardstyleLJ: he asked you why you would choose to have intercourse with a weeb
HardstyleLJ: which of course is bollocks, weebs don't have sex
HardstyleLJ: now the question is
HardstyleLJ: does being a weeb keep them from having sex or is it the other way round

21:00 HardstyleLJ: are you an established autist?

When talking computers with aslak
17:31 aslak1: oh god this pc is so nice compared to my old laptop
17:31 aslak1: boot time was 4 to 5 seconds, laptop was 1 to 2 minutes
17:31 DaHunger: nice, what parts have you got?
17:32 aslak1: yes
invictus: just draw it in paint
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