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Lil Peep - Lil Kennedy lyrics

They don't see me 'less I pull up Lamborghini
Everybody wanna be me 'til I pull up and they meet me
I'ma die slow, sweetie, I ain't never had a meanin'
Just another fuckin' junkie, drain my blood, but don't be greedy
Leave some liquid for the centipedes, they eat away my memory
Feed me to my enemies
Lead me to death, I'm Lil Kennedy
I ain't got no remedy, bury me
Pocket full of ketamine, methamphetamine
Put me in a limousine, drive me to destiny
Pussy on the leather seats, music and ecstasy
She don't think I'm sexy, but I can't let that get to me
Fuck her 'til she red and then she keep comin' next to me
Fuck her 'til she dead and she gon' keep comin' next to me
Fuck her, give me head and she gon' keep givin' neck to me
Fuck her in your bed and she gon' leave, come and wet the sheets
I ain't got no chill in me, bitch you gon' envy me
Cover: Lil Peep - Lil Kennedy
  • California Girls

  • Year
  • 2016

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